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==== Recap ====
Kajal: Yesssss.. I’m rubbing on my pussy.. digging it with my fingers Raj! Ahhh I soo need a cock now
Raj: Ahhhhh greaat. Kajumaaa ummmmmmhhh Take my cock Kajuma.. Fill your pussy with my monster cock
Kajal: My legs are trembling, I’ve spread my thighs for you Raj. aaahh pleeaasse come fuck me!
Raj: I will bitch, I will fuck you. Will fuck your brains out. Uhhh ahh yessss.. It’s rock hard now Kajuma.. wanna see it?
Kajal: Yes please.. Yes I want your cock!! Shakes on bed like a snake with one hand squishing the pussy while the other is swipe-typing on phone.
Raj: Takes a picture of his 7 inch cock and sends it.
Kajal: Ahh fuck!! I wanna eat it. Wanna pull that skin off with my teeth Raj. Like your own slut!
Raj: You wanna be my slut huh!! ahhhh uhhh. He pulls his skin off the tip and send the pic again. Here.. look at this..
Kajal: Oh Gaaaaawd!! ye.. ss ah. She is more screaming out now than typing her response.

These sudden screams from Kajal startled Anil who was peeping from a window all this while from outisde Kajal’s bedoom. His cock in his hand burst out all the cum and spilled it on the wall. A well painted wall with another coat of whitewash!

==== Recap ====
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Kajal continued digging her pussy wildly with her fingers. Raj could already imagine Kajuma’s pussy dripping out love juices. They both had the best phone sex ever which lasted for 30 minutes and reached climax together. Kajal’s worry about her pregnancy vanished with this pleasure.

Raj: Ahh Kajuma.. this is amazing!

Kajal: For me too, Raj. I had my happiest moment in past few days.

Raj: Love you Kajuma.

Kajal: I soo want to meet you in person and push that dick in my pussy with my own hand.

Raj: Sure, that day will come soon. takes a pause Wait, your birthday is close, right? June 19th?

Kajal: How did you know about my birthday?

Raj: Come on. I know everything about you. Knowing birthday is not at all a big deal.

Kajal: Hehe, ok. Yeah it’s on 19th June. Coming Friday.

Raj: Wonderful. I’ll try to plan something on that day for you my Kajuma.

Kajal: But it’s lockdown period. Don’t think we can meet, Raj.

Raj: Ummm. It’s ok. I’ll take care of it. Your husband isn’t there in town. That’s all I need for me to taste that sweet honey pot of yours. 😉

Kajal: Aaahan. Let’s see. My honey pot will be always open to you, though.

Raj: Ok then. Wait and watch. And be ready for a surprise. I’ll clean myself and you sleep happily. Bye now.

Kajal: Whatever it is. Inform me first Raj. I’ve set my house. Bye baby 😘

Raj cleans up himself, sleeps immediately and Kajal on the other side has to clean her cotton saree, her pussy and ever her bedsheet. All coz of her huge orgasm. Meanwhile Anil in the compound cleaned his dick under the tap nearby. He forgot to clean the wall and the thick stain remained.

The next day, the bright sunny morning. everyone wakes up as usual. Pushpa is preparing breakfast and everyone’s busy in their chores. Kajal recollects about the last night call with Raj – thinking about how Raj is gonna surprise her on her birthday. Then suddenly she remembers that the window was wide open during that call last night. She knows that her voice can be heard out very well with that window open. That trembles her and rushes to the compound just outside the window. She sees the dried up cum stain on the wall there. To her shock, she also sees an underwear down there. She reluctantly touches it and lifts it up. It’s a poor quality old underwear – confirms that it’s not Sid’s and not her Husband’s too. She takes it up and inspects it closer. She sees a white dried stain on it. Then she suddenly hears a sound from inside the house. “Pushpaa… where is my underwear? Did you wash all my underwears? I cannot find my grey one?”, bawled Anil. Kajal took a sneaky position and peeped into the house from that window. She could see Anil in towel coming out from bathroom and hastily searching for his underwaer all over the house. Pushpa replied, “What colour did you say?”. “Grey, it’s of 90-95 size. Did you find it?”, Anil responded. Both were searching for it. Kajal looked at size of the undie in her hand and stunned. It’s the same colour and size. She understood that Anil heard all her conversation with Raj and cummed for it. Her hands shivered and dropped the underwear. She doesn’t want Anil to know that she knew about it. She moved away from it and came inside. She tried to act casual infront them and said, “Did you check all bathrooms, washing machines? and may be.. balcony, co…. compound?” and went inside her bedroom and closed the door.

Anil heard Kajal and recollected that he undressed his underwear yesternight before fapping. He ran outside towards that window and collected that underwear. He is still unsure if Kajal has spoken about it knowingly or unknowlingly. As he collected and lifted it up, he saw Kajal standing by the window from inside and watching him. Anil’s heart skipped a beat. Kajal gave a “You nasty idiot” look and shut the window on his face. Now he confirms that Kajal knew about him. She knew how much he cummed for her. This started a guilty feeling in him but also he is little relieved that Kajal did not openly make any fuss about it or yelled at him.

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As the noon hits, Sid in his bedroom is surfing the internet on his phone. News notification pops up which reads, “Lockdown to be lifted from Tomorrow, the June 17th”. He walks out to the hall and sits beside his mother Kajal on the couch and shows her the news.

Sid: Maa.. did you see this? They are lifting up the lockdown from tomorrow.

Kajal: Yeah, I just saw it in the news. Seems like everything will be running as usual from tomorrow.

Sid: Leans on Kajal. Rests his head on her cushion-like arm and boob. But maa.. does that mean dad is gonna return?

Kajal: This is first time Sid is touching her boobs and having close contact with her without asking. She did not stop though. I don’t know yet, Sid. He might call us in some time.

Sid: Ummm.. but maa.. I don’t want him to return.

Kajal: Siddhu.. He’s your dad!

Sid: Yeah, but I cannot fondle these in his presense. Turns towards her and places one hand on the boob and genlty rubs over the blouse.

Kajal: Ahh! Siddhu.. don’t.. She understood that Sid is trying to get intimate with her. Don’t say that. You are supposed to do all these with your girlfriend. Remember? I was jerking you off only to help you in this lockdown.

Sid: Ummm, yes. removes his hand with dull face. But.. but.. I don’t know. I kind of miss everything from her.

Kajal: As if you did everything with her. Haha

Sid: Na.. not like that ma. I mean..

Kajal: You mean? What?

Sid: Places his hand again on her boob and rubs it. I mean I am getting to know what I’m missing. But until I have you at my home, I don’t think I am missing anything. I feel that you are enough for me.

Kajal: Ah! Now this is crossing some limits. You cannot say that Sid. I’m your mother.

Sid: Don’t start your lecture ma. I know all those. Please try to understand me. He crushed her boob over the blouse itself.

Kajal: Uhhhhhh! Siddhuu.. She enjoyed it but cannot exhibit it. You are getting little out of control. Please stop it. I’ll give you another job tonight. Don’t worry. Control yourself till then. Okay? Don’t start feelings for your mom.

Sid: excites to hear that he’s gonna get another blowjob from her. he removes his hand and kisses on her cheek. Muuah! That’s so sweet of you Maa. I’ll wait for you then. Tata. Rushes back to his bedroom.

Kajal realizes that she just gave an easy trick for Sid to get a blowjob. Facepalms herself with a smile and moves from there. She goes to Pushpa. She is preparing lunch in the kitchen.

Kajal: Ummff! kitchen is filled with yummy food’s aroma. Looks like you are going to fill our stomachs just with the delicious fragrance, Pushpa.

Pushpa: turns towards Kajal in little surpise. Ah, madam. Haha. You! Nothing like that madam. I’ll make sure you’ll complete all my recepies.

Kajal: Haha. We’ll definitely taste them and finish them. But

Pushpa: But what madam?

Kajal: But how long? I think today will be your last day here.

Pushpa: Oh! That means you only got half news.

Kajal: What do you mean?

Pushpa: Yes, madam. I know about the news. Lockdown is being lifter from tomorrow. But we got a call from Delhi that your husband, Mr. Reddy is not returning yet and we are still in your service.
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Kajal: Oh wow, really!!
Pushpa: Yes. He will be there for 2 more weeks for sure. And me and Anil have to be here until then. But madam, you look elated listening to this. 😉 what’s up?
Kajal: slight blush Nothing, nothing. Just got curious. That’s it.
Pushpa: Okay madam, take rest. I’ll finish cooking in 5 mins and we all will eat.
After the lunch, when everyone is relaxing, Pushpa slowly sneaks into Sid’s bedrooom. She silently closes the door and calls Sid. He was just lying on bed rubbing his dick casually against the bed, reading a sex story on his mobile. Sid startles upon hearing Pushpa’s voice and sits upright.
Sid: Pushpa? you?? here??
Pushpa: Shh! Slowly Sid. I just want to talk to you. Can I come in?
Sid: In reduced volume, You already came in. What’s the matter?
Pushpa: Walks up to him, It’s something that your mom should not know. That’s why I sneaked in, Sid.
Sid: Ohhh!! What’s so secret that I should know and mom should not know? Gets little excited thinking that she might ask about their sexual relationship.
Pushpa: I think you know it already. Day after tomorrow is Kajal mam’s birthday. I got a call from central office on behalf of your father notifying me about her birthday and ordering me to plan and celebrate with the family as a suprise to her.
Sid: Relieved, Achaa.. about birthday!! okay okay.
Pushpa: Yeah, Sid. What do you think? Did you plan anything already? Me and Anil can help you if you need anything.
Sid: Mmm.. actually she is treating me very well lately (about blowjobs and handjobs) I should definitely give her a big treat this time.
Pushpa: What is that Sid? I mean how did she treat you well?
Sid: Amm.. like caring for me a lot. She opened up to me in crucial topics and gave me good support.
Pushpa: She doubted about Sid on day 1 itself. Now her suspecions are slowly becoming true. Oh!! That’s very nice of her –  to be a good mentor for a son in cruial times. Can I ask what are those topics?
Sid: Err. Ideally, you should not Pushpa..
Pushpa slowly lowers her pallu, exposing her cleavage
Pushpa: Ideally I should not, but I think we are beyond ideal situation Sid. What do you say? with a naughty tone
Sid: Gets tempted looking at Pushpa’s big boobs stuffed in the blouse. But.. mmm those topics are little personal. Sooo…
Pushpa: I promise I won’t let that cross these four walls. She knew that he clearly fell for her trap. Sid’s eyes are hesitantly stuck on her boobs. The feeling that a young horny boy is in the house has been killing her internally all this while. Being away from husband also made her so desperate. She can have Anil do the job easily but a rich kid is more alluring. 
Sid: Okay, if you promise that, I can reveal.
Pushpa: Go ahead, my dear. Took a breath in to enlarge boobs
Sid: As you have already observed, my mom is a sexy woman. No potent man can resist from not looking at her. And any man who is in capable circle will try to touch her and even grope her. Look at me. I am her son. A man in her innermost circle. How can I resist from all that. So, I fapped for her one day, but she caught me, yet luckily she didn’t know I was fapping for her. I covered it up saying I was doing it for my girlfriend.
Pushpa: Oh My God!! Breaths out is surprise – deflating the boobs.
Sid: Pushpaaa.. your.. Eyes pointing at boobs
Pushpa: Realising that, she breaths in again – enlarging the boobs again. This time she completely removed pallu off.
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Sid: So yeah, I told her that I miss my girlfriend so much. That I get erection thinking about her and it cannot cool down. Then she educated me about adolescence and all about those things etc. And then..
Pushpa: And then Sid? She understood now that he is clearly interested in her. She felt happy and accomplished. His pause meant to go a step further. So, she took one of his hands and gently rubbed his palm. Placed his palm on her cheek and sliding towards neck. Continue, Sid.
Sid: And then.. ummmm He felt Pushpa’s skin. Me and mom got into some very personal business.
Pushpa: Nothing is perosnal now, Sid. I know you’ll tell me everything. She slid his palm from neck towards her boobs. Placed it over the boob flesh. Her blouse could cover only 60% of the boob.
Sid: Ahhh.. yeah yeah. So then I showed Kajuma my dick. She held and rubbed it. She told that a woman’s hand on an erect dick will cool it down.
Pushpa: Ssss.. She made Sid press her boob. So did it cool down? What did she do to your dick, Sid? Tell me. She is feeling the ecstacy
Sid: Yes. She gave me a good handjob. Masturbated my dick so nicely untill I cummed in her hands.
Pushpa: Ahhh yessss. She is listening to him but the focus is now moving towards her boobs being crushed. Sid is crushing the boob and brought another hand too in action. Both hands are now squeezing Pushpa’s boobs. Uhmmmmmm.. Sid aahhh! You are so good at this. Have you also did this to your mom?
Sid: No. That’s where I am lacking. I cannot tell her that I need her boobs. She will then know that I have feelings for her. Completely moved close to Pushpa, caressing her boobs, sliding fingers into the blouse and pulling out the soft melons.
Pushpa: Ummmm.. That’s the reason you are so desperate about these!! Hmmm. But you know, your mom’s are not so big as mine.
Sid: What!! How can you say that? I have been with her for all my life. I’ve even sucked her boobs as a kid.
Pushpa: Hahaha. As if you remember sucking them.
Sid: But.. but.. I’m seeing them daily. He boobs are so huge. Perfectly round. So stiff and light brown coloured nipples.
Pushpa: How did you know the colour of nipples??? Pushpa’s boobs are being played with.
Sid: Moved closer to Pushpa and bent his face to taste them. Pushpa then moved back a little to tease. He moved even closer and pushed her back. She fell on the bed and Sid fell on her with boobs still in his hands. This naughty son peeped into bathroom while his mom is bathing and changing clothes. 😜
Pushpa: With Sid completely over her, she left herself to him. Haha. All that for those tiny boobies.
Sid: felt enraged and quickly removed her blouse hooks. Her braless boobs popped out – hanging to the sides heavily. They are distinctly bigger than Kajal’s boobs but Sid is not mentally ready to accept the fact. Arrhh!! Those are not tiny boobs. My mom has BIG boobs. You are just envious!
Pushpa: Hahaha. Looks like someone got triggered. Go on, Sid. You can measure them if you want.
Sid: Why not. Sure, I will. He took those heavy boobs in his hands and squeezed them very hard. All his fingers digging into the flesh. These are just so squishy but not big. I don’t agree with you yet.
Pushpa: Poor Sid. Haha. I told you to measure their size. And you are just playing with them like you are in love with them.
Sid: Noooo.. I hate them. These are very saggy, sweaty, and very dark nipples. Ugly. He bent and took one of the nipples into his mouth and started sucking them. Aumm ammm uhmmm yummmm

Pushpa: Okay, you love them so much that you want to suck them too. That’s fine. Chuckled slowly, enjoying Sid’s actions on her.

Sid: Pushpa is right in every word and he knows it. But does not want to let his ego down. He took another nipple in his fingers and twisted it so hard – pulled it vertically up, strecting the entire boob. Also started biting the other boob. Uuuuuuu.. you are wrong. Mmmmmmm You are a Liaaaar.

Pushpa: Ooouuch Sid. AAAAAH! You are biting meee.. Please stop it.!! Trying to push his head away from the boob.
Sid: Then accept that my mom’s boobs are bigger. Still biting the boob.
Pushpa: Ahh This is not fair. Sssss You are forcing me to accept a lie.
Sid: Without uttering any word he moved to other boob and started biting that boob too.
Pushpa: Shhhhhh ahhh Sidddhuuuu… Nooo.. Pleeeaase!
Sid: Accept it then. Taking a whole lot of flesh and eating the boob.
Pushpa: Okay, I’m a mom. Recently gave birth to a child. So, my boobs are bigger with milk in them. Is that okay?

Sid: This fact surprises him. Releases the bite pressure a little. Fuck!! That’s true. You cheat. Having milk in them and argues that your boobs are bigger. How unfair!

Pushpa: Hehe.. sorry. I was just playing you Sid.

Sid: Damn you! Sits upright and slaps both the boobs once from each side. So, my mom’s boobs are only bigger. I was thinking yours are bigger and forcing you to accept it to satisfy my ego. But my point is only true.
Pushpa: Screams out for the slaps. Sss abbah! Pch.. leave it na. I agree now, Kajal Aggarwal boobs are bigger than mine. Happy?
Sid: Hmm yeah, happy now. But I also kind of liked your boobs. With a blushing face and hands still playing on the boobs.
Pushpa: I know, I saw that. Not just “kind of liked”, you “loved” them. Took one of his palms and kissed, staring into Sid’s eyes while lying on the bed.
Sid: Okay, let’s keep this within us. No one else should know that I have feelings on my mom. And also that we did this today.
Pushpa: Sits up and hooks up her blouse. Adjusts her pallu. What did we do today? Did we even talk? 😜
Sid: Mahaanatiii.. ti ti ti tiii..
Pushpa: What ti titti ti? You want my tits one more time?
Sid squeezes her boobs over the pallu one last time and bids bye to her. Pushpa leaves the room. Sid then continues reading the sex story but as soon as he reads a couple of lines, the already-hugely-turned-on dick ejects out the cum in no time.
Anil and Kajal have a strange aura running around them now. They both know that Anil is looking sexually at Kajal. She didn’t want to accept it as it will only worsen her situation. She is already having affairs with Raj and Suhas. Anil too didn’t expect it to happen this way. Though he has intentions of fucking Kajal some day, he did not prepare for it in this awkward manner. Both of them are acting as if nothing happened. But on the other side, Sid and Pushpa jelled with each other very well. Pushpa kept teasing him wherever she can with her assets. And Sid too didn’t miss a single chance to take a bite or squeeze of those boobs in the house during the day.
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The next day, June 17th:
Anil woke up early and finished all outdoor cleaning stuff. He then came in and woke up Sid and Kajal. Kajal got up after a while – as she was casually walking in the hall, found Anil in the kitchen. She walked upto her and asked
Kajal: Hey Anil, you in the kitchen? Are you cooking?
Anil: Haa, madam. Yes, today, I’ll be cooking everything for you.
Kajal: Doubting him if he is compensating for his guilt. Why so? We have Pushpa for cooking, right? Why do you want to cook specially today?
Anil: No madam, it’s not like that. Pushpa got a little sick. She said she can’t work today. So, I stepped into her shoes.
Kajal: Is it true? Or… are you just trying to act nice with me? With a suspecious tone
Anil: It’s true madam. But Pushpa’s sickness is little weird. I cannot say it.
Kajal: Haaa. as expected. Definitely, you must have asked her take leave and if you say some sickness now and after I ask her the reason and if she says some other sickness, then you will be caught. Am I right?
Anil: What!! Madam, no. Why would I do that? I am very loyal to you. Pushpa is really sick, madam. If you insist, I will tell you the sickness but it would be weird.
Kajal: There’s lot more weireder things going on in this house. Just say it.
Anil: Mmm.. okay. Pushpa got her breast bitten. She said it’s paining a lot and she is not in a position to milk her baby. So, she went out to day-care center and then she will visit a doctor.
Kajal: Her breast got bitten?? By who?
Anil: Who else madam. Her child. Told you already, it’s gonna be strange and weird.
Kajal: Yeah, so weird. Umm.. How is she now?
Anil: I’ll be in touch with her madam. I think she can take care of herself but only thing is she can’t milk her baby and can’t work.
Kajal: Okay. Mmm. Let me know if you need any help. I know cooking is not your regular profession.
Anil: That’s okay madam. I’ll manage.
Kajal: No. Call me if you have any doubts or need help. Don’t just manage!
Anil: Does that mean she is insisting me to call her? Aa.. Okay madam. Sure.
Kajal leaves the kitchen and relaxes on couch, reading newspaper. She totally wants to avoid any sexual act or conversation with Anil but the thought of he already viewing her sexually aroused her a little. She pondered whether he had already seen her pussy while fingering that night. The room was dark but the moon was bright enough to help. Her body heated up slightly with all these thoughts. She peeped into the kitchen from where she sat. Anil was seen busy doing his work. She subconsicouly hoped that Anil called her for help.
As the desire grew with every second, the call came.
Anil: Madammm…  Can you come here once, please? Shouted Anil from the kitchen.
Kajal: Ran to the kitchen with a huge smile. Yes, Anil. How can I help?
Anil: Gave a surprised look. Kajal tuned down her smile. I’m not able to find carrots. Pushpa said she put it in the kitchen itself.
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Kajal: Oh carrots, they are in the fridge.
Anil: Ah! I forgot the refridgerator completely. Thanks madam. I’ll take ’em. Goes towards fridge.
Kajal: Nah nah. I will bring them for you. You continue other work.
She stopped him and went to the fridge. She opened the door and bent into it. Carrots were right infront of her but she got them and crammed them even inside into the rack. Acting as if she did not find them, she swayed her ass shamelessly facing Anil. Anil was busy in doing some other work and conciously avoided looking his owner, as she was little angry a while ago. Kajal was expecting some response from Anil but none recieved. She turned her head a little and saw Anil. While he was looking away, she lowered her saree line on her waistback and tunred forward. Then she made some noise with bangles as if she is still searching. That noise attracted Anil. He turned towards her – saw her Huge Ass inviting him. He slowly moved towards her and asked, “Ma’m, you did not find the carrots yet?”. Kajal is happy that she got his attention. She replied, “They must be here in the fridge only. Let me check deeper”, swaying her ass continuously. That made her saree do down cm by cm. This is tunring on Anil a lot. He moved even closer to have a better view. He is a foot distance close to her ass now. His hands shivering to hold that ass. His dick getting hard to smudge against that ass. Kajal intervened, “While I check in here, can you see if they are up there in the closet?”. “Sure, which closet madam?”, Anil enquired with eyes glued on the ass. Kajal responded, “The one right above the fridge”.
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Anil took a step foward and tried to reach the closet. It was magnet stuck. He had to pull the door with force to open. But the distance is insufficeint. He tried it again. For the third time, when he pulled it with force, the door opened, and in reflex, Anil got pulled forward making his hard-on touch Kajal’s ass. Kajal jerked forward with astonishment. She expected a gentle touch but that was a fierce push. She then slowly moved back and made contact again. She spoke, “Did you see it there?”. Anil with his erect dick rubbing against Kajal ass, “Umm.. cannot see anything from here madam”. said. “Look close. Look entire shelf”, replied Kajal. She didn’t move a bit forward, she knew Anil had to move forward to look into the shelf completely. Anil didn’t hesitate this time. He moved forward and rubbed his erect cock on her ass neatly. Kajal felt the meat – she closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Anil moved even more closer and attached his pelvis totally agaiant Kajal’s ass. His dick is sandwiched. Kajal tried to hold down her moans but a small moan came out involuntarily “Ahhhhhh”. To cover that up, she added, “Ah, this is so cool in here! Look fast Anil”. Anil understood the mishap there. If it’s cool in there, she is the one to look fast, not him. He giggled and placed one hand on her waist. He took hold of Kajal’s waist and said, “But you feel so hot here madam.” “Ssssss aaaahh! Anill. mmm I meant it inside here. Not there. Umm.” responded Kajal with lust wave running in her body from waist to her boobs. Anil pressed her waist and made vertical movements with his dick in her ass crack. Her saree is starting to fall down, exposing more butt-cleavage.
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Anil said, “Oh, okay. But I think it will take time for me to feel you there inside, madammm.” Kajal is shivering with cold in front and the dick in her ass. She replied, “No need to feel me everywhere. Just finish searching there. Use your both hands. One of your hands seem to be doing wrong business”. Anil quickly brought down his another hand too and held Kajal’s waist with both hands. Ramming his dick onto her ass. Uncontrolled Kajal trembled, her hands pushed few tins out of the fridge. She took hold of the fridge door and the wall with each hand for support and moaning with her lips bitten. Anil saw all these but noticing that Kajal not resisting anything, he smiled and slide his left hand under the waist, towards belly and removed the petticoat knot. That loosened up the saree and petticoat both. He moved back for a second to let that saree fall off. And immediately push his cock against her bare ass. He was still wearing his trousers though. Anil said, “Is everything alright there, madam? I think carrots are not there in this closet. I’m looking in adjacent shelf.” Kajal with her saree and petticoat down, feeling Anil’s cock more vividly, said, “Ahh yess.. amm Yeah look in the adjacent one. I’m looking here too. Nothing found yet.” Kajal’s pallu fell off as Anil started thrusting movements onto her. He said, “Can I open the door, madam?” “Yeah, you should open the door to see what’s inside na. Open it”. Replied Kajal. He loosened the dick contact and said, “You sure madam?”. “Yes, I’m sure and I’m waiting for it”, said Kajal eagerly expecting a hard push again like the first one.
But to her surprise, she suddenly felt the bare cock on her ass crack. He did not push into the asshole but pushing the hard cock against the entire cleavage. Kajal eyes opened up in full shock. Anil said, “Yay, I think I found it madam.”. Kajal replied, “Uhhh fucck(slowly). Yes, I can feel it too. uhmmmmmmmm!” Anil understood that Kajal totally succumbed to him now. He then moved his hands up towards her arms and lifted her up. She is upstraight now – back completely stuck to Anil. Her body naked from blouse bottom to the ankles. He kissed her on the neck and whispered in the ear,
“But there’s only one carrot. Can I serve the whole to only you?”.
Kajal’s nipples are fully erect, they can be clearly seen from the shoulder top embossing out from the blouse. She replied, “I know where the rest of carrots are! Just serve this only to me, Anil”, taking his palms in her hands and placing them on the belly, making him hug her tight. Anil got the ultimate consent. He is ready to fuck her asshole. He kissed her on cheek and made her bend forward again. She is damn excited to get the cock inside her. While Anil is wetting his dick with his saliva, Kajal limped towards the kitchen door, with her waist still in one hand of Anil. Anil moved 2 steps along with her. As soon she reached the door, she pushed it to shut. At the same time Anil, held her hair with one hand and pushed his sticky cock inside Kajal’s Asshole. She withheld her pain till the door closed and at once, “Ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”, screamed Kajal just when the door shut. He pulled her by her hair towards the center of kitchen and started thudding her in the asshole. She moaned, screamed like a whore as she is getting banged. Anil unleashed the beast in him. He spoiled her hair and pulled it all along while he was ramming his cock in her asshole. Oh, by the way, if you notice, this is first Anal for Kajal. Her asshole is so tight, Anil had to pull out often and wet it with sailva and push it again. Redness spread around the hole. Kitchen was reverberating with both of their screams. After a fierce fuck for 15 mins, Anil releases his cum in her asshole. Anil took support of the platform and relaxedly looking at Kajal. She just fell on the floor like a lifeless woman but with heavy breathing.
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June 18th, the day before Kajal’s birthday.
It is second day of the unlock. Everyone is out on the roads. All businesses are sprouting up back slowly. Friends are meeting again. Entertainment sector and educational institutions and are still closed. All 10th board exams are cancelled and students are graded based on their internal scores. This made Raj, Suhas and Sid pass the 10th class. There’s nothing more to study. They have to only wait for the intermediate collges to open.
Raj messages in their group “Thunder Trio”: Congratulations, bastards! We all passed the exams!!
Suhas: Woohoo. Same to you too, fucker!
Sid: Guys, language please.
Raj: Hey Sid. Congrats to you too, nerd.
Suhas: Hahaha. But hey, does this mean we will not go to school again? Will we not meet again?
Raj: Umm. yes to first one. No to second one. There won’t be school anymore but we will definitely meet. We can meet whenever we want.
Suhas: Yeah, we can meet. But we will miss our teachers. Radha ma’m, Payal ma’m.
Raj: That’s the sad part. Gonna miss all those yummy boobs and asses.
Sid: Guys please, can we talk anything else.
Raj: Hey Sid, just got reminded of this. Tomorrow is your mom’s birthnay, right?
Sid: Yeah, why do you ask?
Raj: Nothing, was just going through your facebook profile, saw your mom’s birthday from there. So, you have any plans for celebrations? are you inviting us?
Sid: He knows that these two guys are already waiting for the chance to fuck his mom. But didn’t know that they already trapped Kajuma. Actually, my father is not home. So, we are thinking to not make huge deal of it this time. It will be simple within the house.
Suhas: What! This is not at all fair. You have to invite us. That too when your father is not there, we all can have so much fun. It’s gonna be amazing night!
Raj: Yes, I can’t wait too. Sid, say no more. You are inviting us and we are celebrating. That’s it.
Sid: Guys, please listen to me. I can’t do this. He knows if they come to his home, Kajal will be fucked front and back mercilessly. 
Suhas: Raj, it’s ok. Leave it. Okay Sid. Catch you later, bye.
Suhas immediately text directly to Raj: Yo, leave that son of the bitch alone. I don’t care about him. We are going to Kajal’s home tonight.
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