==== Recap ====

Raj rested there for few seconds and got down from the bed. He stood just by the door and called Pushpa. She responded from outside. Kajal is still lying unconsciously with nipples clamped. Raj asked Pushpa to get that cake she kept in fridge. She brought the cake. Raj carefully took the cake inside without letting her see him. He then opened the box and brought the cake infront of Kajal. She is half asleep with eyes slightly opened. Not fully understandling what’s happening infront of her. Raj took out phone and started taking pictures of her. “Naked boobs, nipples clamped, Mangalsutra hanging and with a Dick shaped cake facing her.” He sends those pics to Suhas from his mobile. At least that’s what he thought he did. But on the other side, Both Suhas and Sid’s phones rang with notification.
==== Recap ====
Suhas was already on his way to Kajal’s house. He opened his phone upon hearing the notification tone. There was a photo of Kajal in ‘Naked boobs, nipples clamped, Mangalsutra hanging and with a Dick shaped cake facing her’, on the group chat but not on direct chat. He stopped whereever he was – thinking what had happened while he was away. A silly thought of Sid opening up about Kajal to Raj also crept his mind. His dick started to stiffen seeing that pic. He replied in that group with just multiple emojis “😮  😍  ✊💦” and Raj sees it. Realising that he sent it to the whatsapp group, Raj comes back to senses, he didn’t mean to send it to Sid at any cost. He is now worried. He looks at Kajal and slaps her cheeks gently to wake her up – asks Kajal where is Sid and then rushes to his room. Sid was just lying there in sleep. He searched for his phone in his pockets and around him. Finally finds it on the table aside. He sees that group message notification in the lock screen itself. He couldn’t delete it without unlocking the phone. He know he cannot wake up Sid asking for his unlock key. Thinking for about a minute, he rushes back to Kajal’s room and goes up to her asking for Sid’s phone unlock key. This time he slaps hard to wake her up. He pulls her hair and bites her cheek too. Kajal slowly opened eyes and understands what Raj is asking, but she don’t know why. Nonetheless, Kajal knew Sid’s key very well. She gave a naughty smile and murmured “6972”. Raj didn’t get it in first time. He looked closely towards her lips and asked once again. She then replied “Sixty Nine Seventy two”. He got it this time – quickly typed in the key and the phone unlocked. He immediately went to Whatsapp and deleted that pic from the chat and also from the Gallery.
With a sigh of relief, he walked back to Sid’s room to keep the phone back where it was. Suhas kept messaging Raj directly about that photo. But he isn’t getting any reply to those messages. He has reached the home by now. He is angry and horny both. As he knocked the door, Pushpa opens it and welcomes Suhas.
Suhas: Amm.. Hi. Who is this?
Pushpa: Hello.. Amm. I am Pushpa, a newly appointed maid in here. And you are? Are you here for Kajal ma’m’s birthday too, like the other guy?
Suhas: Oh.. Yeah yeah, I am here for Kajal ma’m’s birthday. Can I please get in?
Pushpa: Sure. But it’s too late for you, I suppose?
Suhas: Yeah, I had to change my plan for some other emergency work. Pushpa opens the door and Suhas walks in. Sees the fully decorated interiors. But no other human visible. Hmm.. But where are the people? Is the party over?
Pushpa: Amm.. actually I don’t know. Sid planned a lot for the night but then his friend Raj turned up. Last I saw was Raj asking me for the cake to Kajal madam’s bedroom. I think she is in there too.
Suhas: Looking around for the bedrooms. He sees both Kajal’s and Sid’s bedroom doors open. Oh I see. What about Sid? Is he in there too?
Pushpa: I don’t think so. I heard snores from Sid’s bedroom. I think he’s asleep in there.
Suhas: Huff!! So he didn’t knew. Comforted himself.
Pushpa: Who? and what?
Suhas: Sorry sorry, it’s nothing. Also, Raj is my friend too. Me, Sid and Raj are very close friends at school. If you don’t mind, can I visit Kajal ma’m now?
Pushpa: Sure you can. Go ahead and join. It’s too late now anyway for any event to happen. I’ve to close everything and get to sleep.
Pushpa goes to backyard to get dried up clothes inside as part of final chores for the day. Suhas goes to Kajal’s room. Boooom! He sees Kajal in the exact same position as in the photo. Cake’s lying on the bed beside her. She is just hanging onto the clamps on her nipples.
Raj kept Sid’s phone back in it’s place and is closing (Sid bedroom) door silently.
Suhas went towards Kajal and started playing with her pussy. He fingered her while tasting those yummy lips. As he kept inserting fingers inside the vagina, she gave out gentle moans. He caressed her buttery body with another hand. Raj entered the room and Boooom again! He screamed out aloud for a fraction of second and mummed himself again wth hands on mouth. Suhas tuned back and saw him. With a naughty smile, welcomed him while still tickling Kajal’s cunt. Raj was little afraid that Suhas would be angry at him but luckily he isn’t. He understood that Kajal’s body hanging there nude has subdued his anger. Raj came close too and both started playing with her naked semi-conscious body. Suhas took his dick out placed it in Kajal’s palm, but she is not in a state to grip it. Suhas forced her to do so. He made her rub his dick. With the soft touch, his dick got a little more erection. He can sense her faint pussy not ready to do anything now. Raj was smiling silently looking at all his failing attempts. Suhas wants to fuck her so bad but also he doesn’t want it to be one-sided. He knows how good it would be when Kajal gives him reverse thrusts. Raj then advised Suhas to ease up. He said that she was completely exhausted and that they’ll take her another time. Suhas disappointingly agreed to the fact and left her body. Raj then unscrewed the clamps on her nipples and both took her in arms and gently put her on bed. Each carressed a nipple – sucked them wet with lips and tongue rolling on them. Eased all her pain. Kissed them so good and all three fell asleep there.
After getting everything else done, Pushpa goes to Sid bedroom to see his status and set his bed if not. She goes inside and finds him asleep already. Just while turning off the lights, a naughty thought tickles her tits. What if she takes a small bite of Sid’s cock before sleeping? This excited her, she slowly tiptoed towards Sid and lowered his pants a little. His sleeping dick impression is visible over his underwear. Pushpa kept her hand over it and started rubbing it gently. One hand on her boob and another on his cock. Rubbed both in synchrony. After few seconds of massage, his dick started moving and taking the shape. Sid was in deep sleep and Pushpa’s touches barely disturbed him. She picked up the pace of rubbing. His dick started to come out of underwear. Pushpa drooled over seeing that cock. She bent forward and kissed the tip of cock that protruded out. Her eyes constantly moved from the cock and to Sid’s face – making sure that he is not waking up. She squeezed her boob with one hand while kissing the cock. She kept rubbing the cock, making it to expose more with every stroke. She couldn’t control any more and started taking the cock in her hand. She wrapped her hand around Sid’s cock and gently stroking it. Sid immediately moaned “Yes Mommaaaaahh”, with his eyes still closed.
Next day Kajal wakes up and finds sandwiched between Raj and Suhas on her bed. She was surprised to see Suhas next to him. He wasn’t there at night as far as she can remember. She got up from bed and quickly walks towards the door – still naked. Confirms that no ones around yet, comes back inside and wakes up the two guys.
Suhas: Ummmm.. what time is it maa.. I still want to sleep for few more minutes said in sleep itself
Kajal: Shuu.. it’s me. Kajal. Not your mom. Wake up Suhas.. Nudges him more
Raj:  Ahmm… is it morning already, mom? Slightly opening his eyes Ah what? Kajuma.. you??
Kajal: Yes, you two are at my house. And what is this avatar. Why are you both naked and why in my room?
Suhas: wakes up with all these sounds, sees Kajal and smiles Aaha!! What a view to wake up!!
Kajal: Chup!! Covers her tits with arms, You guys intruded into my house. Raj.. Raj is the real culprit here. You idiot. Slaps Raj’s shoulder gently.
Suhas: Haha.. It’s all my plan Kaju aunty. But I couldn’t join at the right time. Extending arm to touch her opened boob.
Raj: Yes. But it’s okay buddy. I took good care of our aunty and gave her a good birthday treat. Winked by looking at the chain aside.
Kajal: Ahhh! The clamps, chain !! OMG you guys are crazy. How did you gather so much courage to do all this? What if Sid or my maid have seen us? eased up a little and sat beside them on the bed.
Suhas: The same courage that we had while giving you the first kiss Kaju aunty. Took her hand and made her hold his dick. Kaja started gently rubbing his cock. Her another hand is still covering the other boob.
Raj: And hey Suhas, you don’t know what else happened in this house yet. Our Kajuma grew into a bigger slu…. Kajal quickly held Raj’s cock too with other hand and stopped him from completing the sentense.
Kajal: Yes yes.. I’ve become a bigger slut. And Suhas knew it before you. Right Suhas? Did you not fuck in my pussy already? She kept stroking both the cocks as she spoke. She looked into Raj eyes with a pleading face.  
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Raj: Achaa.. He understood that Kaj wants to keep Anil’s affair as a secret. Yeah yeah. You did get fucked by Suhas. So when am I getting my turn?
Kajal: You are asking as if last night was just cake cutting. pinched his balls
Raj screamed a little and Suhas laughed at both. They all three had some fun for sometime with Kajal stroking their morning-hard-ons. Soon they heard a knock on the door. “Kajal ma’m, are you awake?”, a male voice shouted from outside the door. Kajal said, “Ah! That must be Anil.”, with a sudden hurry, “Get up, get up. He cannot see us like this. And get dressed up soon”. All three sprang up from the bed and started looking for their clothes. They were all scattered in the room. As they were still searching for their clothes, Anil gave another call and pushed the door, it got opened and Anil is in.
Anil jaw dropped for what he saw. Kajal is standing in the middle of the room with just covering her body with saree in hands. It’s not even wrapped around. Anil could see one of her legs till knee and her bare naked shoulders and armpits. He gulped looking at her in shock and his hand closed the door behind, involuntarily. Kajal sneaked around to see where Raj and Suhas are. She saw a pair of legs just sliding under the bed. Anil’s eyes are stuck on Kajal only. She turned to other side and found that Anil has just closed the wardrobe door from inside and is hiding in between the clothes.
Kajal: Anil?? amm what is it you want now?
Anil: with his gaze stuck on Kajal, I’m just checking in to wake you up, ma’m. It’s your birthday today.
Kajal: Oh.. ok but you should have waited outside until I responded. Hands shivered as she tried to cover her body more.
Anil: Coming closer towards her, I should.. but.. but the door was open. I didn’t push it, just a nudge opened the door and then I see.. THIS. Tryng to get more view of those hiding boobs.
Kajal: Anil, please. I know what you are trying to do but this is not good.
Anil: No no ma’m. I am not thinking what you thought. I am just here to search for some vegetables.
Kajal: She understood the refernce and took two steps back, It’s OK for her in case with Raj but she doesn’t want Suhas to know about affair with Anil. But Anil, why would vegetables be here in my bedroom. They should be in the kitchen. Or you should ask Pushpa.
Anil: Did not notice Suhas or Raj at all, still thinking he is all alone in the room with her sexy owner, We searched for carrots in the fridge last time but they weren’t there. And then you came and helped me. It was such an ‘awesome’ help madam. Rubbed his cock coming closer to her.
Raj grabbed his shirt which was just beside him under the bed. Tried to wear it and accidentally his head popped out. Kajal’s legs were right next his head. He got to see Kajal’s huge ass cheeks supported by thick thighs. He popped his head under the bed immediately and peeked out a little again. He saw the gap in between the thighs – a wet sparkle was visible in her pussy. Raj’s mouth drooled looking that. As Kajal kept trembling, she sensed a breath of Raj on her ankle, she quickly saw down and kicked his face a little. Raj drooling stopped and he crept under the bed completely, while trying to control his anger and pain. Anil’s stare is not disturbed though. He is almost a feet close to Kajal. He moved one hand towards her and touched the asscheek.
Kajal: No Anil, please understand. The vegetables you are looking for are not here. And this is not right time too, please. Couldn’t lower her hand to stop because that will expose her boobs.
Anil: What do you mean by not the right time? He came a little more forward and murmured, Are you not tunred on yet?
Kajal: No.. I mean.. mm yes.. But no no.. I mean to say that we don’t need vegetables for breakfast. Please ask Pushpa to cook idly or something.
Anil: He carresed her asscheek and touched her face with his lips Oh, so you want Idly. I think I’ve found one already. Winked at her squeezing the ass gently.
Kajal: Sss.. Anil, please. understand me. This is not right place nor right time at all. She pleaded with her hands still hiding the boobs with saree and leaving butts to hungry Anil.
Anil: Amm… this is perfectly the right time ma’m. You look to be ready for some activity, with all your clothes away.. Kajal qucikly kissed his lips stopping him from speaking anymore. 
Kajal: Ummmmhh. Anil squeezed her butt with maximum flesh in hand. Okay, please listen to me Anil. I’ll get ready for you and definitely we will “cook” something today. If not for breakfast, definitely for lunch or dinner.
Anil: Backed up a little, pleased with the kiss and that promise by Kajal. Hmm.. Alright. May be I’m overstepping. Sorry ma’m.
Kajal: Nothing like that Anil. Just that I’m not in mood now.. err.. I mean not in mood for cooking now.
Anil: Okay madam. As you say. I’ve leave then. Get ready for the big day. And yeah, A very warm and happy birthday to you. Said with a pure smile and left the room.
As soon as he closed the door from outside, he slid his hand inside his pants and fapped like a mad man rushing towards a bathroom.
Raj and Suhas sprang out from their hiding places as soon as they heard the door closing. They wrapped around Kajal again and started squeezing her body. Suhas teased her by asking about Anil, but Kajal tried to avoid and resisted answering. On the other side Raj is fingering her asshole with a naughty smile lookng at her discomfort with Suhas.
Sid woke up in his bedroom and is slightly disappointed that he didn’t get to spend 12 AM with his mom and also little delighted that he fucked her tits. He got up, and walked lazily to Kajal’s room. He knocked the door twice, “Just 1 second, almost finished dressing”, said Kajal from from inside while hooking up her blouse. Sid couldn’t wait to miss a chance of peeking at Kajal while dressing, he barged in. Kajal saw him and quickly tried to cover her with pallu, but Sid got in time and hugged her from behind. His arms rolled around her belly, pallu stuck in between his hands, “A very very happy birthday, my sweetest mommy!”, wished Sid with his face placed against Kajal’s back. Kajal replied, “Thank you so much Sid”, trying to set herself free, “But you are dirty, you look like just woke and did not bath yet, leave me”.
Sid: Umm.. I won’t leave. I love my mommy in everyway. Kissed her back, it was a low cut blouse exposing most of her skin.
Kajal: That’s very nice of you Siddhu kannaa.. I love you too. But I’m all neat and fresh. See I had bath and also wearing this new saree.
Sid: I know, I can smell the freshness out of your body. And your wet hair too. Sniffed the hair.
Kajal: You will. But leave me now. You go get bath first. What time is it? 8 ‘o’ clock already!!
Sid: Mom, let me hug you.
Kajal: If you hug me like this, I might have to get bath again.
Sid: Hehe, can I join you?
Kajal: Shu! You are getting naughtier.
Sid: Just kidding maa..
Kajal: Hmm.. leave me kanna please, you are stinking and spoiling my saree too.
Sid: Still not leaving at all, Oh! What am I stinking? What smell is it? Slightly rubbed his semi-erect cock to her bums.
Kajal: Eyyy. No. Stop that.
Sid: So, is it that only?
Kajal: No.. please stop doing that. That smell won’t come till here anyway.
Sid: Achaa.. then you have two options.
Kajal: Not time for any game Sid, please leave me and go bath.
Sid: Option 1 – I take “That” thing towards your face so that you can smell it properly.
Kajal: Feeling Sid’s cock getting harder on her ass, No talking like that Sid!
Sid: Option 2 – I am joining in your second bath.
Kajal: None of the above.
Sid: Aaaha, you clever lady. Pinched her boob with one of the hands in front. No third option.
Kajal: Ssss ouch! What are you doing? Just leave I said.
Sid: Punishing for being clever, ma. Hehe, did you like that? Pinched again, this time right on the nipple.
Kajal: Arree.. agaain!! I shouldn’t have let you do what you did last night. You are taking too much advantage.
Sid: Last night was awesome mom. I had my best day ever. And hey, guess what?
Kajal: Sid, at least we can talk by just sitting na. It’s ok you bath whenever you want but leave me. Pushpa or Anil cannot see us like this. It looks very bad.
Sid: Chup! Pinched again. This time a nipple in each hand. Right one with left hand and vice versa.
Kajal: Ammaaah!! This is getting too much now.
Sid: Ok, choose 1 of those 2 options I gave. Or guess what happened last night with me.
Kajal: Those options are not at all happening. She can sense that Sid is moving his cock vertically now in her butt cleavage.
Sid: Haha.. alright, I had a very crazy dream last night. Take a guess what happened in my dream.
Kajal: How would I know what you dreamt, Sid?
Sid: Don’t be logical. Arrhh, Took a gentle bite of flesh on her shoulder.
Kajal: Ssss ahh sorry sorry. Ok I surrender, please explain yourself about your dream. I’ll listen.
Sid: Kissing on the bite, Muaaah. So, after you cleaned me and left, I dreamt that you came back again. I couldn’t really see your face but your boobs were very clear. May be, my eyes were stuck onto those. And then you came closer to me and unzipped me. You took my cock out and then stroke it.
Kajal: Eww.. why would I do that?
Sid: Turned her around by the face, What do you mean by Eww?? You sucked it so well last time and also took all my cum on your face. And that was not dream. It was real. I could see all your slutty expressions too.
Kajal: SID. Don’t call me that. You cannot call your mom a slu.. amm.
Sid: Okk.. sorry. But rest everything is true. Agree?
Kajal: Amm.. kind of true..
Sid: You mean?
Kajal: Kind of true means.. whatever I did was, yeah, all real. But you cannot say how I was feeling and what was running in my mind.
Sid: Ohh!! Alright. Hmmm..
Kajal: So, is it done? Like.. can we leave now?
Sid: No no, I still want to hug you. Hugs tighter.
Kajal: Sid, please. It’s getting late..
Both of them hears suddenly water dropping sound from the attached bathroom of the bedroom. Sid gave a very puzzled look and asked Kajal, “What was that, mom?”. Kajal replied, “Err.. mmmm I think, I have left ope…”, A sound of mug falling on the ground interrupted her, but she continued, “I think, I’ve left open the tap before coming out, water stopped just as I finished bathing, I think the tank got empty.”. Sid replied, “But why is it making sound now?”. “May be Anil might have turned on the motor. Tank must be full by now and water is overflowing from the tap.”
Suhas was inside the bathroom all this while, Kajal asked Raj and Suhas, both to leave the house but they insisted on staying. Kajal cannot have them in house right from the morning, so she is trying to keep them in house secretly, at least hiding them from Sid. She asked them to take bath in her bathroom itself. Raj had his turn and it is Suhas’s now. Suhas was in middle of bath when Sid first entered room and had stayed silent till now.
Out there in the Kitchen, Pushpa is busy preparing breakfast, Raj slowly tiptoed into the kitchen, called Pushpa by shoulder.
Pushpa: Get the dining table ready, Anil. Food is almost ready to serve. Not turning back yet.
Raj: Made her turn and look at him, Hey this is Raj.
Pushpa: What ?? Raj?? You??  what are you doing here??
Raj: Shuhh shuhh! Lower your voice. I did not leave last night.
Pushpa: What? So you are in here the whole night?
Raj: What did you think then? You were the one to close everything last night, right? Did you see me going out?
Pushpa: Ohh yeaah, right. Where did you sleep then?
Raj: In Kajuma’s bedroom.
Pushpa: “Kajuma”? Mmm.. is that what you like to call her?
Raj: Err.. you don’t know na.. It’s ok. Yeah, me and your madam are little close. She herself asked me to call her like that.
Pushpa: I thought you are friend of Sid, aren’t you?
Raj: Yes I am. But our friendship grew more after me meeting his mom.
Pushpa: Ummm.. this is sounding little weird, Raj.
Raj: Could be weird but yeah, what you are thinking is true.
Pushpa: What is true?
Raj: The one I’m thinking that you are thinking is.
Pushpa: I think what you are thinking as I’m thinking is not what I am really thinking.
Raj: Damn, who gave you this maid post? You are some genius shit right there.
Pushpa: Haha.. I work in all upper class houses. I may be maid, but a professional one. With extra soft-skills.
Raj: Wow! Really great.
Pushpa: So, tell me again. Is it really what I think it is?
Raj: Yes, Pushpa. Amm.. you saw it almost last night. Me and Kajuma are into each other.
Pushpa: With a shocking yet a naughty smile. Aaahan, and?
Raj: And what?
Pushpa: Tell me more, when did it start and what are all you are upto?
Raj: Hey hey.. please. I want you to keep it low. We can discuss about this more at any other time you want. But right now, I need some help from you.
Pushpa: Hahaha poor kid. What’s that?
Raj: What I’m doing with Kajuma should NOT come out. Especially Sid should not know. And obviously his father too.
Pushpa: I see.. Haha Okay, and what’s in it for me?
Raj: What can I offer? A hundred bucks?
Pushpa: What? How am I looking to you? Do you think I am so cheap to fall for money
Raj: Oops, sorry sorry. I did not mean it that way.
Pushpa: A 500 would do.
Raj: The Fuck!!
Pushpa: Yeah, as I said, I’m not cheap.
Raj: Woah haha.. you are not cheap but you are not reasonable too.. you are being expensive.
Pushpa: Maaaay be.. that expense can be used for buying something else too. Winks at him and slowly places her palm on his penis.
Raj: Wooooaaahh!! exclaims in extreme surprise, a big shockwave started in his balls sac.
Pushpa: Yes, don’t you like other things that I offer? You can buy them easily. Rubs her hand over cock smoothly moving it down to the balls.
Raj: Ahh Push.. Pushpaa.. aah what are you doing?
Pushpa: I know how much pocket money you rich kids in big houses get. Just trying to get a taste of that.
Raj: Taste what?
Pushpa: The “Thing” in your pocket. Squeezes his penis, making it more erect. Gives him a naughty smile, biting her lower lip.
Raj: Gets into intense mood instantly, he can already feel the goosebumps on his skin all over. His eyes started wandering on her face, moving down towards her bossoms. That’s not pocket money what you are touching Pushpa.
Pushpa: I know. In a husky voice. But I also know that this is the place where I can extract all your pocket money. She saw him looking at her boobs, and with other hand, lowered her pallu in the center, uncovering the big cleavage.
Raj: Aaaah!! You are, you are..
Pushpa: Squeezed his balls quickly, Choose your words carefully kid, call me something dirty, I’m gonna bust your nuts.
Raj: Fuck!! God, I wish my Kajuma is as easy as you!
Pushpa: Haha, there’s a reason why she is a rich family woman and I am a maid. 😉
Raj: You speak as if you are a mistress but deep down you are a slut haha. Places his hand on her blouse and gently squeezes the boob out. You just can’t agree.
Pushpa: the squeeze made her speechless, Ssssss aahhh.
Raj: Truth is coming out.
Pushpa: Uhmm.. Places her hand over his and tries to take it off, Stop talking and pay me first.
Raj: Lol, professional at this slut job too.
Pushpa: Yes, your free trial will get only this,  Removes his hand completely off the boob and squeezes his balls again.
Raj: Ahhh keep going. I love this free trial too.
Pushpa: It is free but not for ever. Paying or not? Loosened her grip on the balls.
Raj: Hahha.. okk. I’ve only a couple of hundreds I think.
Pushpa: Removes her hand off the cock and inserts in his side pocket. Next time come with a wallet. A thick wallet.
Raj: Not sure of thick wallet but definitely a thick “chocolate”. Hehe.
Pushpa: Collects everything that’s inside the pocket, gave a little pinch to the cock and takes the hand out. haha.. you’re witty too. I need a thick wallet from you, don’t worry about the chocolate, I can make it thick myself. And what are all these coins and 10 rupee notes?
Raj: Ah.. those are change for the cake I brought last night.
Pushpa: Counts the cash, I see 2 hundred and 35 rupees. Okay, I can go with 200 now. Keeps the remaining 35 in his pocket back. I’ll keep your Kajuma secret with me for this. And get me 300 next time, I’ll make your chocolate thick and may even suck it. 😋
tabu hot 6
Raj: Ahh.. please please. Can I have one suck now?
Pushpa: No advance services. Blows air on Raj’s face, Now move. Go and hide somewhere before anyone could see you.
Kajal: I think, I’ve left open the tap before coming out, water stopped just as I finished bathing, I think the tank got empty.
Sid: But why is it making sound now?
Kajal: May be Anil might have turned on the motor. Tank must be full by now and water is overflowing from the tap.
Sid: Ohhh. You should be careful ma. You tell me to keep track of all small things everytime and you are being reckless here.
Kajal: Amm.. Happened only once with me. And… it’s my birthday. I am the Queen for today. You can’t complain on me. Hahaha.
Sid: Ummhhh. Mom face is glowing like a queen already.
Kajal: If you finally leave this queen, she will dress up properly please.
Sid: Loosens up a little and turns her around. Haha.. it’s been too long na. Ok.. get ready mom. I’ll have bath too.
Kajal: Thank You, uff. Lifting her pallu and adjusting the saree.
Sid leaves the room. Kajal quickly runs towards bathroom and says, “Suhas, you still there?”. “Of course, I am. Is he gone?”, said Suhas from inside. “Really sorry for that, people keep barging into my room. You can continue now and finish soon”, replied Kajal. “Ah, why won’t anyone keep coming if you leave your door open like your pussy”, said Suhas continuing his bath. A picture of ‘Raj, Suhas, Anil and Sid, all four of them holding their cocks, standing around her to fuck her wide-spread open pussy’ flashed in her mind after listening to that.

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