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==== Recap ====
Kajal replied, “Ah! you horny guys. I thought very differently about both of you when I met you at school. Now look at you both. Like a hungry dog who just got a bone. haha.. ok.. I’ll let you suck some more time, but shall we alteast sit somewhere please.. my back is aching like hell. Ammaaah” Raj nodded his head in agreement with a boob in his mouth. He stood from kneeling position and both walked towards the sofa. Kajal sat on the couch and relaxed by leaning back. Raj is still stuck on her boobs. Suhas looked at Kajal from his seat and smiled at her. He gave a flying kiss to her. He barely could speak a word. Kajal blushed at that smile and recieved that flying kiss, she said to him, “When is this dog going to leave me. He is salivating like anything over my boobs.” Suhas laughed and just signalled to her – the sign of blowjob.
Kajal understood and looked out for Raj’s cock. It was hard and just hanging there with no hand support on it. While Raj is still madly sucking her boobs, Kajal went for Raj’s cock and held it in her hand. Raj suddenly stopped sucking the boobs – but the boob is still in his mouth – his eyes opened wide in shock and looked at Kajal. She gave the kinkist smile ever to him – rolled all her fingers over his cock – gripped it firmly  – her hand moved.
==== Recap ====
Kajal rolled all her fingers over his cock and started rubbing it. She gave a good handjob to Raj. Raj couldn’t focus on sucking the boobs while his cock is being moulded by Kajal. He lost his control over the boobs. He leaned back and enjoyed the rubs of Kajal. She teased him well with her soft hands for a good time and finally made him ejaculate in 5-7 minutes. Kajal’s hands were dripped with the warm cum of Raj. She collected all of it and licked it like a whore. She loved that cum taste, it was better than Suhas’s. After cleaning his dick totally, she laughed looking at them and left from there to bathroom, taking her clothes from the floor on the way.
After taking a shower, Kajal dressed up neatly in another saree and started preparing lunch. The two kids woke from from their short nap and they too had the bath. Raj sat on the couch in the hall and was going through his phone. He searched his chats if those nude pics of Kajal were sent accidentally to Sid by him. But he could not find any evidences. He wanted to see Suhas’s phone too. Suhas, after bathng and dressed up, was walking towards kitchen.
Raj: Suhas.. hey.. give me your phone once.
Suhas: uninterested in Raj while curious to see Kajal again  Here Take it. threw his phone to Raj and continued forward
Raj took the phone and continued his investigation. Suhas, this pervert, is still not satisfied with Kajal even though he rammed her ass an hour ago. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed Kajal’s waist from back with two hands. Kajal was cooking rice and was surprised by that grab. She smiled and said “Is it you Suhas?” without turning the face back. Suhas replied, “You clever aunty. How do you know it’s me?” rubbing the waist sides with both hands. “I know your grip Suhas. Moreover you are the one who’s more into me than your friend”, replied Kajal without dropping the smile on her face. Suhas continued squeezing her waist saying, “Aaaha, looks like you enjoyed the game. We can play this game more often aunty. I really loved it.” Kajal enjoyed his squeezes and said, “And you’ll be the winner always” and held one of his hands and crept it towards belly button. Suhas immediately poked his middle finger in her navel. “mmmmmmhhh” Kajal moaned. “I guess there’s more playtime left in the game aunty. One player is still showing capacity. 😉 ” said Suhas. Kajal was totally loving this intimacy with the boys but had a little reluctance too, she turned towards Suhas a little, looking into his face, said “Suhas, you are too young for me. But.. but I don’t know what this will lead us all into”, with a concerned face. Suhas is not in a mood to waste time in all this talk. He kissed Kajal’s cheek and tasted her lips too while she is talking. Kajal again continued, “Suhas!! are you listening?”. Suhas didn’t care a bit. He just kept enjoying her soft lips and smooth cheeks. Kajal understood that he is not a listening person. She just sighed and said, “Okay.. my baby Suhas.. Please.. lets pause this for a moment now. Let your aunty cook lunch for you two. And then we’ll resume okay? my sweet kiddo na. Please..” trying to get out of his grip. After they are apart, she kissed Suhas on his cheek and convinced him and made him go away with a pleasing tone.
Within few mins, the lunch was ready and while serving food Kajal got a text to her phone. She took her phone and the message was by his husband Reddy, which read, “One of my clients is coming to our house at 3 PM. I have given him the appointment but I may get late to home. You host him and please wait for me. Bye.” It was 2 PM already. Kajal got tensed, she cannot let the boys be at her home when he comes. She called both Raj and Suhas and told them about the situation. All three were disappointed but there’s nothing they could do. They cannot be bunking the classes and be at her home all alone and get noticed by her hubby’s client. It leads to suspicions. So, they quickly finished their lunch and started to depart. While leaving Kajal said to both, “hey.. boys.. please give me your numbers.. I’ll be in touch with you guys”. Both of them shared their numbers with Kajal and she shared her number in return.
Raj: Bye aunty. Please don’t hesitate to buzz us anytime. We are there for you.
Suhas: Yeah, aunty. I can come to you whenever needed. We can play the game.
Kajal: Hey Suhas, shuh! Ok listen. Both of you. Don’t ever speak about this to anyone and this should be our little secret forever. I will definitely ping you guys whenever I feel lonely or when I feel I need some support.
Raj: It’s a pleasure aunty. Things turned out a little out of our hands but amm.. we had good fun. So, I guess there won’t be much trouble unless we keep this secret between ourselves.
Suhas: Yeah, if we maintain this secrecy, we can play more games and even turn them into big tournaments saying this Suhas winked at Kajal
Kajal: Haha.. you guys won’t stop untill I throw you out. laughs  Now go, it’s already late. He might come anytime. Bye..
Both kissed on one cheek each of Kajal before leaving. She took the kisses and waved at both and closed the door with a smile.
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Later that evening while Mr. Reddy is busy with his client in living room, Kajal was lying on her bed in her bedroom. She thought about everything that happened – from finding out that her son is developing sexual feelings for her – to meeting Sid’s friends to inquire about him – to finally, uncontrollably, getting fucked by the same Sid’s friends. Like as if she herself invited them to fuck her at her own place. It was good but accompanied with lot of moral doubts. She wanted answers to something but she now has more questions. Not knowing what to do with Sid. She thought Sid friends will be helpful in sorting this issue about Sid but they started a new confusing issue.
She took her phone and was thinking to text the boys. She want to speak to them not in person so that she can ask her doubts without letting herself offer her body to them. She thought for a while about who to text first. She opened Suhas’s window and messaged “Hi”
Suhas: Hi aunty, so soon. How are you feeling? Already missing me huh?
Kajal: Oye.. Calm down. I just said Hi.
Suhas: haha.. that’s ok. I can still understand. So, whatsup, are you alone aunty? Is your guest gone?
Kajal: Nah, he is still there. My husband too. They both are busy in the living room and I am bored here.
Suhas: Oh! ayyo. I should be with you now aunty. I would’ve not let you feel bored for even a second. Why don’t you open your backdoor for me? ?
Kajal: You mean, my kitchen door? Are you going jump my compound wall or what!
Suhas: Actually I didn’t mean that… but that too is necessary. I meant to ask you open Your Backdoor. “Your”
Kajal: ? What!! Shut up you idiot.
Suhas: hehe.. I can. I can shut up aunty. All I need is You to Open.
Kajal: Pch! You wudn’t stop at all na.
Suhas: Never. You are my Godess aunty, my Sex Godess. I’ve been chanting your name every second from the day we met in school. You are such a beauty. Both from the outside and the inside.
Kajal: Ha Ha. Thanks.
Suhas: What did you understand by “inside”?
Kajal: Inside means my character no? My heart?

Suhas: Lol. That is for lovers and kids. I meant your real insides. The holes and the mountains.

Kajal: Omg! you are unbelievable. To be frank Suhas, you are such a maniac. I am not very comfortable in talking all this but you really make me wet with your words. I must confess this.
Suhas: Always! Thank you for the compliment my beautiful aunty. But is it just my words?
Kajal: Yeah, your words.
Suhas: So, not my deeds?
Kajal: Ah! Offo! haha.. your deeds too. Your actions and your performance.! All make me wet.
Suhas: That’s what I wanna hear. Wholesome. Tell me something, is your cute little pink flower wet now, aunty?
Kajal: Suhass, no. Don’t talk about my private parts.

Suhas: Oops, did I cross any line?

Kajal: No, not in that sense. You are good, but I have something else Suhas, to talk about

Suhas: Oh okay. What is it, aunty?
Kajal: Umm… I don’t know how to start but.. but.. ok. What do you think about Sid? How should I proceed with him Suhas?
Suhas: ah this bastard is also there na.. what can I say bitch, your sexy lustful body attracted your own son. what can I do about it! Arrhh  Umm.. Sid, oh yeah, Sid. Hmm.. I think you just have to wait and see aunty. That’s all for now
Kajal: What Suhas, I thought you will help me in this. The relationship between son and mother is not moral. Not acceptable anywhere. We must do something about it. We cannnot just wait and watch.
Suhas: fuck you, I don’t care. Just go fuck him too na.. if you wanna do something so desperately. Okay, sorry aunty.. mmm. Fine, lets do something. lets.. lets try out being closer to him. Like.. try to talk to him more. Show him more, expose yourself more to Sid.
Kajal: huh? How is that going to help?
Suhas: May be.. like.. if he gets what he wants, he will be done with that desire, right? Then he can continue focusing on other things. Focusing on other important things in life like studies, career etc
Kajal: That is extreme solution Suhas. If we go that way, he will only be done when I sleep under him.
Suhas: No aunty, you can start slowly too. See his cock first. Touch it, suck it. Give him the pleasures he want. We never know.. he might stop with that itself.
Kajal: Shhh!! Sucking my own son’s cock! Can’t even imagine that.
Suhas: You already said the words “sleep under him”. Which means you imagined that already. What’s a blowjob when compared to getting fucked by your own son? huh?
Kajal: Suhas, ahh please reduce your strong language. I’m feeling guilty.

Suhas: Don’t lie aunty. You are getting turned on by this. You know you like it. You know that you like to explore your son too. Just accept it.


Kajal: She is feeling everything that they are talking about. She is totally agreeing with Suhas but she is not willing enough to accept it with him. She is controlling a lot. Ah! Whatever Suhas. This is something that I cannot do. It’s not easy being mother and.. fuccck.. and having sex with my own son!
Suhas: Then forget him and come fuck with me, you horny bitch. I’ve told my part aunty. It is your courage that defines your future.
Kajal: Hmm. Okay, I’ll think about it. Anyway, thanks Suhas.. for talking to me. I gotto go. Bye.
Suhas: Bitch don’t leave me. I need your pussssyyy So, nothing else for me?
Kajal: haha.. I can give a sweet kiss from your favorite lips.
Suhas: I need it from your nips.
Kajal: Youuu!! Control yourself and take this kiss. Muaaah ? bye.
Suhas: Hehe.. Ummaaah!! bye aunty.
Kajal’s pussy is really feeling little damp now. She slid her left palm under saree and touched her panty. It was wet. She rubbed her pussy there for a while. Panty became even more damped. She smelled her fingers, licked them neat. She was aroused more because of the thought of sex with Sid. She started thinking about how big his cock going to be. Its thickness, its colour and if he had any pubic hair or if he maintains it clean. All these thoughts ran in her mind and made her wet. Once she was over with sniffing her love juices, the guilty thoughts ran back to mind. She was not convinced with the answers of Suhas. She knew it was bad idea to buss Suhas to talk about this, but his forever-horny nature attracted her to text him first. Now she needs a second opinion, an expert opinion, or at least the opinion from a better person than Suhas. She opened Raj’s window and text “Hi”
Raj: Hi aunty.
Kajal: Hello Raj, are you busy? Can I talk to you for a moment?
Raj: Oh yeah, definitely aunty. Sure you can. I am free. On my way to home in school bus.
Kajal: Oh, so did you go to school back again?
Raj: Yes aunty, our Hindi teacher is my favorite in school. Can’t miss her class. It is last period in the day, just attended that one and leaving back to home.
Kajal: Hindi teacher!! You naughty kid. Radha mam was right about you guys. Truly mischevious.
Raj: Haha.. what aunty.. I’m just attending her class. It that also a crime?
Kajal: No no.. you should attend. You should attend all classes. And never bunk any class.
Raj: That’s impossible.. but I’ll try.   What was it that you wanna talk aunty?
Kajal: Hmm.. coming to that.. it’s about Sid, Raj. I’ve been thinking about him. How should I proceed with him in this matter..
Raj: Oh the Sid. haha.. how crazy it is, right? You came to us to talk about Sid, but then it completely tunned out into something else. But I must say, I enjoyed your company aunty.
Kajal: Even this idiot is also diverting topic towards me! *facepalm* Yeah, it took a different course. I didn’t wanted all this but Raj… today morning when you stood up all of a sudden and kissed me on my cheek, I felt so warm, so happy. It’s been quite a while that someone loved me like that and kissed me.
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Raj: Ah! So glad to hear this aunty. But I think Sid loves you na.. the same way. I guess you two hug and kiss each other a lot daily.
Kajal: Yeah, we do. But that’s a mother and son love. You are not my son, right? You are some third person to me. So..
Raj: So, you liked it with me.
Kajal: Yes. ?
Raj: Okay. I’m really glad to help a woman like you aunty. It feels awesome to make a woman happy from heart.
Kajal: That’s so lovely Raj. Thanks for all that. I even liked it when you asked like a sweet kid to allow you to suck my bo… amm my melons more. hehe
Raj: As much as I love you from heart aunty, I love to taste all your body too. ?
Kajal: Haha.. my naughty little boy down under must be waking up. isn’t he?
Raj: I’m in schoolbus aunty. A boner now would make me feel awkward.
Kajal: hahahahha..
Raj: You are such a tease aunty. I wanna eat your yummy melons more next time. I’m gonna chew them, you see.
Kajal: Ouch! But you said you love me. Chewing will hurt me na? Baby!!
Raj: This is the perfect time to tell you this quote. A secret friend of mine told me this aunty. It goes like  “Lust without love is dangerous. Love without lust is ridiculous.”
Kajal: Wow!! Is he a poet or what? or some sexpert?
Raj: haha.. he is just a common man but a perfectly balanced man. Will tell you more about him later.
Kajal: Okk. Great lines those are!
Raj: So, are you letting me chew your melons or not?
Kajal: Maaaaaay be.. yes
Raj: Thanks BullReddy, your lines earned me something to cherish!
Kajal: Ah! That’s the name I see.
Raj: Oops, did I tell that! ?
Kajal: Yes, you did. Hahaha

Raj: Haha.. that’s ok. hmmm.. what else aunty?

Kajal: What what else? You know what we are talking. Don’t divert the topic anymore. Tell me how should I proceed with Sid.
Raj: Err.. yeah yeah, we’re talking about that. Umm. Did you talk to Sidharth about this topic anytime aunty?
Kajal: No. I mean, I talked about his boner, how feelings about a woman are common in such age.. but I didn’t speak specifically about feelings on me.
Raj: Okay. Now is the time to talk aunty. This can only be sorted by talks.
Kajal: That would be so awkward Raj, how can I talk to him about my sexual appeal.
Raj: That’s the dare you have to take aunty. He too will feel awkward but keep talking. Keep only talking, dont let him advance on you.
Kajal: hmmm.. but.. what to talk?
Raj: First let him speak about all his feelings. Ask him what all thoughts are running in his mind regarding you.
Kajal: Then?
Raj: Then tell him in a calm way that he has to control those feelings on you and should look for other girls/women. Tell him how wrong it is, how culturally unacceptable this is. Tell him that this has never been in our society. And it paves way to many problems and hatred from the people around us.
Kajal: Basically teach him morals and the downsides of this incestuous relationship.
Raj: If you wanna say it simple, yes. That’s what I meant.
Kajal: But is it moral for you to fuck a married woman like me, even when my husband is alive and  when I’m with a complete family.
Raj: Lol. I did not commit that yet, aunty. Sounds like you want it to happen. aah! Are you hinting me?
Kajal: Fuck! Where am I going again! Shh.. okk.. coming back.. so, teach my son that this is not correct. And control him.
Raj: Yes, that’s it aunty. Try this and lets see how it proceeds.
Kajal thought for a moment about the way that Suhas suggested, “To go all in”. She compared both, one looked so horny and bad & other looked so dull and right. Again leading to dilemma.
Kajal: Hmmm.. okay. What else can I do. I think this is the way. I’ll give it a thought Raj, I have to gather some courage to do this.
Raj: You sure can do this aunty. I’m with you in this. Call me anytime when you need me.
Kajal: Thanks a lot Raj. You bring confidence in me. Umm.. I love you. I love you more than Suhas
Raj: What!! more than Suhas? Why so aunty, did he not fuck your ass as you wanted?
Kajal: Shut up! I’m talking about love. You are showing empathy. And Suhas has none of that.
Raj: haha.. Ok Ok. I take all that love aunty. And I love you back!
Kajal: Here’s a thing, as you are now more close to me, I give you an advantage. You don’t need to call me aunty. You can address me by my name when we are alone.
Raj: Wowwie! Can I call you Kajuma? my dear Kajuma? ?
Kajal: Ah!! this word. I love it when someone close addresses me as Kajuma.
Raj: Awesome!   Okay.. I think I’m there already. My home. Gotto go dear.
Kajal: Yeah, sure Raj, take care. Byee
Raj: Bye my Kajuma. Muuaah!
Kajal decides to try out whatever she can to get done with this issue. She is more inclined towards Raj’s suggestion – to talk to Sid and control him with lectures. She wears a casual saree that evening, convering her skin as much as she could. Saree tied up above the navel. Boobs well covered with pallu – completely closing the cleavage. She waits for her son to arrive. Though it was just two hours, it seemed like forever for Kajal. It was a long wait for her.
After Sid arrives, she greeted him, took good care of him, fed him some good snacks that she prepared for him. She was all normal with him that evening. She couldn’t bring the actual topic as her hubby is still awake and working. Then after couple more hours the dinner table was set. All three of them had dinner together and dispersed. Kajal and Mr. Reddy went to their bedroom. Sid to his room. Kajal was wishing that Sid should not sleep until she goes to him. She was just waiting for her hubby to sleep and snore well. His snore would give confidence to her that he isn’t awake when she is away. Soon the snore started and Kajal went to Sid’s room.
Sid’s door was locked from inside. Sid never used to do that. Even when he started developing feelings for his mom, he used to just close it but never lock it from inside. But this time it was locked. This sign gave Kajal more nasty thoughts. She tried to look from bottom slit of the door, nothing was helpful. She peeped through the keyhole, she can see nothing, it was all dark. She thought for a moment if he was sleeping and is it ok to disturb the sleep and talk. But then she realized, if Sid wants to just sleep, why would he lock the door!? He must have been doing something that he cannot be exposed to. Then she decided firmly to talk to him tonight at anycost. She knocked the door. knock knock.
Sid on the other side, is lying on the bed with phone in his hands and dick rubbing against the bed. He was reading the lines..
“He pulled my legs apart and got between them, the head of his dick teasing my still-wet slit. I moaned and arched my back, pinching my nipples as he rubbed my clit with his thumb.

“Please don’t tease me, honey… I want you to fuck me. Fuck your mommy, sweetie… fuck me hard and give me your cum.”

With that, he rammed right into my cunt and I screamed out as he stretched me around him. “
Yes! He was reading an incest sex story of mom and son. Sid has totally turned into an incestuous son. He imagined his mom Kajal in every story he read, in every porn video he watched.
Right then, he heard the door knocks. This startled him, making him to immediately close his phone and cover the blanket and act as if he is sleeping. His dick was solid though. The knocks did not stop. He even heard Kajal calling him.. “Siddhuu.. are you awake kanna? Open the door?”. He tried not to respond and act as sleeping but mom is stubborn. She is not stopping because Sid locked the door like never before. With no other option left, he rose and went to the door to open. Before opening, he adjusted his dick in his shorts, he wouldn’t wear underwear during the night, so the tent was little visible. Sid opened the door.
Kajal: Were you sleeping Sid? Did I disturb you?

Sid: acting as if he came out of deep sleep just now What do you need ma? I was right in the middle of sleep.

Kajal: coming inside and switched on the bedlight. Sid is now better visible. Oh sorry kannaa.. I just felt like seeing you. Your papa was snoring like hell and I couldn’t sleep there.

Sid: But you sleep alongside papa daily naa??

Kajal: Yeah.. but can I not sleep with my dear son when I wished? gave a lovely smile

Sid: making way for her to get inside.. Hmm. Okay.. come ma.. no problem for me.

Both sat on the bed. Sid wished she did not ask for his phone. He was disappointed because she disturbed him in the middle of a super sex story and also happy that his dream girl came to sleep along with him. His dick did not cool down at all. Kajal looked at his bulge. She understood that Sid was definitely doing something fishy. She wanted to talk about it at all costs.

Kajal: Sid.. are you really sleepy now?

Sid: haa.. I was already half asleep maa.. why do you ask so?

Kajal: No beta.. I was thinking about you.. your girlfriend that you told me about.


Sid: Which girlfriend? I don’t have any girlfriends

Kajal: But you told me the other day right? When we were talking about your bone-kind-of-thing.

Sid: Err.. ahh. thaaat. yeaah.. that girl. umm yes. So.. what about her?

Kajal: Glad that you did not forget. Actually it’s not about her. It’s about you Sid? Are you still with that girl? I mean.. did you ask her out? Are you still getting a boner by seeing her?

Both knew that they are talking about Kajal. But Sid doesn’t know that Kajal knows. He continues pretending.

Sid: hesitatingly Maa.. should we talk about that now?? Is this ok??

Kajal: Of course we should talk. This is the right time. Tell me, is she still giving you boners?

Sid: What can I say.. Yeah, she is. She is the most sexiest woman I ever saw. I used to respect her initially but..

Kajal: Wait.. did you say woman?

Sid: ahm.. yeah.. girl.. woman.. all are same na..

Kajal: Haha.. more confirmation that he is talking about Kajal herself. Okay.. carry on.

Sid: I used to respect her.. love her.. but I don’t know these days I’m having different kind of feelings for her. Like.. like my boner wants to touch her. If I purely love her.. I might want to feel like kissing her. But I also feel like kissing her with my boner.

Kajal: Oh my!! You’ve become bold my son. Haha.. But there’s an important catch here.

Sid: Which is?

Kajal: Did you give a thought about.. if she is really the one for you? Can you see your future with her?

Sid: Amm.. to be honest, no maa. I never thought to that extent. She never gives me that chance. Whenever she appears infront of my eyes, my mind only thinks about the various ways of kissing her with.. you know.. amm… I told you

Kajal: Okaay. Fine. Agreed with all that. But I have a question.

Sid: yeah.. what is it?

Kajal: Why are you having a boner Now?

Sid quickly saw Kajal in the eyes, she moved her eyes pointing towards his dick. He saw his dick which made a very good tent with his short. He covered it with two hands with utmost embarassment

Kajal: Go on. Tell me. Your girlfriend isn’t here. Then why are you having a boner now?

Sid: Err.. mom.. uhh what should I say.. uhmmm.. maay be.. may be we talked about her na.. Her thoughts came to my mind. So..

Kajal: Accha. So just talking about her also gives you a boner huh?

Sid: I think so.. yeah.. I never talked to anyone about her. This is the first time.. so it’s a realization for me too maa.

Kajal: I see.. then what about cooling it down? How will it get down now?

Sid: I think the same way as always. I have to do it my hands for sometime and then it spills out some liquid and it cools down.

Kajal: the thought of stroking his dick and cumming aroused her Oh!! My boy has done his homework then. You learnt the trick huh?


Sid: Hehe.. yes maa.. I wanted to ask you only on that day. But you were reluctant. So I just googled it and found the way.

Kajal: I should damn well be reluctant. This is not something that every mom and son discuss.

Sid: Oh then why is this happening between us maa? Are we special?

Kajal: This is all happening because that boner is for ME, you idiot. Amm.. may be yeah. We are special. I care for you a lot. I love you much more than you think. You papa is waste anyway.. for both of us. So, I should be the one giving you all the knowledge and….. pleasure. the word “pleasure” came till her throat but she gulped it….. and love.

Sid: Thank you so much maa.. Thanks for all the love you show me. But I cannot do my job now if you are sitting infront of me like this. You know what I mean..

Sid slowly stopped covering his dick with hands. Tent is now clearly visible and he is rubbing it over his shorts very gently. Kajal cannot avoid seeing it at all. She took a gulp of saliva. She was controlling a lot to not proceed from there. But the sight is irresistible.

Kajal: I know what you mean.. but Sid.

Sid: But what mom?

Kajal: Before you go and start your duty on that.. can.. can I… can I take a look at it?

Kajal cannot believe that she asked this by herself. She desperately wants to see how big her son’s cock has grown for her.

Sid: Maa.. really? I feel shy maa.. if it is ok for you.. I can show.. no problem for me. ammm..

Kajal: Hmm.. I think it is okay. You are my son after all. Who else can take care of you more than me. Let your maa see your boner. I’ll help you if you need any guidance.

Sid: As you say maa.. You are my love.

Saying this he unwraps his short and the huge dick stands out. Tall and thick. A complete erection of a son for his mom. Kajal stared at it in awe! The moment of absolute thrill has arrived. At the very moment she knew that this is the begining of the most pleasurable journey of her life ahead. The sight of Suhas’s and Raj’s dicks also did not give this excitement to her earlier in the morning. Here, right in front of her, her son opening his shorts to show his dick to her is exhilerating. A sense of pride is prevailing in her, amidst all the awkwardness. As she gazed at the dick, her hands started shivering, her hands wants to touch and hold it.

Kajal: That’s so big, Sid. Your girl, whoever it is.. must have been the most beautiful woman for you.

Kajal is staring at the dick and Sid is staring at Kajal.

Sid: She is absolutely the most beautiful woman in this world maa.

Kajal is still looking at the dick and her mouth is watering.

Sid: Maa.. since it has come to this extent.. as you’ve seen it now… can I ask you for a favor?

Kajal: Sure son, what is it?

Sid: Can you do the “job” this time for me please.

Kajal: You mean, I have to touch this and rub? Kajal is very happy that he asked but cannot show that happiness out

Sid: Yes maa. I want to experince how a woman touch would feel like. Can you please do this once for me. Maa..

Kajal: Okay, but only this one time?

Sid: Yeah, first and last… promise.

Kajal: Okay come closer..

Sid crept a little closer towards Kajal with his cock pointing the roof. Kajal gently touched the tip with one palm. She made circles with her finger around the tip bulge.

Kajal: The foreskin still is not pulled back. Are you not doing this much often Sid?

She is slightly pulling the skin down off the dick.

Sid: Maa.. aah! Noo.. please don’t do that. It hurts maa.

Kajal: But that’s the pleasiure Sid. The skin should come off the tip while you rub it. I know it takes little time but.. you have put effort.

She laid another hand on the stem of the dick. One hand is rubbing just the tip – slowly trying to pull the skin down – with upward downward movements. The palm on stem completely took hold of the dick, with fingers wrapped around it. She held firmly and measured the thickness of the dick with that hand.

Kajal: Not bad Sid, this is good size for a person of your age. What are you? 16.. ?

Sid: Almost 17 maa. This March 16th, I will finish my 17 years. Enjoying the rubs from his mother

Kajal: Haa.. my son is growing up. Good.


She began to move her left hand too – rubbing the stem vertically. And then circularly – loosening the skin on the dick. The right hand is busy in exploring the insides of the red tip. She is peeling off the skin with her fingers. Sid’s thighs are quivering now. It is paining a lot but he doesn’t want to interrupt this golden moment. Kajal doesn’t care to look at his face at all. Her eyes are glued to the dick. She wants it to grow to the fullest and already thinking of sucking it. The craving for a cock is being fulfilled. She increased her pace of rubbing. The dick is getting grinded in her left hand and the tip is neatly being moulded with her right hand. Sid is even giving jerks now with his pelvis. With each jerk, the skin gets pulled down and the dick moves up between her hands. Pains a lot. Being unable to control, Sid requests her mother, “Maa.. aaaahh.. this is terrible, I can’t hold the pain. Please be gentle maa. I never used to treat my boner this way. Pleeaaase be gentle.. aaaah”. Kajal looks up to his face for the first time after opening his cock to her. His mouth opened and salivating but the eyes revealing the pain. She laughs a little and says, “I told you, you have to put some effort. Bear the pain son. Only then, you can attain the ultimate pleasure. Okay, you need something to hold on to. Take hold of my shoulder. Or carass me. No problem.”

Sid leans back a little and takes the support of bed with one hand and lays another hand on Kajal’s shoulder. He starts squeezing the shoulder.. inch-by-inch removing the pallu and trying to get a peek of the deep cleavage. Kajal is not minding all this. She is engaged in her “job”. She continued rubbing the dick with hands and full speed on. Grinding it – clockwise with one hand and counter-wise with another – taking turns. As the pace on the dick increases, the pressure on her shoulder increases. Sid, with his hand makes her bend forward a little. The pallu is almost dropped by now – he can see the boobs skin and the mangalsutra in the cleavage. This turns him on even more. He looks at Kajal’s face, he can sense that she is salivating for the cock. He slowly moved his hand towards the neck, caresses there and then moved towards the chin, cheeks. He looks at her face with full love but her face is filled with lust – like a cock-hungry slut. Sid touches every inch of Kajal’s face – her lips, her cheeks, her nose, he is embracing that beauty while she is stroking his rock-hard cock.

Kajal is in no state to feel the love from her son. She increased the speed of stroking even more. She is pulling his dick up with a firm grip. And then completely pulling the skin down, trying to expose the head of dick completely. Pre-cum is oozing out of the hole from the top. She felt happy seeing that. She didn’t mind touching that pre-cum, just continued stroking. Her upper body is in motion while stroking, her full hands are in motion. She stroked for few minutes like that. And now, she wants to suck it. She is bending forward hesitantly. Sid moved his hand back to her shoulder and resumed squeezing there. The sight of Kajal leaning forward to suck his cock triggered Sid a lot. Kajal removed one hand from the dick and grabbed his balls-sac. With cock stem in one hand and the crotch in another, she bent more forward to begin sucking. She squeezed the balls passionately while bending down. Her lips are just half-an-inch closer to the tip now. But our poor Sid is not capable enough for the pleasure to come. The cum spilled out from the dick like a jet. It splashed over Kajal’s lips all of a sudden. That squeeze on the testicles made this happen. The thick white cum spilled over Kajal’s face. She sprang up in surprise. Her eye-lids too got their share of the white-liquid. Her cheeks with drops of cum. Lips being the most affected with the love juices.


She sat upstraight with surprised face, still hoding the dick and the balls. She wasn’t expecting this. After few seconds of awe, she came back to senses and understood why this happened. She smiled at herself for doing this. She looked upto Sid and said, “Ah!! Haha.. My boy’s love juices. So soon huh kid?” with a smile. Sid replied with half-closed eyes, “uuhhhhhhh.. Mommaa..  this is 10 folds of the pleasure that I get when I do it by myself” and leaned back on bed completely in happiness. Kajal first thought of leaving the site and wash off the spill. But seeing his son sleep back, she got the nasty thought of licking it. She sat there and licked her lips first, collecting as much as she could by streching her tongue out. Then she licked her fingers completely. Then she scooped all the cum that fell on the body around the dick – licked and swallowed all that. The dick is getting limp now as she is taking all the cum in. She even thought of sucking that cum covered dick but the limp dick discouraged her. She simply scraped out all the cum on the dick and licked it with fingers. She swallowed every drop. She rubbed her face too and drank that cum as well. Sid is slowly falling asleep. It’s already mid night now. After licking off every drop of cum, Kajal stood up and adjusted Sid properly on the bed. Covered his cock with short and blanket. She left from the room.

Kajal came back to her room and slept beside her hubby. She did not wash off anything, she kept smelling that dry cum from her fingers while sleeping. As her mood is coming to normal state, the original thoughts came back. She kept thinking about how this all began. Why she went to Sid’s room and what happened at the end. That was a total failure from her side. She realized that.. she was not able to control her feelings first and what control can she have on her son! She wanted to go Raj’s way, but Suhas’s way sneaked in. Nevertheless, she enjoyed it. She felt good about what happened in there. “Both Sid and I are happy, so what’s the loss here!”, She thought to herself to support her actions.

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