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==== Recap ====
She sat upstraight with surprised face, still hoding the dick and the balls. She wasn’t expecting this. After few seconds of awe, she came back to senses and understood why this happened. She smiled at herself for doing this. She looked upto Sid and said, “Ah!! Haha.. My boy’s love juices. So soon huh kid?” with a smile. Sid replied with half-closed eyes, “uuhhhhhhh.. Mommaa..  this is 10 folds of the pleasure that I get when I do it by myself” and leaned back on bed completely in happiness. Kajal first thought of leaving the site and wash off the spill. But seeing his son sleep back, she got the nasty thought of licking it. She sat there and licked her lips first, collecting as much as she could by streching her tongue out. Then she licked her fingers completely. Then she scooped all the cum that fell on the body around the dick – licked and swallowed all that. The dick is getting limp now as she is taking all the cum in. She even thought of sucking that cum covered dick but the limp dick discouraged her. She simply scraped out all the cum on the dick and licked it with fingers. She swallowed every drop. She rubbed her face too and drank that cum as well. Sid is slowly falling asleep. It’s already mid night now. After licking off every drop of cum, Kajal stood up and adjusted Sid properly on the bed. Covered his cock with short and blanket. She left from the room.
Kajal came back to her room and slept beside her hubby. She did not wash off anything, she kept smelling that dry cum from her fingers while sleeping. As her mood is coming to normal state, the original thoughts came back. She kept thinking about how this all began. Why she went to Sid’s room and what happened at the end. That was a total failure from her side. She realized that.. she was not able to control her feelings first and what control can she have on her son! She wanted to go Raj’s way, but Suhas’s way sneaked in. Nevertheless, she enjoyed it. She felt good about what happened in there. “Both Sid and I are happy, so what’s the loss here!”, She thought to herself to support her actions.
==== Recap ====
The next day being Sunday, all three had to stay at home. Kajal was busy with all the chores and pending works of the house. Mr. Reddy watching news all the time about the protests and riots in Delhi and also the upcoming virus threat from China to India. There were good chances for him get the case from oppositions side to support the protests but he hoped he could get the four rep-convicts’ case. That would give him a good raise and fame. The case is at the verge of a verdict and so he wished a lot. Meanwhile Sid is just passing time in his bedroom thinking about how his mother gave a handjob to him last night. The scenes of beautiful Kajal stroking his cock wouldn’t go out of his mind. 
A week passed and the 10th board exams are approaching. All students got occupied with preparation. Another week passed and boom, the first COVID-19 case in India. This shook the country and guess who are the most excited ones about this? the school students. They prayed for the holidays and lock down of the country as happened in China. Raj and Suhas were little disappointed because all their fun happens in school, flirting with teachers and teasing the girls around. Radha mam for Suhas and Hindi teacher Payal for Raj – both kids are going to miss their favorite women in school. As expected, within another week, the ministry of HRD declared the postponement of Board exams accross the country. The states followed the orders and closed all the schools for 2 weeks and postponed the exams to a later date in April.
Last day of the school. 5 PM, All students with school bags and baskets happily walking and running away from school.
Suhas: Dude, just fuck off. I’m upset. Don’t bother me more.
Raj: I understand Suhas, just chill. We know where Radha mam lives, we can make plans you know.. like.. for tuitions at her house something.
Suhas: That doesn’t work bro. See in another week, there will a full length curfew. We won’t be able to walk on the roads at all.
Raj: Be positive, my friend. Also curfew doesn’t mean we cannot go out at all. It just means we should not go out in groups and for unncessary things. So, if we go separately and only to our destination straight, it shouldn’t be a problem.
Suhas bent his head in disappointment over the school’s closure and just sat on the bench in a tea shop near his house while listening to Raj.
Raj: Moreover do you think I’m happy with this. I’m also gonna miss Payal mam’s amazing boobs. Her sexy cleavage show when she bends down to take the duster that we throw down. Bitch’s mindblowing booty shake while she is walking in the corridor. I’m gonna miss all these man.
Suhas: Very true. This fucking whatever virus is disgusting. Bloody hell those chinese idiots.
“What rubbish! You cannot be so rude to the whole nation Suhas. It is just a few who had that food and it spread unknowlingly. This is an unprecendented event and the virus is Novel. So, be watchful of your words and give respect to poor innocents.”, interrupted Sidharth, coming back from buying ice cream to all three of them.
Raj took his ice-cream from Sid and continued, “Wise words from wise man. Where did you learn all these “Morals and ethics”, Sid?”. Suhas answered, “Proabably his dad’s upbringing. Uncle knows the law.”, taking his ice-cream.
Sid: Actually, any layman’s guess would be that I got the knowlege and morals from my dad considering his profession. But its not true. My dad doesn’t spend time with me, or even with my mother. He is just a name-sake father. All my upbringing is done by my mom. She is everything to me.
Suhas and Raj’s eyes are lit like a bright candle when there’s a power cut on a no-moon day, hearing about Sid’s mom. They instantly became happy. Now, they know who to approach for fun in these holidays. Both looked at each other and giggled and just artificially agreed to Sid saying “haa. yes.. yes.. whatever you say man.”

1 week after all schools are shutdown. 2 PM, mid March.


While Kajal is doing dishes, she heard a message notification sound from her phone. It was Raj. She dried her hands and took the phone with a smile. It was almost three weeks later these guys are pinging her.
Kajal: Hi who is this?

Raj: Kajuma.. it’s me. Raj. Did you lose my contact?

Kajal: I thought you forgot me.

Raj: Ah, you are acting! Thank God. haha. sorry Kajuma.. the exams were near and had to study. soo..
Kajal: Achha. When did you two idiots started taking studies seriously? You guys are really preparing for exams! or…
Raj: or?  or what 😛

Kajal: Or.. you are busy finding new women in school for your hungry cocks?


Raj: Hahaha. What the fuck! Kajuma.. youu.. you have become bold!
Kajal: I need to. You guys fucked me in my house and just left me like a use-and-throw peice. I’m angry at you.
Raj: Woah woah! Strong language. Chill your tits, aunty.. I’m really sorry for not pinging you again. Its definitely not that we are done with you. Also, you cannot say we “fucked” you. We did not literally “fuck” you yet. Just spooning and sucking your yummy titties 😛 hehe
Kajal: Uhmmm.. These titties are craving for your mouth again Raj. I want you to milk me and drink the milk like a kid from my mammaries.
Raj: Holy fuck! I can’t believe this. What the hell happened to you, Kaju aunty? Why is this sudden craving?
Kajal took a pause and re read what all she typed. She covered her face with hand in full shame and embarassment. It was all involuntary out of her.
Raj: There?? 
Raj: Kajuma? 
Raj: Darling?
Kajal: Ha.. yes, I’m here. I don’t know Raj. Forget all these, I don’t know what I’m saying. Sorry. shh fuck!
Raj: Ok, tell me something. What happened with Sid, you asked me that day how to proceed with Sid. We agreed upon talking to him dignified and setting things to normal without any sexual acts. How did it go?
Kajal: Err.. I think.. It went exactly the opposite way Raj. 
Raj: Damn! What do you mean? Did you fuck him?
Kajal: Noooo. Stop saying that. I.. I just.. I just gave him a blowjob that night. We coudn’t talk much. amm.
Raj: So, all that we spoke is useless?
Kajal: Hmmm.. seems so. I don’t know how it happened. I went to talk to him but his dick was already hard and I couldn’t control myself. I even went for sucking it but he cummed on my face just before that.
Raj: No way! You are a horny women, Kaju aunty. Shit! Haha. He is your son. Own son. You were worried about he developing feelings for you and you went and sucked his cock? like seriously?
KajaL: Not sucked. Just held it and gave a good massage. Umm.. 
Raj: Lol. Whatever! You are horny and in dire need of a cock. Now I see why you are so upset that I did not ping you. Hmm… ok.. what happened after that? It’s been 3 weeks. So, any progress? How is it going between you and Sid.
Kajal: Its normal Raj. Very noraml. Next day was Sunday and since his father was at home, we coudn’t talk much. And after that as you said exams were approaching, Sid became serious in studies. You know na.. he is a topper unlike you guys. 
Raj: Ah okay okay. Your son is Einstein and we are Jhonny Sins for you na?
Kajal: Hehe.. 
Raj: Shut up, you bitch!
Kajal: Ahhh.. these words. Your rawness! 
Raj: You really need a hardcore fuck right now.
Kajal: Very very much.
Raj: I’ll bring Suhas too. You ready?
Kajal: No no no. Not exactly right now. Your uncle is at home. 

Raj: So what?


Kajal: Sid is at home too. Also, it’s quarentine period. Please don’t come now. You wont be able to go back if your uncle knows you are roaming in the city. He will lock you down in my house only.
Raj: Really! That’s even better na.
Kajal: Please don’t mess things up Raj. I will tell you when to come. Night would be appropriate. I will text you after dinner and you can come from our kitchen door. I’ll keep it open for you. 
Raj: Okay.. at what time?
Kajal: May be around 1 AM. Everyone would be sleeping by then.
Raj: Cool. As you say. Shall I tell Suhas about this myself or will you?
Kajal: Umm.. let this be surprise for him. I’ll text him directly at night 10 PM and ask him to come and fuck me. Hehe. It would take atleast 3 hours for him to get out of that shock and prepare and come to my house.
Raj: Lol. haha.. you have become naughty too, Kajuma. Sure, do as you say. I’ll have a nap now so that I can stay awake and drill you whole night.
Kajal: No, milk me first. 
Raj: No, I’ll fuck you first.
Kajal: Noo.. my booobs pleeaase. She squeezed her boosbs when she typed this
Raj: Okk Hahaha.. I’ll do whatever you ask. Muaah
Kajal: Hmm.. Thank you. Bye Raj. Catch you at night.
Raj: Bubbye Kajuma ;-*
3 PM same day.
Mr. Reddy, sitting on couch in the hall, reading ABA Journal, heards the door bell ring. Not willing to get up, asks his wife to see who’s there. Kajal comes from the kitchen with her pallu removing from the waist socket and adjusting her saree and opens the door. It is Suhas. Kajal is surprised to see him. With awe-struck face Kajal: Suhas???
Suhas: Hi aunty. How are you?
Kajal: You?  Amm.. Hi.. Already here?
Suhas: Yeah, It’s me aunty. Your son’s friend Suhas. May I come in.
Kajal: Sure.. come in come in. But ahmm with fully surprise and confused face, she makes way for him to get in.
Suhas: What happened aunty? Are you alright?
Kajal: Yes, I am. Thanks for asking.  fake smile and then with a lower voice. But this is too early, I thought we are meeting at night. aah wait.. I was supposed to tell you at night. But you are here already. I’m confused. Why are you here now?
Suhas: What are you speaking aunty? What were you about to tell me at night? 
Kajal: Ahh uhmmm.. 
Suhas: Are you not happy that I came to visit you? I thought it’s been long time we met and will be good to give a visit to you.
Kajal: Right, right. Long time. 🙂 Ahmm.. but.. 
She’s not clear if he knows about tonight’s plan or not. She don’t know if Suhas came on his own or this is a plan of both naughty bastards. But either way, this is not the time for anything. Her husband is at home and wide awake.
Suhas observed that Mr. Reddy is in the house and thought Kajal is unhappy to see him in presense of her husband.
Suhas: Accha.. I get it now. Your maggie 2 mins noodles guy is at home! said with a naughty smile
Kajal: What? What noodles? thinks for a moment and then the bulb glows You idiot. Shush. That’s my husband.
Suhas: I know, I know. My nickname to him fits perfectly.
Kajal: Slowly. Shh. 

Mr. Reddy: Kaju.. who was that?

Kajal: Shouts from the distance It’s Suhas. Sid’s school friend. 
Mr. Reddy: Oh, Sid is in his room. Show him the room Kaju.
Kajal: Sure baby. 
Suhas: “Baby” haha really? 
Kajal: Hey.. you shut up. I do not mean it but I have to say that. After all he’s my husband and pennyman for this house.
Suhas sees Mr. Reddy from there and ensures that he is not looking at them and swiftly kisses on Kajal’s cleavage. It’s half visible with Managalsutra stuffed inside the pallu over the blouse. Kajal didn’t expect that and gave a knock on his head gently
Kajal: Oye.. shuu.. what are you doing? 
Suhas: Just doing my duty. Continues kissing on mangatsutra pressing it on the boob flesh
Kajal: Ahhh.. not here not here. Stop please.. Tries to remove his head from her boobs and holds her hand and walks him towards the kitchen with covering her pallu with another hand
Suhas: Ohh.. There’s a special place for this huh! 😛 Umm. keeps walking looking at Kajal’s heavy ass. As he reaches kitchen, slaps on Kaju’s right asscheek and squeezes it gently.
Kajal: Ahhhhh fu.. ck! increases her speed and quickly makes both of them into the kichen and slams the door shut. Suhas looks into Kajal’s eyes and pushes her to lean over the wall beside the door. With a very wild smile, he opens the kitchen door with one hand.
The terrified Kajal: No, please. He can see us. And . arh! What is all this? Why are you here? Do you want to meed Sid, he is upstairs in his room. Leave me.
Suhas: I did not even catch you to leave. Just relax. blows air on her face and kisses her eyes You know who I come to this house for, my lady. Let Sid enjoy his time in his room. I’m here for you.
Kajal: understands that this boy is on her but it is very wrong time. Okaaay. But.. what happened to you all these days?
Suhas: lays one hand on the waist on her right and caresses Your naughty Suhas was busy with exams preparation, baby.
Kajal: moans for that touch Ah! The same bullshit. Accept that you forgot me. I hate you.
Suhas: Ah aunty, how can you say that huh! I love you. I love you the most Squeezes her waist with increasing pressure. I was really busy with studies. And you know what? Every lady teacher I see in the school after that day, they only remind me of you. 
Kajal: Stop touching me! aaaaah. All lies! 
Suhas: No. I’m saying truth, aunty. My Kaju aunty. Moves that hand towards back and holds the ass cheek. Squeezes it with full palm. My most beautiful aunty.
Kajal: Shhhhh Ahhhhhhhh. My beauty is up here. Look at my face. What are you doing down there? She tried to stop his hand with her hand but that movement tossed a metal glass from the platform beside.
Mr. Reddy from the hall: Kajuu… what happened? Is that you?
Kajal with her ass getting crushed and looking at Suhas’s wild eyes: Yeah baby, its me. Just a glass.
Mr. Reddy: Oh okay.. Where is that guy.. Suhas. Did you show him Sid’s room?
Kajal: Yes baby, I did, He went there already. Both must be busy talking about exams. Umm
Suhas: Wah! Look who’s complaining about lies to me just a moment ago. haha. Holds another ass cheek too with other hand and crushes both the buttocks intensely.
Kajal: Fuck! No no noo.. aahhh!!! Suhas.. please.. not now.. please Suhas.
Suhas: I’m just doing what I came here for, aunty.  slides his hands from waist to insides the saree. He is now playing with Kajal’s panty. Pulls it up and that makes the thread stick in Kajal’s pussy.
Kajal: aaahhh Suhaaasss… mmmmmhh Takes his shoulders for support and bites her lower lip in pleasure.
Suhas: ummm.. that’s more like it. With his middle finger, he gently rims Kajal’s asshole. Aunty, I want to flush my weapon in you aunty. This hole.
Kajal: Uhh Not that back one.. That hurt’s a lot Suhas. aahh please. She lifts herslef up making way for his hand at the back and pushes her boobs onto his chest
Suhas: Okay, then on one condition, I can postpone that hole.
Kajal: Want me to eat your banana?
Suhas: Haha. Aunty, you are awesome! Yes. But here. Right now. He leaves the panty and keeps rubbing her waist.
Kajal: Okay, shut the door and I will suck it.
Suhas: Na na. Why is the door shutting. No way. It stays open and you are taking my cock in your mouth.
Kajal: Arh! This is dangerous Suhas. Your uncle might catch us.
Suhas: Meh! I don’t care. I want you on your knees. Right now. saying this, he switches position and leans over the wall with Kajal infront of him. Kajal can see her huband from that spot in an angle.
Kajal: Youuu., ammm.. won’t listen to my words!
Kajal adjust her saree on her ass a little and kneels down. She gently opens Suhas’s pant zip. Unbuttons and pulls the underwear down. The  thick brown cock sprangs out saluting Kajal’s beautiful face. Kajal looks at it and smiles at Suhas, appreciating the cock and also feeling proud that it rose for her. Suhas moves her hair all towards her left, exposing her neck and not even leaving a slight chance of hiding the view of sucking his cock to her husband. Kajal held his cock and started storking it. With an increased heartbeat, she gulped saliva once and took the dick tip into the mouth. She sucked it with love. Moaned as she made circles with her mouth “mmmm mmmm aummmhhhh”. Suhas dick is increasing in size with every suck and kiss of Kajal. He held her head with two hands and supported her motion. Kajal continued sucking, with deeper and longer movements. Half the stem is wet with her saliva and the cock tip is rubbing against Kajal’s palate inside the mouth. Suhas held the head fimly and is now pushing her face towards him, making her suck even deeper. Kajal opens her fish eyes wide as she keeps sucking the entire dick. She can feel Suhas’s dick touching her uvula. It’s that deep but Suhas isn’t stopping. He widened his legs a little and with two hands pushing her head towads him. Shoving his cock into her mouth with his waist movements. Kajal cannot even moan now. She can make sounds with her throat and her saliva is all upon his dick, lubricating the movement. Suhas fucked Kaju aunty’s mouth for 5 mins like that and took it out. The strings of saliva and pre cum hanged from her lips to the dick tip. 
Both of them laughed looking at each other. With heavy breaths, Kajal asked, “Auh auhh,, ummmmhh.. would that be enough to save my asshole from this monster?”. Suhas immediately held her hair and pushed his cock again into her mouth. He is making fierce to and fro movements with his cock in her mouth holding only her hair this time. He fucked her juicy mouth again for 2 mins continuously. Kajal didn’t anticipate this and out of suffocation, she moved her hands, waving in the air and trying to plead. 
The same glass that fell on the ground got shook by her hand movements and it slided to the hall near Mr. Reddy. He saw the glass and took it and said, “Kaju, is everything alright?” Right when he is about to turn his head towards the kitchen, Kaju shoved the dick inside more and hugged Suhas’s legs moving very close to him, making only her pallu on the floor visible to Mr. Reddy. As he turned towards the kitchen, he saw his wife’s pallu on the floor and not a word from her. Suhas is looking at Kaju and laughing. Her mouth is packed with his dick and she can’t answer her husband. Her eyes made the request, she wants to answer her huband. She has to. She pleaded with her expressions. After enjoying that wonderful sight for few seconds, Suhas pulled out his dick from her mouth, letting her breathe. “Baby.. baby.. everything is alright. I just.. uhmm I.. I stepped on that glass by mistake”, said Kajal with panting voice. “Ah oh! Do you need help? Should I come?”, enquired Mr. Reddy with minimum interest in helping her. “No no baby, I’m alright here. Not a big deal. You continue with your magazine baby.”, replied Kajal in quick response. Mr. Reddy moved back to his business. Kajal looked up to Suhas and pleaded, “This is the reason I said not now, please leave me now Suhas”. Suhas is enjoying all her discomforts, he replied, “Exactly, this is the reason I wanted it now, my sexy aunty”. 
Kajal took his balls and squeezed them, took the cock and rubbed it on her cheeks. Kissed it with passion. Made self slaps with the strong dick on her face. “Ah uh. amm here.. ahh I’ll take it all in. Kajal is yours. aummm but please don’t spoil my family relationship, darling”, she requested with a sexy tone. Suhas answered, “aahh fuck.. aahh this is so good. Ummm.. let’s see aunty. Let me think about it.” Kajal getting up slowly and adjusting her saree. Grooming her spoilt hair, she stood up and was about to go towards wash basin to clean her mouth. Suhas then slapped on her ass hard from back. Kajal jumped up with that slap and turned towards him asking, 
Kajal: Aaoouuch! What now? 
Suhas: Who’s gonna finish the business? I did not cum yet. 
Kajal: Suhass.. I told you not now please, you already shoved your dick till my throat. Please leave all this now. We can do whatever we want at night
Suhas: Hmmm.. so there is a night plan too. Okay. Just put my cock back in and dress me as is.
Kajal: putting his cock back in underwear and pulled the pant up, zipped it and buttoned. Yes, there is. I mean.. I did not actually plan anything at night but that time would be perfect without any disturbances. 

Suhas with his bulge in his pant, is trying to kiss Kajal while she is speaking – kissing on her cheeks – lips – ears, while gently massaging her boobs. Kajal allowed him for a moment and then asked him to stop. Then Kajal took him to Sid’s room, Sid was lying on bed and reading news about COIVD-19. As soon as his mother and Suhas entered the room,

Sid: Suhas?? you?? Mom..!!

Kajal: Siddhu.. Suhas wanted to see you for something.

Sid: Suhas.. Hi.. mm but this is quarentine period, how did you get of your house.

Suhas: Bro.. these quarentine, isolation shit is for nerds like you. Not for me.

Sid: What do you mean? There is no you and me here. This virus does not differentiate between people’s mental abilities.  It affets all and .. and.. even if you can’t get it, you might carry the virus and spread it to susceptible people. Understand it!

Suhas: Aunty, your son needs to get a life. duh!

Kajal: Sid, leave that na.. whatever it is, he came to our house, he did it already. So, lets just go with it. Ummm.. may be he can be here only… until quarentine period is over.

Suhas: Turned towards Kajal in awe Wow.. ahm yeah I mean.. I mean.. that’s good idea. Quarentine is important and this virus is dangerous. Suddenly turned the table.

Sid is starting to suspect Suhas’s behavior now. He knew how his two pervert friends are fond of his mother. Those fake nudes of her mother are made by Suhas and Sid cannot forget those for life.

Sid: Okaaay.. so.. won’t you go back?

Suhas: Well, if you don’t want me to catch virus and not spread it to others…. I don’t think I have to go back.

This thought of staying in Kajal’s house indefinitely brought chills to Kajal and Sid both.

Kajal: Yeah, that’s right. You should stay here. I’ll talk to your parents and let them know the situation.

Suhas: Thanks, aunty 🙂 swiftly pinched Kajal’s waist while Sid was looking down and winked at her for this wonderful plan of staying indefinitely and fucking her day and night. Kajal jerked and shusshed him rubbing her waist.

Kajal: Ah!! ouch. amm Okay Suhas, I’ll go now. Will leave you two friends some time.

Sid: Maa.. actually… mm I have something to talk to you.

Kajal: Okaay. what is it?

Sid: Err.. personally. Turning towards suhas and asking him to leave. Suhas.. mmm can you please wait outside… or.. just have a look at our house.

Suhas: Oh. You want me to go? Sure. Yeah buddy, as you say. and leaves the room

Sid: Ah mom..

Kajal: sitting beside Sid and rubbing her son’s hair with love and smile asked What is it Sid?

Sid: Mom.. I.. I.. am missing my girlfriend mom.

Kajal: Already knew that his secret GF is none other than herself. Oops. That’s sad. Hmm.. when did you last talk to her?

Sid: I usually don’t talk to her much ma.. I told you na.. It’s one sided. She is my crush kind-of-thing. Not exactly girlfriend.

Kajal: Acha.. Ok. How come she came to your mind all of a sudden today after 3 weeks?

Sid: Suhas’s presense in the house turned him more than ever. The thought of Suhas secretly fucking his mother daily switched on his lust button. Amm.. I don’t know. It just happened. It should happen some or the other time, right?

Kajal: Hmmm.. it’s ok Sid. I can understand. Adoloscent age and you guys and girls will be longing for each other. Just stay strong and after this virus is over, you will see her again. Kajal don’t want to submit herself to Sid easily or admit that it’s her. She want’s to get it out from Sid, so as to not break the delicate thread of mother and son relationship.

Sid: Huh? Until the virus ends?? Maa.. that’s too long. I’m damn sure, this will not end in 1 or 2 weeks. India is a massive country with 1.3 billion people. There are high chances of spreading and very high chances of Govt shutting the schools and public places for atleast another month. I can’t stay long without her maa.. His boner is starting to take it’s stance.

Kajal: Aww.. my poor Sid. She hugs him from side – placing his head on her chest. Okay. Okay, don’t be so upset. I can’t see your glooming face. We’ll find some solution, don’t worry Sid.

Sid: Happily enjoying her mother’s huge and juicy melons touch on her face. Umm.. thank you maa.. I have to tell you something else too.

Kajal: And that would be?

Sid: taking hold of Kajal’s hand and caressing it with love. That night. You remember maa?

Kajal: Ahmm.. Sid?

Sid: I know you remember it. It was so good maa. he is not looking at her, just rubbing her hand and smooching it while rubbing his cheek against Kajal’s boobs flesh. I want know how it felt to you. I know I cannot ask a mother about it but..

Kajal: Err..It’s ok Sid. Amm.. I think it was necessary at that moment. You were so horny and that wouldn’t go if I hadn’t helped. So, I Helped. She used the word help to defend her that she did not wantedly do it for herself.

Sid: Took her hand closer and kissed on fingers. Ummmah! True, what you did on that day is unforgettable. And.. aaand

Kajal: And what son? kissing his head from top

Sid: I might need that help again today maa. Placed her hand over his boner.

Kajal felt his bulge over the pants itself. She is excited to see that boner after so long. But she cannot express it

Kajal: Ouch! Sid..!!! What is this? not removing hand from there

Sid: Yes maa.. I need your hand one more time. May be.. even more this time.. I tried with myself but it never matches with the pleasure that I get when you do it. Please ma.. help you poor son.

Kajal: Rubs his boner over the pants slowly. Sid but this is not a good practice. You have to learn how to stay in your control.

Sid: I tried ma.. It’s been 3 weeks, can’t you observe. But I’m out of options now. I can’t talk to my girlfriend.. amm sorry.. my crush. Can’t see her. How can I be satisfied ma?

Kajal: Can feel the erection more. She kept massasging the cock. Sid.. mmm. If your dad knows this, it will be terrible mess. What we are doing is not at all a right thing.

Sid: I don’t care ma. You are just helping your helpless son. There’s no wrong in it. Just keep rubbing maa. aaahh. He hold her hand and make her massage more. You do this very well. Ummmmhhhh

Kajal: Shhhh.. it’s growing. mmm But promise me you won’t speak a word about this with anyone. Not your dad, not your friends. She hold his dick in her palm like a torchlight. Still the pants are on.

Sid: Of course.. ah yess. yess I promise maa.. oooaaah be gentle!

Kajal: Good boy. She leaves the dick and slowly puts her hand inside the pants and touches his dick. Ah Sid, No underwear?

Sid: There’s no need of it at home ma.. hehe.

Kajal: That’s naughty. You should wear them at home too. She moved all her fingers over the cock and started rubbing it. Making circular movement around the dick with her palm.

Sid: ahhh uhh thisss.. this is what I longed for maa.. ummmmh. closed his eyes and rubbing his face on Kajal’s cleavage. Her mangalsutra is scratching his cheek in between.

Suddenly the door knocks. Both Sid and Suhas are startled. They just realised that door was not locked from inside. Kajal wants to take her hand from Sid’s pant but Sid is holding her hand.

Kajal: Who is that??

Suhas from the other side: Aunty.. it’s me. There is some urgency. Can I come in?

Kajal: No. Don’t. Don’t open the door. Trying very hard to take hand out but Sid resisted and hold her hand tight. Ah, leave it Sid, won’t be good, if your friend comes in.

Suhas: Okaaaay.. then why don’t you come out please. It’s urgent!

Kajal: Sid, leave me. Let me go. I’ll come back for you. There must be something important out there with Suhas. Saying this she forcibly removed her hand from Sid’s erect dick. 

Suhas: Fast aunty.. very urgent!

Kajal quickly got rid of Sid and kissed on his forehead, assuring that she will come back, she left the room. Opened the door and went outside and was about to say, “what Suha… ” and then the view stunned her.

Suhas was standing there with his pants and underwear removed and his cock fully erect!

Suhas: Aunty.. I need you to finish your job. This thing is not cooling down.

Kajal: What the fuck are you doing?? Where is your uncle? Why are you nude? Arrhh!! She is looking around the house, The couch in hall is empty, she could not see her husband anywhere.

Suhas: He just left for bathroom.

Kajal: Oh.. haa.. She hears the sounds of water tap from the bathroom in the hall. May be.. but what is this. Get dressed first. Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t be like this here!

Suhas: Ah youu… don’t you listen to me if I ask you in a pleasing way?! He immediately pulled Kajal towards him and hugged her. He started squeezing her melons, removed her pallu.

Kajal: Ouach aah Suhass.. ah noo.. pleaase.. not again… this is open space..

Suhas: Fuck it. This is your house. Our favorite place to fuck. He is pushing his cock towards her belly button and rubbing it againt her milky belly, while crushing her viluptous boobs. Her first hook came off and boobs popped out a little more. Suhas is sucking her boobs now. Ummm ammmmm aummmhh yummmm..

Kajal: Ahhh ammhhhh.. Suhaaasss.. pleasee.. Sid is just right behind this door. Pleasee leave mee…

Suhas: Ah then lets get ourselves some private place. With one hand squeezing the boob, he moved other hand towards the ass and sqeeezing it hard. He moved from there along with her towards the couch in the hall. He threw her on the couch and jumped on her.

Kajal: uhhh ah!! What are you doing Suhas? This is not good. Pleeaaasee.. She pleaded him to not proceed but her love juices are erupting already inside her panty. Holding Sid’s dick after 3 long weeks and sucking Suhas’s cock in the kitchen made her so horny. She wants a brutal fuck so bad.

Suhas: Damn with your insecurities and bullshit. I’m going to taste your pussy today at any cost.     He removed her saree quickly and made her thighs expose to the open air.     Ah looks like your words don’t agree with what your wet innerwear is showing me, bitch!   told seeing the white wet spots on her black panty over the pussy. He rubbed on the wet mound with his fingers.

Kajal: Feeling shy and with lust waves creeping all over her body, she offered herself to Suhas subconsicously. Ahhhhhmmmmm.. Suhas but… shhhhh

Suhas: Shut up, you fucking beautiful bitch. There are no more ifs and buts from here on.

He touched the wet panty with one hand and rubbing it over the pussy. Another hand is squashing the boobs. He pulled out mangalsutra from her blouse and removed the second hook too. Kajal is waving her body in ecstacy. She can see Suhas’s dick throbbing is air. Suhas, after giving a good massage to pussy over the damp panty, removed the knot and pulled panty down. There were tiny pubic hair around the pussy, her flower looked beautiful to him, all petals perfectly positioned with nectar oozing out. He bend his head and smelled it, the fragrance reached his brains and it struck him like a drug. His palm automatically crushed the boob harder, with nails protruding into the flesh. With no more ability to hold his cock away from the inviting vagina, Suhas brought his cock near the pussy, looking straight into Kajal’s eyes. He pushed his cock into the pussy. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”, moaned Kajal. Her warm breath releases from mouth touched Suhas’s face. He gathered all his energy and gave another strong push into the pussy. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”, moaned Kajal with amplified pleasure. She wrapped her hands around Suhas’s back and hugged him tight. He then moved the cock out and shoved it inside the pussy for the third time. The wetness on the walls of vagina facilitated the movement effortlessly. This time, both moaned together, “uuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”. With the third stroke, his saliva drops fell on Kajal’s face. Suhas’s mouth is dry by now. This is the deepest  that anything has ever explored Kajal’s vagina.

Suhas increased his pace and started shoving his cock into the pussy more. “Ahh,, Kaju.. ummm.. you sexy bitch, ahhh”, screamed Suhas with rapid strokes into the wet flower. He held one of her thighs and spread them apart, allowing more room for the cock. He lifted her left thigh up and started fucking Kajal fiercely. “ah fuck fuck.. auhh ammhh aaarrrhhh!”, shouted Kaju in synchronized movements with Suhas. “You, ever sexy bitch, fucking MILF, uhhhhh. Take it in!”, yelled Suhas with elevated strokes and high frequency. He fucked her like a machine gun firing bullets at enemy. Kajal cannot control her moans anymore. She moaned, screamed loud in pain and sexual delight. Her house is reverberating with her screams. Suhas did not stop at all, he kissed her left feet toes and sucked them while pounding her wetpot. Kajal held Suhas’s hand on her boob and made him squeeze more. This tore up the blouse and all hooks came loose. She is wearing a light-pink 34D bra. Suhas digged her boob flesh with his nails and crushed them like a wild animal. The strokes in the pussy are powerful now. He rammed her with his mighty dick continously. They both jumped on the couch with sexual aura surrounding them. The bodies began to sweat in the hot summer.

Right then, they both heard the flush sound from the bathroom. They understood what’s about to come. Suhas increased his speed and began fucking her so rapidly. Kajal screamed and shouted and was edge of orgasm. Suhas took a deep breath and gave one final violent push. “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh, fuck!”, moaned Kajal with her palm in mouth controlling the voice. Suhas then released his cum inside Kajal’s pussy. Into the unexplored depths of her pussy. He then just lied on her naked with no more energy. But Kajal knew exactly what went terribly worng there. She took his healthy cum inside her pussy without any protection. She was dumbfounded and awestruck for a moment. Then, in few seconds, she gathered herself together and woke up Suhas. She helped him to get dressed up but he is resisting. So, she just gave him his clothes and pushed him into the kitchen and shut the door from outside. Then, she wore her saree back, all dressed up as she was. But she can feel the discomfort of the completely damp panty.

Mr. Reddy came out of bathroom and said, “Kaju, hey.. is everything alright in our neighbour’s house? I heard some amm.. screams from their house from the bathroom ventilation.” Kajal had a sigh of relief and replied, “Is it? I did not hear anything baby. Maaay be.. yeah.. may be they are having their private time in this romantic quarentine period. There’s no work for anyone anyway, right?”. Mr. Reddy is not interested in romance anyway, so ignored that and just walked to his bedroom. Kajal thought to herlself, “Haha.. as expected this moron not even utters a word nor thinks about sex. Fuck you, my worthless husband” and moved on. She went to kitchen door and knocked, “Suhas… are you dressed? open the door”. There is no response from the other side.

It’s been long for Sid and his mother did not return quickly as she promised. He held his cock with his hand inside the pants and walked out of his room in search of his mother Kajal. He saw her knocking kitchen door and called, “Maaa…”. Kajal startled and turned around and saw Sid holding his cock, said “Ah fuck! You, you….. you go in Sid, I’ll come to you”. Sid replied, “What are you doing this long? please come fast, It’s hurting inside here. It wants your hands maaa. Please come fast and make me cum mmmmm”


******************************* End of episode 7 *******************************
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