This story Mahima Choudhary Fucked & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

After mahima choudhary first discovered the websites set up to
fantasise about her she couldn’t leave them alone, especially the
really graphic ones with digitally enhanced photos of “her” sucking
cock or being gang-banged; mahima was so turned on by them she always
ended up masturbating. mahima had a boyfriend, an international
tennis player, but he was always away and she suspected he was
playing around on the side. mahima was a very conventional woman, at
least she thought she was until she saw what men, and women,
fantasised about doing to her! she wasn’t a virgin, but she’d never
had oral sex, either given or taken, certainly never had anal sex,
and the only multiple orgasms were self inflicted. but now parts of
her wanted the dirtiest, roughest sex imaginable.

mahima started putting messages on the websites, “pretending” to be
herself, but no one believed her. guys thought she was another man
acting out his fantasy, but it turned mahima one and she had some on-
line masturbation fantasies with guys which were very horny. then one
night she got chatting to a guy and the conversation started to get
serious. he asked if she really was mahima, she replied of course she
was. he asked her to prove it, this threw her, what should she say?
what could she say? mahima hesitated but the guy came back. if you
are the real mahima choudhary, make sure you appear on page 3 in
tomorrows newspaper in a red outfit, which will reveal your
magnificient cleavage. Make sure the picture is from tonight music
launch party.

mahima’s pulse was racing when she went to the party and she duly got
herself photographed and asked the reporter to make sure she appeared
on page 3 the next day. the reporter obliged. who was this man? that
night she couldn’t wait to get on-line and see if the mystery man re-
appeared. he did, mahima choudhary’s heart was really pounding
now. “so you are real then” typed the guy, “i told you i was” replied
sexy mahima, “now what”? mahima was intrigued by the reply. “do you
want to make lots of money mahima”? “i already make lots of money”
she typed, “the producers in bollywood are very generous and i’m one
of their established stars you know”. “i mean real money beyond your
wildest dreams mahima”, and your fantasies would come true as well.
the last bit was what intrigued mahima most, she was richer than she
ever dreamed as a young girl, but she had so many fantasies now, so
many naughty fantasies.

the man said that he ran a group of very high profile women, all
celebrities, and helped them fulfill their fantasies while giving
incredibly rich men a chance to live out theirs. “you mean
prostitutes”? said mahima, “oh i wouldn’t put it like that, my girls
are perfectly happy and willing participants, they get a service
too..” mahima cut him short, she couldn’t believe what she was
saying. “don’t worry, one of my fantasies is to be a prostitute
anyway, i dream about being a whore”! all went quiet, then the man
typed “so are you interested”? “yes” said mahima without hesitation,
then “do i know any of your other women”? the man reeld off a list of
top tv celebrities, actresses and various other famous women, mahima
knew nearly all of them. urmila matondkar was his most popular whore,
also Tabu and karishma kapoor. mahima’s rivals among the new breed
were almost all involved too, mallika sherawat, kareena kapoor, and
riya sen were three of his most popular girls too. the man added that
mahima choudhary was probably the most requested woman he didn’t
have, until now anyway! mahima started to get really turned on. she
barely heard him detail the money, at least 50,000 for one night with
a man, and the meeting arrangments, including personal security.
nothing was left to chance, the girls would be perfectly safe at all
times. the conversation ended, the man said that mahima choudhary was
now in his catalogue and he didn’t think it would be long before she
got the call. mahima went to bed and masturbated all night, she was
about to become a whore and she loved it.

the call came early the following evening, was mahima available? and
it was a special request, two men together, they were prepared to pay
extra? mahima had decided yes before she asked how much was extra, it
turned out that she was in the catalogue at 75,000, top rate along
with urmila matondkar and tabu, and these two men were prepared to
pay ?200,000 for one night with mahima (plus 10% commission to the
man). everything was arranged, and a tax arrived to take mahima to a
country hotel in deepest alibaug 2 hours later. she looked stunning.
the men had requested she wear her navy blue jacket and short skirt,
with a tight plunging white t-shirt to show her sexy cleavage. mahima
looked just like she would in one of the item songs in her films,
that was how they wanted her. she was so nervous in the taxi, but
never once thought about backing out.

she went up to the room as arranged, and got herself relaxed with a
glass of champagne, then came the knock on the door, “come in” mahima
stammered, the door opened. mahima tried not to look shocked as the
men walked in, she hadn’t even thought what they might look like,
they were huge, and they were old! the men introduced themselves as
ahmed and abdullah, two arab businessmen, mahima guessed they were
both in their sixties and at least 18 stones in weight. they were
charming towards mahima and tried to put her at ease. they said they
had done this many times and had waited a long time for mahima to
become available, she was their favourite woman, mahima felt
flattered, their eyes undressed her and she could not believe how
turned on she was despite the shock of their appearance.

they sat on a huge settee together, mahima choudhary between the two
men, drinking champagne. they closed in on her and asked if she was
alright? “you seem very nervous” said one, “oh i’m fine” said
mahima, “just remember its my first time like this, but i really want
to do it”. abdullah put his hand on mahimas knee, ahmed stroked her
hair, mahima tingled deep inside and let the feelings wash over her.
one hand ran up her thigh, pushing her skirt ahead of it, the other
stroked her soft blonde hair and right cheek. then hands were on both
her knees, mahima felt her legs being gently pulled apart, she did
not resist, she let her head fall back on the settee. mahima
choudhary wasn’t wearing any stockings or tights, at the request of
her clients, she felt their fingers on her sensitive inner thighs.
they teased her soft flesh, resisting her pussy at this stage,
running up and down her thighs and telling her how beautiful she was
and what an incredible body she had. the men then slipped mahima’s
jacket off and sighed at her magnificent breasts, nipples fully erect
and poking through the material of her top. hands moved up and
squeezed mahima’s boobs, she arched her back, she had never been so
turned on. they asked mahima to stand up, she did, they stroked their
groins in admiration. “strip for us mahima” they said, mahima
choudhary started to dance seductively.

mahima had practiced a stripping routine infront of the mirror, but
this was different, so nervous, mahima knew she wasn’t very good as
she slipped out of her skirt, but the men cheered and …encouraged her
to carry on. mahima lifted her top up over her head, until she stood
before them in just her bra and knickers. at this point the men
stripped to their underpants, their fat wrinkly bodies should have
been repulsive to mahima but she remained as turned on as she’d ever
been. mahima choudhary danced infront of the men and got sexier and
sexier, stroking her own breasts through her bra, thrusting her hips
at them and shaking her gorgeous bum. she motioned to remove her bra,
but they stopped her, they wanted to do it, how many men fantasised
about taking off mahima choudhary’s bra? well these two had paid
enough to be able to do it! they stood either side of mahima and
stroked her breasts, “perfect” one of them muttered, “the best
breasts in the whole world” said the other. slowly their hands moved
all over her chest, finally unclipping the clasp at the back and
easing the material free of mahima’s huge boobs. the bra fell to the
floor and for a moment the men just stared at her breasts, then they
grabbed them roughly and started to squeeze very hard. mahima half
cried out, but then she started to enjoy the sensations of almost
being raped. the men slobbered over her boobs, kissing and licking
them, sucking her large nipples into their mouths. slowly they calmed
down and took some deep breathes. mahima realised that they had
waited a long time to get hold of her boobs, she was flattered again,
and even more turned on.

the men then stroked her face again and gently pushed mahima onto her
knees. mahima knew she would have to do things tonight that she had
never done before, sucking cock was one of them, and here she was on
her knees, she knew what was coming next. without even being asked
mahima choudhary grabbed their cocks and pulled them out from their
pants. they were huge, much bigger than she’d expected from two old
men. she squeezed them as hard as the men had squeezed her breasts.
they loved it and closed in above her. mahima opened her mouth and
licked one of their cocks slowly. the man sighed and jerked. for a
moment mahima thought he was going to cum straight away, she
flinched, but he gathered himself and apologised for startling her.
she licked the other cock, then back to the first one. now mahima
choudhary felt like a true whore, on her knees sucking two old men’s
cocks! she loved it and sucked more deeply, enjoying the slightly
sweaty salty taste.

the first arab pushed his cock deep into mahima’s mouth, she almost
gagged but let him do it more once she had recovered her composure.
then the second guy did the same, “whatever happens you must swallow”
said one, “yes” breathed mahima obediently between sucks. they
increased their speed of thrusts, mahima’s head darted between the
two like an experienced prostitute, then they came, together like two
gushing fountains. mahima choudhary has a large mouth and somehow
they managed to push their spurting cocks into her mouth together,
she felt the spunk hit the back of her throat. mahima choudhary
started to swallow as fast as she could, but their cocks were jerking
and the taste was a shock. they held her head firmly, pushing their
cocks hard into her mouth, stretching it and pumping spunk so deep
into mahima’s throat. it seemed an age, but slowly mahima realised
they had stopped spunking, she swallowed the last drop in her mouth,
she liked the taste now, she knew a real whore should like it, and
looked up at the smiling arabs.

“you were perfect mahima” said abdullah, “but you have some semen on
your pretty face look, please remove it with your fingers and swallow
it” mahima stood up and walked over to a large mirror, she couldn’t
believe how slutty she looked with spunk on her face, just like on
the internet sites! she wiped it off with a finger and swallowed it
down like a good whore. “now you must get us hard again mahima
please” said ahmed, “masturbate for us”.

the two fat old arabs sat down on the settee and mahima choudhary
started to dance infront of them. not the nervous newsreader anymore
but a seasoned stripper and whore. mahima choudhary put on a show
worthy of the most experienced erotic dancer, stretching and stroking
every inch of her stunning 36DD-24-36 body. her knickers came off and
mahima’s glistening wet pussy was revealed in all it’s shaven glory.
her fingers probed her pussy as mahima danced infront of the men and
worked towards her most powerful ever orgasm, she knew it was going
to be so powerful, she felt as though she could cum just from
stroking her thighs, let alone her clitoris! the men oggled her body,
those perfect shapely legs, what a gorgeous arse, and those boobs,
topped off with the most beautiful smile on british television.
mahima ground her pussy against the arm of a chair, she was so turned
on, leaving a wet streak of pussy juices on it. then she grabbed the
champagne bottle and sucked it seductively. it was still half full as
she placed it between her thighs and pushed it against her pussy
lips, the men hadn’t expected this, but what a horny girl mahima had

spreading her legs wide mahima choudhary pushed the champagne bottle
into her pussy, 6 inches instantly inside her, then she withdrew it
and started again. soon she had 10 inches inside her, and the wide
part of the bottle was stretching her pussy like never before. she
couldn’t stop, and mahima choudhary pumped the huge bottle in and out
of her pussy until she exploded in a massive orgasm. at the same time
the champagne foamed up and exploded from the bottle filling mahima’s
pussy with cool liquid. she screamed her orgasm, still pumping the
bottle into herself. what an amazing sight, mahima choudhary
masturbating, almost raping herself with a champagne bottle, bubbling
champagne running down her shapely legs. her big boobs bouncing up
and down, mahima collapsed on the floor with the bottle still inside
her, gasping for breath, as the men applauded loudly.

after a few minutes the men lifted mahima up and dried her with soft
towels, after licking much of the champagne from her perfect body!
they carried her to the bed and the rest of the night was a glorious
blur for mahima. the two men fucked her in every way possible, she
couldn’t believe how they kept coming back for more, they said they’d
never been with such a beautiful woman and it was her beauty that
kept them hard! they were twice her age, but they satisfied her too,
there were times when mahima thought she should have been paying
them! mahima choudhary even lost her anal cherry, it hurt at first
but she loved it, almost as much as the men!!

when mahima first saw the old fat men she thought they would struggle
to get it up, but when they left her in the morning she had been
throughly fucked for over 14 hours. mahima vaguely remembered them
leaving, but then she slept most of the following day. when she got
home the money was in the bank

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