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Episode 5

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==== Recap ====
On the other side of the coin, Suhas and Raj are on the cloud nine. They looked at each other in awe for about complete 2 mins straight after Kajal left. It was a dream-come-true moment for them. Kajal herself in inviting them to her house, that too in private. They both were very amused by that and could not wait for the sun to set and rise again. They spent the night chatting over whatsapp about what they are gonna do tomorrow at Kajal’s house. They went through multple possibilities, made many plans on how to not overreact, how to not underact etc. They made guesses about what the proof that Kajal will be showing tomorrow. Is it going to be a video tape of Sid wanking his cock by moaning Kajal’s name? or Sid rubbing his cock on Kajal’s body parts with love on face and lust in mind? or Sid purposefully flashing his cock to Kajal whereever possible? What is it going to be?
Poor Suhas and Raj will not know untill they find it themselves tomorrow, BUT we all know!
==== Recap ====
Kajal was unusaully excited the next day while sending off Mr. Reddy and her son Sid. She was more agile in cooking food, packing things. Once the males left the house, she rushed for a full head shower. She took her own time in getting fully cleansed. She cleaned her armpits, rubbed her vagina insides neatly. The thigh vagina cleavages, the underknees, the hipfolds, she rubbed every part thoroughly and took a heartful bath after many days. She do not know what she is doing that for but she is excited. She wants to spend time with Suhas and Raj. The word “Sexy” in Suhas’s voice is all running all over her mind. It felt like the word is echoing from the bathroom walls. After getting a good warm shower, she came out and dressed in her favorite saree. That was neither a partywear nor a very casual home wear. But will surely tease the boys at right places. She looked at herself in the mirror while getting ready. She had a blush on her cheeks all the while. Her just-dried-hair is left loose to cover her strapped blouse at the back. The shoulders were cut low and wide in the front which exposed good amount of skin. She took a gold necklace and put on to perfectly fill the gap in the front. A bindi on her face always made her look better. She knew it and put on one. 
Raj and Suhas were stuck in their first class. They tried to escape from the school even before entering the premises but Radha mam saw them at school gate and insisted them to class. They were getting late to Kajal’s appointment. It’s not 10:30 yet but they knew it will be late even if they start now. But finally somehow they managed to escape the class and started to Kajal’s house on their bicycles. 
*ding dong* Rang Kajal’s doorbell.
Kajal opens the door.

Raj and Suhas are mesmerised by Kajal’s beauty. She stood there like a Godess of beauty to them. They couldn’t utter a word. Just motionless. Looking at her without blinking an eye. After 15-20 seconds of staring, Kajal herself took the initiation and welcomed them.

Kajal: Guys, why so late? It’s 11 already.

Raj: coming back to senses Ahm yeah yeah, Sorry aunty. Its its.. its late. But yeah, we are here na. Let us in.

Suhas is still open-mouthed, almost salivating. Kajal looked at Suhas and patted him gently on his shoulder and laughed.

Kajal: Okay. Get this boy too. I don’t think he will be able to walk alone by himself. Said laughingly and gave way to both of them to enter the house.

All three of them walked in. Kajal showed them her house. The hall, kitchen, the bedrooms. As she was walking infront of them, both the guys took enough chances to grab glances at Kajal’s assets. They mostly concentrated on her ass this time. At school they weren’t able to look at it as there were people around. The butt was protruding out well even in the saree. They wished how sexier it would look in a tight denim jeans pant. Kajal flaunted her body without any hesitation. She is as free as a bird while she is with them. She seldom observed that they are peeking at her assets front and back but Kajal didn’t say anything. She just smiled at them. After the quick house tour, they sat on the couch in hall. Kajal on one and guys on the sideby bigger couch.

Kajal: So, how is my house?

Raj: Cannot complain at all aunty. Very good and spacious.

Kajal: Thank you, Raj. So big house but only one woman in it 80 pecent of the time. hmmm.

Raj: Why would that be aunty. Sid and Uncle would be home by the evening, right?

Kajal: Yeah, they will be. But to whose good. Your uncle never talks to me. Sid is.. you know.. I told you yesterday how he has been lately to me.

Raj: Ouch, yeah. Sid. Sid’s topic really surprised me. We kept thinking about it all the night.

Kajal: I wonder too. I don’t know how to face him now. I dont understand. But anyway, mmm why is your friend not talking at all ..turning towards Suhas.. What do you think, Suhas? Howz the house?

Suhas: Sexy aunty. You look sexy as hell. More sexy than yesterday!

Kajal: ..with a smile.. Haha, well. Thank you for that. But I asked about my house.

Sahas: oops. what did I say. ahaha. I mean.. yeah the house is good too. Very good. Just like you aunty. mmm… even better than you. Your beauty deserve a better house.


Kajal: Come on Suhas. You are always over me. Why is that? I’m observing you from yesterday. You seem to be liking me. What’s so good about me huh?

Suhas: Aunty.. I am not like Raj aunty. I tend to act as I feel inside. If a person is beautiful, I look at her and appreciate her. I cannot be two-sided like Raj. And I really really like you. You are damn beautiful. Sexy.

Kajal: Woah! That was so straight. But… I kind of like it. So, Raj. Are you really two-sided like your friend said? huh?

Raj: Noo no aunty. I am straightforward too. I too speak what I feel.


Kajal: Then why don’t I see you praising me?

Raj: I’m mm am.. I’m little dignified aunty.

Saying this Raj stood up from his position, went near Kajal, held her cheek and chin in his hands and gave a Good Kiss on her other cheek. Kajal was stunned by this. Her eyes opened up wide like fish eyes. Raj then went back and sat in his place with a smile.

Kajal: What Was Thaaat!?!

Raj: My way of dignity aunty.

Kajal: Daamn! I did not see that coming. Oh my god! You guys are so lovely. lovely? Should I say lovely? or

Suhas felt disparaged. It was he who has been expressive about Kajal from the beginning and Raj gets the first chance to land a kiss on her! He immediately stood up and went to Kajal and sat on her lap.

Suhas: Aunty.. this is not fair. How can Raj gets to kiss you if I was the one longing for it from yesterday. And I was hinting you too. he sat as if he is a small kid and wrapped Kajal in his hands.

Kajal: woah.. woah oah, this is crazy.. are you two some kindergarten kids?!? Did you just sit on me as if I’m you mother?!

Suhas: Get away with your questions aunty. I’m just asking for the Kiss that I deserve.

Kajal: Uhuh. I am still surprised. Confused. Here. Take your chance ..Kajal showed her cheek to Suhas letting him to kiss her..

Suhas: No, I deserve better.

Kajal: What do you mean?

Suhas: I mean, either you kiss me or I get to kiss your lips.

Kajal: No way you are getting my lips kiddo.

Suhas: Then you are kissing my ckeeks I see.

Kajal: ..kisses Suhas on his cheeks by holding his chin with love.. Muuuuah. Here you go.

Raj got his erection already by seeing Suhas grab a kiss from Kajal. From Raj’s position, it is evident that Suhas’s weiner has also took its stance. Suhas enjoyed that kiss and he kissed Kajal back. They both kissed each other few times like that but only on cheeks. Raj was getting hornier and occasionally laying a hand on his pant to adjust his erected cock now in his underwear.

Suhas: muah muaah.. mm so aunty.. yesterday you were telling something about proofs. Proofs of Sid having feelings for you.

Kajal: ..Hugging Suhas in the same positon.. yeah Suhas, I have them in my phone. You know what he did? He made some obscene photos of me and he was masterbating on those pics.

Suhas: Obscene photos? Like what aunty? Can you show them to me?

Kajal: I wanted to show. That’s why I called you guys today to my home. Mmm  but they are very..

Suhas: I know aunty. If Sid is wanking his meat to those pics, I can understand what he did to those. Don’t hesistate aunty. Just show us.

Kajal took her phone from – opened the gallery. She showed those 2 pics of her which she collected them from Sid’s phone. Suhas was shocked to see them. Those were the pics that Suhas made and sent to Raj for fapping. He suddenly sprang out of Kajal’s lap and sat next to Raj with shock. Suhas murmured to Raj.

Suhas: Raj what the fuck! Did you share our Kaju fakes to Sid? Kajal is showing me the exact same pics!

Raj: what the hell! Why would I do that. I never shared those with anyone. I think Sid spyed on us.

Suhas: Fuck! That bastard!

Raj: lol. Does that mean Kajal is a whore? hehe

Suhas: Stop it idiot. I made those pics. If they get out to anywhere else, and if people start digging the sources, I would get caught.

Raj: Chill bro. It won’t go that far. We can manage it,

Suhas: We better do. No way those pics should go out of Kajal’s hands. It should not come to a point where I’ll be getting caught. Either I tell her or she never gets to know about those.

Kajal: ..closes the phone and says.. What happened all of a sudden? Did those pics disturb you, Suhas?

Suhas: Nah, nothing like that aunty. Err.. just trying to.. control myself. Those were very raw.

Kajal: Can you believe that Sid made these. How can he think about me like this! ..with a little sad face..

Raj quickly jumps in. He sits on Kajal’s lap this time and consoles her. Kisses her on cheeks. muuaah muaaah

Raj: Aunty, don’t be sad aunty. We’ll find out the actual truth soon. Don’t worry. It will all be alright in time. Can you show me too those pics please.

Kajal: Umm. I hope so Raj. Yeah why not. See. ..opens her phone and shows those pics to Raj..

Raj: Wow! You look so good in these pics aunty. I.. I know you are not the real one here but.. hehe. You fit very well in these fake nudes.

Kajal: You didn’t see my insides. You don’t know how I look under these clothes. Don’t be so confident Raj. ..says with a casual face..

Raj: Can’t disagree. But your insides are not too far from here 😉 Aunty.

Kajal: Eyy. What do you mean, you silly boy.

Raj places his hand slowly on Kajal’s shoulder, slides it downwards towards her chest, touches her necklace and embraces it for a while, then comes down and places his palm on Kajal’s right boob. Fully covered with blouse and half of it with pallu edge too.

Raj: I mean… see.. now they are only 2-3 layers of cotton away from me. 2 or 3 aunty?

Kajal: ..Kajal liked his intimacy with her. She did not deny him but replied with an accepting tone.. Why don’t the silly boy finds for himslef?

Raj: My guess is definitely 3. But I hope it’s 2, cause I wanna reach it faster.

Kajal: ..moves her pallu away from her right boob and says.. Now you have only 1 layer. Hopes do come true! 😉

Raj cups her boob on that blouse and gently queezes it. Kajal felt the pressure and that brought a nipple erection. A shockwave moved from her nipple till the brain. Raj said, “I think Sid pictured you very accurately aunty”, squeezing her boob from the bottom. Kajal said,”is that so? umm.. can you feel it already?” Raj hand moved to right and he pressed the boob towards the center and said, “Very much. Ummmm.. these are huge”. Raj understood that Kajal is in some mood now. She is not scolding. Not even resisting but offering herself to him. He took that liberty and squeezed her boob harder. Kajal moaned. “mmmmmmmmh Raaaaj” She closed her eyes half and was enjoying the play. Raj then planted a kiss on her lips. He kissed on her on the edge of her juicy lips first. Very gently. Kajal wettened her lips as he started. Raj moved closer and stuck his lips exactly on her’s. It is not a sucking-kiss but lips to lips straight. He kept pressing her lips while pressing her boob. Kajal then opened her lips a little and took Raj’s lower lip in. She kissed Raj’s lip. Raj sucked Kajal’s upper lip. Then they both exhanged lips. Kajal’s juicy lips are now getting sucked by Raj, so passionately. Down under Kajal’s nipple is getting stiffened by Raj’s erotic squeezes. Kajal held his hand while in action to stop it but was not completely sure to resist. It was just a hold. But Raj saw that and asked Kajal, “You want me to stop aunty?” with eyes locked into Kajal’s eyes. Kajal could not say yes at all. She simply left his hand.

Raj understood her and squeezed boob harder. The blouse is almost crushed and half the boob is out. The top hook is barely hanging there. He kissed her back on lips. Sucked them harder. “muaaaah uuh auummm ssshh ssllluurrrpp” made all the noises while he kissed. He then kissed her cheek, “muaaah..” her chin, “mmuaaah”, her neck all around, “ummaah ummmaah ummmmh” he slid like that down to the Chest – the valley of two big mountains – her great Cleavage. He plugged his chin on that cleavage made by the tight blouse holding two big boobs. He is caressing the right boob with  a hand, kissing her right below her throat near the cleavage. His right hand is lowering the pallu on her left boob. Her hair was covering the boob too. He played with the hair for a while and moved that too to the back. He then opened his mouth and started sucking her chest with wet mouth. With his pressure on the hook, it came off. Pop! Boobs jumped and more flesh is now out. Raj now slowly started sliding his hand inside the blouse on the right boob. He held the boob with his bare hand. It was so heavy for him. His fingers had to spread to completely get a grab of her boob. Yet he could not succeed. Nevertheless he caressed as much boob as he could. He did not touch the nipple though. That was purposeful. Raj crushed Kajal’s boob so much but did not lay anything on the nipple. And then he took his hand out.

He then all of a sudden, stopped sucking her cleavage. He came back to normal position and said, “aunty, what am I doing aunty? Is this right at all?”. Kajal was disappointed that he stopped as she was in very good mood to continue that. She was also surprised by his question. She doesn’t have an answer. She knew it was wrong but she also, don’t want to stop. Kajal replied, “I don’t know Raj, I.. I really can’t say anything now. But this makes me feel good.” Raj stood up from her lap and said, “No aunty. If you don’t know whether this is right or wrong, how would I know. We need to think about this. Err.. Where is the bathroom?” Kajal was speechless to him. She simply ponited towards the bathroom with her head low, putting on her blouse hook back and adjusting her pallu back into position.

Raj left to bathroom and closed the door, he just waved the door and went ahead to take the piss, door opened back by itself upto half in recoil. Raj took out the fully erected dick out of his pants and rubbed it. His bladder was full but he also wants to jerk off. He couldn’t stop rubbing his cock. He masterbated for sometime there. The half-contented Kajal is looking at Raj. She observed that the door was not fully shut and also can see his dick while Raj is stroking it. Kajal wettend her lips while she looked at hard-rock dick of Raj. This is the first time she is seeing an erect cock with naked eyes live in many days. She saw many boners over pants but a live bare cock! this is the first time in many days. Her mind ran with all wild thoughts. Her blood is pumping at a higher rate. It was more heated moment to her than when Raj was squeezing her boobs. The untouched-but-erect nipple is desparate to someone pinch it and suck it.

Suhas on the other hand is ablosutely awe-struck. Kajal completely forgot that there is a second person too with her. Kajal heard few sounds just from beside. She turned towards Suhas. He was just salivating and leaned back on the sofa-set with his hand fapping his fully-erect cock taking heavy breaths like a tired person. Kajal startled to see that. She was shocked and then immedialtely shouted, “Suhas!”. Till then, Suhas was in another universe dreaming of fucking Kajal. Kajal’s shout woke him up to senses. He could still see the same Kajal but with an angry and disgust face now. He swiftly sat straight, put his dick inside and zipped up. And said, “amm.. madam.. sorry.. Kajal.. ah sor sorry.. sorry Kajal aunty”. “What non-nense Suhas? get yourself together.”, said Kajal. “aa. aunty.. really sorry. I thought you were ok with it. The way.. the way Raj was close with you, I.. I thought you were all cool with this.” stuttered Suhas. Kajal said, “Whatever. This is not acceptable to wave your .. your.. your Tool like that in front of me. You guys! I thought you guys loved me. But looks like you too are no different than Sid.” She then stood up and walked towards the dining table. She stood there with regret and not knowing what is happening. She just couldn’t show her face to any of them. She herself invited them to house. And when one of the guys were sucking her boobs, she was longing for it. She craved for it. And again, when the other guy is fapping for her, she got angry. She is confused to the core. She was just bending her head and stood there contemplating all this.

Raj completed his piss and came back to hall. He saw Kajal standing away from them and facing the other side. He asked Suhas, “What happened dude? Is she crying or what?”

Suhas: What about you? Did you jerk off nicely and sprayed your cum all over the bathroom? huh?

Raj: Hell, no. I wouldn’t waste my cum like that when our sexy bitch Kaju is right infront of us.

Suhas: That’s the problem. You overstepped bro. You fired up her lust but she wasn’t ready for us.

Raj: What do you mean? She was asking for more when I stopped sucking her boobs!

Suhas: Then why the heck did you stop?

Raj: Because I want to build it. Kajal cannot be our toy for just this one day. I wanna raise lust in her from very roots. From the bottom of her heart, from the trenches of her vagina.

Suhas: Fuck you. Whatever.

Raj: Leave all that. What happened to her now? Why is she standing there like that?

Suhas: Meh! She saw me stroking for her directly infront of her. That’s it.

Raj: whoaah! What the fuck hahah!! How can you be so casual about it. Idiot, you masturbated infront of Her and for Her!!

Suhas: Yeaaah. I couldn’t control seeing you both like that. And she was awesome with all those expressions when you are sucking her.

Raj: So, it is you who spoiled it now. Not me. I was taking her on a good course. Go fix it.

Suhas: Me??

Raj: Yeah you, son of a bitch! Go bring that bitch back.

Raj pushed Suhas towards Kajal. Suhas went went to her hesitatingly, tiptoeing, with no plan. He slowly said, “Aunty.” Kajal didn’t reply. He said again, “Kajal aunty?”. She was not crying but not too angry too. She was just confused there. She genlty murmured, “mmm, yeah what?”. Suhas placed his hand on her left shoulder and said, “Aunty. mmm  I am sorry aunty. Can I please talk to you?” Kajal did not turn her head but nodded her head with a yes. Suhas continued, “Aunty.. to be honest I don’t want to be sorry. I did what any normal guy will do at that moment. And you know, you know that I appreciate your beauty. I praised you from the first sight and I’m still praising.” Kajal replied, “Suhas, this is not the appreciation I expected out of good guys like you. I … I mean.. I felt good when you did but.. but you know na. I am a married woman.” Suhas placed his other hand too on her other shoulder. He moved closer towards her. He sniffed her hair and the aroma struck him to the head. He said, “I know aunty, I know you are a married woman. I know you have a son too. But am I your son?”. Kajal said, “No”. Suhas planted his chin on her right shoulder and completely attached his chest against Kajal’s back. He said, “If that is so, what is bothering you aunty. I just want to say that I love you. We love you. We care for you.”

Kajal knew that he is trying to get close but she is not denying anything. She simply stood there and answering Suhas, “Umm. That is good.. but Suhas… I think this type of care is little dangerous.. for all of us. you know.” Suhas is now rubbing her arms and shoulders with his palms on both sides. He is moving closer and closer and his erected penis is now starting to touch Kajal’s protruding ass. He first gave a touch and waited for Kajal’s reaction. There wasn’t any sign of rejection or discomfort. He proceeded and started rubbing his boner on Kajal’s ass. He is just making forward-backward and sideward movements. Her spongy ass is totally enjoying the rubs. Suhas continued, “Alright, leave all that aunty. How about we change the topic? Ummm.. what is your recent movie? Do you even watch movies?” Kajal is enjoying the wavy rubs of the dick on her ass and she just continued answering Suhas, “Movie?? umm. I think it’s been really long since I went to a movie?” Suhas is still rubbing his dick onto her, “Ayyo, is it so! Why aunty? Uncle won’t take you to movies huh?”. Kajal replied, “Your uncle is utter waste. He cannot be called as a husband at all. At least my Sid is better. He sometimes takes me out for shopping and we hang out a lot than me hanging out with your uncle.” Suhas understood that Kajal is getting diverted and he increased his momentum. He is now rubbing his dick vertically. He initially rubbed against both her bums, then he shoved his dick vertically between her asscheeks. It was all over her saree only, which is getting loosened now.

Suhas said, “How sad! The most bootiful.. I mean.. beautiful housewife is getting ignored by her husband. Very very sad. What do you think of me aunty? Can I be a good husband in future?” He slided his right hand towards front and held her chin. He moved her face towards him a little and kissed on her cheek. Kajal felt it so romantic. Kiss on the cheek and spooning her down at the ass. She replied, “ummmmmhh. Suhaaas.. what are you doooing” in a moaning tone. “Just answer my question, aunty. Will I be a good husband? Will my future wife get good satisfaction with me?” Suhas said with increased pressure on Kajal’s ass. He kissed her more and he slided one of his hands inside the loosened saree over the ass. Saree almost got untied but was stuck there hanging between dick and ass. His hand still could not get inside. The petticoat’s thread is stopping him. He forced his hand in. Kajal felt the pressure and in a quick reaction, she untied her petticoat knot in the front while offering him to kiss on her face. Suhas slided his hand now completely and held her ass cheek. He said in a firm tone, “Answer me aunty, Will I be a good fucker of my wife?” Kajal could not stop but moan, “aaaaaaah Suhas. yes yes yess.. you will!!” with her butt in Suhas’s hand. Suhas: “What will I be? Say it completely aunty?” squeezing Kajal’s ass from bottom to top. Fully crushing the bare ass cheek with his bare hand. The voluptous ass is not fitting in his hand but Suhas is not a loser in such matters. He is giving his best in crushing that heavy mass of flesh.

Kajal is giving now reverse-pushes, she is bending a little so that her ass protrudes out more giving more access to the man. Kajal: “Ahhh.. yess Suhas. I meant, you will be a great husband. A great fucker of your wife! ahhhh just like you are taking care of me now ummmhhhh”. Suhas then moved back a little and saree fell off from the waist. it’s strangling on her thighs and knees. He pushed it completely down and also loosened her petticoat, which fell off in a moment. Kajal is wearing a black panty which is just covering her pussy in the front and the back has just a string stuck in the asscleavage. He circled his hand around Kajal’s neck from left and held her throat in the front. He said, “It’s going to be a rough ride. Brace yourself aunty”. Kajal knew he was getting in mood to have intimacy with her but had no clue what’s up ahead. She asked in wonder, “uh what?? Brace? what do you mean.. Su.. ” without giving a chance to complete the sentence, Suhas spanked her ass real hard with his right hand. Kajal was dumbfounded. She was in utter shock, she screamed, “aaaaaaah Suhaaaas, what the.” Another slap landed on the same place. this time harder. She wanted to shout loud. It was so painful, yet awesome for her. Suhas firmed his grip on her throat and gave a couple of more spanks on the same cheek. Phaaattt! Phaaaatt! Kajal tried to scream and shout but could not as Suhas is squeezing her throat. Kajal is suffering there. Suhas then removed his pant button, unzipped and lowered his pant. He took out his thick cock and started rubbing on her buttcheeks directly.

Kajal felt his cock skin, his cock’s hardness. A real hard cock is touching her barely after many days. She could not resist at all. All she wanted lately was this type of cock banging her. Suhas held her throat tight and made her face turn towards her, he said, looking straight into her eyes, “Aunty, I love you aunty. I love you the most. I care for you. I know what you are missing in the life and I am ready to give you all you want” and started kissing her lips. He is sucking her lips. “umm yummm ahh sshh aah muaaah muaaaahh” Kajal wants to reply but the lips are busy, Kajal moaned in response, “mmm yeaa ummm mmmmm but aahh mmm be gentle.. aah suhaaaaasss. my.. ass.. my ass down there.. ahh” sucking his lips back, offering her lips. Suhas is shoving his dick in the ass-cleavage. His dick’s skin is getting peeled off when shoving up and covering back at downstroke. It was a good buttjob for him from his dream girl, or rather, from his dream whore Kajal. Kajal is in pleasure, she closed her eyes and just submitted herself to Suhas totally. Suhas then called Raj, “Raj.. hey buddy, stop fapping and get into some real action here.” Raj was masturnating looking at them like Suhas did before. Hearing Suhas’s call, Raj came to them and stood infront of Kajal. Her boobs are still covered with blouse but navel is completely exposed. There is no any bottom wear. Her thunder thighs shivering due to our friend’s spanks few moments back. Her face turned sidways and getting kisses from the fucker behind. He had no other thought but to fuck this sexy bitch from the front straight up.

Suhas: “Hey, hey, Stop what you are thinking. Do you wanna give our aunty the pleasure she wants so easily? huh?”. Raj is confused and said, “heh? what do you mean?”. “Do not fill the holes. Do whatever you want but do not fill the holes. You got what I said bro?” replied Suhas while he kept spooning Kajal’s ass from back and kissing her all over the face. Raj understood and said, “Aaah! I see. I get it, I get it.” Raj then undressed himself. He removed his shirt, he has a masculine body, ripped and muscle cuts were visible. That’s a body no woman can reject. He stood there naked with his dick erect horizantally pointing towards Kajal’s navel. He took one of Kajal’s hand and kissed it seeing her face. “ummmmmaaah” He kissed all the fingers, moved towards the wrist, kissed the wrist, kissed her hand, “muaaah” her elbow, “muuuuaaah” her arm, the fleshy arm, “umm ummm ummmmaaah”. He took her palm and and placed it over his chest. Kajal’s palm touched the solid body of Raj. She felt uncontrollable. She instantly rubbed his chest all over. She wanted to hug him. She wanted to get crushed under a man like him so bad. Her womanliness is taking off so high. He moved forward closer and took her face from Suhas’s hand. Suhas hand is still gripping her throat. Raj made Kajal look straight towards him. He kept looking into her eyes and bent and took both of her boobs into his hands. He crushed them from sides and placed his face between them. The Holy Grail – Cleavage. Raj started licking her boobs. He licked all that he can with the blouse on. Suhas with his dick still mashing her ass, said, “I think something is blocking you brother? Get rid of it!”. Kajal immediately replied, “No no. Please. Don’t take off my mangalsutra. I value it a lot”. Raj laughed at her and said, “hahaha.. oh my dear aunty, why would we disrespect you at all. We love you na.” He then immediately put one hand in the blouse and tore it off in a flash. All the hooks popped out and fell off the ground. pop. pop. pop. pop. Kajal’s big boobs are out. Out in the air. Free. The nipples had big brown areola around them. She looked like a defining peronality of a Woman. A perfectly aged woman. He quickly took one of the boobs in his mouth started sucking, “umma ummm auumm yummmm” then moved to another boob, “slluurrrp aah umm mmmhh” sucking both the boobs alternatively. Kajal is getting crushed at the back with a dick and sucked at front with a hungry mouth. Raj sucked so passionately. Last time he had no access to nipples, but now he has it. He is leaving no portion of her boobs. He sucked all the nipple area on both boobs. Sucked the flesh around it. He squeezed them from bottom and sucked the top. Squeezed each boob separately with two hands on it and when the nipple took its sharpest position, he sucked it like a lillopop. Sucked it dry. He was in real hope of milking out the boob. But we all know that is not possible. He sucked one nipple so dry and then moved to another. Squeezed it the same way – with both hands around the boob – nipple facing out at the center with tip challenging him to bring the milk out. Raj looked at like a bait to a rat – sucked it so hard. Kajal was moaning all the while in ecstacy. She is holding her boobs with her hand and helping Raj to suck them harder. She is trying to bend and see how Raj is sucking but Suhas had his hand cuffed her throat. Suhas has the total control of her head and neck and he used it as support while thudding Kajal’s ass behind. Raj spit his saliva on her boobs and sucked them back. Made them total wet and then total dry by immediately sucking everything off.

The balls of Suhas are secreting the sperm inside the crotch. Suhas knew that it is the Time. He held Kajal’s throat hard and gave fiercer strokes on her ass. His dick almost got squeezed vertically between her ass cheeks. It is sandwiched. As he kept stroking, the skin peeled off and covered back with every full stroke. This intensified as the balls got stiffer doing their job. When he knew that the climax is seconds away, he left Kajal’s throat and held her hair from back. He pushed her forward so that she bent and gave a good platform for him to cum – the back waist. When she bent forward, Kajal’s boobs pushed Raj’s face. This made Raj sit on his knees to adjust for the height. He kneeled down and looked up for boobs. His face got smashed with her huge boobs. This made him wild and sucked her nipples once more. He started biting the nipples now. Kajal screamed. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh”. Suhas jolted her head with her hair in his hand in anger. It’s anger out of lust. He gave quick hard pushes in her ass while holding her hair like that. His balls were getting hot to the bottom of Kajal’s heavy ass. And then the moment of the day came – cum spilled out like a fountain. It fell all over her back waist, few streams of cum even fell on her mid back. The tiny strip of blouse that covered her back is also getting its share of cum drops. Suhas shouted in satisfaction, “Arrrrrrhhhhh, yeeeaaaaaaaah” It was a victory moment for him. He took deep breaths – statued in that position for a while – embracing the moment.

Raj on the front is busy biting her boobs, one after the other. Kajal felt Suhas’s cock getting all hard and the wet cum drops dripping on her back. Suhas slowly removed his dick from that fortress. He moved back like that and took a bean bag which is just sideby and rested on it. His dick slowly getting back to normal state. Raj felt that the whole weight of Kajal is on him now, he understood that Suhas reached the climax, leaving Kajal to him. He kept sucking them not minding anything. But Kajal wanted a dick. She was all happy when Suhas was giving her dick pleasure from the back. She is happy that she is getting fucked by the boys but err not literlly. None of them literally Fucked her. They just fulfilled their desires by foreplays. To be honest, Raj is still on duty. She stood up and with her one hand tried to reach the cum on her back as much as she can. Whatever she could collect, she licked it off her fingers. While Raj is still sucking her boobs like a child who craves for mom’s milk. Her blouse was still hanging off with no hooks from her shoulders. Kajal said to Raj, “oye.. Raj..  that is enough.. leave me now please. Your friend already damped me.” Raj replied while caressing her boobs, “ummm.. but these are so yummy aunty.. muuaaah! I want to suck more.” Kajal smiled and laughed when he begged to suck her boobs like a kid. She said, “haha.. there’s nothing left Raj, you have sucked them so hard till now. What else you want? Do you want to eat them or what! haha”. “If that is what it leads me to, I’m not gonna hesitate to eat these yummy mangoes.. yumm yummmmy aauummm” Raj said, still not leaving them and sucking one after the other with so much desire. Kajal replied, “Ah! you horny guys. I thought very differently about both of you when I met you at school. Now look at you both. Like a hungry dog who just got a bone. haha.. ok.. I’ll let you suck some more time, but shall we alteast sit somewhere please.. my back is aching like hell. Ammaaah” Raj nodded his head in agreement with a boob in his mouth. He stood from kneeling position and both walked towards the sofa. Kajal sat on the couch and relaxed by leaning back. Raj is still stuck on her boobs. Suhas looked at Kajal from his seat and smiled at her. He gave a flying kiss to her. He barely could speak a word. Kajal blushed at that smile and recieved that flying kiss, she said to him, “When is this dog going to leave me. He is salivating like anything over my boobs.” Suhas laughed and just signalled to her – the sign of blowjob.

Kajal understood and looked out for Raj’s cock. It was hard and just hanging there with no hand support on it. While Raj is still madly sucking her boobs, Kajal went for Raj’s cock and held it in her hand. Raj suddenly stopped sucking the boobs – but the boob is still in his mouth – his eyes opened wide in shock and looked at Kajal. She gave the kinkist smile ever to him – rolled all her fingers over his cock – gripped it firmly  – her hand moved.


End of episode 5. 
Sorry for the long wait for this update but I hope the justice is served with this long episode. 
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