This story Sonakshi Fucked By Her Father & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

It was during the shooting of xxx. Sonakshi was a new girl in bollytown She just knew her father’s friends and his contacts all day she had been shooting and working hard..She got home at around 10:55..

Sonakshi was very tired and it was time to lock up – 11pm. She planned to just lock the front door, go home and soak in a hot tub.

Sonakshi took off her brown top, hung it up then unzipped and slid off her blue jeans. Then without dropping down her undergarments she wrapped her black

color bathing robe. She started the tap to fill the hot tub not bothering to lock the backdoor. She put her left leg in warm water and just started playing with

water. After all, having two of the biggest blockbusters in her kitty, she can relax and play..

Was that a sound? No. Relax just a bit more. Play some more. She pulled out her leg and sat down on edge of tub, putting her left hand in water and started

rowing imagining herself in boat and playing with water. Meanwhile moving her legs naughtily up down.She could hear some noises….she was shocked…she asked”Koun hai ??? KaUN HAI WAHAN ???? Papa ??? Mamma ???”

The man opened her bathroom door…It was sonakshi’s dad,”Shatrughan sinha” !!!

Satru- Hey my darling daughter, ghar aa gayi ???

Sonakshi- Haan papa, lekin aap aur mom toh relatives ke ghar gaye thay na ?? fir aap achanak … tarah…sonakshi was feeling ashamed….

Satru comes near to the bathtub…he started touching sonakshi’s legs…..

Sonakshi- Papa, kya ho gaya aapko ??? papa ?? ahhhh…mat karo papa aisa, !! yeh galat hai !!!

Satru was kissing her legs sitting near to the bathtub….Sonakshi never knew her dad had a bad eye on her….She never knew her dad had the intention tio fuck her…!!!
Sonakshi kicked satru!!!

Sonakshi – papa bass !!! bahut ho gaya !!! aapki taniyat kharab hai, ja ke so jaayiye !!!!!! jaayiye !!!!

Satru slapped her !!!! He took out a knife !!!! The flat of the knife slid down from her throat, between her breasts, under her right breast

over her robe. He took off her robe and started fondling her boobs under her bra. He took the knife under the mid of her bra and gave a pull enough to cut it. Next

he removed it and slid it down and threw it away on floor.

Sonakshi- Papa plzzz..!!! papa main aapki beti hoon !!! Sonakshi’s naked body with only panty dripped and shook. Her head swam as she realized the trouble she was in. “P-please, mujhe

hurt mat karo papa….she cried …

Satru- hahaha..bahut din ho gaye, kisi jawan ladki ki chut aur gaand nahi maari….maine toh tujhe 18 saal hote huwe hi chodne ka plan banaya thaa, lekin fir socha, ladki ki chut aur garam honey dete hain…fir chodunga !!! aaaj toh teri maa bhi nahi hai…!!! kaun bachayega tujhe meri pyaari betiyah ??? satru smiled !!!! his evil smile frightened sonakshi….

Sonakshi was very scared/…..she was so scared that she started peeeing….she was peeing by standing…her heart beat was very fast…satru touched her pishab and started smelling…

Satru- ahhhhhh…kya pishaab hai….satru grabbed her !!! she pinched her hips !!!! Satru then grabbed her ass with force and said” salman chutiye ke saaath bahut kamar hilaaa rahi hai nah ????”

Saying this he pulled her

towards him from her navel and turned her face to smooch her passionatelely, holding her left hand on her tummy. He started with her priced boobs. He placed both his hands on her boobs. He took one nipple and started sucking it. Sonakshi slapped her father and started running…!!! she screamed “bachao, bachao !!!!”

Satru quickly caught her and closed her mouth with a handkerchief….then he felt her boobs passionately……..those boobs were very big…with brown nipples….satru started sucking it !!

Then satru took her and kissed once again..he then started licking her pussy..

Sonakshi was crying bitterly….she had eyes red because of cry, her head was aching as her father was the other who was raping her….Satru stopped kissing and licking her pussy…he started to smooch her….

Her lips were bleeding because of her father’s smooching….then satru took out his cock !!! She felt satru’s cock brush her lips. It was already moist and she could taste the salt. His cock pushed at her lips as he once again tweaked her left, bleeding

breast. Her lips parted and his hot, throbbing cock slid in so her tongue could taste his moist dribblings. Meanwhile, satru lathered her ass with soap to make entry easier and then she felt the tip of his cock touch her left ass cheek then the right one before coming

to rest at her asshole. She braced with fear as satru clutched her soft belly and started to push. The soap did its job and she was surprised how quickly his

cock entered. Sonakshi felt him thrust into her violated anus as her head swam. Unfortunately, she remained conscious as he thrust all the way in over and over. She felt satru shudder and knew his filthy cock had come inside her. As he pulled out, Jamal started pushing harder and his balls ground against her chin

while he continued to inflict pain on her tits with his rough squeezing. His cock rubbed back and forth over her tongue and into her throat as she fought the

nausea. She felt him jerk uncontrollably as his filthy cum filled her mouth forcing her to swallow the vile, salty goo.threw her into the tub putting filled with soap lather. He pressed his foot on her left breast so only her nose was barely above water. After a while he picked her up and took her to her bed, tied her arms and legs to the bed and started fucking her there. He fucked her 3 times, after he cummed again when he was fucking her for the 3rd time he fell on her and went to sleep when he woke up next morning. He noticed Sonakshi was still sleeping he then sat on her breast and started peeing on her face, feeling the piss Sonakshi woke up. After she woke up Shatru grabbed her by her hair with his left arm, and held a picture in his right hand in which Salman was fucking Sonakshi in doggy style. He told her that if she told anyone anything about what happened then he will give this picture to the media. She was terrified because she knew if that picture got to the media her career will be ruined. So she immidiently accepted what her dad told her to do. He then cut the ropes and released her, then he took a shower with her where he fucked her and punched her stomach and slapped her across the face. And since then Sonakshi is her fathers whore.

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