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==== Recap ====
Kajal is now half bent onto Sid. She could smell the musky cock fragrance. With the slowing car, she slowly bent more to take that cock in her mouth. As the car slowed ever more and came to halt, just when she is about to taste it, she heard voices chattering outside the car. “Eww.. look at this shameless woman”… “Such an insult to the society”…. “…don’t have a minimum sense that this is a holy place”. Kajal is surprised and taken aback by those words. Sid closed both the door windows. Kajal then got up and sat upright in her seat with cock still in her right hand.
==== Recap ====
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Kajal: What just happened?
Sid: With an innocent face, You tried to suck a cock in the temple parking lot.
Kajal: WTF! Did we arrive? Are we in the temple?
Sid: Uh umm.
Kajal: Why did you not say it?? Arrhh. I became a slut infront of everyone.
Sid: Haha.. chill mom. No one saw your face.
Kajal: Whatever. You should have told me. She left his cock and Sid tucked it back in.
Sid: You are worried because you got caught or…..
Kajal: or what?
Sid: Or is it because you didn’t get to taste it. 😉
Kajal: Ahh! Shut up, Sid. It’s not like that. I just got surprised and embarassed.
Sid: Haha, you never agree! It’s okay. Let’s go. We might get late, sun’s almost setting.
Sid parked the car, Kajal adjusted her saree back and both got out and are walking into the entrance. Kajal is looking like a perfect Goddess from the outside. Her mind and body is full of lust, though. She was craving for a cock in her pussy since morning. Few moments ago, she was almost about to suck a cock but that got failed too. Her thirst for cocks is soaring. She gave fake smiles to everyone she faced, trying to to hide her longing face. Coconut vendors are calling from a side.
Sid: Maa.. I think we need a pack of them.
Kajal: Haa.. just buy a coconut and few flowers. I’ll wait here.
Sid went aside to purchase them. Kajal is standing there alone. This is the first time after many days she is coming out. It was in March that she last went out, that was to school to enquire about Sid’s friendship. It’s tense moment for her to see so many men around her. She is just waiting there looking around the masculinity. Though they are all there for some divine time, Kajal’s glimpse is making them take a look at her inadvertently and they could not stop there. Some males had a longer stares, some at her ass, some at her bosoms. She thought of covering her waist by wrapping her pallu around the back but she is not so devout as she looks. Didn’t care to cover, she flaunted herself to the crowd.
“Hello, excuse me. You seem to be lost, are you?”, said a voice from behind up close to her ear. Kajal startled and turned back suddenly, his manly chest touched her tender back.
Kajal: Ahm.. sorry, who is this?
Man: I just came to visit temple. While I was walking back, I couldn’t help but notice you. You seem to be struggling, such confused face. Did you lose anyone?
Kajal: Oh amm.. actually no. I.. I am.. This man is muscular and is in early 30s. Well built and dressed in white cotton shirt and a dhoti. I am not lost. I came with my son. He is just buying flowers.
Man: Ah! Good to know. I just wanted to make sure you are alright. Hmm.. So, where is your son? How careless of him to leave you like this alone.
Kajal: Uhm sir, thank you for your concern. I think I am ok. My son must be here only. Pointed her hand to show Sid but then immediately swayed her hand like still searching. Ahh.. Siddhu.. he was here only. Where did he go?
Man: Where? Can you see him? Looking around along with Kajal.
Kajal: Sid is right in front of her eyes, still waiting in the queue, but Kajal is purposefully avoiding him. He was right here, sir. Oh no! Siddhu, where did you disappear! acting as if she lost him.
Man: You said you were all OK. Did you not keep track of your son? Kajal observed his concern and is acting worried. She slowly leaned onto him, placing a palm on his chest. While he is actively searching around for the teenager, she felt her rigid chest in her palm.
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Kajal: Sir, please help me. I am scared now. Where is my Siddhuu??
Man: Hey please don’t worry. We’ll find him. First, what’s your name?
Kajal: My name is Kajal. She is pretending to cry now. Please help me sir. I want my Siddhu.
Man: Ok look Kajal. Please control yourself. It won’t look good if you cry like this in the public with me. Please understand. Okay come, let’s first get you aside.
He took her to a corner in the arena. Under a big tree trunk, they both stood there, he is trying to find a teenager but there are many boys in that age. He couldn’t confirm exactly. Kajal has perfectly set up the trap. All she need now is a cock.
Kajal: Still with a fake cry face, Sir, what is your name. You came like a God’s help to my rescue.
Man: Nah, it’s ok Kajal. My name is Krishna. And try to bring yourself together. We’ll find your son soon. He consoled her in his arms.
Kajal: Thank you so much, Krishna sir.
Krishna: Haha.. you can call me Krishna. That will be fine.
Kajal: So, are you married Krishna?
Krishna: Yes I am.
Kajal: And where is your wife? Did you also lose your wife here?
Krish: No no. She is pregnant now. I come here to pray for her weekly. She is taking rest at home.
Kajal: Such a good husband! She must be very lucky.
Krish: That’s sweet of you. But hey, tell me. Do you have any pictures of your son? To identify.
Kajal: Coming back to fake cry face. Haa yes yes. I have them here in mobile. Here. She opens her phone and shows him a photo.
Krish: Ah come on! This is a 5 years kid photo. Show me some recent pic Kajal.
Kajal: She deliberately avoided recent pics and showed that old photo. Ahmmm.. I only have this one photo Krishna.
Krish: How can that be! Arh. It will be very difficult to find your son with this.
Kajal: What if we will just wait here and see. He will realise that he lost his mother come searching for us.
Krish: Umm.. that can work too.
Kajal: Yeah, let’s not go into that crowd again. I don’t want to lose another acquaintance.
Krish: Okay okay. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.
Kajal: So, how is your wife now? What month it is?
Krish: She is doing good Kajal. Her name is Tamanna. We are in fourth month.
Kajal: Tamanna. Nice name. It means “desire”.
Krish: Yeah, she is a beautiful woman. Most desirable. Haha.
Kajal: Desirable than me? She gave a small naughty smile at him.
Krish: Woah! Kajal, ahmm what do you mean?
Kajal: What do you call your wife? Any nickname?
Krish: Yeah. I call her Tammu. My sweet wifey.
Kajal: Nice. Call me Kaju. Kajal is becoming too formal.
Krish: Err. sure.. but are we that close yet?
Kajal: Moved closer to him, resting her face on his chest and one hand around waist. Are we not, Krish?
Krish: Now he knows this is going somewhere else. She is evidently advancing onto him but he doesn’t want to doubt her so quick. After all, this is not a club but a holy place, a temple. Ummm.. ok, until we find your son, Kajal.
Kajal: Call me Kaju, Krish. I will feel secure.
Krish: Okay okay sure. You are Kaju to me. Fine.
Kajal: Thank you so much. That feels good to me now. Now tell me, is your wife.. more desirable than me.. Krishna?
Krish: Kaju.. mmm. I.. I never saw you that way. In fact I didn’t even see YOU you at all. I cannot answer it.
Kajal: Oh haa.. I get it. You didn’t see ME me yet. Not a problem. I will let you FEEL me. Then answer my question.
Krish: Feel you? You mean?
Kajal: This! She pressed her boobs against his chest while hugging from a side. Her big boobs protruded out of blouse on the top, giving Krish a fleshy view of it. Those spongy boobs press created a mood for him.
Krish: Ahhhh! Kaju. What are you doing? This.. this is wrong.
Kajal: Just asking for an opinion Krishna. Eased her press and just maintaining the touch.
Krish: Yeah but.. see.. we are not in the correct place. We cannot be doing all this here.
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Kajal: Aaahan. So the problem is with place. Winked, Not with me, doing this. Good.
Krish: No No. I don’t mean it that way.
Kajal: Relax Krish. You got a very tricky name. You know what I mean, Chilipi Krishna 😜
Krish: Shh.. Krishna doesn’t always mean that I can have many women. People have to stop taking granted for what that name means.
Kajal: I didn’t say you should HAVE many women. It just means you are capable for attracting many women.
Krish: Not a big difference, though.
Kajal: And I am certainly attracted to you. Primarily because of your helping nature.
Krish: Kaju.. you are making this tough for me.
Kajal: Yes, I need that thing to be tough. Hard. Solid. She slowly moved her hand from his chest to belly and even downwards. 
Krish: Ah! 😮 Kaju.. what the! Hey.. what are you doing? He wants to stop her but those boobs pressing continuously onto him, is not letting him to resist much.
Kajal: Just the right thing. I’ll take care of it. I am juuusst seeing how HARD it is for you to have me.  She moved her hand over to dhoti and touched his cock. It is semi hard, packed inside the underwear. The moment she touched his cock, her vagina expressed the thirst by salivating few drops of love.
Krish: Kaju.. mmm.. this is so wrong. We both will be in huge trouble if we get caught. Please stop this Kaju. I love my wife Tammu. I can’t betray her.
Kajal: But you said you’ll wait with me till my son finds me. Aren’t you gonna help me? Stay with me? She held that cock in her fist completely. 
Krish: Ahh fuck!! You are out of control Kaju. What’s happening to you. Your words and actions are not concuring.
Kajal: Krish, you see, there is mangalsutra on me. I am married woman too. You are not alone in this mistake. She released the grip and this time she went thought the dhoti folds and slid her palm directly into the underwear. She caught hold of the bare meat.
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Krish: Ufff!! Oh my god!!
Kajal: I should say that. Oh my fucking God. Such a hard cock you have!
Krish: Ahh gosh! Kaju. You are really in some mood. Can we atleast go to a secluded place. You are irresistable but we might get caught.
Kajal: How will my son find me if we hide. She started rubbing the cock. It’s growing in size. Krish placed his hands on Kajal’s waist. He squeezed it in sync with her squeezes in the underwear.
Krish: This is crazy! Ahmm.. You.. you are crazy!! You want to have my cock and also you want your son to find us!! Are you out of your mind?
Kajal: It will be over soon if you just cooperate Krish. I have just one Tamanna.
Krish: One Tamanna?
Kajal: Yes, one “desire”.
Krish: Ah that Tamannaah!
Kajal: Yes, please fulfil that one wish and I will let you go.
Krish: Kaju, please I cannot fulfil any wishes here. Give me your number at least. I’ll call you later and we can discuss about it.
Kajal: Fuck with discussions and all. I need some action. Just fuck me right now, Krish. Fuck me in my pussy. Pulled his foreskin completely down.
Krish: Has totally taken by awe looking at her slutty, horny expressions. Holy fuck! You don’t look like you’ll stop without that. Okay. Let’s do it. Lift your saree up. He held her with two hands on waist. Made her lean on the tree trunk. 
Kajal: Yaaay! Awesome. Now fill my thirsty hole with your mighty cock that impregnated a woman already. Kajal dropped her pallu down and held one of his hands and placed it on her boob. 
Krish: You are really a horny woman Kaju. He lifted her saree up and loosened his dhoti. Lowered his underwear and held his cock with one hand, storked it couple of times looking straight into Kajal’s slutty eyes. One hand firmly placed on the boob, squeezing the lust out of it. He then moved forward, cock touching the wet entrance. 
Just when he is about to push it inside, a loud voice said from the speakers, “Miss Kajal Aggarwal. Your son Sidharth Aggarwal is waiting with us near control room. Wherever you are, please come to the control room. Directions to the control room are pasted all over the temple. Your son has lost you. Please come to the control room if you hear this.”
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