Contents of this entire series has to be taken light heatedly. It encompasses incestuous, sensitive, harsh and unsettling sexual content. Those who are uncomfortable with such content are advised to stay away. Rest everyone, thanks for your time and proceed for this exhilarating journey with Kajuma.
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Episode 2
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==== Recap ====

Seeing that text, Sid got scared and immediately looked around, pulled up his underwear and wore pants. He could see no one around. Took a breath and relaxed. He then laid back on the bed turning the lamp off. The words of Raj and Suhas were still running in his mind, his cock getting erected and Kajal’s boobs from the blouse, all are running in his mind and slowly he dozed off in those thoughts.


After sending that text, Kajal laid on the bed beside her husband. The sight of her son stroking cock was so new to her which is troubling her mentally. She gently slid her hand inside her husband’s pants. He was not wearing any underwear as it was night. Kajal cought hold his cock. It was limp and just lying there. As Kajal took hold of the cock, he paused snoring for a moment and then continued again – the lazy ass! Kajal has no other option at that time. She just helplessly stroked the limp cock to satisfy her sexual urges. After stroking for 5-7 mins, she slept with her hand holding the cock inside his pants.

Next day the Saturday, Reddy as usual left to his office early in the morning. Sid was still sleeping in his room. Kajal finished preparing breakfast and went to wakeup Sid. She went to her son’s room. She saw her cute little boy sleeping so adorably, her heart was full of love for her son. She slowly sat beside him and rubbing Sid’s hair. “Siddhuu.. kannaa.. its morning raa.. time to wake up.” Kajal said with a smile trying to wake him up. Sid moved a little and said in a sleepy tone, “Maa.. it’s Sunday.. let me sleep for some more time naa..” Kajal replied, “No beta, today is Saturday, you have to go school. Come on wake up, wake up”, she kept rubbing his shoulder and moving him to bring him to senses. Sid is starting to wake up, laid there on the bed and opened his eyes, He saw Kajal at a 2 feet distance. Kajal for the first time is looking like a sexual beauty to him. The same mom but today it was a different feeling. “Mom.. amm isn’t today Sunday? what are you saying mom? I dont wanna go to school today” Sid uttered. “Noo Siddhu.. you should not say that. School is important kanna. Its a bad habit to bunk the classes. wake up.. my sweet Sid”, Kajal said bending a little towards him and kissing on his forehead with motherly love. Sid completely lost his sleep at once at that kiss. He argued, “Ah mommyy.. pleaasee.. this one day. I thought it is Sunday today and slept late yesterday night.. I can’t go to school momma.. please momma”. 

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His child-like appeals made Kajal laugh and melted her heart. Kajal replied, “Youuu.. this is not good Sid. You have to be consious about what you are doing. But okay. I am agreeing for this one day.” Sid smiled and said, “Aww thank you soo much momma.. I love you. umm” as he said this he held Kajal’s face with two hands on cheeks and went for kissing on the lips. He almost touched them but then suddenly Kajal stopped him. “Sid.. amm.. not the..” looked into Sid’s eyes and continued “I love you too”, Kajal said, by immediately turning her face letting him kiss on her cheek. It was invlountary action for Sid to try to kiss Kajal on lips. When Kajal avoided the lip kiss which made him kiss on the cheek, he realised it in shock. Kajal said, “Ok, I have some things to finish in Kitchen, you go back to sleep and I will come after an hour to wake you up..” covered Sid with blanket till chest and left the room. Sid recollected what all happened just now and is feeilng warm. He has now a very clear image of Kajal’s cherry lips which he saw very closely and almost kissed.

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The day passed very boringly for Kaju. She noticed that Sid is not usual, he is not talking much today and avoiding all the possible chats with her. On the other hand, it was thriller for Sid. Whenever Sid encounters his mom in the house, he could only concentrate on her body. He kept peeking at her spongy boobs stuffed in the blouse tightly. The cleavage view from the front was like a valley between two big mountains. When Kajal walks away from him, he can see the hip-folds. His heart raced when he saw her mother’s bulky ass swaying while she is walking. He is scanning every minute detail of Kajal. Her flawless thick black hair set loose till her waist line was ablosute cock-raiser for him. With all these sexual details in mind, when Kajal turns towards Sid to talk to him, he could not utter a word. Sid simply avoided them and turned away murmuring a senseless reason everytime.
Kajal is already disappointed with her husband Reddy, now Sid is also acting wierd today and that got Kajal frustrated. She thought of having a change in mood and decided to go for market to buy groceries and vegetables. Got ready a little and while leaving the house she said loudly, “Sidhhu kannaa.. I am going to market to buy some veggies. Stay safe at home and don’t go anywhere. I will be back soon.”.  Sid replied, “ok maa.. sure” from his room.
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The market was so crowded. Generally Kajal doesn’t vist market on weekends as she knew it will be busy days at market. But today was inevitable. She knows about her sexy homemaker body and how men throws creepy looks at such women in market, but what can she do. She took a deep breath and started walking in. It was so noisy and heavily crowed. People are pushing and yelling at each other. Kajal could not avoid few pushes. She didn’t mind them and continued shopping. Few low-class teenagers even tried placing hands on her ass when she was bargaining with a vendor bending forward. The guys took turns and pressed Kajal’s ass. She jerked at those pressings but cannot scold them. As she was adjusting her body, her front view was visible to the vendor. This middle-aged uncle has no shame, he kept staring at her boobs in that tight blouse. The boob flesh was popping out across the blouse edge when she is bending. He wettened his lips and just casually placing tomatoes in the basket. 

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Kajal observed that and said, “Can you do it fast please. Here,, here is your money”, and gave him money. He didn’t care her. He held tomatoes in his hand and said, “madam, do you have a bag?”. “Nah, I didn’t bring any bag. You vendors must be having, right?”, replied Kajal. “Okay.. let me get give one of mine.. amm where shall I put these tomotoes till then” said the vendor looking around and then said, “madam, can you hold these please” and gave Kajal the tomatoes. Kajal is still in bending position. Before even she could reply, vendor stuffed the tomatoes in Kajal’s hands. Kajal held those close to her chest carefully. While placing those tomatoes there, the vendor deliberately kept one of his hands amongst the tomatoes saying, “ah madam, please hold tight, don’t let them fall, my hand isn’t coming out amm but dont worry I will get the bag soon, must be here only somewhere around”. 
He was touching Kajal’s boobs, right in the cleavage. He is moving his fingers and feeling all the spongy skin of her boobs. Kajal sensed it and felt ashamed. She said angrily, “what are you doing, remove your hand from there!”. “But mam, it is stuck, I cannot take it out, please hold the tomatoes carefully till I find the bag”, vendor said as he searched around for the bag. But he is enjoying the Kajal’s boobs with other hand. He is also pressing the boob flesh with his fingers. Kajal was feeling so uneasy and just simply stood there, she looked around to see if anyone is seeing her as he is pressing Kajal’s boobs. “Ah! Here it is! Found it madam”, said the vendor taking the bag and asking her to place the tomatoes in that bag. “Gentle, gently place them in the bag madam”, he said. Kajal loosened her hands and filled the bag with tomatoes. Vendor is still holding on to her boob. He stuck two of his fingers inside her blouse and said, “madam, please put all the tomatoes in the bag, no need to hold anyting onto you”. Kajal is confused, “I already put them all. Now if you remove your hand, I will go. There aren’t any tomatoes with me”. Vendor still reluctantly said, “Then, what is this madam, why are you hiding a tomato inside your blouse, I know you did. I can feel it”, moving his fingers inside her blouse on the boob. Kajal now knew that he is taking advantage of the situation and molesting her. She said, “heey.. leave me.. there is nothing in there. Its my.. my.. boo.. amm It is not a tomato. Anyway, did you ever see such a big tomato, when did you sell me such big one? It is not your tomato, Just leave mee”. 

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Kajal is struggling to get rid of him, she is swaying all her body. She is in the center of market, bending forward towards a middle-aged man. His hand is holding her boob and squeezing it. Ass showing out to the public. With all her moves and struggles, her saree line at the waist loosend and slid down a little in the back. It caught the eyes of the teenagers who rubbed hands on her ass few minutes before. They swiftly came back to her and each one grabbed one asscheek. Kajal got stunned, eyes wide-opened. She wanted to turn back slap the shit out of bastards but the vendor in the front isn’t giving any chances away. He now held another hand too on her blouse from the bottom and said, “then, what did you keep there madam? are you stealing items from me?”, he is fondlng the boob, only one boob, supporting it from the bottom and pushing fingers inside from the top. “But you are right, this is not a tomato. By the size, this is definitely my mango. you stole a very good juicy mango. How clever! Now give me that back and go.”, he continued in a slightly commanding tone. Kajal totally knew that he is doing all these deliberately. She doesn’t want to argue and shout at him. That will only make her embarass in the public place. The boys at the back are also on full ride. One is now squeezing both asscheeks and another is carassing her waist. Kajal then held vendor’s hand and took her boob out of the jacket. “Look, this is not your mango! Now leave it you pervert!”, Kajal said disgustingly. Vendor saw the full boob along with the nipple in Kajal hand as she is holding it and showing. He removed his bottom hand and squeezed the boob around the brown dotted nipple with other hand for first and one last time. Kajal moaned in lust. Swiftly she packed her bood inside and stood up. She turned back at the teenagers with a fierce look. They both thought this is the end of session and quickly escaped from there. Kajal adjusted her saree and then moved ahead for more shopping. This time she was careful. She only chose to buy at female vendors. Nevertheless, she got all the creepy looks and fondles from strangers throughout the shopping time.

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After returning to home, Kajal left all the vegetables in a corner in the kitchen and swiftly left to her bedroom and shut the door. She sat on the bed and is breathing heavily. She was astonished by the incidents happened at the market. It was all insulting and degrading. But she also had a good amount of male hands on her and that brought a smile to her. It has been quite a while since someone saw her sexually and interacted with her like that. As she continued thinking of all those incidents the sexual desires in her are rising. She sat there started gently massaging her breasts by herself. She moaned as she squeezed them. She imagined a man’s rough hands on her boobs while pressing them. She can feel her own nipples getting stiffened. It was a very lustful moment.

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Sid didn’t notice her mom returning but he heard the bedroom door shut hard. He came out of room to see what happened. There was no one in the hall, he understood that his mom returned when he saw the vegetables bag in the kitchen. He then went near bedroom door. He pushed it to open but it was locked from inside. He didn’t want to knock the door. He peeped into the room through the keyhole.

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*********************************** END *****************************************

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