This story Kim and Vidya Lesbian Sex & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

Kim had been thinking for a long time about having sex with Vidya but never really had the opportunity until recently. All these days she used to secretly watch her dress and undress (in the dressing room of the world tour stadium) and every time she wanted to touch Vidya, her courage failed. One day Kim spoke to Vidya about her desire of making love to her and to Kim’s surprise got a positive response from Vidya.

Soon they were kissing and their tounges were in each other’s mouth. Kim broke the kiss and started fondling Vidya’s solid boobs which were caged in her bra. Kim unhooked the bra and released them and took them each in her hands and started to rub the erect light brown nipples. she then pulled Vidya down to herself and slipped a nipple in her mouth and began to tease it with her tongue. Vidya was now moaning and breathing very heavily. Kim & Vidya sucked each other’s nipples taking turns for about 15 minutes and by now Kim’s pussy was wet and her panties were damp.

Now Vidya caught Kim’s tits and squeezed them. Kim quickly took off her dress and was in her bra and panty before Vidya. Vidya kissed Kim again on her lips and ran her tounge on her chin and down to her neck and in her cleavage.

Next Kim’s bra was off and Vidya was sucking Kim’s juicy tits much better than she had sucked hers, while Vidya’s hand was inside Kim’s panty, feeling her cunt. Vidya slid down Kim’s panty and exposed her hairy pussy. First she rubbed it with her finger and started to lick and suck it. She was driving Kim mad with ecstasy, her tounge was all over Kim’s cunt. She was a bit sloppy doing this but still Kim liked it. It didn’t take long for Vidya to make Kim cum. Kim’s Juices came rushing and Vidya was too happy to lick each and every drop.

Vidya then lied on the bed and slowly Kim lifted her night gown over her milky white thighs and soon had a view of her beautiful wet pussy. Vidya spread her thighs apart and Kim buried her nose in her crotch and she smelt really great.

Kim started licking Vidya’s inner thighs, slowly moving upwards to her outer pussy lips and seperated them with her fingers. Vidya was very wet inside and her pussy syrup was already flowing down towards her ass. Kim quickly licked her juice and it tasted somewhat salty. Kim inserted her middle finger in Vidya’s cunt and she started moaning loudly. Kim could feel Vidya’s clit getting harder by her fingering and Vidya begged Kim to eat her.

Kim put her tounge on Vidya’s clit and could feel her moving her hips towards her mouth. Kim continued sucking Vidya’s pussy while Kim’s right hand was playing with her boob. Soon Vidya came in Kim’s mouth and her cum ran down Kim’s chin down to her tits.

They again kissed each other and held each other tightly and played with each other till late in the night. After this incident, they had many more such sessions and have no inhibitions and move around naked freely in their dressing room.

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