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==== Recap ====
Kajal: Amm.. Happened only once with me. And… it’s my birthday. I am the Queen for today. You can’t complain on me. Hahaha.
Sid: Ummhhh. Mom face is glowing like a queen already.
Kajal: If you finally leave this queen, she will dress up properly please.
Sid: Loosens up a little and turns her around. Haha.. it’s been too long na. Ok.. get ready mom. I’ll have bath too.
Kajal: Thank You, uff. Lifting her pallu and adjusting the saree.
Sid leaves the room. Kajal quickly runs towards bathroom and says, “Suhas, you still there?”. “Of course, I am. Is he gone?”, said Suhas from inside. “Really sorry for that, people keep barging into my room. You can continue now and finish soon”, replied Kajal. “Ah, why won’t anyone keep coming if you leave your door open like your pussy”, said Suhas continuing his bath. A picture of ‘Raj, Suhas, Anil and Sid, all four of them holding their cocks, standing around her to fuck her wide-spread open pussy’ flashed in her mind after listening to that.
==== Recap ====
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Kajal: Ahhh, Suhas! I didn’t do it on purpose. Pcch.. how should I explain.
Suhas: I know how to explain. Plain truth. You just want cocks but not ready to accept it.
Kajal: Suhas, no. I am currently submitting to only you and Raj.
Suhas: But this morning looked different though. Why everyone visits you and stays long in your room?
Kajal: It’s nothing like that Suhas. Please, I am already tensed that you two guys are in my house. Don’t make it tougher for me now.
Suhas: Hmm..  Continues bathing.
Kajal: Shall I get Sid’s clothes and underwear for you?
Suhas: What? No!!
Kajal: Did you bring along yours then?
Suhas: No. And not necessary. We anyway slept naked last night. I’ll use my yesterday’s clothes only.
Kajal: Still.. wearing unwashed undie is not good Suhas.
Suhas: Ummm true. I’ll skip the undie for today. Just the pants and shirt then.
Kajal imagined a tent on his pants without underwear. Her mouth salivated for a second.
Sid: Mom, pass that chutney please.
Pushpa, Anil, Kajal and Sid sat on the dining table for the breakfast.
Kajal: Umm here. Passes the bowl. Pushpa, haven’t you bathed yet? Looks like you did not.
Pushpa: Adjusting her strands of hair that fell on the face. Amm not yet madam. I got busy in cocking.. errh.. cooking, cooking. Idly flour wasn’t there at home. I had to go to shop and buy it today. And I don’t want to make late for you. So..
Kajal: Ohkay. But it’s fine Pushpa. You can still bath and come next time. We can wait for you. Smiled at her. All four of them are having breakfast.
Sid: Anil. Anil could have brought the flour, right? Why did you go?
Anil: Yeah, you should’ve told me Pushpa. You did not even ask me. I wonder why?
Pushpa: Thinking how to explain these guys about Raj intervening her while cooking, thus making her late. A flash of Raj’s bulge appeared in her mind. She simply moved her eyes around to check if Raj or Suhas is around. Just making sure that they are hiding somewhere in the house.
Sid: Pushpa?? You did not even tell Anil?
Pushpa: Umm .. haa.. Sid. I should have told him. But but… Slowly lowering her pallu to give Sid a view of her sweaty boobs.
Sid: Lowered his voice and shuhhed Pushpa, Hey, Shuu.. what’s this here? Mom is just in front of you!
Pushpa: I can’t answer that question now, Sid. Please divert the topic. I’ll give you some milk later. Murmered back to Sid.
Sid: With normal voice again. Okay whatever it is. Next time, if there’s anything to get from outside, don’t hesiate to tell Anil. Okay?
Pushpa: Covered her boob back, Sure Sid.
Sid: BUT why not today???
Pushpa: Lowered her pallu again, Sid….
Sid: Maintain that.
Pushpa: Sure Sid, I’ll mind my duties from next time. Sorry for today. Kept that boob visible to Sid and continued eating.
Raj and Suhas are hiding in Kajal’s bedroom, eagerly waiting for them to finish the breakfast so that they can again play with their sex Godess. 
Suhas: Bro, how long this bitch’s gonna eat.
Raj: They are not even eating bro.. chatting with each other. Idiots.
Suhas: Looks like this Pushpa has done something wrong. All are ranting at her.
Raj: Err.. yeah. Looks like it. Remembers her grip on his cock in the kitchen. 
Suhas: Can’t wait to fuck that birthday bitch! Arrhh.
Raj: Unttil this Sid is in house, it will be tough for us to get her.
Suhas: Or may be we should show our presense. We can’t do much by hiding all day.
Raj: Umm but Sid did not invite us. We barged into the house without invitation.
Suhas: So what? He is our friend, right?
Raj: That’s the point. We may lose our friendship with him if we spoil his plans. You know na, Sid is having feelings for his mom.
Suhas: True, but Kajuma doesn’t want him. Don’t you remember, she was weeping with us for the same thing.
Raj: Hmmm She was so sad initially.
Suhas: What do you mean by “initially”?
Raj: These days, it looks like she is also into him, dude. Like.. did you observe, when was the last time, she complained about Sid like she doesn’t want it?
Suhas: Do you mean to say that this bitchy MILF is letting her son fuck her?
Raj: Not exactly fuck her. But yeah, she is not that worried about that topic these days. I think she is turning hungry for cocks.
Suhas: We have two cocks ready, right in front of her. Why does she want to go for a taboo of fucking her own son?
Raj: Tell me truth, isn’t that turning you on? winks.
Suhas: Hehe.. of cousrse, a son fucking his own mom turns on a lot.
Raj: Yes, exactly. It’s a very special feeling. Shows how hungry each other are, for the sex.
Suhas: Arhh you slutty Kajal !! I feel like I want to fuck her in front of Sid.
Raj: I even imagined, we two drilling her ass and mouth, while Sid is licking her pussy.
Suhas: Fuck! That would be awesome.
Raj: Yeaah. But it would take so long to get to that stage. Also I want to see once how Sid and Kajal will be having their first encounter. A mom and a son, indulging in sex.
Suhas: We shall record it too, if that ever happens.
Raj: Haha.. sure buddy.
Suhas: hey look look, Kajal’s left hand is reaching Anil’s thigh!!
Raj: Whaat??  The view is not so vivid but they can at least see that her left hand is not on the table. Dude, no. Anil is their driver. It can’t be what you are thinking.
Suhas: But butt.. see there. Her hand is not on the table. Where else could it be. And Anil is on her left.
Raj is trying to divert the topic, as Kajal doesn’t want him to know about any other affairs like with Anil and Sid.
A few moments earlier
Sid slowly moved his chair towards Pushpa. Pushpa is on right side of Sid. And Anil to her right. Kajal is on right side of Anil, inturn making Sid on her right. Sid – Pushpa – Anil  – Kajal – Sid. All four are silent and busy in eating. Sid nudged his hand slowly onto Pushpa’s left boob with his elbow. Pushpa’s piece of idly fell back on plate from mouth with that shock. She looked at Sid and signalled him, “what are you doing?” with just expression. Sid replied, “I want momma’s boobs”. Pushpa said, “Then ask your mom. Why are you touching mine?”. Sid nudged her left boob more with the elbow, saying, “But she won’t give me.”. Pushpa’s nipples are getting the sensation, she replied, “So?”. “Ask her na, please”, requested Sid. Pushpa then moved her boob away from him a little and said, “Sid, shuu. you are talking non-sense all of a sudden. How can I ask your mom to give her boobs to you?”. “But I am horny!!”, said Sid. He now, reached her boobs with his left hand from below the table. He could touch only bottom of the boob from there. Pushpa again got shocked and said, “Sid, please. we are all eating here. Your mom is right in front of me”. Sid didn’t care to reply, he just kept reaching for more boob. Right hand above the table for eating, left hand below the table under right hand, caressing the big boob.
Pushpa noticed that he is not under control and fingers are showing up a little above the table, she then bent a little to hide those. This gave a wholesome grip of the boob to Sid. He immediately grabbed the whole boob and started squeezing. Pushpa’s nipple impressions started to show up on blouse. He touched it and played with it over the boob. “Sid, Ahhh. Please, not here, not now please”, pleaded Pushpa. “Umm  these are so good, ahh, I am getting a boner now”, said Sid in pleasure. “But Sid, your mom is on your right, easy for your left hand to reach her boobs than mine. Leave me here please. You’ll get us into trouble”, said Pushpa while her boob’s getting molested. “If I touch my momma now, I feel like I will become a beast and may be fuck her right now”, said Sid pinching the nipple. Pushpa replied, “Aaaahh, please please, gently Sid. I can’t shout here!”, trying to keep her voice low, only breaths are making sound, “And how is that my problem, Sid? You can’t tease me for your lust on your mom”, completed pushpa. She quietly peeked towards Sid’s cock area, he’s got a huge boner already making a shape on the pants. She then touched that boner with her left hand and started rubing on it to cool him.
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“Aaaaaaah yes”, Anil exhaled out the moan slowly. Kajal kept stroking his cock as Anil continued, “Yes madam, yes please, just like that”. Kajal said, “This is only because you didn’t get the chance this morning”. “Hmmm.. it’s okay madam uhh. This is enough for today, just stroke that carrot good”, moaned Anil while Kajal is rubbing his cock, pulling his skin down and up, while still having food with right hand. She made sure Sid & Pushpa are not looking at them. Noticed that they are busy in eating. Poor Kaj don’t know that the other two are also engaged under the table. Kajal’s bangles are clanking while fapping Anil’s cock. Kajal gave a “help, please” look at Anil. He understood that and tightened her bangles up with his other hand and then gave a “go ahead” nod back at her. Kajal then smiled and continued crushing that cock, saying, “Anil, a request from my side. Please don’t reveal this to Pushpa”. “Sure madam, as you say, you are my owner”, replied Anil as he is getting pleased. “Sometimes I get too aroused and don’t know what to do. And you know there’s no one else I can reach out to. Obviously not with Sid”, said Kajal. “Ummm, yes.. keep going madam, aahh you are very good at stroking”, Anil moaned in a very low voice.
“Hey, are you eveing listenting to me?”
“Yes yes, I am. Sure madam. I won’t tell ayone.”
“Thank you”, slowing her pace on the cock, “Will this be enough for now, Sid and Pushpa might notice us”
“Don’t you want the carrot juice?”
“Ehy, No. I can’t get dirty”
Anil took her hand in his and made her rub more. His cock is getting good massage with Kajal’s hand. He slowly bent his head and spitted on the tip of it. Then he again made her spread that spit on cock with her fingers and palm. Kajal’s trying to act as eating but food’s not going inside. She is salivating and want to suck that cock so much. She is getting uncontrolled after that spit on cock. It got wet and the strokes are now smoother and shinier. Anil is getting aroused too, a sound of exhale, along with a small moan came out of his mouth involuntarily. Pushpa looked at him. Anil too looked at her. Pushpa don’t know what’s going on down there, she just said, “Careful Anil, is chutney spicy?”. Anil replied, “Umm I think, I got a chilly. It’s ok. Not that spicy though”, took the glass of water and had a sip. “Hmm, ok, eat slowly Anil”, smiled Pushpa at Anil, while still rubbing Sid’s cock. She had slid her hand inside Sid’s pants and storking it inside. Sid is looking at Kajal’s boobs and squeezing Pushpa’s boob. And his cock is getting bigger and bigger in Pushpa’s hand. Kajal on the other side is getting hornier with Anil’s cock. She wanted to suck it now. But she also know she can’t surrender to Anil so soon. They are still talking in indirect speech referring to carrots, idly and all. She desn’t want to succumb to him and also want to suck that cock. The desire is getting intense. She finally stroked that cock fast and hard one final time and got up. “Guys, I’m done. I’ll go get some sleep now. Please don’t disturb me until noon”, said Kajal and left the dining table.
This surprised Sid, he was having a good time staring at her round boobs and all of a sudden she left. Kajal washed her hands in the wash basin and is walking towards her bedroom. Sid said to Pushpa, “Do you think she saw us?”, in worry. “Uhm, I don’t know. Did she? Why did she leave like that?”, Pushpa exclaimed back, she has already removed her hand from Sid’s pants. Sid too has left Pushpa’s boob. Sid said, “Arh!! Hope she did not find us. Wait, let me go and confirm with her”, and he too left the table. By the time Sid washed his hands and reached her bedroom, door was already closed and she is inside.
Suhas grabbed Kajal as soon as she got inside. Raj locked the door and said, “You are not getting out this time bitch”. Kajal is pinned onto the wall and Suhas is squeezing her boobs, “Ummm.. mmmhh. How long will you take to eat, Kaju aunty, we are hungry too here.” Kajal was already fully aroused, she is enjoying those squeezes, she closed her eyes and just left her boobs to him. Raj observed that happiness in her face, he too joined them, saying, “Dude, look at her face, looks like her hunger is not fulfilled yet”. Suhas saw her face and said, “Ah yes bro. She is enjoying us. Her actual hunger is for our cocks. Nothing else can fulfill that hunger. Come on take out your cock”. Raj unzipped his pant and took the cock out. Kajal detected the smell of cock and immediately opened her eyes and took hold of that cock. She is getting crushed by Suhas and Kajal is crushing Raj’s cock. “Aaaaahh.. yess Kajuma”, moaned Raj as he moved closer to her, kissing on her face.
Suhas removed her pallu and started crushing those melons. Caressed them harder. Kissed on the boob flesh, “Muuuaah”. Kajal is moaning too, as Suhas kept sucking her boobs, she is pulling Raj’s dick closer and upwards, as if she wants to suck that cock. He mouth is slightly open, exhaling warm breaths on Raj’s face. Raj then kissed her on lips, sucking those wet juicy lips, “ummmm mmmmhhh”, Kajal’s saliva is bursting out, Raj is in no mood to waste even a single drop. He kept kissing hard, while making sure he is slurping in all her saliva. Both moaned in ecstasy. Suhas said, “Dude, there is another spot where you’ll get a better taste of juices”, and winked. “Aaahan, I know what you are saying,” replied Raj with a naughty smile. Suhas then slid one of his hands inside Kajal’s saree from the navel. Thumb playing in the navel-hole and all four finger trying to reach the pussy inside. Raj helped him by looseing the saree there. Suhas then reached Kajal’s pussy, touched it. It’s medium hairy, he intruded those bushes and inserted a finger in the holy grail. Kajal screamed, “Fuuuuucccck”. Raj said, “Bro, I think you hit the G-Spot”. Suhas stopped his finger wherever he is and just started rubbing on the same spot. Kajal screamed, moaned louder with her body shaking.
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Suhas: Ah damn yes, I did find the right spot dude.
Raj: Is it wet buddy?
Suhas: Oh yes, very much.
Raj: Ahh the nectar is oozing I see.
Suhas: That is what I was talking about. This tastes a lot better than the juices you’re sucking now.
Raj: Can’t wait to suck them.
Raj kneels down in order to taste the love juices from her pussy. But Kajal is not leaving his cock. She held it tightly.
Kajal: Raj, noo.. I want to suck you first.
Raj: Hahaha. bro, look at this.
Suhas: Let me correct her.
Suhas opened up a hook and sucked right on her nipple. “yummm aummhhh”, then he took her areola in between teeth and bit her hard. Kajal gave out another hard moan and left Raj’s cock to hold Suhas’s head. Raj then quickly knelt down and spread her legs. The saree is not completely off, it is just loosened. He went inside her saree from between the legs. He could see her pussy covered a little with pubic hair, and the juices dripping out of the hole, making that hair wet. He then placed his fingers on the vagina and startred spreaded the lips. He is excavating the hole. He found out where exactly Suhas is rubbing and signalled him to remove the hand now. Suhas removed his hand and kept sucking her boobs with two hands crushing them. Raj took his tongue out and licked the exact same spot with his tongue. He tickled her, pierced the spot with his tongue’s tip. Juices kept secreting from inside. He sucked those juices in intervals. Kajal is in euphoria.
All of them suddenly heard a door knock. Kajal responds, “Who is it?” while still having the boys suck her. “It’s me mom. Sid.”, shouts Sid from outside.
Kajal: Told you to leave me alone for some time na.
Sid: Yeah, but is everything ok?
Kajal: Yes Sid. All okay. Just want to relax for some time.
Sid: Hmm. I still doubt you mom. Something is not alright. It’s your birthday and why do you want to be alone in the room?
Kajal: Siddhu kanna, it’s nothing like that. I’m alright. Just got little tired.
Sid: Tired? What are you tired of, in the morning?
Kajal: It’s.. it’s..
Sid: Leave all that. First of all open the door. What’s so private to lock your door when it’s only you and me in the house?
Kajal: Not about privacy Sid. Jus.. just.. Raj shoved his entire tongue inside her pussy and eating it. Ahhhhh.. Umm just that I need to..
Sid: Mom what are you doing? What are those sounds? Is it you?
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Suhas completely filled his mouth with Kajal’s boob and Raj is suffocating in between her thighs. 
Kajal: Sid, please. Why are you asking so many questions. Just leave me alone for sometime.
Sid: Mom, I don’t want to trouble you. All I want is to make sure you are happy and fine. Especially on your birthday.
Kajal: I understand Sid. I am telling you na, I’m alright.
Sid: Okay, aleast open the door and show yourself once. You are talking all this while just by standing at the door. Why not open it for a moment.
Kajal is in no position to open the door. Her pallu is dropped, blouse with two opened hooks. Saree loosed on the bottom half and two hungry lion cubs sucking on her. 
Sid: Mom? There?
Kajal: Haa kannaa.. I am. Just a minute.
Kajal requested Suhas to pause for a moment, “Suhas, give me one minute please. We’ll sort this Sid thing and continue again”. Raj still sucking her pussy, Suhas stopped sucking but boobs still in hands. Kajal is pushing Raj’s head downwards, trying to stop him too. Raj lifted her saree and peeked head outside, “What happened, Kajuma?”. “Raj, your friend Sid is not leaving me, just give a break for one minute. Let me see what he wants and come back”, replied Kaju like an innocent child. Raj then said, “No.”, and got inside the saree again, sucking the pussy lips, “umm.. just show your face from the door, that enough, yumm aummm”. Kajal again moaned and displayed her pleading face to Suhas, “Suhas, at least you understand me please.” Suhas then agreed and left Kajal. Allowed her to hook her blouse and put her pallu back. He adjusted her hair a little. She is all ready on the top. Just as when she is thinking she is ready, Suhas pushed her towards door, made her turn around and lean on the door. Raj adjusted himself on the floor accordingly, indulged in drinking all the sweet nectar mixed with sweat. Suhas lifted her saree up from the back. Smacked her thick round ass cheek with his hand once, “Phaaaaattt”.
Kajal got dumbfounded, “Arrhhhh”.
Sid: What’s that sound mom?
Kajal: Noth.. nothing Sid, I’m coming, just be right there.
Sid: Where are you? In Mumbai Red Light area? How long to open a simple door?
Kajal: Siddhu. Mind your words. I said I am coming.
Raj giggled listening to that. He started biting her insides. Kajal controlled her moan this time, by biting her lower lip. Suhas removed his pants and took his hard cock out. He placed his cock on her butt and then said, “Now you can open the door. Show as much as you want”. Kajal bent forward a little leaning onto the door, she unbolted and opened the door very little and showed her face to Sid. 
Sid from the other side: Mom??
Kajal: What?
Sid: Are you playing hide and seek? Open the door fully.
Kajal: Kanna, I can’t. The door is stuck.
Sid: Lol what?
Kajal: Is it stuck, I am trying.
Suhas is squeezing her butt and started poking in her asshole. He spit on the hole and shoved the saliva into the hole with his thumb, making way easier for the cock. 
Sid: Let me help. Pushes it from outside.
Kajal: Pushes it in reverse, It’s not coming Sid, leave it.
Sid: Hmm.. so strange.
Kajal: Leave it Kanna. Tell me, what you want?
Sid: What else mom. Just want to make sure you are alright.
Kajal: I am perfectly alright Sid. Suhas inserted his cock tip into the asshole. Kajal jerked a little and continued, My aaasss.. ass.. As As I said earlier, I am all good Sid.
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Sid: Hmmm.. Let me come inside mom. I’m not feeling good if you are spending time alone on this special day.
Kajal: What is it Sid? Are you being naughty again?
Sid: Not just that mom. Want to cuddle with you sometime.
Kajal: That is what I meant by naughty.
Sid: What can I do? You left me in the middle in the morning.
Kajal: So, that is the matter. You don’t have love on me. You only want my body?
Sid: What? Shut up mom! How can you say that? If I had only lust on you, I would have fucked you right then. But I waited. I repected your choice to come later.
Suhas inserted his cock more into the asshole. Held her by waist with two hands, smoothly shoved his cock in. 
Kajal: Aaaah! Again.. again you are talking dirty to me.
Sid: I’m just saying how it would have happened if I had only lust on you.
Kajal: But Sid, look where this is going. Where did this lust come from? You first said it was all because of your girlfriend.
Sid: Hmmm..
Kajal: Now you don’t speak about her at all. You are simply getting attached to me. Physically. That’s not good.
Sid: May be true mom. Anyway my girlfriend would be gone by now. School is over and none of us met after. All students got dispersed.
Raj inserted his biggest finger in Kajal’s pussy, saying, “But not us, Sid. Not us”. Suhas continued, “We are not dispersed and even more attached to this magnet now”, starting to fuck her.
Kajal: If your girlfriend is gone, then your lust should transfer to another girl. Not to your mom?
Sid: Mom, can you at least show me your full face.
Kajal: Opens the door a little and shows her face out, her neck and breasts area are too visible now. Ahhh, this is all I can pull the door.
Sid: Comes closer and touches her face. Umm this is enough for now. I’ll call a carpenter later.
Kajal: Okay, but listen. You should stop looking at me like that?
Sid: Like what mom? I see you as mom. Only as my mom. Nothing else.
While fingering hard in her pussy, Raj bends his head out between the thighs and says to Suhas, “Dude, see. This is pure incest. Sid wants to fuck her as a MOM, nothing else it seems”. Suhas gave a tough 3 strokes in her butthole and laughs, “hahaha, just as we thought. And sexy”.
Kajal: Then why are you getting physical with me?
Sid: Coz I love you mom, Lowers his hand towards neck and places it on left boob.
Kajal: Tries to move away but that made her ass hole take the cock deeper but nothing more than that. Ugghh! This kind of love is not good. It’s a taboo, Sid.
Sid: Momma, I don’t understand taboo and all. I just have immense love on you. He is now pushing his fingers inside her blouse. Kajal resisted by holding his hand. But Sid isn’t stopping.
Kajal: Siddhu.. ahhh. You are.. making your mom horny.
Sid: If that is what it makes, I am okay with it. Pushes his fingers inside more and grabs her melon. So, no bra on birthdays too?
Kajal: Shh! You are talking about my body, my innerwears. Do you understand what you are doing and where this is going?
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Suhas: It’s going deep, bitch. Isn’t it? Hahaha. Suhas pushed his cock deeper and pinched one of her asscheeks.
Raj: Bro, how is our whore’s hole? Tight or loose? Holding both her thighs in hands and digging the pussy with tongue.
Suhas: It’s too tight, dude.
Raj: That’s unexpected. I thought she had lots of affairs already looking at her cock-thirst.
Suhas: haha, true. But surprisingly this one looks like it took a cock only once. Uhmm ahmm uhhh Fucks her by squeezing her waist.
Raj: Ahh uh. ummhh Bro, you are hitting me with your strokes. Kajal’s pussy is bashing his face with each stroke in the ass.
Sid: Mom, why are you shaking a lot? Pulls her boob out and bends to taste them.
Kajal: Arh uff ah uhmm.. It’s beca. because.. you are arousing me Sid. uhmm. It’s obviously because her two holes are being sandwiched behind the door.
Sid: Just by touching them? opens his mouth and tastes her boob flesh. Licking it with full tongue by pulling closer. 
Kajal: Uhmm.. Sid.. ahh this is so wrong!!
Sid: Oh should I take out the nipple too? Pulls the boob entirely out of blouse and then tastes nipple. Yummmmhh
Kajal: Noo.. ufff not this. I mean this only. arhh how should I say ! This entire act is wron..
Sid: Doesn’t let her finish by quickly taking the nipple into his mouth and sucking it. Mmmmmhh ummhh aummhh
Kajal: Ah fuck! I can’t believe my son is sucking my tits. What Is Happening? Aaaaah!
Raj: Ahh yess ummh.. the juices are not stopping bro. I am rock hard down under. Uahh!
Suhas: Ha Ha, I can see it. Fucking hard!
Raj: Yeah, I want to fuck this bitch now. Started stroking cock with one hand and licking all the left over juices that ran across the thighs.
Sid: Yumm mom, this feeling is so good ! aaahh sucking your boobs.
Kajal: But this is an ultimate taboo, son. Her legs are shivering. Ass started paining with Suhas’ strokes.
Sid: Last night, I gave a very good gift to you. A nice saree and mouthful of my juices.
Kajal: That’s not your gift to me! That is my gift to you, to blow your cock.
Sid: Hehe, Okk. So, did you not like it when you are giving me that? With one hand holding the boob while sucking and another hand is opening his zip and pulling the boner out.
Kajal: Ahh, what’s that? Don’t! Don’t open that now!!!
Sid: Just answer my question mom? Did you like it or not when you are sucking THIS. Pulls his dick completely out and points at it while saying THIS.
Suhas: What’s happening Raj? Did Sid just say that Kajal sucked his cock???
Raj: Err.. yee eaaah. Sounds like that. Raj knew that kajal doesn’t want Suhas to know about that.
Kajal: She too felt faceplamed knowing that Suhas now knows what Sid has done to her. Okay. Sid, enough talking and enough seeing me. Now close everything and go to your room.
Sid: What happened mom suddenly? Are you getting uncontrolled looking at my ‘thing’?
Kajal: No, this is too much now. Just go to your room.
Sid: Mom, one suck please?
Kajal: Shut up Sid. This is not good manners!
Suhas: Immediately spanks her ass hard and rams his cock fiercely into her ass. Just listen to poor kid, bitch. Why are you being stubborn. Hahaha
Raj: Brooo.. slowly. My face is all smashed with her pussy juices. Your every storke is hitting me!
Suhas: Lol. That’s okay. Aren’t you enjoying that. Uhmmm Spanks on the other side now. Phaaatttt!
Sid: But you accepted it before. Why not now?
Kajal: Ahh damn it! aaahhh pleaaase Sidddd.. Ammaaahh!! She’s shaking violently with all the bashing from the back. But she is also trying to stand still by holding door with a hand and wall with another. 
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Sid: Mom, seriously? Is everything alright or not? You are not being yourself today. Sucks her nipple by taking it all in. Ummmmhhh. Am I hurting you?
Kajal: How do I tell you? Arrhh. Okay. I will suck you now and then you should not speak a word after that.
Sid: Wow! Super.
Kajal: Promise me that you’ll go immediately after that.
Sid:  Pulls her hand from the wall and places it on his cock. Cock Promise, mom.
Kajal: With half support gone, she leans on to the wall and edge of the door, her right boob completely out of the blouse and hanging out from the gap. Just give that prick to me. Grabs Sid’s cock and violently strokes it.
Sid: Uhmm yeaahh. Aaaah this is what you really are, mom! Places one hand on top of her head and pulls her down to his cock level. This made her take two steps back and bend more. Her ass hole got wider.
Suhas: Ah wow! I should have let her suck him earlier. This is getting better. Spanks her butt cheek with one hand, squeezes it hard, pulls it up, while continuing his penetration in that butthole.
Kajal bends downward and opens mouth to take Sid’s cock in. Sid gave a kiss on her forehead while she’s bending. One hand is holding her boob, another on her head, fingers rolling through her thick hair. Kajal started taking the cock in. Licked it with full tongue out. “Aaahhh, I love you mom!”, moaned Sid. Kajal took his cock inside now, started sucking. “Ummm ahh sluuurp aumm sssss aaaahhh”, Kajal made sounds as she kept sucking her own son’s cock. This turned on Raj and Suhas more. Raj stood up and grabbed her another boob from behind. One boob in Sid’s hand and other boob in Raj’s. Each on either side of the door. Suhas is fucking Kajal fiercely. Raj started giving dick slaps on her jumping bums. Sid pushed her head more and more to shove the cock deeper. It reached her uvula (small tongue). Kajal is gagging. Raj pinched her boob with anger and huge urge that he is left out. His cock is not packed by any hole, though the pussy is just an inch away. But Kajal is not in correct position to fill that hole. And within couple of minutes of intense sandwiching by Suhas and Sid, both ejaculated at once. Suhas in the asshole and Sid in her throat. Kajal felt exhausted and just simply gave up sucking anymore. Sid cum drops are dripping out from her lips. She closed her eyes and just murmered in pain, “Sid.. ummm now please go to your room”. Sid lifted her face up by chin, he scooped up the dripping drops with his cock back to her mouth and then lifted her face fully up and kissed her on cheek, “You are my sweetest mom, Muuuah”. “Ummm, I know kanna. And I love you too”, replied Kajal with cum in her mouth. “You look so tired, mom. I can help you. Can I get in. You look like you need physical support”, said Sid while pushing the boob back into the blouse and hooking it. “No no. Don’t come now. Umm I mean. I am alright. I can take care.”, said Kajal coming back to senses after realising that there are two fuckers inside the room. “Hmm.. okay then, will leave it you. I’ll go to my room. And happy birthday once again. Muah!”, said Sid and left the place. After confirming that he is completely gone, she tunred around to get inside and close the door. Just then, she felt a new dry cock lodging into her cumfilled asshole!
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