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Contents of this entire series has to be taken light heatedly. It encompasses incestuous, sensitive, harsh and unsettling sexual content. Those who are uncomfortable with such content are advised to stay away. Rest everyone, thanks for your time and proceed for this exhilarating journey with Kajuma.
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Episode 4
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==== Recap ====

Next morning after sending off Sid to school, Kajal went to Sid’s room to clean and sort things there. She saw his mobile phone on the dressing table. Then she got the thought, this could be good time and opputunity to find who Sid is mad about. oh by the way, Sid is a good boy. He doesn’t carry phone to school like his mischevious friends.  But the phone was locked and she didn’t know the key. She randomly tried few PINs. Tried 0000 – did not work. Tried 9999 – did not work. Tried 1234 – did not work. After that phone got blocked for next 5 mins to try again. She waited, sat there on bed, looked around, felt that time wasn’t running fast when needed. After 5 mins, she started trying again. Tried 1603 which was his birthday – did not work. Tried 1906 which was her birthday – did not work. Then phone warned her with a message “This is the last try. If failed, the phone will be blocked for next 2 hours”. Looking at that she thought very carefully and gave a final try. PIN 6972 – That worked!! Kajal jumped on the bed with joy. She knew how his naughty son is getting to. 69 and 72 are the famous code positions in sex. “My little boy thought that no one could decode his sexual PIN huh! If he is master is sex, I’m his MOM!” said Kajal to herself in pride and went through all his apps. She opened gallery. She scrolled scrolled but there were no pics of any girls. There were only pics of he and his family at functions. All were good formal casual family pictures. Some of them has Kajal too of course in them. She then went through various folders in Photos app. Clicked on Whatsapp images. There, right there Kajal saw what her son was beating his cock to. Kajal (photo) with a perfectly matched fake nude body in the phone looking at her realself with a smile. The real Kajal face is exactly opposite to the photo Kajal’s expression now. Her breath stopped for a second and she is dumbfounded.


Kajal is surprised to see her fake nudes in Sid’s phone. Her presumtion and confidence in Sid for not beating his meat on her was tore into pieces by those visuals. She is confused, not sure what to do. She loved her son so much that she cannot dare question him about this ludicrous behavior. She rested there for a while. Thought about the causes and consequences the whole day. Later Sid returned from school in the evening. His attitude in the house has been the same. Now, Kajal understood the real reason behind his abnormal behavior with her. It was not because he is getting a boner. It is because he is getting a boner by looking at his own mom. Kajal empathised with Sid, though he is caught for what he is doing, she completely cannot disagree with his unnatural feelings on his own mom. She felt how difficult it would be for Sid to have those feelings for his mom but also not being able to fulfull them. The moon took his full shape. Sid began his regular night duty before sleep. YKWIM. Kajal crept into the blanket along side Mr. Reddy fapping his limp dick but mind full of Sid. Reddy showed some reaction this time. He turned towards Kajal, gave a kiss on her cheek. This was unexpected for Kajal. She gave a nice rub on the cock in return but that cock never responded. Mr. Reddy closed his eyes and slept again in a blink of an eye. Frustrated Kajal squeezed his balls and she slept too.

Sun took its turn now and is rising well above in the sky. Reddy left to court. Sid went to school and Kajal is left alone at home with just confused mind. She took her phone and dailed
Kajal: Hello, is this PAV school admin office?
Radha: Yes mam, how can I help you?
Kajal: This is Kajal speaking. Son of Sidharth Aggarwal. 10th standard, A section. I just have a few queries about my son. Can you help me with that mam?
Radha: Oh is it! Sure I can. Just a second. Let me bring up his records.
Kajal: Thank you madam, your name please.
Radha: This is Radha Verma. You can call me Radha.
Kajal: Nice. So, Radha here’s the thing. I actually do not need my son’s scores or records. I am very well aware of his academics. He is doing good at them. But my concern is something else.
Radha: I see. Not a problem Miss Kajal. And what would that concern be?
Kajal: It might sound little wierd but please get this. I want to know if there are any beautiful girls in Sid’s section? Like really really beautiful.
Radha: What!! hahahaha.. oh my God! Miss Kajal, this is not a marriage bureau.
Kajal: Sorry, I do not mean that way. Can you kindly answer my question please.
Radha: haha I am still perplexed. Nonetheless, Sidharth section has turned into only boys’ section this year. Did you not know this Miss Kajal?
Kajal: Really? So, there aren’t any girls in his class at all?
Radha: Yeah. No girls. Forget beautiful, there aren’t any girls at all.
Kajal: this is now totally making sense. Sid never told me his so called ‘girlfriend’ name to me. I see, well, thanks for that info Radha mam. I have another query. You may not be able to answer this but please let me know whatever you can.
Radha: Sure.. please go ahead.
Kajal: Who are Sid’s friends in the school. Who does he hang out more with? Like any close buddies? Can you name any?
Radha: Oh yeah. That I can definitely say. There are these very notorious, ill-mannered kids Raj and Suhas. They are very close to Sid. To the date, I don’t understand how Sid is getting well with those two idiots. But Sid’s academics never go down. So, you know, mmm nothing that we can complain. 
Kajal: Raj and Suhas. Hmm. I cannot really judje them. Kids are anyway naughty in the schools. I’m glad that you could tell me this Radha mam. Is there anyway I can meet those two kids in person without Sid’s knowledge?
Radha: Umm that sounds difficult but yeah, I can arrange for that. I’d call Sid for some dummy review meeting with me at lunch break. You can meet those kids at that time in the canteen. What say?
Kajal: Awesome. It’s almost 11 ‘o’ clock now. I better hurry up and get ready. Thanks a lot Radha. That was so generous of you. I will call you later and explain in full detail what this is all about. Thank you so much again.
Radha: Anytime Miss Kajal. Alaways happy to help a parent. See you.
Kajal: Bye Radha.
Kajal wants to talk to Sid’s best friends and see if they were the influencers on him. If not, at least she wanted to be in touch with them so that they can tell her what Sid is being upto in school. She got ready quickly and started to school. She rehearsed all her queries in her mind on the way. Upon reaching the school, it was already lunch time, school ground was full of wandering students and she could see the canteen from a distance. As she walked upto to the canteen, she called Radha and asked her the exact location where she can find Raj and Suhas. Radha advised the same over the phone. Kajal went to canteen and walked towards the table where Raj and Suhas were seated. They just finished up their meals. Kajal came and said Hi to them
Kajal: Hey guys. Hello.. You are Suhas and Raj, right? said Kajal with a greeting smile.
Both Raj and Suhas were shocked. To see their dream Milf suddenly appear infront of them and greet them with names.
Raj: Ah! hi.. amm yeah.. I’m Raj. 
Suhas: And I am Suhas. both with still the surprised face.
Kajal: takes her seat opposite to them. Hello Raj, hello Suhas. I’m Kajal, I am Sidharth’s mother. 
Suhas: Hello. Hii.. amm Hi aunty. What is this sudden visit for? Are you searching for Sid? I think he is with Radha mam.
Raj: Should we call him?
Kajal: No no, I know he is busy. In fact I came here to meet you guys. Heard that you two are very close to Sid. You are like 3 idiots where Sid is Rancho. haha.. correct?
Suhas: You can say that aunty.. we are close friends. The famous trio in our class but we are not idiots aunty.
Kajal: haha Ok. 3 good boys then. Here, take these. A small gift for you two. Hands over 2 chocolates to each of them
Raj: Oh aunty, why all these now? So kind of you. 
Suhas: Thank you aunty Grabs all choclates and winks at Raj. And what is about us aunty? You want anything from us? You want to know anything about Sid?
Kajal:  Uhmm well Suhas, actually yeah. I came to talk to you guys about Sid. I have a plenty of questions about Sid which only you guys can answer. But.. 
Raj: Sure aunty, we’ll absolutely help you. Sid is a very good student. Both academically and behavior-wise. I am surprised that a parent of student like Sid is reaching out his friends for inquery!!
Kajal: It’s not like that. I know my son is a good boy and I hope he will be so. But.. I have been seeing a change in his character lately.
Suhas: Is it so? We didn’t find anything like that in him.
Kajal: But I did. At home, he is acting very different. He is not talking to me much these days. 
Suhas: That’s strange! How can one not talk to such beautiful lady!?!
Raj: nudged Suhas to stop flirtling with her already. Ahm.. aunty.. he meant to say.. how can one not talk to his own mom. Moms are always beautiful to their children, right? smiles


Kajal: That’s okay Raj, let him be. I think this is where the trouble began. With myself only. I don’t know how to get this point to you.

Raj: What happened aunty? Did he quarrel with you for anything?

Kajal: No, it is just about me. I mean.. my physical me. 

Kajal cannot talk to them on face. She lowered her face as she is speaking. Raj and Suhas put on a suprise and also an interesting face at that convo.

Raj: Aunty, can you be more clear here please. We might misundertand your words if not properly put.

Kajal: Can I ask you something? You guys should answer very openly.

Raj: Go on aunty. We are with you.

Kajal: How do I look to you both? Just go with physical looks only. 

Raj: Aunty.. amm this is.. very absurd. How can we speak about your looks aunty. You are almost like a second mother to us na
Suhas: instantly says SEXY. You look Sexy to me aunty!! with a watering mouth looking at Kajal
Raj: Suhasss! This is Kajalll auntyy! tries to shush Suhas but Kajal interrupts
Kajal: What Suhas said is right. At least he is speaking his heart out. Don’t stop him Raj. 
Raj: But aunty.. what do you mean by asking us such questions? Is it really some problem with Sid orrr… is it with Sid’s father? What is it?
Kajal: Ah! Sid’s father!! I have had enough of him already. Don’t bring him into this. This is purely and solely about Sid. I see Suhas here.. being very frank to me. I know you too feel the same about me but you look a little shy to express. That’s good of you. 
Suhas: So, am I bad aunty? 
Kajal: No Suhas, no no. You are good too. You two are very good guys. You both are trying to help a lonely mother. 
Raj: I don’t see what we are helping here yet, aunty.
Kajal: I’ll explain Raj. I will. Kids at your age start to have feelings for women. Actually it is the age where you start becoming men. It’s ok if you do few naughty things with girls in school. Totally understandable. But Sid..
Raj: Sid what? But Sid what?
Kajal: I think.. Sid.. Sid is developing feelings for me. Kajal almost had tears in her eyes and  spoke those words with a heavy heart
Raj tunred to Suhas and said “Holy Fuck, Sid had feelings for his mom broo!! He too wants to fuck our bitch here” with very low voice and mostly lip movements

Suhas: What!! seriously aunty? So, Sid wants to fu..

Raj: Ahmm.. So, Sid  amm.. Sid have feelings for you. Is that what you are saying aunty?

Kajal: nodds head in agreement He didn’t express me that but I found out myself. He definitely has feelings for me. I saw that with my own eyes and I have proofs too!!

Raj: Aunty.. this is preposterous!! How.. like how can a son have feelings for a mom!

Suhas: Kajal aunty is beautiful Raj, She is sexy! I can fathom what Sid mind is running into.

Raj: Shut up Suhas. You are a third person. But Sid is her own son. He cannot behave like that

Kajal: with a sobbing face turning towards them. Hey hey.. please.. you guys don’t get into fight because of me. It is all my mistake. It is my body and my beauty that made Sid like that.

Raj: Ah aunty, but.. being beautiful or having sexy assets is not your fault aunty. No woman should feel bad for being sexy. You please do not cry aunty. We feel you. We’ll sort this is out somehow. We are there na aunty.

Raj helds one of Kajal’s hand in consolation. But touching that sexy bitch is his main intention. Suhas envies that and quickly grabs another hand of her.

Suhas: Yeah, aunty.. please don’t cry. We shall find a way out of this. We cannot see a sexy mother crying infront of us.

Kajal: flattened by their ‘love’. looks upto them. Aww! How sweet of you both. I wish I had you guys with me all along. Your madam Radha told about you guys very differently. But I don’t see that in you. You two are such cuties!


Raj: That Radha mam always has a grudge on us aunty. Leave her. Don’t mind her.

Suhas: But tell me something aunty, how did you find Sid’s feelings for you? You said you have some proofs for that.

Kajal: Yeah, I have proofs. I cannot show them here. I feel embarassed here in the public.

Suhas: oh! no problem aunty.. was just asking..

Kajal: Suhas.. Raj.. Can I ask you a favor please..

Raj: Absolutely!

Kajal: For one day, for just tommorow, can you both bunk the school and come to my home please.

Raj: Aunty, you are asking us to bunk the school??

Kajal: Please.. just for tommorow. I want you to show something. I feel like I have company when I speak to you both. Please accept my invite.

Suhas: Why can we not do this on Sunday aunty? Why bunk the school and only tomorrow?

Kajal: I don’t want Sid at home when are meeting, Suhas. This is about me and Sid na.. I want to share my thoughts and sorrows with you guys. We cannot do that with Sid at home.

Raj: I think I see a point in aunty’s words Suhas. We should give it a try. After all, she has only Us. winks at Suhas

Suhas: Alright, for our beautiful Kajal aunty. Let’s do this.
Kajal: Thank you so much guys. I am very grateful to both of you. But please don’t get caught okay? Bunking is not good in 10th class. You have board this year and things will escalate a lot if found.
Raj: Meh! Chill aunty. We will get to your house at 10:30 AM sharp. Just be ready to host us. 
Suhas: Yep. Till then, stay strong aunty. Keep an eye on Sid tonight. Lets discuss tomorrow at your home about all that.
Kajal: Heart is loosened up a little now. Smiles.. Haa. We will discuss. Okay Raj.. Suhas.. I’ll take leave then. So nice to meet you both. Bye my kiddos. 🙂
Raj and Suhas both bid adieu to Kajal. Kajal leaves the place with a lighter heart and a feeling that she has now a company to talk to, on all these matters. On subconcious levels, Kajal also felt good when they used the words sexy and beautful to describe her. She liked that attraction of kids towards her. She went to school to actually find out if Sid’s friends are teaching him something bad but it tunred out to her that his friends are way better than Sid and Sid developed his feelings on his own. This angered Kajal but a motherly empathy crept in as well. 


On the other side of the coin, Suhas and Raj are on the cloud nine. They looked at each other in awe for about complete 2 mins straight after Kajal left. It was a dream-come-true moment for them. Kajal herself is inviting them to her house, that too in private. They both were very amused by that and could not wait for the sun to set and rise again. They spent the night chatting over whatsapp about what they are gonna do tomorrow at Kajal’s house. They went through multple possibilities, made many plans on how to not overreact, how to not underact etc. They made guesses about what the proof that Kajal will be showing tomorrow. Is it going to be a video tape of Sid wanking his cock by moaning Kajal’s name? or Sid rubbing his cock on Kajal’s body parts with love on face and lust in mind? or Sid purposefully flashing his cock to Kajal whereever possible? What is it going to be?


Poor Suhas and Raj will not know untill they find it themselves tomorrow, BUT we all know!

************************************* END **************************************
Keep your expectations high for episode 5. 😉 Going be a memorable ride!
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