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KAJAL IS IN PAIN English story

Disclaimer: This story has some cruel aspects. Please read at your own interest. 
After playing back to back homely characters in movies Nene Raju Nene Mantri and Vivegam, Kajal wanted to bring back her image to Hot & Sexy again. She signed for a very sizzling role for her 52nd movie. The producers wanted to shoot the movie in rich places in Europe. 

Shoot started, completed few schedules in India and it is now time for Euro Trip. Since, its going to be costly trip as a lot of shoot needs to happen there, only the required limited cast and crew were on the trip. The team includes our Kajal, hero and hero friend, director, producer and few other essential crew members. 

As we all know, Kajal is the center of attraction for everyone there. Almost everyone in the team craves for Kajal. She is affordable only to producer and the hero, but others try to fap as much as possible for her. Each and everyone in the team has their own crazy fantasies about fucking Kajal. 

A week passed. Kajal was staying in a big grand hotel. One night, as there was little delay in the next day’s shoot, Kajal wanted to explore the Midnight in Paris. She was in shorts and sleeveless top. To protect herself from the cold, she carried a sweater with her. She wanted to roam freely without being noticed by Public as Kajal. She wore a wollen cap and shades and left from hotel. 
As she started walking for a while she heard some footsteps following her. She did not turn back as she do not want to show her face to whomever it is. She walked little fast but still the footsteps followed. Then out of fear she turned back and saw a man. He is some random guy on streets. He smiled at her and said “Hi”. Kajal was confused. He said, “You dont seem to be from here. I think you’re lost in this city, may be I could help you ma’m.”. As soon as Kajal started saying something a man from behind covered her face in a dark cloth and another person tied her hands. Kajal didn’t knew whats happening. She is tryng to shout for help but couldn’t. Both men completely tied kajal’s hands and her face is covered in that dark bag. They lifeted her up and left the place in a car.

 Janatha Garage in Paris:

“What did I tell you? I wanted a proper south-indian babe. Why did you bring this northern bitch?”, shouted angry boss to one of his two men, 

“Boss, though she is not very south-indian, she acts majorly in south-indian films. You must have heard her name pretty well. Its Kajal Aggarwal. She is very hot and fuckable boss.” replied Rashid.

“What? You brought a movie actress to us?? What the hell! We can be in big danger if we’re caught.” Boss said.

Chris replied, “Boss, but look at her, look at the oppurtunity we’ve got. Fucking a movie actress is not everyone’s luck. I think we should make a very good use of this.”

Boss calmed down a little and said, “hmm. I think you are right Chris. This is a very big chance for us to fulfill all our wildest fantasies over this bitch. Whats her name again?” 

“Kajal boss, Kajal Aggarwal. And the sedative looses its power in 10 mins from now. I think we should start.” Rashid replied by setting up the essentials around.
All three agreed and they were in their positions standing right infront of  Kajal. Kajal is sitting on a chair with her hands tied back, head leaned forward with hair flowing down covering a part of her face. Her sweater, shades, cap were all taken off and she is just in her top and shorts. Her cleavage was clearly visible to the men. They are waiting for her to wake up. As slowly kajal started to come to senses, she looked around. She is trying to understand what’s happening and where she is. She was bewildered. She asked with fearful voice the men standing in front of him, “Who are you people? Whats happening here.. ” 

Chris said, “Hey you bitch. We know everything about you. You have been kidnapped and we are going to fuck you tonight.”

Rashid interrupted and said, “Its not just tonight, you are going to be our slut from now on. Your carreer is done. Its over. After we are satisfied with you, we are going to sell you to the terrorists where you will be fed to the forever-hungry monsters who gonna suck, fuck and eat every inch of you daily.”

Kajal got absolutely stunned by listensing those words and understood that she cannot do anything by threatening them or being rude to them. Her body started shivering. “God!! What is this.. what the hell are you talking. You cannot do this to me.. please.. leave me.. I have a very good life out there.. please dont spoil my life.. I beg you..” Kajal pleaded.

With a cruel laugh, Boss said, “Hahaha.. thats exactly why we wanted you. You are such a sexy stuff to us. Your body and your sizes impressed us very much. Its because of your glamour and sexy body, you had such a nice life. The same factors brought you here bitch. Now suffer.”  Took a deep breath and continued, “Enough talking boys. Lets begin. unzip your pants.” 

While Kajal sat here helplessly all three men undreesed themselves and moved towards Kajal with erect dicks. They held their dicks and started fapping infront of Kajal face. Kajal is now seeing three huge cocks inches away from her face. They smelt really bad. Soon they made their dicks touch kajal face. Started rubbing them on her face. One is rubbing on cheeks, one is rubbing on her eyes and another one is exploring her juicy lips. 

Rashid held kajal’s hair with one hand and rubbing his cock on the face forcedly. He liked the touch of her hair. Kajal had very thick silky hair. He took a nice grip of big bunch of Kajal hair started pulling forward and backward while all the three cocks are trying to rub the entire face. Kajal has done such things before but with maximum of only two cocks at a time. But now its three and its unwillingly, deliberately done. She is trying very hard to resist. Nothing worked. Pre-cum was oozing out of dickholes and they are spreading it on her face with the round wet cock tips. 

Having done this, Boss said to move a little aback and ordered Rashid to untie Kajal. Rahid untied kajal from the chair. Boss said, “Now you have a task to do. Hey you bitch., do you see a bucket there. You have to walk five rounds around this room with that bucket hanged to your boobs with clips.” 

Rashid went and tore all kajal’s dress and made her nude. He threw her clothes in that bucket.

Chris brought the clips and tied the bucket to a rope and the other end of the rope to Kajal’s boobs with a clip. First he clippled only to one boob. left one. Kajal is now standing nude with a her left nipple clipped to a rope to which the bucket is hanging. Kajal is already feeling the pain in her nipple. She is terrificly scared of what is about to happen.

“Come on, move now. Round number 1”, boss shouted. 

Kajal with very sad and painful face started walking around the room. After one round they stopped her and Chris peed in the bucket. 
Chris: Haha haha.. You thought this would be so easy huh! Move. Round number 2!

Kajal was shocked by seeing that. Bucket weight increased and more pressure on the nipple. She pleaded the men to stop it but no one listening and rashid slapped on her ass to start her next round. Kajal moved one more round with Chris’s pee in the bucket. 

At the end of second round, Rashid also peed in the bucket. Kajal could not resist that weight anymore. Tears rolled in her eyes. The clip was coming to the tip and it is holding a very small edge of the nipple. Seeing this, Boss ordered to clip another boob now. 
“Let the bitch use both her boobs.” As Rashid completed peeing Chris clipped Kajal’s right boob also to the bucket and adjusted left one properly. Its a V shaped rope with bucket at one end and two clippled boobs at two other ends. Rashid and Chris, both slapped on each butt to push to start her third round. 

Kajal started walking her third round. This time she was bending forward a little and walking. She is feeling the pain so much and left nipple became very red. After completing the third round, as expected, Boss also peed in the bucket. As the weight increased and unbearable, Kajal tried to support the bucket with her hands. But the boss slapped her face immediately for doing so. Kajal shook suddenly with fear. She removed her hands on bucket and with extreme hardship she lifted the bucket just with the boobs. 

She started her fourth round. She was very slow. Boss said, “Hey you.. I’m giving you an offer to get back to your beautiful life. If you complete these five rounds successfully, I will leave you. You can take rest with us for 2 days and go back to your place after all your boobs heel. What do you say, Huh?” 
Kajal is so exhausted that she is not in mood of understanding his words, she barely heard some words like.. beautiful life.. Rest.. leave now..  With the will of getting rid of all these tortures, she picked herslf up and continued her rounds. She stopped by herself at the end of fourth round expecting something else to happen. But the bastards laughed at her. They shook the bucket little. Clips slided to the nipple-edges. They laughed again and pushed her to finish her last round.

Kajal was pretty injured at her nipples. Her boobs felt like they are completely being pulled out. She almost lost her sense on the nipples. But still she is trying to walk. Very slowly and with ultimate pain.

After two more steps and in the middle of the round, she stopped. She let the bucket touch the ground. She is bending and the bucket is completely on the ground. She understood that she lost the challenge. She was totally in pain and in the highest point of humiliation of her life. No director or producer treated her this bad before. She is in full of tears, crying. Face has completely become wet with tears and it turned complete red. Boobs were in unimaginable pain. Kajal is now trying to remove the clips from the nipples but even a small touch is paining a lot. Finally, she managed to remove clips somehow. A sigh of relaxation in her body. A small gulp.

Seeing that she dropped the bucket, Boss came towards her quickly and gave one very harsh slap on her butt. Kajal jumped in air suddenly and stumbled on the floor. Lifting her up back again by pulling the hair, boss said, “You poor whore, you lost a wonderful opportunity. Now you have no other option other than being a lifetime slut for us. Hahhaha..”

He made her legs wide and made a gateway for his dick to Kajal’s pussy from behind. He inserted his big hard dick into the pussy. He was holding Kajal’s hair in one hand and other hand is holding her hip. He started fucking Kajal. Giving fierce blows to Kajal’s pussy with his dick. Both are synchronously moving to and fro with the blows. He was thudding Kajal’s pussy. Kajal is in panic. She thought just now she got a break and now this sudden thumping. She is losing her mind. 

The two hungry men also joined the Boss. They are slapping Kajal’s asscheeks. Rashid went to the front and started putting his cock in Kajal’s mouth. He held her neck and pushing the dick inside the mouth forcefully. It tasted the worst. Kajal hated it to the core but can’t do anything, so continued sucking the nasty cock of Rashid.

With no place to involve in the activity, holding his solid dick in one hand, Chris said, “Boss, I’m missing the fun here.. I need some hole.. My cock is starving.. aahh..”
Boss replied, “Why don’t you try the bitch’s oral capacity. Go help your friend Rashid. I can’t give you guys the best hole right now. After all, I’m the Boss.” while continuously fucking Kajal’s honey pot.

Chris then joined Rashid and inserted his dick into Kajal’s mouth along with his friend’s dick. Both the dicks were rubbing against each other and together as a big meat roll, went inside the Kajal’s mouth. Kajal’s tongue is getting rubbed by the dicks’ bottom and her inner throat can feel the sense of dick tips. It felt like heaven for the two mouth fuckers looking at Kajal’s face like that and scarlet red boobs. Tears were rolling from eyes to cheeks to lips and then falling on the dicks.

Soon the Boss reached climax and completely released his sperm in Kajal’s pussy while holding her hair in one hand and pulling her towards her. It was a very hard thump. The hot fluid started from balls of the Boss, flew through the dick and then splashed inside the warm and wet pussy. The boys in the front can feel the emotion. And then the men splashed cum on Kajal’s face. A thick load fell on her eyes, few drops fell on her lips and few more drops on her thick yet messy hair. The entire view of Kajal for the men was breath-taking.

That’s how brutal these monsters are. After fucking the two holes of Kajal extensively, they stood back and took some rest. Kajal was suffering from pain on the boobs. The nasty cocks’ taste is still not leaving her mouth. Only thing which she enjoyed was fucking in the pussy. But she did not want to express out because of the fear of these bastards’ cruel actions.

Kajal slept on the floor like that without any aid helplessly. Her pussy is leaking the cum of Boss. Face is as dirty as anyone couldn’t imagine.

Rashid said, “Boss.. aahhh.. this is a real hardcore cock sucker boss.. but we need to taste her pussy and assholes too. I think we should keep this bitch with us.”

“Yes boss. Especially, I need that asshole desperately. I want to drill her asshole in a full doggy position with hair in my hand. Ahh boss.. Lets not sell this lady very soon.”, added Chris.

Boss answered, “Calm down fellas.. I grant your wish! Kajal Aggarwal is our property.” And they slept in heaven for the night.


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