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==== Recap ====
Sid lifted her face up by chin, he scooped up the dripping drops with his cock back to her mouth and then lifted her face fully up and kissed her on cheek, “You are my sweetest mom, Muuuah”. “Ummm, I know kanna. And I love you too”, replied Kajal with cum in her mouth. “You look so tired, mom. I can help you. Can I get in. You look like you need physical support”, said Sid while pushing the boob back into the blouse and hooking it. “No no. Don’t come now. Umm I mean. I am alright. I can take care.”, said Kajal coming back to senses after realising that there are two fuckers inside the room. “Hmm.. okay then, will leave it you. I’ll go to my room. And happy birthday once again. Muah!”, said Sid and left the place. After confirming that he is completely gone, she tunred around to get inside and close the door. Just then, she felt a new dry cock lodging into her cumfilled asshole!
==== Recap ====
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That was Raj as expected. He dipped his cock in that cum tub and gave smooth strokes. The relaxed Kajal just got pumped up again. She closed the door and held the handle with two hands. Suhas came to her front with his flaccid cock in hand rubbing the final drops on her face. She had cum of Sid already in her mouth and Suhas pushed his cock in her mouth. Kajal sucked the blend tiringly while getting her ass rammed second time for the day. Kajal moaned, “Mmm ummmm.. please stop fucking in my ass. It’s paining”. But Raj isn’t stopping – he held her waist by one hand and hair by another and gave fierce pushes into the ass. She cried with pain, cum drops started slipping from her lips as she did that. She is getting exhausted, hands can’t hold anything properly. Suhas observed this and said, “Dude, looks like this woman will faint. God knows how long has it been for her to take a cock in her ass. Haha. Let’s move her to bed”. Raj thought for a moment, he know that Anil had her asshole before they two and it’s not so long ago, yet he replied, “Haha, you think bitch isn’t gonna take cocks for too long! Hmm.. lets get her to bed”, moving her towards bed and all three of them climbed onto bed, Raj still holding his cock in her ass hole, “May be we should train her. Like two cocks at a time”, completed Raj. “What! That would be awesome. A threesome”, said Suhas while lying on the bed, unhooking Kajal’s blouse again. “Bro, not threesome as you are thinking, I mean a double penetration. Two cocks at a time, in Same Hole”, said Raj as he shoved his meat back into the ass hole surrounded by reddish white swollen ass cheeks.
Suhas took out the big stiff boobs out of blouse and started sucking them – one after the other, said, “Yumm.. mmm.. oh that’s what you mean! aumm yess mmm.. we have to make her holes… slurrrp.. bigger”. Half cum from her mouth fell on floor and the other half is swallowed. Raj rammed her ass by holding one of her hands, “Uhh yesss.. There’s no one else that can fuck this bitch. It should be us. Forever. So we should give her the best”, said Raj and eventually he too cummed in her hole. Thick white liquid overfilled her hole and is dripping out. Then he turned her around, making her face the roof. Her saree is all pulled apart like just a cloth covering her at few spots. Raj then took her right boob and started sucking it. Suhas is immersed in sucking her left melon. Both had their turns of fucking her in the ass and are now enjoying her boobs as dessert. Kajal can cleary feel the pain in her back hole, she can still feel those movements. She is all exhausted but the boys are still feeding on her mammaries. The poor pussy could only get a tongue this morning.
Pushpa: Hey Anil, what do you think has happened to Kajal madam today. Asked while doing dishes in the kitchen
Anil: What are you talking about? Enquired back with a troubled mind, standing there.
Pushpa: You have seen her at dining table. We were all having breakfast and suddenly she stood up and left. Doesn’t that look strange to you?
Anil: Err.. mm.. yeah, that was strange. Hmm but why do you care. It’s not our job.
Pushpa: It may not be the job but shouldn’t we be concerned? At least for being in same house. And moreover it’s her birthday.
Anil: Yeah but. I don’t know. He knows very well how good it felt when Kajal grabbed his cock under the table. May be.. some old memories stuck her.
Pushpa: What could be so disturbing?
Anil: Who knows Pushpa, we came to her life just few days back. We obviously cannot know about a lot of her past life.
Pushpa: Hmm.. should we ask her?
Anil: I think that’s a bad idea.
Pushpa: Or at least can we ask Sid?
Anil: Talking of Sid, I observed that you two are getting closer.
Pushpa: It’s Pushpa’s turn to hide secrets now. Umm. Amm.. closer? He is a nice kid. We became good friends.
Anil: Aaahan, that’s all?
Pushpa: That’s all, Anil. He is still 16 or 17. Don’t get your mind spoiled!
Anil: No no, I didn’t mean that. But that age is adolescent age. Anything can happen in adolescence. We should be extra careful while being with kids at that age.
Pushpa: I know. And I am being careful and good too. Just keep away those thoughts.
Anil: Okay okay. Cool.
Pushpa: And hey, you remember our chat on day one?
Anil: About?
Pushpa: About Kajal madam. About you getting horny for Kajal madam. 😉
Anil: Oops! Haha. Yeah, I remember that.
Pushpa: So, how is the progress?
Anil: What do you mean by progress? She is our owner. I cannot go and just have sex with her?
Pushpa: Lol, I didn’t say that. I was just asking if you got any chances of seeing her boobs, her ass. That kind of stuff.
Anil: Oh hehe.. I tried. It’s getting better. Same woman but when she is wearing some low-cut blouse or transparent saree, I can’t stop staring at her.
Pushpa: And drooling like a dog.
Anil: Hahah, you could say that too.
Pushpa: Well, you are a lucky man. Keep going, Anil. She is away from husband and maaaay be if fate is on your side, she may even spread her ass to you by herself.
Anil: Shocked for a moment, What did you say???
Pushpa: Chill, I was just teasing you. Haha. I am just saying that you can have an affair with her, might be a smaller one but definitely there’s a chance. So, good luck.
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Anil: Ohh.. Hmm Relaxed that she didn’t know that Kajal actually spread her ass by herself. Okay. Thanks for that. I’ll try my best, also I’ve to keep my job.
Puhspa: Haha, that’s there too.
Anil: Hey I forgot to ask. You went to hospital on that day with your baby, said that you got bitten by her on the nipple. And you didn’t return with the child. What happened?
Pushpa: Oh yeah, I had to keep the baby with my in-laws. They insisted me because it would be tough for me here doing all the chores and cooking. Fact: she insisted her in-laws to have the baby, to ease her job here with Sid. 
Anil: I see. Such a caring in-laws. Lucky you. And how is your er.. nipple?
Pushpa: Haa it’s fine. Not big wound but a harsh bite. So.. I had to get it checked with a doctor. My baby is starting to get teeth na. Children feel huge urge of biting things when they get their first teeth. Fact: The previous night Sid sucked her boobs so hard that he had to bite the nipple in thirst of getting milk. Her actual baby has got teeth many weeks ago.
Anil: Ohh Okay. Hope it’s better now.
Pushpa: Yeah, I’m good now. It is healing.
Anil: Alright then. And hey, let’s not disturb Kajal madam today. Whatever it is, let her feel that alone. If need be, Sid will take care of his mother.
Pushpa: Okay, as you say. I’ll stay away too. But there are two young fuckers in the house to take better care of Kajal, thought to herself.
Kajal and the two kids slept for another 4 hours. It’s lunch time now. Kajal woke up again just like the morning, with two naked young boys on each side, with mouths salivating all over her boobs. She woke up silently from the bed. Didn’t want the boys to wake up. She had another bath and wore a new saree. While she was getting dressed up, all the memories of her previous saree getting spoiled flashed in her mind. Mermories of the boys fucking her ass. She is having best days of her life. Or rather the best days of her sex-life. But on the dark side, it is happening with wrong men. She is yet to face her biggest fear – having sex with her own son, Sid. She wanted sex so desperately at begining. But realising that her own son is having feelings on her, has put her into difficult situation. She has to subdue his feelings and at the same time she craves for sex. The moment she sees Sid’s cock, a naughty, careless, kinky thought tickles her everytime. She couldn’t regulate herself, she gets attracted to it. May be more because it is her blood that’s flowing though his veins. Sid is Kajal’s own bloodline. Even so, she is partly proud as she is the one who brought him up. It’s a very confused state for Kajal. But she know there is a brighter side to all what’s happening lately, she is happy to have met Raj and Suhas. Though they always show up in unusual timings and put her in tight, tense situations, she enjoys those memories. The pleasure they give is worth tolerating all that. And with all these thoughts in mind, looking at the beautiful smile of her reflection in the mirror, she got ready in grand new saree. She tied her hair up as a bun this time. With a slightly heavy-worked earrings and a matching dot between her eyebrows made her look pitch perfect woman.
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Suhas and Raj woke up after few minutes, they found a note on the bed. It read, “Get dressed and go to your homes. We’ve had enough fun. My birthday couldn’t get any better without you two. Now please leave me to Sid. I am not in house. See you guys later”. Both of them qucikly got dressed and got out of room. Searched for Kajal and Sid, could not find them. Then they searched in the garden and found Pushpa watering plants. They enquired Pushpa about Kajal, she told them that Sid took her out, they are going to spend some time with each other and then have dinner at a retaurant. Raj asked them about their returning time and what place they went to. Pushpa has no answer to any of those. With nothing to do, they both started back to their houses.
Sid is driving and Kajal is beside him on the front seats.
Sid: Thank you so much for coming out with me mom.
Kajal: That’s fine Siddhu. Don’t mention it.
Sid: I have had so many plans for you last night but I slept off like an irresponsible idiot after that “thing” you did to me.
Kajal: Haha.. that is the magic in it.
Sid: It was awesome but spoiled all my plans. So, I decided to spend time completely with you now.
Kajal: My sweet sugar. I am always with you. Smiled at Sid. She looked like an angel to him.
Sid: Maa, where do you want to go?
Kajal: Upto you, Sid. Your plans. Your mom. Take me wherever you want to go.
Sid: You are in a very good saree, and those jasmines on your bun, ahh such a festive vibe. How about a temple to get you blessed?
Kajal: Umm. You like me in these? Freshly grown and sown in our own garden. Pushpa made these.
Sid: Is it! They are beautiful mom. Especially because they are on you. So is the temple okay for you?
Kajal: Should be fine. But behave yourself okay. It is a holy place.
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Sid: Hehe. Sure mom. I have had my quota of naughtiness in the morning itself. Indicating of the blowjob she gave from behind the door. 
Kajal: Shu.. Don’t get that thing erect now again thinking of all that.
Sid: Mom, I think it’s happening again.
Kajal: I said No. Don’t think of it.
Sid: The more you say, the more it gets to it. Smiles naughtily at her.
Kajal: Acting as if she is uninterested, Then I’m not coming to temple with you. Took a small peek at his pants. He had a small boner.
Sid: What? No, please. I’m not doing it on purpose.
Kajal: Then stop it. I can see the bulge already.
Sid: Did you?? Did you see?
Kajal: Err.. I didn’t. Uhm. I mean. I saw.. but not with that intent.
Sid: Haha, tell me mom, you won’t accept it but you wanted to see it, right?
Kajal: It’s not like that. I just don’t want this to go far and put all of us in difficult situation.
Sid: Hmm.. it won’t be that difficult if it happens occasionally. And secretly.
Kajal: Nothing is going to happen secretly. “If I let you start doing things secretly, you would definitely get addicted to fucking me”, thought to herself, And you are behaving yourself today. That’s all.
Kajal: Oww, okay okay. Don’t get stubborn. I don’t like your mood to be spoiled. Fine, I’ll try to keep it down. Rubs his cock by himself over the pants. Kajal saw it but with face still facing forward.
She has been in a pleasant mood for a while but that bulge in Sid’s pants made her hornier again. She is well fucked last night, with clamps and chains but today it was only her ass. Her pussy is itching. She wants a cock in her vagina now. Raj has tickled it, sucked it so well in the morning. She got teased with the soft tongue a lot but that only raised the hunger for a cock. Thinking of all this, her nipples started to become erect. She don’t want to hint Sid anything, so she quietly slid her left hand under pallu and started caressing the nipple over the blouse. Her elbow is out of car on the door window. This went on for couple of minutes. She kept squeezing her own boob, and looking at Sid’s cock every so often. That is the only cock available for her now. But the bulge is cooled down anyway now. She is unhappy with that.
Kajal: Sid, what about that girl you were saying?
Sid: What girl mom?
Kajal: The Girlfriend, who made you uncomfortable in the initial days.
Sid: Ohh!! Mom. I think I told you about it.

Kajal: You told that she is never seen again after this COVID lockdown. I get it, but are you okay with it?

Sid: Okay in the sense?
Kajal: I mean, are you not feeling bad or sad that she left?
Sid: Not really. I think I found a new woman and definitely a 100 times better woman for me.
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Kajal: “Ah!! There you go. You are coming back to me”, she smiled a little. Don’t say it is me!
Sid: Haha, how can I hide the truth. IT IS You, mom.
Kajal: You can love me. I can understand that. But Sid, you cannot tell me that I’m the woman for you. She is looking at Sid’s cock area, checking if he’s getting a boner again.
Sid: Meh! I have heard this 100 times by now. But I cannot change my stance.
Kajal: Why is that?
Sid: Because, you are really my woman, mom. I don’t wanna think if it is wrong or right. I just love you and I want you. saying this, he tunred towards her, looking with love and placing a palm on her thigh.
Kajal: The touch aroused her a little, she pressed her nipple harder. This love is so confusing. I want to say I love you too, but you will love me back like I’m your wife.
Sid: What’s so worrying in that if I love you that way. I am all a woman wants in a man and you are all a woman that a man wants.
Kajal: You are not a man yet. This is all adolescence doing this to you!
Sid: Mom, really? You are saying all this even after seeing my manhood? The topic is now tingling his cock. He adjusts the cock with one hand.
Kajal: Haha.. That thing takes its prime shape and size in this age only. Don’t get fooled by it that you are a grown up.
Sid: You are just trivializing it. You really like mine. I know it.
Kajal: “Ah fuck! Don’t say the truth so outwards”, thought to herself, pinching her boob even harder. I never said that. I always helped you in cooling that down.
Sid: That’s all?
Kajal: That’s all.

Sid: This time adjusting his posture and pulling the zip open. That is all mommy?

Kajal: Sid, what are you doing? Stop that.
Sid: I am just asking to accept truth. Not forcing anything, mom. He took Kajal’s right hand, gently caressed it with his hand, kissed her fingers. And placed it on the open zip. 
Kajal: Ahh Sid, you.. you have started it again. She reluctantly placed her hand there. She doesn’t want to show her hunger but her hand crept inside and started searching for cock. 
Sid: See mom, words can lie but not your actions. He placed his hand on her wrist gently holding it there. He slowed down the car and driving it in left lane.
Kajal: It’s because you are holding my hand tightly. She caught hold of his cock and rubbed it over underwear.
Sid: Oh! Tightly! Me! The tightness is on his cock. Definitely not on Kajal’s wrist.
Kajal: Err.. mmm. This is so big again. Her thirst grew with growing cock in her hand. She crept inside underwear and took hold of the bare meat.
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Sid: Mom, take it out and enjoy. You cannot do this again in the temple. I know you are craving for it.
Kajal: This fell like slap on her pervert face. Mmmmm.. Sid. I am not..
Sid: I think we will be there in another 10 mins.
Kajal immediately took his cock out and started stroking it. Sid slowed down the car completely and just steering it in 1st gear. Kajal is rubbing his cock with right hand and is pressing her nipple with left hand. Her gaze is stuck to the front, trying not to submit herself more to Sid. Her breath increased. Sid said, “Mom, hold it with two hands. You’ll get a better grip”. Kajal took her left hand from beneath the pallu and caught hold of the cock with that hand too. This made her turn towards Sid, exposing her cleavage to him. Sid saw that and extended a hand to touch her boobs. Kajal gave him a “No” look. Sid didn’t stop. She wants to stop him but her hands aren’t helping her. She is busy stroking the cock. She wiggled her torso so as to not let Sid touch her boobs. Sid laughed and said, “Haha, mom. You are making it easier for me”. Her wiggle made her pallu drop down. Now Sid has even better view. He immediately inserted his hand in the cleavage and started pressing the boobs. Kajal closed her eyes for a moment in response and enjoyed that squeeze. Sid continued playing with the boobs without saying anything. Kajal is now half bent onto Sid. She could smell the musky cock fragrance. With the slowing car, she slowly bent more to take that cock in her mouth. As the car slowed ever more and came to halt, just when she is about to taste it, she heard voices chattering outside the car. “Eww.. look at this shameless woman”… “Such an insult to the society”…. “…don’t have a minimum sense that this is a divine place”. Kajal is surprised and taken aback by those words. Sid closed both the door windows. Kajal then got up and sat upright in her seat with cock still in her right hand.
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