Tamannaah Forced By Fan English Part 1
Tamannaah Forced By Fan English Part 2

Tamannaah opened her mouth and he shoved his cock inside. He was large, and his cock immediately slid all the way to the back of her throat, making her gag. Ravi pulled it back as if he hadn’t meant to choke her, but then shoved it in again just as far. Tamannaah gagged again, and gave up a small cry of protest. Ravi either didn’t notice, didn’t care, or both. He kept shoving his cock deep into Tamannaah’s mouth, fucking her just as hard as he’d fucked her cunt, and Tamannaah had to struggle to breathe.

After almost a minute of this he suddenly stopped, jamming his cock into her one last time, and groaned as he came. His sperm flooded Tamannaah’s mouth, pouring down her throat and spilling out past her lips and down her chin. She pulled her mouth away from Ravi’s cock, turned her face, and made a retching sound as she spit out his come. Ravi still had a hold of her hair and yanked on it, shouting, “Get your cocksucking mouth back over here, bitch!” He shoved his still hard cock back into her mouth and told her, “Now, suck on it!” He hit her on the head with his fist. “Suck on it, goddammit!”

Tamannaah began sucking on Ravi’s cock, not the way she usually performed oral sex, but literally sucking on it like a straw. “That’s it, whore,” Ravi said. “Suck the last of my cum out like the cheap little cocksucker you are.”

Tamannaah continued to suck, tears once again streaming from her eyes. After about fifteen seconds Ravi pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed the tip of it all over her face. He started with her lips and chin, where some of his sperm still lay, and smeared it onto her cheeks, her forehead, her eyelids. He smeared some onto her nose as well, and even tried to push some of it up her nostrils.

“There we go,” he said. He pushed his cock back up to her mouth. “Now, lick the rest of my cum off my dick, slut.” Tamannaah, crying now, dutifully licked his cock clean. Once all the cum was licked up Ravi pulled his cock away, slapped her face, then got up off the bed.

“That’s all you get for now,” he said. He secured the handcuffs on her wrists to the set fixed to the headboard. “It’s getting late, and I need my sleep. You were a good fuck, bitch. But next time you suck my dick you better act like it tastes like ice cream.”

Alone in the dark, Tamannaah lay on her side, curled up in a fetal position, and cried. She wanted to go home. She wanted this to end. She prayed to God to save her. She apologized, to God, to Ravi for having been mean to him. She asked for her mommy. She even asked for her daddy, even though she hated him. Even though he’d done that awful thing to her. As awful as what Ravi was doing to her now.

She’d been sixteen then, and had just come home from court, where she’d had herself legally emancipated. She’d done it so that she could work longer hours for the movies she was working on. Daddy had opposed the idea from the start, had accused her of abandoning her family. She might have changed her mind, but she knew that what he was really mad about was that she didn’t intend to share any of her new wealth with him. He just wanted her money. And when she’d come home and announced that she’d gotten a favorable decision in court, he’d gone into one of his typical rages.

But instead of just storming around the house and threatening to disown her, he’d dragged her into his bedroom, thrown her onto the bed, torn her clothes from her body, and shouted at her, “You wanna be a movie star, you goddamned whore? You wanna get fucked by every man in Los Angeles? Then here, let me join the crowd!” And then he’d fallen on her, shoved his cock into her, and fucked her. Tamannaah had begged and pleaded for him to stop but he wouldn’t. He just kept fucking her and calling her a whore and a slut until he came inside of her. Afterward, he’d left her there on his bed, telling her, “Now you can say you’ve fucked every man in Los Angeles. And you won’t call yourself my daughter anymore. From now on you’re just a common whore, and God will destroy you like he did Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Less than a month later she missed her period and had gone to the doctor and learned that she was pregnant. She hadn’t been a virgin when her father raped her, but neither had she been with any other man around that time, so the baby had to be his. She’d gotten an abortion as soon and as secretly as she could, then had carried on with her career as if nothing had happened. It had been the most terrible time in Tamannaah’s life, even more terrible than what she was now going through, so in that respect at least, she believed it was a good thing that she could recall it all, and remind herself that things could be worse.

Still, as she finally cried herself to sleep, her daddy’s words echoed in her mind. She knew he’d been right, not in raping her, not in making her pregnant with his incestuous child, but in his prediction of what would become of her: she was facing her fate now, her destruction, and in some respects she deserved it.

Ravi woke her up by repeatedly hitting her on the head, shoulders and back. At first Tamannaah didn’t know what was happening, had no way to respond but to try to get away from the pain. The handcuffs kept her tethered to the bed, though, and all she could do was try to roll up into a ball.

“Wake your shitty ass up,” Ravi said. “Time for breakfast.” He bent down and unlocked the handcuffs that were securing her to the bed. “First, though, you gotta go to the bathroom. Don’t want you pissing the bed.”

He led her roughly into the bathroom and stood and watched as she used the toilet, then wiped her cunt and her ass with large wads of toilet paper. He brought her back into the bedroom and shoved her onto the bed, secured her to the headboard again, then left her alone in the room for a minute. When he came back he had a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs, along with a cup of coffee. Ravi helped her to sit up, then sat on the edge of the bed and fed her the food. Tamannaah ate eagerly, and carefully sipped the coffee when it was offered to her. As soon as she was finished with the food Ravi took the plate and cup away, returning just a few moments later.

“Time to go to work, whore,” he told her, then grabbed her by her ankles and pulled her down near the end of the bed. Tamannaah’s arms were wrenched upward behind her back, the handcuffs cutting into her wrists, and she yelped with the pain. Ravi slapped her face, then fell on her and started fucking her hard. As he shoved himself into her he whispered in her ear, “Dirty fucking slut. Got all that money and fame by giving up your ass to any slimeball with a cock, didn’t you? You fucking whore. You know the only thing I regret about all this, bitch? I don’t have a dog. Cause if I did I’d let it fuck you silly. Then I’d make you suck its dick and swallow it’s come. Filthy goddamn stuck up whore.”

After another minute or so, Ravi stopped and pulled his cock out of her. He turned her over onto her stomach and commanded, “Get your knees under you and stick your ass up in the air, cunt.”

Tamannaah dully complied, seeming to not even care what was happening to her anymore. When she was in the position he’d demanded, Ravi grabbed her by the hips and shoved his cock into her cunt again. He slammed into her repeatedly, showering her with more insults and accusations, until once again he pulled out of her. A moment later he shoved his cock into her ass, hard and deep, and Tamannaah screamed into the mattress. Instinctively, she tried to get away from the pain invading her body, but the combination of the handcuffs and Ravi’s strong grip on her kept her in place as Ravi fucked her in the ass.

“I don’t know what you’re crying about, you fucking slut,” Ravi said as he continued to slam his cock into her. “You’re tight, but you’re not that tight.” Tamannaah continued to cry and moan into the mattress as Ravi raped her. Finally, after about half a minute, he shoved himself into her one last time and groaned with satisfaction as he shot his come deep into her ass.

Immediately afterward he pulled out of her, slugged her hard in the middle of her back, and said, “I gotta go clean your dirty shit of my cock now, bitch. Don’t move or I’ll cut your tits off and shove em down your throat.”

He got up and went into the bathroom, cleaned himself thoroughly, then returned the bedroom. Tamannaah lay where she’d left him, still with her face in the mattress and her violated ass up in the air, crying and moaning. He ignored her as he quietly got dressed, then once again unfastened the handcuffs from the headboard. He pulled her by the arms and threw her onto the floor at the foot of the bed.

“Time to get up now, sleepyhead,” he said. He kicked her in the left breast and Tamannaah let out a yelp of pain. “We’re going on a field trip.”

Tamannaah tried to get to her feet but she couldn’t quite manage it. Ravi leaned down, grabbed her by the arms, and hauled her up. Once she was standing he grabbed one of her breasts and pulled on it, leading her out of the room. He led her out in the opposite direction that he’d brought her in, through the living room, the kitchen, then the washroom and out onto the back porch. The van was in the same place it had been before, and the rear doors were open, waiting for her.

Ravi picked her up like a groom picking up his bride and carried her over to the van. He tossed her onto the carpeted floor, then climbed in and secured her handcuffs to the bar welded to the wall.

“Don’t move,” he told her, then shut the doors of the van and climbed into the driver’s seat. He started the engine, and in the next moment the van began to move.

This is it, Tamannaah told herself as the van rocked and bumped along the road. He’s going to kill me and dump my body somewhere. They probably won’t even find me until I’m nothing but bones. She didn’t want to die. but there was no way out of this for her. Ravi had complete control of her, her body, her fate. It was so unfair. Yes, she’d done some bad things in her life, made decisions that she shouldn’t have made, walked a path that would not bring redemption from her God. All this pain, all this misery and terror, the rapes and the beatings, she deserved them, but she didn’t deserve to die. Why was God making her die when she was still so young that she could turn things around, right all of her wrongs? She still had time.

The van suddenly slowed, then stopped, and Ravi shut off the engine, and Tamannaah thought, No, you don’t. You’re all out of time. “Last stop,” Ravi said. “This is where you get off for good, cunt.”

He unfastened Tamannaah’s handcuffs from the bar and pulled her toward the door of the van. He slid the door open, then grabbed her by her arms and threw her out onto the ground. She landed and rolled onto her back, and when she looked around she saw that she was in a secluded area surrounded by trees.

Ravi jumped down from the van and grabbed her again, pulled her up to her knees. He slapped her face, then yanked open his jeans and pulled his cock out. He shoved it up to her lips and Tamannaah opened her mouth.

“I’m not gonna fuck your mouth this time, shitbag,” he told her. “This time, you’re gonna suck me off just like you do all those assholes in Bollywood. Show me what a good cocksucker you are.”

Tamannaah complied, leaning forward and slipping her mouth over the end of his cock. She began to suck him as earnestly as she could, moving her head forward and back as she did so.

“Oh, yeah,” Ravi said, grabbing a handful of her hair. “That’s good, bitch. You really are a good cocksucker. You better swallow all my come too, or I’ll shove my knife up your ass.”

Tamannaah continued sucking until Ravi groaned and pulled her head forward by the hair, forcing his cock to the back of her throat, and came. Tamannaah choked and gagged, but she managed to swallow most of his come. When he was done, Ravi pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped her again, knocking Tamannaah down onto her butt.

“One last thing,” Ravi said. “The one thing you deserved to have done to you all this time.” He was still holding his cock, and now he pointed it at her and began to piss all over her. Tamannaah moaned in disgust and humiliation, and she reflexively turned her face away, but she didn’t offer up any other resistance or protest as Ravi’s warm piss splashed all over her hair, her face, her breasts, her stomach and legs. When he was done, Ravi grabbed Tamannaah’s hair again and forced her to look up at him. He wiped the end of his cock all over her face, then put it back in his pants.

“Well, that’s about it,” he said. “I did all I planned to do.” He turned away as if he were going back to the van, then stopped. “Oh wait. Just one more thing.” Then he turned around and delivered a savage kick to Tamannaah’s face. She fell over onto the grass and Ravi was immediately on top of her, beating her brutally with his fists. He hit her repeatedly on the head, the shoulders and back, then turned her over and began pummeling her face and breasts. He beat her until she was unconscious.

When he was done he got up, breathing heavily, and walked over to one of the nearby trees. He picked up a large rock and brought it back, stood over Tamannaah’s prone body, hefting the rock in his hands.

“I oughta kill you,” he said. He stood there for several more moments, considering, then finally dropped the rock on the ground and said, “Fuck it. If you live, you live. If you die, you die. I don’t care anymore.”

He turned and went back to his van, got in and started the engine, and drove away, leaving Tamannaah lying on the grass, nude and bruised, her hands still handcuffed behind her back.

It was by chance that, only five hours later, a couple hiking in the woods discovered Tamannaah nude body. They thought she was dead at first, and reported it that way to the local authorities, and because of the confusion that was what was initially reported on the news that evening. But Tamannaah was still alive. She was taken to a hospital and eventually recovered from her injuries, but she never uttered a word about what had happened to her or who had done it.

She kept it to herself. Because in Bollywood, if you wanted to survive, you sometimes had to put on a pretty big act.

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