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Contents of this entire series has to be taken light heatedly. It encompasses incestuous, sensitive, harsh and unsettling sexual content. Those who are uncomfortable with such content are advised to stay away.

Rest everyone, thanks for your time and proceed for this exhilarating journey with Kajuma.

After returning to home, Kajal left all the vegetables in a corner in the kitchen and swiftly left to her bedroom and shut the door. She sat on the bed and is breathing heavily. She was astonished by the incidents happened at the market. It was all insulting and degrading. But she also had a good amount of male hands on her and that brought a smile to her. It has been quite a while since someone saw her sexually and interacted with her like that. As she continued thinking of all those incidents the sexual desires in her are rising. She sat there started gently massaging her breasts by herself. She moaned as she squeezed them. She imagined a man’s rough hands on her boobs while pressing them. She can feel her own nipples getting stiffened. It was a very lustful moment.
Sid didn’t notice her mom returning but he heard the bedroom door shut hard. He came out of room to see what happened. There was no one in the hall, he understood that his mom returned when he saw the vegetables bag in the kitchen. He then went near bedroom door. He pushed it to open but it was locked from inside. He didn’t want to knock the door. He peeped into the room through the keyhole.
Sid saw what his mother is doing in the room. It was a very rare sight for Sid of Kajal to caress her own boobs like that. He couldn’t help but knock the door and ask her what hapenned. Kajal stratled at the knocks and quickly adjusted her blouse, covered with pallu and opened the door. “Oh hey Sid,” said Kajal with a fake smile. “Amm.. just wanna see you.. is the shopping done?” replied Sid in a fake casual tone as if he saw nothing. Kajal was relieved thinking that Sid is unaware of what happened. “Haa beta, all done. It was good to go out and shop by myself after many days. Felt refreshed.” she walked inside inviting Sid too to her room , “But the crowd!  Arh! so noisy and it was like a fish market”. Sid went along inside and they both sad on the bed. Sid said, “haha what do you mean? You went to a market and complaining it is like a market?!?”. Kajal replied, “Oops, lol.. what am I speaking. hahaha.. nevermind. So, what else.. tell me something, why are you acting a little wierd from last day?”. Sid didn’t know what to say as the matter turned quickly towards him and uttered, “mmm.. me? no ma. I am as usual na.. “. “Nope, don’t try to fool mee. I’m your mom. I raised you. I can easily detect change in your behavior. Now tell me seriouly what happened? Did anyone bully you at school? or you are scoring less in any subject? What’s bothering my chunnu munnu beta so much ummm?” said Kajal in a caring motherly voice. Sid took some guts and replied, “Its not all that mom, it’s something personal. like.. like..”. “Like what?” Kajal asked again. “Like my own body mom. I am started to feel strange things happening on my body. I don’t understand why!” answerd Sid. Kajal kind-of understood the situation and asked more “Okay.. strange things happening to your body. Interesting. Let me fill that gap. That body part is under your pants, right?” Sid got stunned at her mom’s openness. He expected a loud bashing and swearing from her mother but quite opposite is happening, Sid said, “Ha.. but mom.. so, you got the point, are you not angry at me for this?” in a confused state. Kajal with a smile replied, “No Sid, it is all ok. You are coming to adolesence and this is expected to happen. But the important thing is.. who are you getting aroused for?”. This question dropped his heart from his chest to his pelvis. “Err.. amm mom..” Sid could not speak at all. And Kajal is confident enough on her son that it is definitely not her even though she saw him moaning “mommmaa” last night, owing to her good upbringing. “Come on Sid, it is ok. Some good-looking girl in your school huh?”, Kajal teased him. Sid took that anchor point and hung to it immediately, “haa. yeah the girl. the girl in my class.. she was so beautiful mom mmm” said Sid. Kajal laughed at his anxiety and said “aahan. My son is growing! Good”, patting Sid’s shoulder, “Okay listen, that thing under your pants, is a man thing. Only men have it and it gets into a good shape when you guys get aroused. It stands up like a military soilder in training. Stiff and undistracted. I know it is little  awkward to have this talk between a parent and a son but who else understands you more than me. Your dad is a total waste, he doesn’t spend time with you at all. It is only me who can teach you all these.” Kajal said.

Sid sat there listening to mom carefully and also secretly sneaking looks at her melons, “Yeah mom, thank you for all the love. I know you are the only one for me in everything. Love you so much”, said Sid and hugged Kajal, pressing his chest against her boobs, “but mom, this thing is unsettling, once it takes its stance like a pole. hehe.. it never goes back, it’s very embarassing in class to have that bone-kind-of-thing amidst all my classmates. What can I do for it to cool down ma?” said Sid. Kajal replied, “hahaha.. poor kiddo! It is enough for today. I already gave you good gyaan telling that it is okay to have that “bone-kind-of-thing” at this age. You will learn more as you grow up” rubbing Sid hair. “So, I should just let that happen? Just like that? Sometimes it gives me more pleasure if I touch it when it is activated. It urges me to rub it. Is this all normal?” Sid asked more uncontrollably. “Shu! I told enough for today. Do whatever it urges you to, but keep an eye on your surroundings and dont get into embarassing situations.” Kajal replied. Sid said, “Okay, so, I can do whatever I want in bathroom, in bedrooom, when I am all alone, I can do whatever I want to do to this bone-ki..” Kajal interuupted in middle and said “Boner. Call it a boner from now on.” Sid took it from there and continued, “ok yeah the Boner, I can do whatever I want to this boner, right?” Kajal did not want to talk on this matter anymore. She simply smiled and kissed Sid his cheek and gave him a warm hug, “I gotta go, have to clean all those veggies and have to cook dinner for you” Kajal said and left the room.

Sid already had a big ‘Boner’ inside his underwear. As soon as Kajal left the room, he closed his eyes and recollected Kajal’s kiss, her breasts pressing against his chest, her aroma, her big lust-filled eyes (though they are actually not at the moment but he imagined that way 😛 ) and stroked his dick. Gave a good 15-20 stokes back-to-back and ran to the bathroom.
Kajal on the other hand felt so excited about that talk with his son. She was physically in the kitchen but her mind was completely guessing his son’s cock size and color. She doesn’t want his son to make love to her but she is eager to know about his lust and his man-becoming stage. She is a bit relieved and happy because Sid told that his feelings are for a girl in his class but not to her herself. 
After all the heated moments and that crazy interaction about his cock with mom on the weekend, Sid wants to know more about what his friends Raj and Suhas are talking about his mom. He is now more positively interested in them rather than confused state like before. During a weekday in the next week, 3 boys sat in the last bench together in the math class.
Raj: Offo. Look who is sitting in the last bench today.
Suhas: Yeah, our first-bench Sidharth is in last bench today! what’s so special huh Sid?
Sid: It’s nothing guys, I am just bored of these maths classes. I already knew all the sums. Miss always keeps me asking questions if I sit in the front bench.
Sid lied to his friends. He actually want to listen to his friends talking about his mom. He was waiting for them to bring the topic.
Suhas: You toppers na.. always possess this headweight within you. 
Sid: Arey Suhas, no man. You guys are my besties here. When did I disparage or ridicule you guys. Never na. I just want to spend a little more time among you when I have time.
Raj: Oh my God! Ha Ha .. Is this our Sid speaking! 
Suhas: Acha leave it, its ok. You can sit with us. But listen.. can you help me in upcoming half-yearly exams?
Sid: Oh definitely. I am glad to help you guys. Where do you want me to take tuitions for you?
Suhas: No no. Not tuitions. I want your help in preparing chits for the exams. The syllabus is too vast and it is very difficult for just two of us to prepare chits for all exams in short time.
Sid: What the!! No way. I am not gonna help you cheat. I can take as many lessons as you want though. If you want me to teach something, I am more than happy. But chits, absolutely no.
Raj: Told you Suhas, this Sid, the stud, is no good for us. It’s not completely his fault too, we have to blame his parents for it. Especially his mother Kajal. That bitc.. amm that woman raised Sid like this. What can he do.
Sid felt happy inside a little that Kajal is in discussion now. 
Sid: My mom? What did she do to blame. There’s nothing to blame her. You should be very respectful towards her. She is such a great mom in raising me like this.
Raj: Haa.. haa. Great mom with great looks. We saw her by the way in the last parent-teacher meeting. She was mmm.. beautiful. 
Raj teased Sid with this. But Sid still pretends.
Sid: Thanks.. mm but no more comments on her beauty okay. She is my mom. 
Suhas: Aww the sweet innocent son getting hurt uh!! hahaha.. Hey Raj, lets go out. I wanna eat a samosa.
Sid: Guys, we’re in the middle of a class. You cannot leave now. Not good!
Sid wants them to talk more about Kajal
Raj: Yeah, let’s go, I too wanna get out and stare at some colors in our school. “Colours”.
Raj winked at Suhas signalling to jump out of class to have a glance at all the sexy women teachers in the school today. They ignored Sid and left the class out of the window that is just side-by. Sid tried stopping them but failed. He disappointedly looked down, only to find out that Suhas left his mobile phone in the desk itself. It was luckily unlocked as they left in hurry. Sid opened that phone and went through all the apps. He opened whatsapp and saw all the chats. He saw a chat with Raj. Sid is eager to know what they chat about. He opened that chat thread and going through it.
Suhas: Yeah, that bitch at pub last Sunday, was so fucking hot but but ah.. I cudn’t get to her man.
Raj: You shud have approached. She is a bitch! She loves cocks. She was such an easy grab and you lost her to your anxiety. Haha. Poor cock!
Suhas: Arh Shut up. Don’t make feel bad more. I am already so horny and feeling down.
Raj: haha okay ok. Chill out. What about our plan on Kajal?
Suhas: What plan? what did we plan on that MILF?
Raj: Our goals bro.. to suck her melons. to suck her juicy lips. 
Suhas: To fuck her bulky ass.. mmmm
Raj: Yeaaah.. there you go, now you are on track. 
Suhas: Aaaah. That slut Kajal brings me an instant turn on bro. Everyfuckingtime. I wanna grab her bulky ass and hump from behind like a bull.
Raj: Oh yeaah.. that would be heaven on earth. And don’t forget to pull her hair. 
Suhas: Fuck. How can I forget that. We both know how much we love her hair. umm thick black
Raj: Long silky hair aaah yesss.. I wanna bury my face in that hair broo..
Suhas: I wanna fuck her hair too! Like.. like.. I wanna tie her hair around my cock and make her stroke my cock looking straight into my eyes.
Suhas: aaaaha! I guess your cock is oozing drops of pre-cum already 😉
Raj: You bet. wanna see? ;P
Suhas: ammm.. is that okay? I mean.. Can I see your cock? 
Raj: I don’t know.. but it is so hard. Throbbing for our slut Kajal. 
Suhas: Okay, show me. No more arguments. I wanna see a cock craving so much for Kajal
Raj: Bro. We are bros. armm you know what I mean right? 
Suhas: I understand bro. It’s not a gay-thing. It’s just sharing our lust on Kajal with each other. Show yours to me and I will show mine. Lets see who got bigger lust on Kajal.
Raj: That’s what I wanna point out. It is not gay. I am not gay. I wont be gay for showing you my cock na. ufff!! I don”t know bro. I am getting mixed feelings now errr..
Suhas: Shut your ass and fucking show me your prick bastard.
Raj: haha.. sure sure yeah. I will. But help me. Make me more aroused.
Suhas: Shall I hold that cock and stroke it for ya 😉
Raj: aaaaaaaaahh!! yess yess pleaasee. omg what is happening
Suhas: lol you motherfucking gay! haaha. I cannot stroke you bro. We are far away. But I can do this help to you. 
Suhas: Sends this picture ( ← click)
Raj: Fuck you my man! Thats a sexy sexy edit. I love it aaaah
Suhas: ummm now storke your cock hard and cum bastard!
Raj: uhh yess umm I am stroking ahh  ahh Kajall Kajall ahh you filthy whore.
Suhas: She is a mother! mother to our best friend! Feel that bro. Fuck that mother right in her asshole and tear it!
Suhas: Sends another picture (←click). Here. Here’s one more for you.
Raj: Fuck fuck fuck fuckk!
Suhas: What happened? Did you cum? Broo?
Raj: Noo.. I’m still fapping. Kajal ahh Kajuu ummmhh I am shoving my thick cock in her asshole
Suhas: Deeper. Ahhh Raaaj. deeper and harder!! 
Raj: I wanna spank that ass and make her asscheeks turn red for me! fuck yeaah!
Suhas: Pull her hair too. Pull her hair back and ride on her like its your horse
Raj: yess yess.. auhhmm why dont you suck her melons from the front brother
Suhas: Nah bro.. I am gonna fuck her mouth with my cock! Lets make her a sandwich between our cocks!
Raj: Ahh ahh ahhh. that’s awesome! Kaju you meaty whore. ughh uhhhh Fuck her deep bro. Give her a deepthroat fuck!
Suhas: Yess yess ahh I am fucking her throat now and squeezing her yummy boobs with my palms. My nails digging in her flesh!! How is it going for you bro at the back? ah uhhhh
Raj: Damn! aaah!! I.. I..  I did! I cummed in Kajal’s asshole! aaaaaaaaaaaaahh This is heaven
Suhas: Awesome. mmmmhh. But this is not the actual heaven bro. We have to fuck her in real. Now get yourself together and take rest for sometime. Lets meet at our chai point at 10 PM. 
Raj: whatever man.. aahh This slut is crazy as faaaak
Suhas: lol.. I see you are still enjoying that orgasm. Okay I am going now. See you at 10. bye
Chat ended there and there’s no reply from Raj after that. Sid read the entire chat and got superhorny. His dick took its stance in the pant again. He got what he wanted, just that not from the boys directly but in a different way. It was so arousing for Sid to read all those cuss words from his friends. Slut, MILF, Bitch what else. He bend his head down on the front desk and rubbed his cock. While doing so, he quickly forwarded those pictures to his mobile and then deleted that chat with him. Now Sid’s phone has those 2 pictures and Suhas chat with Sid is deleted. This way Suhas will not know that pics have been shared to Sid.
Back at the home in the night Sid went to his room after dinner and opened his phone, He checked those pics that he forwared to him from Suhas phone. His mightly newborn soldier woke up again. Turned off all lights and slided inside the blanket. He removed his night pant and underwear too. He held his phone in one hand and dick in another. Started stroking at her mother’s nude pics. Aoh! Those were not real nude pics of course, the edited pics. Face of his Mother Kajal but with the body of the sexiest pornstars. The edit came so well and perfectly blended. He kept fapping at those pics and recollecting his friends’ hot imaginary sandwich session with Kaju.
Kajal being done with dishes and closing all the doors, walked toher bedroom to sleep but noticed moans again from Sid’s room. This time she was not suspicious, she was sure that he is fapping but didn’t think it was on her itself. She turned to Sid’s room and peeked into it. She saw Sid completely under the blanket, can sense the phone inside by its light. And something is moving inside the blanket right exactly at his center. Kajal had no doubt now. She is seeing her own son fap on his bed. She wondered how beautiful that girl must be. She thought of getting inside and tease his son by a surprise visit. So that she too can a look at his girlfriend’s face. But she stopped. She didn’t want to disturb her son’s private pleasure time. She left from there closing the door properly with least sound. She went back to her bedroom. Slept with her hubby’s limp cock in her hand as usual and dozed off.
Next morning after sending off Sid to school, Kajal went to Sid’s room to clean and sort things there. She saw his mobile phone on the dressing table. Then she got the thought, this could be good time and opputunity to find who Sid is mad about. oh by the way, Sid is a good boy. He doesn’t carry phone to school like his mischevious friends.  But the phone was locked and she didn’t know the key. She randomly tried few PINs. Tried 0000 – did not work. Tried 9999 – did not work. Tried 1234 – did not work. After that phone got blocked for next 5 mins to try again. She waited, sat there on bed, looked around, felt that time wasn’t running fast when needed. After 5 mins, she started trying again. Tried 1603 which was his birthday – did not work. Tried 1906 which was her birthday – did not work. Then phone warned her with a message “This is the last try. If failed, the phone will be blocked for next 2 hours”. Looking at that she thought very carefully and gave a final try. PIN 6972 – That worked!! Kajal jumped on the bed with joy. She knew how his naughty son is getting to. 69 and 72 are the famous code positions in sex. “My little boy thought that no one could decode his sexual PIN huh! If he is master in sex, I’m his MOM!” said Kajal to herself in pride and went through all his apps. She opened gallery. She scrolled scrolled but there were no pics of any girls. There were only pics of he and his family at functions. All were good formal casual family pictures. Some of them has Kajal too of course in them. She then went through various folders in Photos app. Clicked on Whatsapp images. There, right there Kajal saw what her son was beating his cock to. Kajal (photo) with a perfectly matched fake nude body in the phone looking at her realself with a smile. The real Kajal face is exactly opposite to the photo Kajal’s expression now. Her breath stopped for a second and she is dumbfounded.
************************************* END ***************************************
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Episode 4 (click ← to read Episode 4)
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