This story Anushka Fucked By A Fan & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

After the success of arundhati anushka got fame and she decided to visit her place.she was going alone in the car to spend her privacy.when she was going she faced problem in car the place where car stopped was near to forest area where she couldnt find anything for her care .as she started to move by walk she noticed one young man she went near him and explained her first the man didnt recognise her and after knowing it was anushka he took her to his place as he was looking descent anushka believed him and followed him…. heroine sex stories

After entering his house she got suprised to see her photos every where in the she understood that he was a great fan of her.she asked his name and other details.his name was sham.he told her to take rest in upstair and he would make arrange for dinner.anushka followed his words and went upstair.she got her self refreshed and went near computer.she started to operate computer where she found thousands of her hot pics and in one of the pic where her boob was deeply exposed there she find one quote that ‘i wanna suck u babe’ by seeing that one she understood her fan’s wish and she decided to fulfil it…at first she decided to seduce him by showing her assets so she went near to him where he was cooking she was wearing low neck blouse with transparent saree when she went near him she told she would also help and he agreed for that.then anushka started to bend infront of him such that her big cleavage is exposed when he looked at that he suddenly got shock but anushka started to pulloff her saree as she was getting sweat.after seeing her he couldnt control him self and started to squeeze her boobs and kissed her very hard by the action of sham anushka got wetness in her private part and started to moan very hard..she bent near him and tookoff his cock and started to give hand job while he was opening her blouse after that he toured her bra into two parts and released big melons to suck…now she was topless looking like slut with precum in hands she started to suck her hands and tasted his juice while this was going cooking became slow so both of them decided to cook fast for dinner and after that to have sex..she was in topless only and while cooking milk was required that time sham sucked her nipples to produce milk for his suprise anushka provide sufficient milk for cooking.. Actress sex stories

After cooking they had dinner by exchanging love each other after dinner sham once again sucked her nipples and drank all her milk due to his horny actions anushka got so much wet in pussy and feeling incomportable with wet panty so she untied her bottom she was wearing white panty which got wet and became hot with her juice sham took off her panty by his mouth and started to lick her pussy she was such a horny that she got her 1st orgasm very she started to give him a blowjob she took almost all 9 inch cock inside her mouth she played with his testicles and sucked for half an hour by taking huge load of sperm inside her mouth he released a large quantity which overflowed from her mouth he was pinching her nipple very hard for every pinch she moaned he decided to fuck her at first he fucked her boobs by placing his cock in between her boobs and released cum there.after that he started to fuck her pussy he fucked in various positions and make her to produce love juices..

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