Contents of this entire series has to be taken light heatedly. It encompasses incestuous, sensitive, harsh and unsettling sexual content. Those who are uncomfortable with such content are advised to stay away. Rest everyone, thanks for your time and proceed for this exhilarating journey with Kajuma.
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Episode 1
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Sidharth is a cute good-hearted studious 10th class student, thanks to his father genes for his qualities. Mr. Reddy, his father, an advocate in the district court, is always busy with clients and the court. Though that brings income to the family, the poor Kajal, Sid’s mom has started to feel emotionally unattended by her own husband due to his busy schedules. Sidharth is very young to notice his mother’s feelings yet. Reddy has got no time to spend with his wife and Kajal has no strong heart to directly talk to Reddy over this matter. 

It has been quite a while since Kajal started to feel ignored. Her son Sid loves her but that is not the love she wants at that stage of her life. She needs a romantic, sensual love, which satisfies her sexual urges by pounding the flesh between her legs. Kajal’s vagina has been ignored to such an extent that even a thought of sex would make her go crazy and starts crying out of depression. She has no one to share those feelings openly. There was an instance where Kajal was all prepared and ready to give a surprise to her husband. She donned a gorgeuous spandex lingerie waiting for her husband on a Friday night to absolutely enjoy the entire weekend with him on bed. She even got rid of her son Sid from home by sending him to his uncle’s house for the weekend. But, to Kajal’s surprise, Reddy sent a text message saying “Hey dear, got another important case in Delhi. Flight at 10 PM tonight. Can’t make it to home this weekend. See you on Monday night.” There wasn’t any prior intimation, not a ‘bye baby’ atleast in the message, how rude and careless!, thought Kajal to herself in utter dismay. And this is just one incident of her unromantic boring phase of the life she is living lately.

Talking about Sid, his classmates at school are exactly contrasting boys. Notorious, mischevious, care-free and what not. I don’t know who to thank that for. Unfortunately Sid got well with only those boys. ‘Opposite poles attact’, goes the saying! Raj is the naughtiest of all. He loves teasing girls in his school, and even few of his lady teachers. Teachers don’t stay quiet though. A lot of complaints are lodged against Raj to his parents but they get ignored. Like parents – like son, thought the teachers and left him to himself. 

One Friday during lunch recess, Sid heard the word Kajal in Raj’s voice. As he started to find where Raj is, he found that Raj is talking to their mutual friend Suhas. Sid thought of eavesdropping to that conversation. 

Suhas: That’s true Raj, even I saw Sid’s mom on our last parent-teacher meeting day. She is an absolute stunner. What was her name again?

Raj: Kajal, its Kajal. Remember the name buddy. These days I am getting an erection just by hearing that name. Ah Kajalll.

Suhas: Ah yes. I will definitely remember it from now. Did you see her voluptous boobs in that blouse? They were oozing out from the front. 
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Raj: Her pallu tries to cover them but nah, those boobs aren’t small to hide under that. hahaha. (both laughed together)

Suhas: Really bro, I have never seen such sexy woman of her age? what could be her age though? 35+?

Raj: umm my mom is 37. so we can consider Kajal as 36-38. 

Suhas: Correct, we can estimate by our moms’ ages. My mom is 35. 

Raj: Suhas, to be frank, I am fed up with these girls and our teachers in school. Sid’s mom made me a man I think. I am attracted to her a lot.

Suhas: Aaahan. What do you wanna do to her huh? (teased Raj)

Raj: I so wanna grab those yummy boobs and taste them, lick them and suck them to the end. ssssssss my mouth is watering now!

Suhas: hahaha control my friend. It’s not that easy job to get hold of a woman. That too Sid’s mom. Sid is a very sensitive and good kid. How different Kajal is going to be. I guess she is also a conservative and orthodox woman. 

Raj: Fuck all that man. I soo wanna suck those boobies dry. What if she is a nasty woman from inside. What if she is kinky from inside? and.. and.. have you ever heard of cuck?

Suhas: Yeah, I know cuckold. When the husband is impotent, right?
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Raj: Nay, not exactly. Cuckold is a man whose wife cheats him by having sexual relationships with another men.

Suhas: That is what I said. A woman does that only when the husband is impotent, right?

Raj: Not necessarily. There are many fantasies in today’s world bro. Wives are having sex with another men right infront of her husbands. And guess what, husband approves it and even enjoys it.

Suhas: Daaamn! seriously Raj? If Kajal is of such sort, then our job is half-done buddy. Now I am even more excited to fuck our beloved sweet friend Sid’s mother. 

Both Raj and Suhas’ undies got a bulge and tighter with that chat. Sid on the other side of the wall got shell-shocked. He knew about intercourse and how kids are made but never had sexual urge before on anyone. This is the first time he is hearing about such pleasures and he feels so bad to hear all those especially on her mother. He couldn’t hear more and left the place at once in a confused state.


Sid finished his supper and went to his room. He couldn’t talk much to his mother that evening. He was not feeling comfortable and he can’t understand why. Kajal observed it but did not care much, she thought it could have been because he got tired of PE activity in the school which happens every Friday. Kajal was finishing her night chores in the kitchen and Mr. Reddy is already snoring in the master bedroom with his belly full, the same regular lazy guy. Sid sat on his bed and was thinking about that conversation in the school. It wouldn’t get out of his mind. He then opened his biology textbook. He read the human reproductive system chapter totally. He then tuned pages to AIDS chapter. He was more surprised to know the modes of tramitting and not transmitting the disease. One paragraph read in bold letters “Does not transmit by Anal or Oral injestion. Transmits by having unsafe sex with multiple people especially with strangers.” That stunned him completely. 

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The boobs were main point in the discussion. Sid realised that his eyes were unconciously struck on her mom Kajal’s boobs all evening today and that is the reason he could not speak to her comfortably. Though, sex is related to a man’s penis and a woman’s vagina, Sid is starting to feel the blood pleasure in his cock as he imagined Kajal’s boobs. His cock is responding to those thoughts. He wanted to open his underwear and have a look at his manhood. He removed his shorts and lowered his underwear. His cock sprang out with energy. It desperately needed a touch. Sid couldn’t help but hold his cock with his hand. “Mommmmyyy”, moans come out involuntarily from Sid. He couldn’t believe what he was doing. But he kept holding his cock and rubbing it for the first time. He can only think of Kajal’s boobs and imagine those boobs juggling in her blouse all these days. He thought whether she wears any bra inside or not. Subconciously he hoped not and smiled a little at that thought. Rubbing the cock for his own mother was giving the best pleasure of his life. 

His door was slightly open. Kajal finished the chores, closed all the doors and windows and moving to bed. Just before going to her bedroom, she saw ray of light coming out of Sid’s room – the door was slightly open. Kajal went to see what’s keeping her son awake at this late night. As she approached the door, she heard the moans from Sid. He was moaning her name.. “mommyy aaahh Kajalll mommmaaa”. Kajal is bamboozled to hear those. She just stood at the edge of the door and peeked into the room. Her own son is stroking his cock moaning his mom’s name. This was a total stunner to her. There was nothing in front of Sid but a textbook and she could not see his cock clearly in that bedlamp light. She was not sure if he was actually stroking at her or not but she can clearly see his hand motion rubbing the cock. She felt a little happy too, for his son becoming aware of sexual things and that he is growing upto a man. She thought it would be embarassing to disturb and enquire about it now and left the room. She went to her room silently and from there she texted his son, “I’m sleeping Siddhu.. don’t study for too long and you too go to bed early”

Seeing that text, Sid got scared and immediately looked around, pulled up his underwear and wore pants. He could see no one around. Took a breath and relaxed. He then laid back on the bed turning the lamp off. The words of Raj and Suhas were still running in his mind, his cock getting erected and Kajal’s boobs from the blouse, all are running in his mind and slowly he dozed off in those thoughts.



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