This story Asin With Tamanna & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

One day, Asin went to her favourite ‘Pinklips’ gym. Her hair was tied, wearing a tight pink top, and a tight pink trouser, without panty. (Remember her intro scene in Pokkiri). Her fleshy ass and ass crack were clearly visible.

‘Pinklips’ is a famous ladies gym in Hydrabad. Almost every actress comes here to keep their body fit.

Asin entered into the gym. Nobody was there. Only she came alone. She thought “Strange! Nobody came today….”

She then went to washroom, to get fresh. Returned, and saw, another lady has came, she was opening her backpack. And, it was the Milky Beauty Tamanna!

Asin: (Happily) Hey Tammu!
Tamanna: (Shocked, then happy) Arre…. Asin!! Hey….

They hugged each other tightly. They are very close friend in real life. But, due to tight shooting schedule, they can’t meet. Now, they got chance to spend some time with each other, so they became so happy.
Tamanna: How are you, friend?
Asin: Superb! You suddenly, here?
Tamanna: I’ve no shooting today. So, I thought about some exercize.
Asin: Just like me. I’m also free today. Let’s start buddy!

They started workout. And gossiping also.
Tamanna was wearing a black top and jeans shorts.
Tamanna was jumping with a rope. And Asin was walking on the jogging machine.

Asin: So, what are you doing now?
Tamanna: Telugu movie ‘Badrinath’, with Bunny. You?
Asin: A hindi movie named ‘Ready’ with Salman Khan.
Tamanna: Salman Khan?? Wow! You’re so lucky!
Asin: (Smiling) Yes, I am.
Tamanna: Hey Asin, if u don’t mind, can I ask u something?
Asin: Obviously! Why not?
Tamanna: Did Salman fuck you ever?
Asin: (Shocked) Whaat???
Tamanna: Hey Assin….. You mind….
Asin: No No, I don’t mind. Salman fucked me 3 times.
Tamanna: Wow! Is he a good fucker?
Asin: Definetely! You know, he loves my ass.

Tamanna stopped jumping, and looked at her ass. Wow! What an ass! Asin was walking on the jogging machine, since she was pantyless, her ass flesh was jiggling! Tamanna was feeling horny.

Tamanna: Your ass is so beautiful. You should take care of it. If u don’t have any problem, I wanna give u a massage on your ass.
Asin: (Stopped walking) Really? Ok. I’m ready.

Asin laid on a mattress, placing her ass upward. Tamanna sat beside her and started massaging over her trouser. Asin was enjoying, smiling.

Tamanna: Asin, nobody is here. Shall I remove your trouser? U will get real pleasure.
Asin: Mmm… Ok.

Tamanna pulled Asin’s trouser from her waist, removed it. Asin became bottomless. Tamanna got charmed seeing her fleshy ass!

She was massaging Asin’s butt. Asin was enjoying with closed eyes. Tamanna was feeling too much horny. She parted Asin’s ass cheeks, and saw her asshole. She couldn’t control herself, started licking the hole!
Asin got shocked….

Asin: Hey Tammu! What are you doing???
Tamanna: (Not replying, just licking)
Asin: Tammu please…..
Tamanna: (Entered a finger into the asshole, finger fucking)
Asin: Aaaaah…. Aah… Ohh…. Tammuuu…… Aahh….

Tamanna licked, sucked, fingered Asin’s asshole for half an hour. Then Tamanna turned her, started licking her pussy. Asin was on cloud nine! Tammu sucked Asin’s pussy for 10 mins, then Asin yelled “I’m peeing…. I’m peeing….”
Tamanna took her empty water pot fast, placed it near Asin’s pussy. Asin pissed in the pot. Tamanna drank all her piss from the pot in one long sip!

Then Tamanna took Asin’s legs, removed her shoes, and started kissing her feet. Tamanna kissed Asin’s both feet, soles, she licked her soles for 5 mins. Then she took her right foot in her mouth entirely, sucked it hard. Asin was rubbing her left foot on Tamanna’s boobs.

Tamanna worshipped Asin’s feet for 30 mins. Then Asin removed Tamanna’s shorts and panty. The bottomless Tamanna laid on the mattress, opened her pink pussy for Asin. Asin swallowed the pussy in her mouth, started sucking violently.

Asin: Mmmm…. Mmm….. (Sucking, licking)
Tamanna: Aaahh….. Oohh….. Asssinnn….. Aaahhh…. Mmm…

Asin sucked Tammu’s pussy for 10 mins, Tammu left her cum, Asin licked them, drank them up.
They became calm, got up, sat, staring at each other. Then they came near, their lips met

Asin and Tamanna was kissing violently! Sucking each others lips. Tamanna was more horny than Asin. She inserted her finger into Asin’s mouth, brought out her tongue, and started sucking it! Tamanna sucked Asin’s long tongue for 5 mins, and Asin was moaning with close eyes. Then Tamanna splitted in Asin’s mouth, and Asin drank them. Asin sucked Tammu’s lips like a sweet fruit. She licked Tammu’s whole face by her long tongue. Their french kiss ran for 1 hour, exchanging their saliva.

Then they wore their dress, smiling.
Asin: Hufff…. What an experience! Tammu, you’re a genius! You’ve made me a lesbian!
Tamanna: And, you’re too much sexy. Your body has forced me to be a lesbian.
Asin: Ok. See you later. Next time, our fun will be bigger!
Tammu: Definetely. Bye.

They kissed on lips, and left the gym.

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