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==== Recap ====
Kajal: Yaaay! Awesome. Now fill my thirsty hole with your mighty cock that impregnated a woman already. Kajal dropped her pallu down and held one of his hands and placed it on her boob. 
Krish: You are really a horny woman Kaju. He lifted her saree up and loosened his dhoti. Lowered his underwear and held his cock with one hand, storked it couple of times looking straight into Kajal’s slutty eyes. One hand firmly placed on the boob, squeezing the lust out of it. He then moved forward, cock touching the wet entrance. 
Just when he is about to push it inside, a loud voice said from the speakers, “Miss Kajal Aggarwal. Your son Sidharth Aggarwal is waiting with us near control room. Wherever you are, please come to the control room. Directions to the control room are pasted all over the temple. Your son has lost you. Please come to the control room if you hear this.”
==== Recap ====
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The announcement startled both Krishna and Kajal. Kajal looked at the direction from which the announcement came, but Krishna couldn’t stop, he shoved his cock inside her pussy with a moan. Kajal squealed like a puppy with that push. She held him firmly by his arms and said, “Ahhh, Krishnaa.. go on.. ummm”. Krishna kissed her throat and gave another shove into the sticky pussy. Her aroma is making him lose his moral senses. He gave another push, “Uhhhhhmmm yess”, moaned Kajal lustfully. A second announcement came, “Hello, Miss Kajal Aggarwal. Can you hear us? If yes, please come to control room. Your son is waiting”. This brought Kajal a little back to her senses. Krishna is still not giving up, she squeezed her waist and gave a couple of more thrusts. A third announcement came, “Mom, where are you? Please come to me, I’m worried mom. Please tell me you can hear this.” Sid’s voice in the loud speaker completely shook her. She knew she cannot continue this further. Her motherly instinct is resisting the cock inside her. She held Krishna by his arms and reluctantly said, “Krishna, I think I have to go. My son is waiting for me.” Krishna eased a bit and replied, “Don’t you want him to come and find us, err… I mean, find you.” Kajal held his balls in her palm and gently massaged, saying, “You’ve clearly got a naughty side in you. You’ve been hiding it, I know. But we can do this later, please slow down for now.” Krishna took his cock out of the pussy and dropped her saree down, his dhoti fell down too but cock is still standing out like a staff. Krishna said, “Alright, So where is beautiful mom from? How can I meet her again?” Kajal rubbed her cock for final time and covered it inside dhoti, Krishna tucked it inside underwear. Both are back to normal attire. “Having an affair with a married woman, that too a mom. Umm not bad Krishna”, said Kajal with a wink. “Hey, come on. Please don’t leave me without trace. Give me something”, Pleaded Krishna holding Kajal boob under the pallu. Kajal replied, “Shh.. you have taken my hole already. Follow the fragrance and catch me, Chilipi Krishna”. “Ah gosh! Don’t make me do that. This is big city. Please, give me your number at least”, Krishna pinched her nipple over the blouse while asking. “Ahhhhh, Alright, let me see how much you yearn for me. Wait for me until I come back”, replied Kajal and left him. Krishna was just standing there clueless, nothing else to do but wait.

Kajal walked back to the temple, following the directions all along. Her pussy was still sticky, she didn’t wear any panty. Her juices are flowing along the thighs from the honey pot, she could sense it. Her itch for the cock is not fulfilled yet. Though Krishna fucked her a while ago, that was not a satisfactory fuck. At every push, she heard an announcement about Sid. Her mind could not fully concentrate on the fuck. She finally reached control room and met Sid. There were staff around. She swiftly went and hugged her son. Both looked at each other in happiness and felt a little emotional. Sid wanted to ask about how she got lost but he was also little angry for a woman of such matured age being lost in the crowd. He subdued his questions and just kept it low as there were people around. Kajal was relieved for not having any attacks from son. Both of them quietly went inside the temple. Finished darshan. Had prasadam and came back. There were no talks about anything all the while they were inside. The divine atmosphere had kept them mum.

Kajal is in her seat, and Sid in his driving seat.

Sid: Put on your seat belt, mom.

Kajal: Yeah, doing it. You want  more coconut?

Sid: Taking coconut piece from her, Sure, but tell me now mom. Where did you go?

Kajal: This question reminded her of Krishna. She looked out from the window quickly. Krishna was standing there giving her, “You bitch” look. She turned back to Sid and said, Sid, Sid, just give me one minute. I forgot my phone inside.

Sid: What mom!! How did you lose your phone? Are you a kid? How careless you are!!

Kajal: Kissed him straight on his lips, Ummmah! Slow down kid. I know where I lost it. I was waiting under a tree for you. Give me one quick minute and I’ll be back with my phone.


Sid: Awestruck by her kiss, Umm… okaaay.

Kajal stepped out of car and walked briskly towards Krishna. Took him around the tree where Sid could not see them. She took his phone and entered her number in it. “Look, this is my number. Don’t call me. Just text me. I have a grown-up son in my home. You know what I mean”, said Kajal. Krishna acknowledged with a smile. While she began to leave, he held her hand to stop, a bangle broke. “Ah! Krishna.. what? What did you do?”, said Kajal. “Ouch, No no, I.. I just wanted a parting kiss. Umm, I don’t mean to.. do this..”, replied Krishna still holding her hand with broken bangle. Kajal turned back to him and gave a squeeze on his bulge under the dhoti, saying, “I’m not your wife to give kisses. Take this and leave me now”, said Kajal with a stern face and left him.

Kajal: See, in a jiffy. I’m back with my phone. said Kajal showing her phone to Sid, sitting in the car.

Sid: Ahmm okay. Starting the car. But what was that, mom?

Kajal: What was what?

Sid: The kiss!

Kajal: Oh haha. Then what? You are acting like a father to me. Ranting all at me.

Sid: Okay. But you could have just said something with words. The kiss was something else!

Kajal: Yeah, but mmm.. I know a single kiss would do what a thousand words can do.

Sid: Well, haha, it really did.

Kajal: I’m glad.

Sid: Umm.. so, what happened mom? Back in there. Did I lose you or you lost me?

Kajal: I don’t know Sid, all of a sudden, I didn’t see you around.

Sid: I was right there. I didn’t even move to next shop. By the time I turned around, you’re not there.

Kajal: I searched for you. I suddenly felt lost.

Sid: This is funny. You didn’t even get to control room first. I had to give the announcement. Where were you lurking?

Kajal: Each question is reminding her of Krishna’s fuck. Her thirsty pussy is asking for cock. I wasn’t lurking Sid. I don’t really know what happened. There was huge crowd around me.

Sid: Something is not right, mom. You are not as happy as you were when we started here.

Kajal: Obviously, I’m sad that I got lost. That’s all.

Sid: Okay, okay. If that is all, well and good. But don’t hide anything with me if there is anything else.

Kajal: Nothing like that Sid. I’ll always be open with you. Everything is alright. Hiding her small wound on the wirst. Also she slowly managed to throw the broken bangle out of the window.

Kajal and Sid drove back to home. There were no more discussions in the car. Kajal went to her room. Sid to his room. Sid took his phone out and was going through Kajal’s photos. One hand inside the pants and another scrolling through her photos. He liked all her saree pictures, yet he wants to see her naked. Or just with the jewellry. Her traditional attire always gives him the biggest turn on. Today’s temple visit made it clearer. He wanted to continue blowjob on his return journey, but he couldn’t.

Kajal in her bedroom is also alone. She lied on bed with saree still draped, nothing undressed. She kept thinking of Krishna. She opened her phone and kept checking her inbox. His cock was the one that pleased her after a long day. But that was just a tease and her quench grew more with that. She texted Raj and Suhas enquiring if they had reached home safe. They replied affirmative.

Kajal: Thank you so much for coming to my birthday.

Suhas: How could we miss that! You are our favorite bitch after all.

Raj: But that was uninvited party. Sid did not invite, it’s okay. At least you should’ve invited, Kajuma.

Kajal: Sid wanted to spend time with me alone. I didn’t want to spoil his mood. So..

Raj: What about your mood then? Will you be comfortable with Sid alone.

Suhas: Yeah, and that idiot already has feelings for you.

Kajal: Ah!! That would be tough, yes. That’s why I’m thanking you guys for coming and making it easier for me. God knows, he could have fucked me too, had you guys not visited.

Raj: And you would’ve loved that too! Isn’t it, horny mother?

Kajal: Ssh! Kajal slid one of her fingers into her pussy and started rubbing. I don’t know. It is still unclear to me.


Suhas: Look at this bitch bro. She is now “unclear”. At first, she was dead against it. She cried for Sid having feelings for her.

Raj: Haha, very clearly, she has now unleashed bitch inside her.

Kajal: Please, I am already struggling to decide if I should go for it or not. I may be bitch. But that is for you guys. Not for Sid.

Raj: Haa.. an innocent mother sucked her son’s cock while two bastards fucked her ass, right?

Suhas: Hahahahaha.

Kajal: increased her fingering pace, Guys, please. What could I’ve done in that situation? He started squeezing my tits and you are right behind me. I cannot reveal you guys. So, I had to suck his cock to get rid of him from there.

Suhas: But you liked it.

Raj: Damn sure she liked it. I heard all her moans and slurping while she is sucking.

Suhas: Bitch, you know what! Earlier in the day, we were thinking of having a threesome with you.

Raj: Dude, that’s not threesome. It’s foursome.

Suhas: Haa.. yes. Four people. Like.. me and Raj fucking your ass and mouth and Sid sucking your pussy.

Kajal: Woah! That’s never gonna happen.

Raj: It almost happened Kajuma. Suhas fucked your ass but me and Sid got exchanged. I sucked your pussy and Sid fucked your mouth.

Kajal: OMG! Haha that’s true! I didn’t realize.

Raj: Yes. Next time, I want your mouth and Sid should lick your pussy.

Kajal: Imagined Sid sucking her pussy and fingered more. Umm.. Sid would love the taste.

Suhas: Look at her bro. Bitch is already imagining the scene. She loves it. She loves to do with Sid but she doesn’t accept.

Raj: Haha.. very much. And dude, even with all three of us filling her holes, there would still be boobs left.

Kajal: Thought of Krishna and Anil, each sucking one boob. Aaaah fuck!

Raj: What happened Kajuma??

Suhas: Obviously she has been fingering all this while and I think this thought of orgy gave her chills.

Raj: Lol. Horny Kajuma always. We’ll use our hands bro, to keep her boobs occupied.

Suhas: Yes, good idea, we have 6 hands in total.

Kajal: Okay guys, this is too much to expect from a woman. Now wank your cocks and sleep. I’m going to sleep too.

She closed that group chat and kept refreshing inbox for message from Krishna. But she didn’t receive any new messages yet. Now the only available cock in the house is Sid’s. Sid’s cock is the most tasted cock for her. Subconsciously she is longing for that cock to enter her vagina, but she is not ready to accept that wholeheartedly yet. While she was running through all these thoughts, she heard a knock on the door. “Maa.. can I come in?” said the voice from outside. Kajal quickly removed her hand from pussy and adjusted her saree and said, “Come on in Sid”. Sid walked in and sat beside Kajal, leaning head on her shoulder.

Sid: Maa.. can I sleep here tonight?

Kajal: Sure kanna.. why not. Are you feeling alone there in your room? Petting his cheek.

Sid: Yeah, I have been living in that room alone for many years but don’t know why I’m feeling separated now.

Kajal: Hmm.. it’s okay. You can come here whenever you feel that way and leave when you are normal again.

Sid: I think it will never gonna be normal again. Staying here will be my new normal.

Kajal: But this is mom’s bedroom.

Sid: Yeah, My Mom’s bedroom na. Looking at cleavage and touching the boob over saree.

Kajal: You are getting there again.

Sid: Umm… should I not? removed hand and raised head looking into Kajal’s eyes. Also, you have an unfinished job. The blowjob did not happen in the car.

Kajal: That was for that moment only. You can touch me.. but you won’t stop with just there.

Sid: Why should I stop mommy, that’s what I am concerned about. It’s just you and me. What relation can be closer than mom and son?

Kajal: Took his hand and placed it on her boob, letting him fondle. I should have grown you up better. Mother-son relation is absolute best, agreed, but not for such things.

Sid: I know how tough it is for you to say all this. You are worried because I’ll grow up to a very bad boy if a son is allowed to make love to his mother. True?

Kajal: It’s not in our culture Sid. Yes, as you said it is my worry of your future, our combined future. Also I’m unable to completely accept it because of the society we are in and the cultures we follow.

Sid: Okay, so it’s not your personal resistance?

Kajal: Ummmm..

Sid: Tell me mom, I won’t touch you if you don’t like it. Removed hand from boobs.

Kajal Agarwal in Blue Saree 01

Kajal: I kind of like it, Sid. You are a man now. Healthy young man.

Sid: Well, I am a man now. Moreover, we have already done few things which are even unimaginable few days ago.

Kajal: Right. Took his hand and placed it on her boobs again. She dropped her pallu and gave him full view of fleshy boobs.

Sid: Mom, so I can touch you?

Kajal: Ummm.. you can Sid. Your mom too has feelings, cravings but.. but..

Sid: Cuddling her boobs, playing with her. These buts are always there! Just relax and let me please you.

Kajal: Loosening her body, she leaned back as Sid began fondling both her boobs. No Sid, I’m still not convinced.

Sid: How can this ever be convincible? It won’t be. Just think of only us. Just two of us.

Kajal: What if your dad know about us?

Sid: Why would we tell him though? He wouldn’t know at all.

Kajal: So, you are keeping this between us, right?

Sid: Pushed her back slowly onto the bed. If that is what makes you comfortable, absolutely yes mom. I will keep this between us.

Kajal: Hmm.. don’t even imagine of sharing this with anyone. Not just your father, your friends, our Anil, Pushpa.. everyone.

Sid: You know what, mom! These words from you tell me that you are worried only because of external factors. And it’s nothing personal you don’t like about us. This is enough mom. I promise you, whatever happens between us, stays with us.

Kajal felt an excitement. She smiled listening to all the truths Sid is revealing. She is now letting his son onto her with consent. Sid slept along with her on the bed, touching both her boobs, kissing them with love. “I love you mom… Muuaaah”, said Sid squeezing the boobs. He kissed her neck, smooching all around. “Is this making you any uncomfortable, kanna?”, asked Kajal referring to her mangalsutra. Sid kissed mangalsutra and said, “This is the symbol that reminds me that you are a married woman and I am your son. I love that feel mom. So, let it be here”. Kajal smiled. Sid moved his kisses from neck to jaw, to chin, to her lips. Touched her juicy lips with his lips. Her smiling face made him kiss more. Both pairs of lips indulged into each other. A simple touch of lips turned into a passionate French Kiss. Sid completely moved over her. Held Kajal’s face with both hands and continued kissing, “Muuuah ummm… mmmhh ummmm.. my mommaa”, Sid moaned and Kajal responded with equal desire. She pulled her hair braid from back to front and tickled Sid face with it. Sid said, “Ahh hey.. momma.. don’t disturb please.. let me taste your lips more”. Kajal laughed seeing him irked, her laugh made her lips spread more and Sid took that chance and went inside the lips. He gripped her tongue with his lips. Saliva is oozing from his mouth into hers. He started sucking that saliva back from her mouth, sucked her tongue well for few seconds. Kajal could not speak back anything, she just squealed there offering herself to Sid with no resistance.

GrimyWindingBushsqueaker size restricted

After a passionate kiss, or rather, a passionate exchange of saliva, Sid said, “Mom, I love your hair too. So thick and dark. Always a big turn on for me”. “Really? I didn’t know this! How do you like me? I mean.. in loose hair or when in braid?”, asked Kajal. Sid took her braid and placed the loose end on her face, kissing her face over the hair and said, “I love both ways. Each one has its own specialty. Loose hair makes me want to roll my fingers into them, play with them, grab you by them and ahh.. it will lead to hardcore”. Kajal blushed listening to that and said, “Aaahan.. so many fantasies. And if it is tied as a braid like now?”. “Braids bring the lovely feel. I can keep rubbing my palms, face on it. Ahh! such a bliss”, replied Sid with more kisses on the face, over the hair. He kissed her nose, her eyes, her cheeks. Kajal said, “Uh umm.. not bad. You are a romantic boy too!”. Sid replied, “Love before anything else mom. I love you first and I will make love to you next”, moving one of his hands onto the boob again. Squeezing with full palm on it. Kajal arched her back a little, protruding boobs more towards Sid.


Sid: “Can I undress you, mom?”. Kajal: “You can undress my blouse”. Sid understood that she is not fully accepting what is about to happen. He smiled at it and said, “Haha.. as you say. Step by Step, mom”, moved a little down, face at boobs level and unhooked her blouse. He removed all the hooks and caught her left boob firmly and gave a fast suck on it, “Ssssssss ummmmmmaaah”, then looked at Kajal’s face. Kajal smiled at him with a lust face. Sid got encouraged, he took hold of the other boob too and sucked them one after another. Her brown nipples with big areola had goosebumps on them already. Sid spit saliva on them and sucked those nipples hard. Kajal is holding Sid’s hair with one hand and said, “Ahhhhh Sid.. mmmmm.. how are your mommy’s titties… sssss aaahh”. “These are the best mom. I miss all my memories when I used to suck milk out of these, aahh”, replied Sid while sucking her melons. Squeezed them hard, nipples are fully erect. Kajal said, “You even used to bite them, you know. You were a thirsty boy back then”. “So, am I not now? Don’t I look thirsty now?”, replied Sid while biting her left nipple naughtily. “Ahh aaahhhh. Sid, noo.. you are.. you are.. thirsty now too”, screamed Kajal holding Sid hair tight. “Aaaha.. then give me some milk mom”, said Sid, loosening his bite and kissing the nipple. Kajal looked his face with smile and said, “Haha.. you know it’s not possible now. Just suck them how much ever you want but don’t expect milk”.

Sid knew he can’t extract milk out of it. He smirked and continued sucking the nipples and all the boobs. Looking at thirsty son, Kajal said, “But hey, there is one more spot which can quench your thirst” and winked. Sid: “Umm… where else can I get milk from you?” Kajal: “Haha, there are tastier liquids than just milk from a woman’s body. One should know how and where to extract them.” Sid: “Aaahan, guide me then, mom. I am a very little cute boy to know all those”. Kajal laughed at her deliberate-innocent face and said, “Hmm.. you made me taste your manhood multiple times. Did that give you pleasure?”. Sid: “Of course mom! Better than your handjobs” Kajal: “Haa, it’s same for women too. You should suck our holy grail. The more you taste, the more you suck, the more juices you get”. Sid with a confused face looked at Kajal and said, “Holy Grail… ummm.. do you mean…??”. “Yes, exactly what you think”, replied Kajal. Sid got elated, he gave one good final squeeze to both boobs and crawled down. Sid: “So mom, I’m gonna undress your lower too”. Kajal nodded her head in agreement. Sid loosened her saree knot on the belly, kissing her navel all the while. Then he untied petticoat’s knot too and loosened it. Slowly pulled both of them down.

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Kajal intervened him by holding his hands and said, “Sid.. don’t pull them down. Just get under the tent 😉. We like it that way”. Sid is surprised to see his mom making him do things now. She was always reluctant with him, but now she is guiding him. Sid went a little more down and buried his head under the saree and petticoat. It is dim inside but Kajal’s thighs welcomed him by touching his cheeks. Sid rubbed his face all over the meaty thighs. The scent of an itching, hungry, oozing pussy lured him towards it. Sid moved closer and touched her pussy with his lips. Kajal caught her boobs and pressing them gently. Sid could not resist that strong scent, he sniffed the whole cunt, in and around. He can already feel the wetness there. He opened his mouth and kissed the lips with his tongue. Rolled his tongue over the vulva. The moment he touched clitoris, Kajal moved her legs closer, squeezing Sid’s face. “mmmm moommm ummmm”, squealed Sid, like a trapped rat. Kajal slowly widened her thighs back and said, “Ahhhh.. Siddhuu.. be very careful with that spot. It’s called clitoris. Very senstive part for a woman”. Sid: “Oh! So, is this like a tap that releases juices from this holy grail, mom?” Kajal replied, “You could say so. But I’ll go crazy if you misoperate it. Be gentle there Sid”.

Sid understood how important it is. He kissed it first, tasted it with his tongue. Then massaged it with his tip of the tongue. Kajal rolled her fingers into her hair with one hand and other hand is pinching her left nipple. Sid then sucked the clit, took it in between his lips and squeezed it. Kajal’s vagina is responding with heavy muscle movements. Sid’s chin can feel the juices extracting from the vagina. He caught hold of her pussy lips with one hand, separating them to let the juices flow vigorously. He inserted his finger without looking into it. Kajal screamed, “Aaaaaaaah, Sidddhuu.. noo.. you are in the wrong hole. That’s not vagina.. it is my piss hole.”. Sid stopped fingering and said, “Oops, sorry mom, this looks very complicated down here, it’s dark too. Umm.. so where should I go?”. “A woman’s vagina is an art to master. Not so easy. Just get below that hole, there is a slightly bigger one”, replied Kajal. Sid explored it with fingers without looking, his mouth is still sucking clitoris. He found the vagina and pushed his fingers in it. The wet sticky walls welcomed him. He rubbed her inside pussy, from gentle to hard in few seconds. He then moved his mouth down and started taking juices. He tasted the pussy juice for the first time. Though it does not taste so great for him, the thought of sucking his own mom’s pussy motivated him. He tasted it with tongue, scooped the running juices. Packed the vagina hole with his lips and sucked it passionately. Juices began flowing from vagina directly into Sid’s mouth. Kajal is dancing now on the bed like a snake. Sid held both her hips by wrapping hands around them. He tried his best to not let go of the grip. Kajal is so excited, she could feel all the action down under, but she wanted to see it too. Quickly, she removed her saree completely and lowered petticoat. A visual of ‘A horny teenager quenching his ages of thirst’ appeared in front of her.

After sucking the mother’s honey-pot for non-stop 5 minutes, Sid finally released her. Kajal is panting with pleasure. Sid kneeled up and removed his shirt, unbottoned his pant and lowered his underwear too. A 5.5 inch erect cock sprang out. Kajal opened her eyes wide, the smile and happiness on her face turned into a serious erotic expression. There was pindrop silence, she could hear her own heatbeat. Sid is looking at her mother, she is completely naked. Her wet pussy is shivering. Kajal’s left hand involuntarily covered her boobs. Her right hand moved down and slowly covered her pussy mound with palm. Sid looked like a stallion ready for the attack. Kajal looked into her son’s eyes and said with a very low tone, “Siddhu, what is happening?”



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