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 ==== Recap ====
Mr. Reddy came out of bathroom and said, “Kaju, hey.. is everything alright in our neighbour’s house? I heard some amm.. screams from their house from the bathroom ventilation.” Kajal had a sigh of relief and replied, “Is it? I did not hear anything baby. Maaay be.. yeah.. may be they are having their private time in this romantic quarentine period. There’s no work for anyone anyway, right?”. Mr. Reddy is not interested in romance anyway, so ignored that and just walked to his bedroom. Kajal thought to herlself, “Haha.. as expected this moron not even utters a word nor thinks about sex. Fuck you, my worthless husband” and moved on. She went to kitchen door and knocked, “Suhas… are you dressed? open the door”. There is no response from the other side.
It’s been long for Sid and his mother did not return quickly as she promised. He held his cock with his hand inside the pants and walked out of his room in search of his mother Kajal. He saw her knocking kitchen door and called, “Maaa…”. Kajal startled and turned around and saw Sid holding his cock, said “Ah fuck! You, you….. you go in Sid, I’ll come to you”. Sid replied, “What are you doing this long? please come fast, It’s hurting inside here. It wants your hands maaa. Please come fast and make me cum mmmmm”
==== Recap ====
Kajal rushed towards Sid – kept a finger on his lips and said, “Shhh! Don’t be so loud. I’ll come. You just get inside. I’ll come to you in a minute.” With his dick so erect in his hand, Sid held her finger on his lips and kissed it and sucked a little. He replied, “Okay. Please come fast. Your son’s little tool is longing for your hand maa.”, resisting to go inside. Kajal had a quick look at kitchen door and pushed Sid inside the room. Both of them went in. She immediately bolted the door and leaned on it with heavy breaths. She knew that Suhas is left in kitchen without any lock. On the other hand, Sid wants a handjob so desperately. Her panty is so wet, and most importantly the thought of having Suhas’s sperm in her uterus is giving her chills. She did not have any protection while having sex with Suhas. He rammed her brutally and unloaded all his thick white healthy cum inside her. She was about to bear his child. All these thoughts trembled her – a drop of tear rolled in her eyes.
“Maa… is there any problem?” Sid asked from a distance sitting on his bed waiting for his momma to touch him. Kajal looked at Sid and went towards him with a smile, controlling her emotions. She sat beside Sid and took hold of his dick. She started massaging it very gently, “Mmm.. there’s no problem Sid. It’s just that.. you know… mother and son.. cannot have such relationship.” Sid little relaxed by her touch, said, “I think it’s okay mom. No ones knows about it anyway. Also, you are only helping me here. ahh ahhhhh,” He looked at her beautiful face with tender red cheeks. He noticed her watery eyes but couln’t realize that those tears are because of something else. He only laughed at her in bliss, for having a handjob from her. 
Kajal increased her pace – included other hand as well – rubbing the cock from bottom to top. Sid’s harmones got activated. He can sense the goosebumps emanating from his dick, creeping all over his body. He moaned, “ahhh yess mommmyyy.. ammmmhh like thaaat. aaaaah” while rubbing her back with one hand. Kajal clearly know that Sid’s lust is on no one else but only her. She accepted that fact, although not wholeheartedly, and continued stroking his cock. Sid recollected his previous handjob from her. It is more intense this time. He do not want to cum fast like last time. He endured the pleasure for longer period. “You are so good at this ma, I don’t know if it is because you like my cock or you are longing for one from a long time”, said Sid looking at Kajal. She was taken aback by his bold statements but kept continuing the strokes, she replied, “Sid, just.. just stay quiet. You don’t need to know all these. Let me finish you quick and we’ll go.” The rubbing pace increased and she spit her saliva on the cock. The lubricated manhood is harder than ever. Sid moaned his breath out. Her sweaty neck is turning him on. Her silky thick hair is inviting him to go harder. He sild his fingers in her hair slowly and grabbed her head. Kajal gave a confused look at him. With a simple smile on his face, he signalled Kajal to go for it, with his eyes. The hungry bitch in Kajal woke up! She immediately split a shit load of saliva on Sid’s cock and started sucking it. “Aumm umm ammh ahhh mmmhhh”, she moaned in pleasure while sucking her own son’s cock. Sid is holding her hair and supporting her momentum. He is on cloud-nine. Kajal busted his balls with hand and stroking the cock with another. She’s squeezing his balls to push the cum out. She crushed his cock with full power. Unable to bear the unforeseen lust from her mother, Sid leaned back on the bed completely. Kajal kept sucking his cock passionately. She didn’t care to look into Sid’s face. Her focus is stuck on making him cum. She rubbed, crushed and sucked the cock like a vacuum cleaner. Sid’s two hands are now on her head. Lifting her head up by holding her hair, while she is biting his cock. But Kajal wants that cock to burst out as soon as possible. She bent down again and sucked it like a beast. Sid held her hair with two hands and rammed her head towards his cock. He even gave reverse-thrusts with his pelvis. 
With Sid’s cock in her mouth, while the tongue played on the cock tip, the hot love juices splashed out like a jet. The stream came out 3 times, spilling a good load each time inside Kajal’s mouth. Sid screamed with ultimate ecstacy and slowly calmed his body – relaxing into the sleep. But Kajal’s eyes expressed a different feeling. Tears rolled down from her eyes onto her cheeks finally touching Sid’s cock that’s between her lips. She know that she is not supposed to bear another man’s child in her womb. The grieving mother wept with his son’s cum in her mouth for being the bitch in house. For getting fucked by a teenager, for sucking her own’s son’s cock twice. For losing all her morality over her lust for cocks and sex.
Mr. Reddy’s hopes for getting the Delhi gangrep case were shattered because the supreme court has given it’s final verdict and the four convicts were hanged on a fine early morning. This was a relief for the country which is suffering from all the bad news about corona virus. Corona virus spread across the country like a slow poison. It reached majority of the states in no time. The country’s Prime Minister immediately held a live addressing to the nation on Tuesday, 24th of March, in which he declared the 21 days lockdown of the entire country. 
The day after Suhas fucked Kajal(20th March), he was sent out of the house. Kajal is in no mood to have another encounter with him. Forget a sexual encounter, she is not willing to even see his face. Shame has filled all over her mind. Sidharth didn’t knew anything about their sex. He thought that the handjob-turned-blowjob from her mother is the reason for her wierd behavior in the house. She completely denied to talk about that with him after that day. She is acting as if nothing happened and only the casual talks prevailed there after. Despite Sid’s and Mr. Reddy’s pleas, Kajal insisted to let Suhas leave the house. She couldn’t state a reasonable argument but urged him to leave to his house at once. Suhas wanted to talk to her about what happened the previous day, he wanted to console her and ensure that they can get rid of it, but he was left with no choice.
On the Monday before the lockdown was announced, the 23rd, Mr. Reddy got a call from his superiors. It demanded an immediate presense of him in Delhi, requesting him to be a member of 7 advocates group, which will be advising the PMO on crucial legal matters during the country’s lockdown. This came as a big surpise to him. He was elated – he was waiting for such one big chance for his lifetime. Religious riots were his initial hope, then he hoped for Nirbhaya’s case but atlast he got this unexpected offer of advising the Prime Minister himself. He quickly made his arrangements. Officials told him in prior that there won’t be any domestic flights flying from Wednesday, so he has to reach Delhi by Tuesday at any cost. He booked his flight to Delhi from Hyd. That eveining he spoke to Kajal about his emergency departure. He wasn’t sure how long this lockdown is going to be. He couldn’t give a return date to Kajal. But he assured her that the center has arranged for a cook, maid and a driver for all advocates’ families. Since Kajal can cook by herself, she opted for only a maid and a driver. Driver is for getting the supplies to home. Both maid and cook will be looking after the house during this period.
Kajal: How was the departure? Was the flight on time?
Anil: Yes, madam. I think it was on time. I couldn’t get inside the aiport but I saw some Indigo flight taking off, from my car, at exact 9 AM.
Kajal: Oh. Okay, yeah he got an Indigo flight. Hmm. Come inside. Make yourself comfortable.
Anil: Walking into the house with his hands folded So, madam.. I heard that it’s only you and your son will be staying in this house. correct?
Kajal: Sat on the sofa, checking something on her phone Haa.. yeah, Me and Sidharth. He is inside. Make sure you have a rapport with him as well. Bring what all he asks. It will be boring for the coming weeks to stay at home all alone.
Anil: Sure madam, definitely. Also, Pushpa will be coming by today evening. She has to pack everything and buy some essentials for her, hence the late.
Kajal: Pushpa.. who?
Anil: Your maid madam. Her name is Pushpa.
Kajal: What? Why are they sending women during this period. They should be with their families.
Anil: It’s ok madam. She is a professional maid. Center wants to provide good quality services to the families of those lawyers who left their families to serve nation. 
Kajal: Ah! Still.. mmm I’m not convinced.
Anil: It’s with her consent madam. No need to worry. We are now four here. We will take care of each other together.
Kajal: Hmm. Okay.. but.. Tell me this, is Pushpa married?
Anil: Happily married with an year old daughter too.
Kajal: Oh my god! Are you serious? You are separating a mother and a child for this?
Anil: We had to madam. Orders.
Kajal: No way. Either she is not coming to my house or she is coming along with her baby.
Anil: But madam.. that needs lot of applications and approvals
Kajal: Get it all done. My decision is final.
Anil: Ummm.. fine. I’ll talk to sir and see what we can do. But I’m sure they won’t leave you without a maid.
Kajal: That’s good. Get her child as well then. I’m ok with it.
Anil: Alright. I’ll do the needful madam.
Pushpa arrived that Tuesday evening along with her baby. Kajal recieved her like a family member. She loved that child. Pushpa and Kajal had some casual talks and got to know about each other well. They spoke about how Pushpa’s husband is so good to her and supporting her in everything. Though they are financially weak, they were an ideal couple. Kajal stressed her to not take work too seriously when she has such a small child. She said that she can help her in household activities too. While they were busy talking, Sid came out of his room running and yelled at Kajal, “Maaa.. it’s 8PM. 8PM!!! turn on the TV!”. Kajal asked him, “What is it at 8PM? why are you rushing Sid?” Sid replied, “Maa, it’s Prime Minister address to the nation. Don’t you know? Arh! you never follow news.” and turned on the TV in the hall. Both Kajal and Pushpa too came to hall from dining table to watch the PM speech. Kajal knew about the lockdown already (but not how long though) so, she was not that keen. So was Pushpa. Sid is the only one looking at TV with full curiosity.
After the speech was done, Sid mind ran with all sorts of questions. About how he is going to survive alone at home, how he will be missing school. But his naughty brain also worried about how he is going to take advantage of her mother with these two new people in the house. His mind searched for the answers, the solutions to satisfy his hungry cock druing this boring 3 week period at home. 
Pushpa came near Sid, rubbbing her hand over his hair, with a smile, said, “Sidharth beta, it will all be fine. We know this already, that’s why your father got us here to give you company and also to comfort you. Don’t worry about how you will be buying stuff from outside and how will get food for all these days. It’s all been taken care of and it’s me and driver Anil’s responsibilty”. Sid turned his head to look at Pushpa but was shocked! Shocked to see her volouptous boobs trying to come out of her blouse. Her cleavage was exposed. The pallu is merely covering any of the flesh there. Sid couldn’t utter a word. Kajal was one beautiful sexy woman all this while that turned him on. But now there is this low class woman with bombastic fugures, in a very average thin saree, very close to him making a surprise erection. 
Sid murmered, “Hi.. amm ok.. ah. I have to go now.” and quickly ran into his room. He locked the door inside and stood there panting. He saw his pants and could see his boner making a tent. He thought to himself, “Daaaaamn! who is this woman! ah fuck! What a sexy meat. Ahhh I shouldn’t be thinking like this on every woman. Come on, stop it Sid.”. But his cock is not listening to him. It grew and he slid his hand inside and started stoking it. “Fuck fuck fuck, nooo.. aahh those boobs. Bigger than my Kajal. Ohh yeaahh”, he increased his pace and lowered his pants. “What’s her name. what’s her name aah.. P something. Pavi.. pavithra? no no. Pu something.. Pushh.. Pushpa! AH yes. Pushpaaaah,” maoning her name made it more erotic. He roamed all his room with his cock in hand, rubbing for Pushpa. He has no clear image of her face in mind but her big boobs are crystal clear. He went to the bathroom and stroked it very hard and finally released his cum on the bathroom floor. This is a massive surprise to Sid himself. It is first time he is masturbating to a real life woman other than his mother Kajal. He never thought he would do it. Any of the goodlooking teachers in his school never made an erection to him. But this Pushpa – was spot on. 
Kajal and Pushpa continued their friendly chat outside. Then came Anil with bags full of vegetables and daily supplies for the next one week. Anil greeted both of them gracefully with a smile. Kajal and Pushpa worked on those bags and settled them all. Then Kajal went for preparing the dinner.
Pushpa: Anil, can I ask you something?
Anil: Yeah, Pushpa?

Pushpa: You came to this his house earlier than me. Did you notice anything absurd here?

Anil: You mean any spirits and devils around?

Pushpa: Eh! not those. I mean.. anything different with Kajal mam and her son?
Anil: haha.  ammm with madam and Sidtharth… I don’t think so. Why do you ask?
Pushpa: Not really sure but Anil, I think Sid is little strange here. 
Anil: You have to be more precise Pushpa, for me to understand what you are saying.
Pushpa: I will. But before that, tell me something else. You’ve known me for about an year now. We worked under same company and also in same houses many times. What do you think of me?
Anil: Of you? Umm you are very hardworking woman Pushpa, and a very loyal one too.
Pushpa: Not about my character. About my.. my.. my physical looks.
Anil: Oooow! Pushpa, wait. What do you mean? You do understand what you are talking, right?
Pushpa: Of course I do. I also know that you are very good person. So, just tell me how do I look. How do I look as a woman to a man.
Anil: Err.  This is embarassing.
Pushpa: It’s okaaay. Just tell me. I never got a chance to ask this except for my husband. Please tell me.
Anil: Ok Ok. Hmmm… you are a very beautiful woman. And
Pushpa: And and? Be free
Anil: And a very sexy woman too. Like.. mmm you are good material for making men horny.
Pushpa: slightly blushed Thank you. That’s all I wanted to know.
Anil: Oh that’s all? I thought you want me to speak about your shapes and sizes too.. about your big boobs and ass and your mouth watering lips. Don’t you want to hear about them?
Pushpa: Anil!! Ahem. I think I got what I need. Now control yourself.
Anil: Hehe.. I’m just kidding Pushpa. Rest assured, I have no feelings for you, I respect your marriage. Nevertheless, you are a busty figure no man would hesitate to sleep with. 
Pushpa: Achaa. haha.. I thank you for your respect and for your compliments as well. 🙂
Anil: All because of our friendship. 🙂
Pushpa: Ok can I ask you something else? What do you think of Kajal madam? 😉 Just physically. Cut the character bullshit.
Anil: Oh my god! What happened to you all of a sudden Pushpa..
Pushpa: Eh, just go with the flow na. 
Anil: Lol. Okay. I didn’t actually get much to see her assests when she was speaking to me. I could not dare to look at her boobs while she is looking at me.
Pushpa: Cut the rubbish I said. You are a bachelor. You should be turning on for any beautiful woman around. Just tell me if Kajal mam brought that spark in your pants.
Anil: with a kinky smile Ammm okay, if you insist, why not. Yep. She did. She is a very sexy rich lady. But I need few more focused glimpes on her assets to properly assess them and wake up my little brother down under. 
Pushpa: hahahaha. You naughty idiot. She is your owner. Looks like you will be turning this lockdown into a honeymoon.
Anil: Ehy ey. No no. Don’t tease me. It is just a boy thing. Like you said, I’m an unmarried guy in 20s. And every bachelor will be hungry of any gorgeous woman. We are so honry during this stage of our life. Can’t help.
Pushpa: lol. Okay boss. Fine. 
Anil: :p hehe
Pushpa: Anyway, I liked this talk. We should do more of such conversations in future.
Anil: As you say my junior madam. 
Anil got an erection after that chat with Pushpa about Kajal. He had a very good respectable relation with Pushpa, so even though he talked about her body he did not get that excited. But when he talked about Kajal, he was full on. He craved to see Kajal’s boobs clearly next time. Soon the food was ready and all 4 of them had the dinner together. During the dinner, Anil stole some peeks at Kajal’s cleavage and boobs. Her neck and her luscious hair scored all good points from Anil. He maintained a close distance with Kajal and even felt her fragrance – another point! He was controlling himself to cover his boner under the table. Pushpa could sense that uncomfort in him and gave him a teasing smile and winked at her. That could only make Anil more nervous. Pushpa made a blowjob sign with her tongue pressing on cheek inside and with a hand infront of mouth looking into Anil’s eyes and pointing towards Kajal. She is teasing him like anything – Anil tried so hard to ignore but the thought of Kajal giving him a blowjob made him even hornier. 
Poor Pushpa didn’t know all this while that Sid is stealing his quota of peeks of her boobs. Sid has a combo pack now in front of him. Kajal’s evergreen boobs and these new set of big boobs. Owing to her low quality fabric, Pushpa’s right nipple impression was also visible to Sid. Sid had an erection too. But lucky him, there’s no one teasing him like naughty Pushpa is doing to Anil. It was “game of boners and boobs” around the dining table. The game came to and end when Kajal broke the silence by saying. “That’s all people, time for bed. I hope food is not bad.” Anil replied, “It’s delicious madam.”, this time daring to look at boobs while answering her. Kajal didn’t notice it though. Pushpa said, “It’s really good madam. Thank you for the sweet dinner. I’ll clean the dishes and set everything madam.” Kajal said, “Perfect! Ah also Pushpa, cearlac is ready in the kitchen, wake your daughter up and feed her. She will sleep well the whole night without disturbing you.” “Definitely madam, thanks a lot”, replied Pushpa with a smile. “Alright, I’ll call it a day then, good night all. Sid, don’t put that phone on for too late in the night. Sleep fast okay?”, said Kajal, standing up and kissing on Sid’s forehead with love before leaving. Sid is not ready to leave a single chance, even when she is kissing with love, he smiled but his eyes are glued to her boobs, making a strong figure in mind for him to masturbate before sleep.
Raj: Oh look! Who texted me after decades.
Kajal: Raj, I’m very sorry. How are you doing? All good there?
Raj: You always ignore me for weeks and start with an apology.
Kajal: It would look even bad if I don’t apologize na
Raj: Don’t play your tricks on me now. I’m angry and I hate you. 
Kajal: Raaaj.. listen to me.
Raj: You said you’ll text me at night on that day. But I don’t reviece any. Moreover you block me. You blocked my number so I can’t even contact you.
Kajal: I can explain Raj. You have to listen to mee…
Raj: You should be happy that I am at least responding to you.
Kajal: Yes, Yes I’m happy for that and very grateful as well. Please let me talk to you.
Raj: What are going to explain? How will anything matter now? Entire country is closed. It’s like curfew in the nights. I cannot even see you live.
Kajal: Okay, listen. I think I’m going to be a pregnant.
Kajal: Will you listen to me now?
Raj: Did I read that text right? “pregnant”?
Kajal: Yes, you read that right. 
Raj: Where are you now? Who’s beside you?
Kajal: It’s just me Raj. Your uncle left to Delhi today morning for some emergency work. I’m lying on bed alone in my room now.
Raj: Oh! That impotent idiot is out of house. Hmm good. So, now you have privacy in your room.
Kajal: Yes, but the matter is something else.

Raj: Yeah yeah, how did that happen? With whom?

Kajal: Soooo.. Wait.. Suhas did not speak to you about this?

Raj: He did. I mean he told me that he went to your house and how you gave a blowjob to him in the kictchen and all.
Kajal: And?
Raj: And what, you kicked him out the next day. That’s so rude for just a blowjob Kaj.
Kajal: True right? Why would I just throw him out for a blowjob. He fucked me. Your firend Suhas fucked me right in my pussy and released his sperm into me.
Raj: Fuuucckk! Holy shit!!
Kajal: It’s not holy. It’s very very unholy.
Raj: Shut up, you bitch! 
Kajal: I.. I.. was uncontrollable Raj. I mean after that intense blowjob in the kitchen and after holding Sid’s cock for 2 minutes, I couldn’t contorl.
Raj: wait wait wait.. did I hear Sid something?
Kajal: Err.. yeah.. Sid was also horny at the same time.. So..
Raj: Sooo…? go oooon.
Kajal: Yeah, I was about to give Sid a handjob but Suhas interrupted and molested me and fucked me.
Raj: Haha.. Hahahaha.. 
Kajal: Raj, please don’t laugh. It’s a serious issue.
Raj: How can I not laugh when you are playing “Bitch is available for handjobs, blowjobs and fucks for free” in your house with all the boys except your husband. Hahahaha
Kajal: Pch!! Raj, do you understand that gravity of the situation here? What if I’m pregnant now?
Raj: Lol. I don’t know, “bitch”. Guess you have to ask your second husband Suhas.
Kajal: He would only fuck me again if I approach him.
Raj: He wouldn’t mind breaking curfew too for you.
Kajal: Exactly, that’s why I cannot talk to him.
Raj: Hahah. Kaju.. oh my Kajumaa.. I’m getting turned on looking at your pitiful situation.
Kajal: Raj, please. I need support during such time. Help me Raj
Raj: Hahah.. ok. ok.. How many days has it been?
Kajal: Ummm.. I think around 5 days
Raj: What’s your date usually?
Kajal: It’s around end of each month
Raj: Okay, so there’s still time for that. Let’s wait and see.
Kajal: Raj but what if I missed the period?
Raj: Don’t worry Kajuma. Nothing like that will happen. Stay positive.
Kajal: Ahh.. I too hope nothing would happen but staying positive is not the solution Raj. We need to be practical.
Raj: Oh yeah, you practice more sex sessions and I’ll think practictially for solutions to problems you create. 
Kajal: Uh I don’t mean that. Raj, I beg you. You have to understand me. I am unable to sleep well daily, I am unable to have food. It’s running in my mind 24×7. 
Raj: Hmm.. ok chill. After all it’s your honiness that brought us this close. Fine, I’ll think of something
Kajal: Thank you. Thank you my dear. Hufff
Raj: But what about..  what about your daily sexual pleasure? You left it?
Kajal: Do you think I can still get horny with such horror story running in my mind all day and night?
Raj: haha.. okay.. I’ll find some conclusion to your horror “comedy” 😉 story by tomorrow. But tonight let’s get you something romantic.
Kajal: Err.. romantic?
Raj: Yes, you are missing cock for a while now. Wanna see one?
Kajal: Hehe.. you are getting naughty now.
Raj: Am I? 😉
Kajal: Yes, you are very much. and my answer is…. yes
Raj: You my sweetie Kajuma.. let me show you. You want a pic or wanna see in it video call?
Kajal: No no.. not video call please. Just send me the pic
Raj: Okay.. but.. it’s not that erect yet.
Kajal: Muah muaaah muuaaaah! Three kisses on your cock
Raj: Oh yeah, you are getting there. 
Kajal: You want more? Ummmmmmmmaah!! I’m stroking your cock
Raj: Oh, look again, who’s being naughty and craving for a cock.
Kajal: Like always. hehe. How is it? Any bigger?
Raj: Uhmm yeah.. it grew a little. But looks like it need more than a kiss
Kajal: Imagine my boobs Raj, big bulky boobs infront of you.
Raj: umm yummyy.. but why don’t you make my imagination true? 😉
Kajal: Takes a picture of her cleavage with tight boobs in the blouse and sends it
Raj: Wow! That’s my girl! But your mangalsutra is struck inside. Pull that out
Kajal: Youuu.. always tries to be kinky, huh?
Raj: Hehe yes, come on come on. Take it out and send the pic again 
Kajal: She pulls out the mangalsutra and places it in her mouth. With lower lip biting, she takes a snap of her boobs, neck and her lips with mangalsutra in between
Raj: Fuckk yeaaah!! This is perfecty sluttyy. ahh yesss. yess.. it’s becoming bigger
Kajal: I’m feeling wet down Raj.
Raj: Is it!! Wonderful.. go on. Rub your pussy. 
Kajal: Uhh yess ammm I’m rubbing ahh.. 
Raj: Go beneath your panty. Rub on your bare skin
Kajal: Yesssss.. I’m rubbing on my pussy.. digging it with my fingers Raj! Ahhh I soo need a cock now
Raj: Ahhhhh greaat. Kajumaaa ummmmmmhhh Take my cock Kajuma.. Fill your pussy with my monster cock
Kajal: My legs are trembling, I’ve spread my thighs for you Raj. aaahh pleeaasse come fuck me!
Raj: I will bitch, I will fuck you. Will fuck your brains out. Uhhh ahh yessss.. It’s rock hard now Kajuma.. wanna see it?
Kajal: Yes please.. Yes I want your cock!! Shakes on bed like a snake with one hand squishing the pussy while the other is swipe-typing on phone.
Raj: Takes a picture of his 7 inch cock and sends it.
Kajal: Ahh fuck!! I wanna eat it. Wanna pull that skin off with my teeth Raj. Like your own slut!
Raj: You wanna be my slut huh!! ahhhh uhhh. He pulls his skin off the tip and send the pic again. Here.. look at this.. 
Kajal: Oh Gaaaaawd!! ye.. ss ah. She is more screaming out now than typing her response.
These sudden screams from Kajal startled Anil who was peeping from a window all this while from outisde Kajal’s bedoom. His cock in his hand burst out all the cum and spilled it on the wall. A well painted wall with another coat of whitewash!
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