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==== Recap ====
After sucking the mother’s honey-pot for non-stop 5 minutes, Sid finally released her. Kajal is panting with pleasure. Sid kneeled up and removed his shirt, unbottoned his pant and lowered his underwear too. A 5.5 inch erect cock sprang out. Kajal opened her eyes wide, the smile and happiness on her face turned into a serious erotic expression. There was pindrop silence, she could hear her own heatbeat. Sid is looking at her mother, she is completely naked. Her wet pussy is shivering. Kajal’s left hand involuntarily covered her boobs. Her  right hand moved down and slowly covered her pussy mound with palm. Sid looked like a stallion ready for the attack. Kajal looked into her son’s eyes and said with a very low tone, “Siddhu, what is happening?”
==== Recap ====
Sid: Scrolling through instagram, Mom, did you see all these posts?
Kajal: Umm what posts? Of who?
Sid: All our film stars, mom. Everyone is off to Maldives. They are enjoying the beaches and resorts.
Kajal: Haha, So?
Sid: I too wanna go mom, never been out of country before. Also, being in this same house for months is making me lose my mind.
Kajal: Umm I see.. but these are still pandemic times. It is risky, Sid.
Sid: No mom, I think the virus is not too dangerous now. You see the recovery rate and the latest numbers. It’s safe if we take good care while travelling. Moreover, we are not going to populous place, it’s Maldives. The cases are also very less there.
Kajal: Woah woah, cool down a little, my boy. You are already imagining that we are going! When did you do all this research?
Sid: I have to convince you, na. I’ll do my homework.
Kajal: Haha.. okay how about dad?
Sid: Dad lite ma. It has been months and he is still not back home. Let him be there in Delhi doing whatever he wants. Any way never really cares about you.
Kajal: Hmmm.. you sure he is not gonna oppose it, stop us?
Sid: We’ll just ask if he will be back here in a week or not. If he says he won’t, then we shall not even tell him 😉
Kajal: You are growing mischievous!!
Sid: My mom deserves it.
Kajal told Pushpa and Anil about their plan to visit Maldives for vacation. Both of them agreed to take care of home till they come back. Pushpa sensed that this is Sid’s plan only. She didn’t enquire much about it to Kajal, though. Anil doesn’t know about Sid and Kajal’s affair yet, but this tour gave him a hint to suspect. Sid kept this close to him, did not reveal it to his friends Raj and Suhas. He knows how badly they both want his mom, but the feeling of taking his mom all alone with him, gave Sid a nice possessive feeling. Kajal booked the tickets for round-trip. Journey begins the next day. Sid packed everything necessary. Got their recent COVID Negative test result documents and they are ready to take off.
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Sid and Kajal landed in Velena International Airport, Maldives. It was fresh and joyful moment for them to come out of house and land in an entirely different country, that too after months! Both reckoned that they didn’t have any beach apparel. Could not do much shopping back at home. They have booked a hotel for the first day and then have to check out in the evening and leave to a luxurious resort near a beach. Both came out of airport, took a cab and left to their first stop, the hotel.
Sid: Lying on bed. Ah, mom!! Finally, we are here!
Kajal: Opening the curtains of the window, Yeah we are. Looking back at Sid, Hey, hey.. don’t get lazy so early. Go and have bath. We have lot of shopping to do. We can’t go to beaches in saree.
Sid: Mmm.. just let me relax for a moment, mom. This is my first international tour. Not bothering at all.
Kajal: Haha, it’s your first time. I can understand. Hmm.. also we have a lot to see and visit. Get yourself together slowly.
Sid: Mom, what if you wear a saree in the beach?
Kajal: That’s silly. Saree at home, saree at functions and saree at vacations too? I’m not gonna wear a saree here at all.
Sid: Uh umm. So am I seeing you in bikini? Winks at her.
Kajal: Walks upto him, sits beside her, caressing his head, Aaha, straight saree to bikini! You have lot of expectations from your mom.
Sid: It would be lot if I ask you to be naked on the beach! grabs one of the boobs and cuddles it.
Kajal: Eyy!!! Not out in the open air. letting him touch her.
Sid: Pulled her down onto the bed just beside him, reached out to her boobs with both hands, started squeezing them, Umm.. then give it to me here..
Kajal: Siddhuu.. I am all yours and with you. Let’s just get fresh up at least.
Sid: But I’m hornyyyy..
Kajal: When are you not? Don’t be stubborn my baby boy… your momma won’t ru..
Sid interrupted her and squeezed her boobs over the top. Caressed and kissed them. He slid his hand inside her top and touched her bra. Started squeezing the boob from her bra. Kajal resisted a little but not wholeheartedly. She is just letting him do things slowly. Sid lowered her top more and rolled over her, with the hard-on in his pants touching her sexy belly, he kept squeezing the boobs. He bent a little and kissed them on the skin. One hand moved over her back and unhooked the bra. He pulled the bra out with his teeth from the front. Now she is braless and top lowered, exposing all her big boobs. Sid is elated seeing those boobs like first time, though it is his nth time. He slowly began kissing them with his lips. licking around the nipple, over all that meaty, perfect boobs. With every new inch getting wet, his boner’s getting an inch bigger. Kajal can feel Sid’s lust pinning her. She wrapped a hand around him and held his head, rolling her fingers in his hair.
The mother is offering her mammaries to son. Sid is savouring his mother’s boobs with saliva drooling all over her. He kissed the nipples and sucked them. One after the other. The tired and not-so-fresh titties has got sweat on them but Sid is not stopping. The salty mangoes attracted him more. “Mommaa.. ahmmm these boobies are the best in the world. yumm mmmhh”, whispered Sid while kept devouring one nipple after the other. “Ummm Siddhu.. ahh you are the first one to taste them you know”, replied Kajal in the trance. Sid started movements on her belly, rubbing his cock more. The cock-head peeked out of pants and it is getting rubbed on Kajal’ white belly around the navel. Kajal came back to senses a little and said, “Ummm Sid.. It is getting late kannaa.. we have to get going”, placing a hand on his waist and slowly pushing him away, “Momma is also tired baby.. please we’ll do this later.. we have an all week here na”. Sid understood but reluctantly lowered his sucking pace and slowly stopped. He leaned aside on bed, tasting his own lips in relief. Kajal sat up and rubbed his cock with her hand on the tip, “aaaha, look at this idiot, getting wet already”, jovially. That was just a small jerk. Both got up and got freshed up in sometime and left the hotel.
===== Time for a small time travel ====
Kajal looked into her son’s eyes and said with a very low tone, “Siddhu, what is happening?”
Sid placed his hand on her mother’s palm which covered her pussy. He leaned over her slowly – widening his legs, eyes glued to his mothers’. He took her hand off the vagina and licked those sticky fingers. Leaning more on her, he took her other hand too off Kajal’s boobs. Sid’s saliva on her nipples dried and she can feel the coolness over them as the breeze tickled. He cuffed her both wrists with his hands above her head onto the bed. Her clean shaved arm-pits got their share of breeze tickle. As the gap reduced between both the bodies, Kajal closed her eyes and turned her face aside. “I don’t wanna do it unwillingly mom, look at me”, said Sid, “Please”. Kajal’s pelvic muscles quivered, inviting her son’s cock. Though her body is accepting him, she could not completely offer herself to him. Yet, she hesitantly opened her eyes and looked at her son.
Push! “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!”, Kajal breathed out an ecstatic moan in surpise and Sid pushed his cock in her vagina. Another Push! “Ummmm aaaaaaaaahh”, “Uaaaahh”, Both moaned in synchronisation and Sid gave another push into the cunt. A Third Push! “Ssssssssssssss aaaaaaahhhhh”, This time a stroke with all of the waist from Sid, and Kajal squeezed the cock with all her pussy. Sid took her non-reluctance as acceptance and continued shoving his cock deeper and harder. The bodies rubbedand tangled to each other in making love. Sid held her hands tight on the top and sucked his momma’s boobies while making her cunt drench in sticky juices flowing out of it. Kajal’s mangalsutra scratched Sid’s chest while he was engaged in fucking his mom.
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Yet, he did not stop and rubbed his chest over his mother’s boobs making the scratch on her boob as well. “aaaaaaaaaaahhh”, cried Kajal. That mangalsutra-bite reminded of her marriage. A pinch of guilt stuck her again. She couldn’t still believe that her son is having sex with her. On the other hand, Sid is deeply involved in the action. He is pumping his cock with as much force as he can into her pussy. Just when Sid is about to explode, Kajal tried hard and got her hands off of him and pushed his waist away. Sid’s erect cock sprang out of the pussy just in time. Jet streams of cum spilled out of the cock all over her vagina, belly and thighs. Sounds of heavy breaths filled the room. Both looked at each other in awe for few seconds before Sid fell off on the bed backwards.
After few moments of retrospection of what just happened, Sid looked at Kajal and asked, “Huff, what was that, mom?”. “What was what?”, replied Kajal while rubbing her fingers on her belly over the cum, “you have entered your mom, wasn’t that enough?”. Sid replied, “But mom… you know what I mean.. why did you?”. Licking those fingers while looking at Sid, Kajal replied, “I.. ummm.. I cannot allow you to do that Sid. You are my son”. Sid is tired of listening to the same excuse over and over. He just looked away in disappointment. Kajal moved closer to him and turned her face towards her with another hand. Then looking at him, she said, “But I’m shamelessly licking your cum, yummm.. isn’t that crazy enough.. uhuh?”, with a naughty smile. Both knew that it is not the climax Sid wanted.
-Next day
Kajal woke up much before Sid and she cleaned the bed and the room, got herself ready. Pushpa prepared breakfast and Anil is busy cleaning all the last night’s birthday decor in the house. Sid woke up in some time. He wore the short and came out of the room.
Sid: Mom, mommaa.. where are you? with a not-fully-awake face.
Kajal: Here.. Washing hands after the breakfast. I’m here Sid. Walked to the hall and sat on the sofa.
Sid: Umm.. what time is it mom? I feel very tired.. Walked up to her and sat beside her on the sofa.. And hungry.. mmm…
Kajal: Wrapped a hand around him, caressing his cheeks, It’s almost 10 kanna. It’s okay.. I’ll get you food Mm but do you remember what happened last night?
Sid: Haa. hehe.. of course mom, pulled his short open and showed his sleeping wiener. You gave this guy his best day ever.
Kajal: Eyy.. shhhu.. close it! Quickly closed his short. Best day!! but still you say you were not satisfied.
Sid: Looked for his phone around. Found it within his reach. Took that and opened his social media apps. Mmm yeah.. it was awesome last night, but I don’t know. Still it didn’t feel like a wholesome night.
Kajal: I know what you are implying but Sid we are still not there yet. And also I don’t think we should never get there.
Sid: Meh.. Got enough of your tantrums. I don’t like you! With a fake anger on his face.
Kajal: haha.. leave that. At least you made a progress last night. Embrace that first for a while.
Sid: Scrolling through instagram, Mom, did you see all these posts?
Kajal: Umm what posts? Of who?
Sid: All our film stars, mom. Everyone is off to Maldives. They are enjoying the beaches and resorts.
-Shopping mall
Both Kajal and Sid are in casual wear. Kajal is in a sleeveless top and a jean with a hint of waist exposing occasionally. They left the hotel in a car that they rented for travelling throughout their stay in the island. On the way to shopping mall, in the car, Sid tried to touch his mom frequently. On her boobs, her belly, her thighs. By this time Kajal got accustomed to such touchings from her son. She didn’t resist much. She too has responded to those by rubbing his cock once in a while. The journey in the car was sexier than ever. They parked the car and entered the mall.
Sid: Mom, should I still call you “mom” here?
Kajal: Of course, yes. Why do you ask though?
Sid: I mean, out here, people come with either friends or as couples.
Kajal: Uh mmm. so?
Sid: But we are mom and a son. If I keep calling you mom, won’t we be gaining unwanted attention from people around.
Kajal: Hmm not bad thought. takes a pause. But this “mom” call will keep you in limits here, which is very necessary.
Sid: Haha.. Clever you! grabs her ass with hand still walking like nothing happened, Can you tell me what are the limits mom?  winks.
Kajal: Hey!! Shuu what are you doing? tries to remove the hand off her ass.
Sid: Testing my limits, mom. moves a little closer and rubs both both ass cheeks over the fabric, still walking and gazing straight, Are these within my limits?
Kajal: Ah Sid! These are, but not in public. Will you stop embarrassing me please.
Sid: Moves his palm towards her waist on the other side and grabs her towards him, making her left boob hit his side, You won’t be embarrassed if I call you something other than “mom”.
Kajal: uhhh.. come on Sid, please. This is getting awkward. She wants to resist but doing so would make scene out in the public, she just stayed mum and kept walking without any reaction.
Sid: Okay, I’m learning my limits with the “mom”, then. Not bad as I thought they would be. Slowed his walking pace and turned his face towards her, looking at his mother’s juicy lips, he went forward and kissed her lips.
Kajal: In an outright surprise, she stood still like a statue.
Sid: Kissing her lips, tasting one after the other with his tongue, Umm.. you must react back mommy, don’t make us look awkward, whispered in her mouth.
Kajal: Looked round with just her eyes and reckoned few eyes already staring at them, she then turned towards Sid slowly and responded to the kiss, gave him a sweet taste of her tongue, ummm.. this is so unwanted Sid. Please, now move on.
Sid: Only if you call me “Darling” here. One hand caressing her waist and another hand squeezing her butt. The gaurds at the back side drooled looking at that.
Kajal: Ahhh you stubborn boy!
Sid: Am I not your, darling? Mmmmm, Kissing more.
Kajal: Ssss ah yes, yes you are my darling. Kisses back in reaction to the butt squeeze.
Sid: Muuaah! Love you my darling. Gives a tight kiss on the lips and then leaves her.
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It was quite an unusual scene in the public, rather to say, unexpected. But as the duo broke the kiss and acted normal, everyone around got back to their duties, a few in disappointment though.
-Inside a clothing store in the mall
The mother and the son separately started looking for the clothes. While Sid is choosing his summer wear like loose cotton shirts and some denim shorts, Kajal is busy checking variety of apparel choices for beaches. One dress gained her attention. She took that and walked to Sid to show him. But then she saw Sid talking to a beautiful young lady there. Kajal took a pause and observed without them noticing her. She figured that Sid is showing an unusual interest in the woman – greeting, laughing, occasional touchings of hands. This sight made her uncomfortable, although it’s very natural for boys to get attracted to other women. But Sid talking to woman other than herself, irked Kajal. Jealousy started to build in her. She took her phone and ringed Sid, watching him from a distance. Sid saw the phone but didn’t care to lift. This angered Kajal. She tried once more. Sid lifted phone this time, “Hello mom, I’m in the billing line. Heavy rush here. I’ll call you in a sec”. Sid hanged the call before even Kajal could reply. She is frustrated now. But, the confusion is still there. She can’t be jealous of her son talking to another woman. The raging jealousy and anger made her realise that she too has feelings for her son. Her body has submitted to her son long back, but it is at this moment, she knew that her heart and mind also wants her son. This has raised a lot of questions about their future together. There are no answers at this moment, however.
Both finished shopping at their respective billing counters. They met at exit of the store.
Kajal: So, what took you so long?
Sid: Long? We both came at same time, right?
Kajal: That’s the point. Women shop much longer than men.
Sid: Ah! Mmm.. I.. I was seeing all the varieties. It’s a different kind of apparel na, mom. I’m new to these styles.
Kajal: Ohh!
Sid: Yeah.
Kajal: Okay, who’s that lady you were talking to?
Sid: Which lady?
Kajal: The one who you were talking to, when I called you.
Sid: Oh! That Rakul.
Kajal: Rakul is the name, I see. Yeah what about her with you?
Sid: With me? Ah mom, come on. She was just a stranger. While I was in queue at the billing counter, I saw a credit card on the floor. I picked it up and asked if it was anyone’s around. Then this Rakul saw the card and realised it is hers. Turns out that it slipped out from her purse. And since I found and gave it to her, she was being very thankful to me.
Kajal:  And this is all true?
Sid: What? Why would I lie, mom?
Kajal: Who knows. Shrugs shoulders
Sid: Oh wait a second. So, you think I am eying on another girl.
Kajal: Ummm…
Sid: And that is making you jealous!
Kajal: Ummm.. I don’t know.
Sid came closer to her, looking into her eyes with excitement and happiness. Kajal started blushing and bent her head. Sid wrapped a hand around her back and said, “Is it?? So, you want me mom?”  Kajal couldn’t hide her answer, she expressed it with her smile and eyes. Sid placed his another hand on her boobs and squeezed them hard. Kajal is shocked again, “Whoops! Sidddd! Ah.. not here.. not here please.” Sid looked around, made sure no one’s looking and gave another squeeze. Kajal moaned, “Aaaah Siddhu.. please, I am yours. Just behave at least in the public.” Sid bent forward a little and gave a kiss on her blushing cheek, while cupping the boob and caressing it from bottom. Kajal said, “Ummm.. wait, why are you calling mom again? All that stuff at the entrance is for nothing?”, trying to divert the topic. Sid replied, “Why is it for nothing? I got to grab your butt and squeeze them hard in front of people.” winking at her. “Shh, oh god! This mischievous kid!” exclaimed Kajal. Sid giggled and said, “Hehe, and yes. I want you to be my “mommy”. I will call you “mom”. And I want to fuck my “momma”. This mom-feeling is something special and you took it to a whole new level to me.”
They both left the shopping mall and drove to their resort. It is adjacent to a beach, with fantastic ocean view from every room. Luxurious interiors and facilities including private spa, swimming pool etc. They came in and settled themselves in the house, relaxed for a while. Both got a fresh warm shower. Sid is in his shorts and saw his mother coming out of the bathroom, drying up her hair with a towel and her body covered another till her boobs. Sid sat on their sofa in the hall, leaning back, opened his short and started rubbing his cock looking at his mother. This time there is no fear of getting caught nor any other guilt. He is happily wanking at his mom. Kajal saw her and smiled with a shock, “Youuu!! Started already, huh?”
Sid: Hehe.. my little boy here won’t miss a second to not stare at you.
Kajal giggled and just walking around drying her hair.
Sid: Mom. Do you need those towels here?
Kajal: Eyy.
Sid: Yeah get yourself nude. I want to see you walking nude in front of me.
Kajal: Hey, that’s too much!
Sid: Nothing is too much, just open up mom. He ran up to her in two steps and quickly pulled off the towel covering the body. She wasn’t wearing any inners. Became completely nude in a giffy. Her hand covered her boobs and pussy involuntarily. Such a glittering beauty!! He went back and sat on the couch, Come to me mom. I won’t harm you, just want to make love to this beautiful woman. Kajal slowly moved towards him. Hmm, now turn around. Kajal tuned around showing her bombastic ass, “Phaatt”, Sid slapped her ass with a hand. Kajal moaned and covered her ass with the hand that covered pussy earlier. Now Sid slapped on her pussy, a gentle one. “Thap”, Kajal covered her pussy with the other hand and now boobs are free.
Sid then immediately pulled her by the arm and made her sit on him. She came and fell side wards in Sid’s lap. He grabbed her boobs with a hand and squeezed. He couldn’t catch hold of both at once. So, he made her turn completely towards his side, making her legs go on each side of him. Now he grabbed both the boobs with utmost thirst, feeling its tender flesh. She watched her son’s eyes grow wide at her breasts. Kajal’s breasts are large and full, not sagging a bit, with buttony dark nipples and equally large and dark areolae. He took one of her nipples between his lips and tenderly sucked. Her nipples quickly hardened as he suckled over them. “Ooh God!!” she moaned. Her body convulsed involuntarily as she felt his hand probing other areas. His hand made frequent visits to the area below her navel, almost touching her crotch and returning back.
Kajal didn’t mind her son touching her between her legs. She eventually led his hand at her crotch, pushing his hand between her legs and making it cup over her pussy. His hand stroked upon the soft, damp crotch, rubbing her slit from over it. He couldn’t hold on to his patience for much longer and quickly pushed his hand inside her panty. His hand stroked upon the soft, damp panty crotch, rubbing her slit from over it. He couldn’t hold on to his patience for much longer and quickly pushed his hand inside her panty. She was already wet and oozing out fresh sex juices. He shoved his fingers further down the length of her slit until he felt her entrance, all drenched and dripping. He continued to stroke his fingers across her slit, gauging its wetness as it grew ten folds. “Ohhh Yes!” Kajuma cooed as she felt Sid’s fingers work magic on her cunt. He stroked her for a while, before he pushed his fingers into her.
“Ooooohhh baby…,” she groaned as he stuck his fingers into her fuck hole. She knew if this continues, it will lead to a big sex mania right there, cancelling the evening party. Kajal gradually took hold his hand and pulled out of her pussy. Kissing his lips to avoid any questions in return. Calming him with the sensual kiss, she pulled up his hand and licked it looking at Sid directly into his eyes.
Kajal: Ummmmm.. this should be sufficient for now.
Sid: We haven’t done anything yet, mom. other hand squeezing her ass at the back.
Kajal: We have booked a pub ticket tonight, did you forget?
Sid: Haa.. the pub. But I’m not in mood for that.. mmm
Kajal: Once I get up and both get dressed, you’ll automatically get into the mood. Getting out of his lap, she bent and gave a final kiss with her love-juice-filled lips.
Both got up and got ready for the pub. It was very close to their resort, they managed it just by walking to it. Sounds of the DJ could be heard well from the entrance. As they moved in, the ravishing colourful yet dark themed pub welcomed them. The bar is on the front left, facing a dance floor, which was sparsely occupied by that time. The dance floor is surrounded by multiple tables, some for couples, some for groups. And then there are couches at the opposite edge of the bar. They entered the pub, Kajal held Sid’s hand like a couple does. Made themselves comfortable in a couch at the corner. Ordered few starters.
Sid: Munching a lollipop, Mom, I didn’t expect that you’ll buy a saree here.
Kajal: Having her share of the starter, Haha, I know. But I also know what my son likes on me. So, I got one new saree here. Winks.
Sid: Oh wow! That’s sweet of you, mom. And I’m not at all exaggerating, you are looking absolutely gorgeous in this saree.
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Kajal: Aaaha, thanks kiddo. I specially chose this transparent one.
Sid: And the sleeveless blouse. All for me. uh huh! With a smile and wrapping a hand around her back.
Kajal: Yes, for you. I want to make sure I look outstanding in the crowd. Don’t wanna get you distracted by all these exotic ladies here.
Sid: Woah haha.. momma getting possessive of the son. That’s some progress from you, mom!
Kajal: Yes yes, She’s having a bite of the snack with right hand and another hand rubbing Sid’s thigh.
Sid: Thinking it’s just a small sign of love, he too caressed her back and squeezed her waist gently. 
Kajal: This little boy didn’t get his chance till now in the trip, right? Moving her hand towards Sid’s crotch, just touching his balls over the pants.
Sid:  Add two teases to that. He is damn hungry.
Kajal: He got his first meal of my honeypot back at home. Second straight at Maldives. Quite a jump there, son! Rubbing his balls, she moved her hand over the cock, she can sense the erection.
Sid: Ah.. mom, you mean? You mean you are giving me my second meal now? With an excitement.
Kajal: Hold your balls, boy. Slowly putting her hand inside his pants and touching his boner over the underwear. Wait what? You are wearing under wears here?
Sid: Uhhh!! Of course, mom. Why is that surprising you?
Kajal: Coz I am not. Rubbing his cock more as she feels the erection getting bigger.
Sid: Woah woah! This sexy woman is unleashing all her desires.
Kajal: Haha.. I am yours after all. And I seriously wasn’t expecting you to wear an underwear. I’m disappointed. Pinched the cock a little.
Sid: Ouch mom! I cannot hang around with a tent in my pants in this crowd.
Kajal: Hehehe.. Cute! Moving her hand inside the underwear, touched his bare cock.
Sid: Ahh! This is not cute, it is hot! Ufff mom!
Kajal: Umm.. let me take care of this little monster. Started rubbing the cock.
Sid: Oh God! You have become unpredictable. Mom, I so wanna fuck you but then you make it tough for me doing all these things in the crowd. Why didn’t you just let me do at our resort? Arhh
Kajal: Hey, you wanna get more comfortable? I saw that restrooms are right behind us a few steps away. Get in there, get rid of your underwear and come back. Shook his cock for 5 secs making it so hard and then left it.
Sid: huh what? and why?
Kajal: Just go Sid. Pushing him up
Sid stood and left to the restroom. Not sure what his mother planned for her but this is more exciting than ever. He quickly went in and undid his underwear and came back to her.
Kajal: Seeing his tent and laughing, Hahaha.. come come and sit fast. Pulled swiftly, making him sit beside her.
Sid: Mom, tell me something. Did you have any drinks without telling me?
Kajal: laughing again, No Sid. I am just enjoying the moment. Hmm.. let me see how it is looking now. Pulling the pant strip open and taking a look at the hard-on, Ahh! That’s my boy. Erect as a pole.
Sid: It is, ummm.. but but what you wanna do with this now? Can we just go to the restroom and have sex there? I didn’t see much people back there.
Kajal: Shuu! Don’t rush. And I am not gonna have it in a restroom. Bad etiquette. Stroking the cock with her left hand.
Sid: Uff, this is not fair! Stop touching my cock or I will have this boy eat your pussy right here.
Kajal: Stroking continuously, pulling the foreskin back and front, rubbing her thumb over the sticky head. As if I am gonna spread legs for you here.. haha.
Sid: I have no regrets in forcin..
Kajal: Interrupting his words, Hey, I wanna dance, they are playing my music. Can we go dance please?

Sid: Whaaaat?

Kajal: Took her hand out of his pants and stood up, Dance Sid. Dance with me. Are you not interested?
Sid: What about my dick? You were stroking meee…!!
Kajal: Come, lets dance for sometime and we’ll come back.
Sid: Ah mom, I cannot stand up with this boner.
Kajal: Okay, I’m leaving then. Waved at him and went to the dance floor.
IMG 20201208 025506 798
Dance floor is filling with crowd, the lights got dimmer and the colourful disco lights glittered the entire place. Sid tried to stand up but his tent was full on, without that undie. He sat back, staring angrily at his mom. Kajal started grooving to the music, enjoying like a free bird with nothing to care. She is the only one in the saree there. It didn’t look odd though, she looked special in the crowd.  With the darkness glooming and the loud music taking over, few men on the dance floor approached Kajal casually. Looking at her from all sides, casually grooving along with her. She looked like honey for all the bees around her. One young guy showed interest in her, tried to move close and started touching her arms with his in the dance. Kajal noticed it, she was not happy with it but then she looked at Sid once and thought of teasing Sid a little. She didn’t resist the guy and just smiled at him as he continued rubbing his arms against her. He moved all around her sill grooving at the music and checked Kajal’s assets. Her navel was visible from the transparent saree. He moved to her front, getting closer, placed a hand on her ass. Kajal got stunned for a moment but didn’t react. She looked at him and smiled again. The guy started rubbing her ass, with another hand holding Kajal’s palm. It looked like a salsa stance but the guy’s hand is on the ass rather than on the waist.
Kajal occasionally looked at Sid and made sure he is getting enough tease. She smiled and welcomed the guy for the dance. Both danced for a while, Kajal making sure they are turning around to showcase Sid how his mother is getting along with another guy. Sid is now having the exact same feelings that his mother experienced in shopping earlier in the day. Burning with jealousy, along with a raging boner with lust. Soon another man joined Kajal. This guy laid his hand on her shoulder from the back and kissed her hair. Kajal felt an erotic jolt. She didn’t care to see who it is, just going with the flow. The guy at front moved his hand from ass to her waist and gently squeezed there. “Ahhh!” moaned Kajal, leaning her head back onto the other guy. The guy at back moved closer and touched his boner to Kajal’s ass. Rubbed it slowly as he kissed her cheek. This is reminding Kajal of her two hungry fuckers, Raj and Suhas. The guy at front moved closer too, touching his boner onto her belly. She is getting squeezed in between two males. The hardcore sessions with Raj and Suhas circled her mind completely. She started this just to tease Sid a bit but there guys are making her horny and the bitch in Kajal is waking up. All three are moving circularly, which is making a clear show to Sid from all sides, of how his mother is being molested in the crowd. Kajal too is encouraging them, pushing her butt back onto the cock, pressing her boobs to the front guy’s chest. The guy at the back placed his hand on her ass cheek and squeezed it. Slapped gently and squeezed again.
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Kajal is turning irresistible. She looked into the guy at front’s eyes and pointed her eyes towards the restrooms. The guy is elated in surprise. Slowly she turned back to the guy at back and winked him too. Signaling both of them to meet her in restroom. She then gently got out of their grips and walked towards the restroom, while giving a wicked naughty smile at Sid on the way. Sid is in peak frustration now. This woman did not see the restroom board, she was looking only at Sid and went into the men’s restroom. There were no one inside. She directly moved into a bathroom cabin and closed the door. She was still thinking it is women’s, smiling by herself thinking how well she managed teasing her son. Then suddenly she saw an underwear hanging to a hook there. Got closer and took a better look at it. She realised it is Sid’s! This stunned her, understood that she came to wrong restroom. Immediately she turned back and opened the door, only to see Sid looking at her in extreme anger and with an even immense erection. Kajal tried to explain, but without giving any chance, Sid entered the cabin and closed the door. He caught her by arms, turning her around and closed her mouth with one hand.
Sid: You are one slutty woman, mom!!
Kajal: Tring hard to release herself, No no no son, I can explain. I.. I can..

Sid: Hugged her from back with two hands caught in single hand, I have seen all your actions crystal clearly out there. Rubbing his massive cock on her butts. What else you got to explain, huh?

Kajal: Sid Ahh!! I was doing that on purpose.. for yo..
Sid: I know, I know it was on purpose. You love playing with my emotions, right? Lowered his pants and Kajal’s saree too, which was already very loose because you-know-why. Then placed his erect cock in between her legs.
Kajal: She is relieved a little as she understood that Sid is not really thinking that she was cheating on him. But she is still trying to get him under control. Ahhh, don’t don’t do it here, please.. Sid..
Sid: Rubbed his cock on her pussy and made it wet within seconds, his sticky pre-cum mixed with the love juices flowing out of pussy. Why?? Is this bad etiquette, huh? I don’t care mom. It was bad etiquette for you too, to go and rub your body to those random strangers in the public. Kissing her neck from the back, smooching on both shoulders.


Kajal: Thought of her own son being ruthless and rough on her is exciting to her, But.. but. uhhh Kannaa please.. it is dirty here.. listen to your momma..
Sid made her bend forward by pushing the back, Kajal rested her hands on the (closed) commode, giving more access of her cunt at the back. Sid grabbed her by waist with both hands and shook her violently. Her hair swayed wildly as she shook her head and trying to look back. Sid moved one of his hands on her back, caressing the white back, covered only with an inch wide blouse strip. He then held her neck among the hair. This grip sent shivers from her neck, along the spine till her asshole and the pussy. Within no time, she felt Sid’s erect hot cock inside her cunt. Plunging through the vertical lips, Sid shoved his cock into Kajal’s pussy. Gave another stroke. This time shivers started from pussy and reached the brain. Kajal tried hard to suppress her moans. Sid took his cock out and gave another ghastly push. Kajal couldn’t control anymore. She shouted out aloud. The scream encouraged Sid to go harder. His cock began moving in her depths like a torpedo, going back and forth, back and forth, ramming and retreating from her soft and muddy river bed. Kajal is moaning and shaking in pain and pleasure together. By this time, both knew that this is what they wanted and there are no “ifs and buts” anymore. His hips began moving rapidly, sending the round tipped missile in a wild search, hitting every corner, with a loud growl. The heavy music in the pub is muffling these screams and groans.
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With frequent slaps on her round butts, he rammed her like there’s no tomorrow. Exchanged hands in between, making sure both the cheeks have red soreness balanced. Her pallu is long dropped. With each stroke, her hooks in the front got snapped unable to withhold heavy swaying boobs. Sid held her hair in a hand, pulling her head back, fucked her looking at her face at an angle. “Ahhh, this is heaven in front of me, mom. You are such a sex blast!”, said Sid. Kajal looking at Sid, said, “I am all yours son. Only yours. Fuck me harder”, giving him reverse thrusts. Sid pulled her up totally by shoulders, taking his cock out, rubbing his chest to her bare back, squeezing her melons and said, “Mom I want to make you mine, I wanna declare it.” Kajal responded, “Am I not already? You have explored the deepest of me. I am already yours Sid”. Sid then pulled up his pants, “No mom, you are not getting it, come on, get dressed fast, nah nah, just cover yourself as much as you can with those clothes, we need to get to our room”. Kajal is perplexed, Sid didn’t let her question anything, quickly both of them got out of the bathroom. Sid took her to their resort back.
As soon as they entered the room, Sid lifted her and pinned to the wall, quickly removed her saree, blouse and petticoat and threw them aside. He lowered his pants too and Kajal helped in removing his shirt. He lifted her again and pinned high on the wall. Attacking her boobs like a hungry beast, Sid sucked Kajal’s mammaries, tasting all the flesh, cupping from bottom and squeezing them like dough. Kajal moaned freely, wrapped her legs around Sid’s waist, pulled him closer. Taking his head in her hands, she asked, “What is that you want Sid? What did you say that I didn’t get back there?”
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Sid stuck her onto the wall with her hands on boobs, elbows stressing on her abdomen, “I WANT ALL OF YOU, MOM. And”, shoved his manhood into her juicy cunt, “AND I WANT YOU TO TAKE ALL OF ME.” With few another lusty hardcore strokes, Sid blasted his thick long waited cum deep inside his Kajuma’s pussy. Streams of semen gushed into the fleshy cave. Kajuma released a heavy breath, coupled with two drops of tears from each eye.
-The Next Morning (Day 2)
Kajuma and Sid woke up on the bed naked, looking at each other, with happy faces. Sunlight beamed from the windows on them like a blessing from the heavens.
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