This story Tamannaah Fucked By Best Friend & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

I think everyone has that one girl. You know, the one that’s just out of reach. You see her every day, want to make a move, but can’t find the right words or actions. For me, that girl’s name is Tamanna Bhatia.

Tamanna and I had known each other pretty much our entire lives. We grew up next to each other and became best friends. Through the years, I guess the best way to describe us would be inseparable. It’s hard to think of a day when we were growing up that we didn’t hang out. When she acted I even visited her on set. When she got her own house, she convinced me to get a place right next to hers so we wouldn’t be too far apart.

To say we were best friends would be an understatement. I don’t know what we were, but we were intensely close. If people knew how I felt about her, they would assume she was my first crush, but it was more than that. In fact I had a crush on Shruti Haasan growing up, but that went away. What I felt for Tamanna? It’s still around and getting stronger day by day. Obviously, such feelings weren’t necessarily reciprocated. But I still couldn’t stay away from her. It’s not her fault I never made a move.

Though we did spend a lot of time together, sometimes we did spend a bit of time apart. Recently Tamanna decided she wanted to go on a road trip to help her over her break-up with her last boyfriend. I was the first invited, but sadly I couldn’t make it due to work. So while I was at the office pushing paper work around, she was off having some serious fun and sending me text messages which read things like, “Wish U Were Here.”

I was sitting at home, relaxing on a lazy Friday with no plan but to sit on the couch and vegetate when my phone started ringing.

“Hello,” I answered.

“What’s up Abishek?” Tamanna asked, her tone cheerful. “How’s my favorite guy?”

“Pretty good.” I replied, my weekend prospects looking slightly better. “When did you get back?”

“Yesterday. I would have called then but I was so exhausted I passed out as soon as I hit the sheets.”

“Nothing to worry about.”

“Well, since I’m wide awake, I thought maybe you might want to come by, play a little game of Bets?”

“You got it,” I said, a smile crossing my face. “When should I come by?”

“Anytime.” she replied. “You know the alarm code. The door will be open. See you soon, Abi.”

With that said, the phone call ended and I was already on my feet getting ready to go. I felt a bit of a hard-on coming on to, it always happened when she called me Abi. With a spring in my step, I got my shoes, grabbed my keys, and headed out the door.

In a couple of minutes I was at Tamanna’s front door. As she said, it was open. So I let myself in and entered the alarm code. I made my way to her living room only to see it empty. I looked around, no sign of Tamanna in sight.

I decided to look around the house. I checked her bedroom, spare room, the office she had, no sign of her. I walked down the hallway until I came to her bathroom. I knocked on the door. “Tamanna, you in here?” I got no response. I decided to proceed in, maybe she didn’t hear me, if she was even in there.

I opened the door and a rush of steam came out. From this alone, I now knew Tamanna was indeed inside, and showering. Despite knowing that though, I couldn’t resist walking in.

Sure enough, there she was, in clear view behind the glass door of her shower. I couldn’t help but stare as the hot water ran down her body, her soaking hair matted down to her tight body.

I was speechless as I watched Tamanna’s hands moving over her glistening body, soaping and rinsing her breasts and stomach, water running down the crack of her tight little ass. Another thing that I couldn’t take my eyes off when it got into my view was her pussy. I was pleasantly surprised to see she shaved completely.

My jaw was agape, I honestly couldn’t believe the sight in front of me, there was no way it could be get better. I was quickly proven wrong when I witness Tamanna insert a finger into her sex. I was now watching my beautiful best friend that I was in love with masturbate.

Even if there was something else to look at, my eyes would be glued to Tamanna. I felt myself get hard as she went on, fondling her breasts with one hand while the other worked over her pussy. She began to moan, right around the time I got rock hard. My hand went to my cock, rubbing it through my jeans as I watched, my eyes roaming her body and her face and back again. I knew I shouldn’t have spied on her, but I couldn’t resist. Hell, I challenge anyone to try and resist.

It seemed like I was watching her for an eternity, but sadly eternity was about to end.

“Abi?” I heard Tamanna ask as my eyes were focused on her shaved cunt.

As soon as I heard her voice my eyes went to her face.

“I know we haven’t seen each other for a couple days, but do you think you can wait in the living room?”

“Oops. Yeah. Sorry about that.” I said, covering my eyes.

“Don’t worry about it. Just meet me in the living room, Abi.”

I nodded and turned around. I was kind of shocked at her lack of anger, or any lack of emotion for that matter. I knew we were comfortable around each other and of Tamanna’s general “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, but this seemed a little extreme. But I could have sworn as my eyes viewed the mirror before leaving, I saw a smug smile on her face.

“Had she planned the entire thing?”

I sat on the couch for about ten minutes when Tamanna came walking in to the living room. She was wearing a pair of extremely low cut short-shorts and a shirt that ended just above her mid-drift, like it had been cut by her to look so. She was also carrying what appeared to be a pitcher of margaritas.

“What’s the occasion?” I asked, gesturing towards the pitcher.

“Nothing, just thought that since you missed out on the road trip you and I should have a bit of a nostalgic weekend. You, me, some drinks and a round of Bets.”

Bets was a game she and I had been playing since we were in grade school. It was kind of like truth or dare, minus the truth stuff. We’d watch a TV show and make stupid little bets on what would come next. A fun time killer to have while you’re hanging out. When alcohol entered the equation, the bets became somehow even more idiotic and immature as the game wore on.

“I can’t believe we still play this game.” I said, taking the glass Tamanna brought to me and letting her pour me some of the drink.

“Oh come on, it’s a tradition. We’ve been at this since the closest thing we could get to a margarita was lemon-lime Gatorade.”

“I’m not complaining.” I assured her.

Tamanna took her drink and then sat next to me, resting her head on my shoulder. We both seemed to be already playing a game; Act Like Abi Didn’t Just See Tamanna Naked & Masturbating.

“So, what are we betting with?”

“Nothing more predictable than reality TV.” she replied, taking a sip of her drink. “And by the time we’re both on our third drink it may even be tolerable to watch beyond making fun of it.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I said, taking a drink as well. She grabbed the remote, and the TV went on. “Let the games begin.”

We were an hour into our game and the shows had not become any easier to watch. I was already on my fourth margarita and still felt nothing. From what I could tell, Tamanna was in the same boat. This was odd, as her margaritas were notorious for how they snuck up on you in short order, but nothing so far.

As far as the game went, things started out predictably enough, I lost a bet so I had to do my wretched Rajinikant impression, then she lost hers so she had to scarf down an entire lemon, fairly innocent stuff.

Slowly but surely though, it began to get a lot more adult, like me losing a bet and having to have my pants off for fifteen minutes. I kept my boxers on but still, it was a bit of a leap from Rajini. Then she lost a bet and had to leave a filthy message on her voicemail for the rest of the night, which lead to the second thing I never thought I’d experience, Tamanna saying “Hi, it’s Tamanna. I’m not available to take your call right now. But leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you to suck your cock and drink your delicious cum as soon as I can.”

After that display, to say I was curious about what would come next was an understatement.

“Next bet?” I asked, the show coming back from commercial.

“Hmm. I bet that the first words out of that girls mouth are bleeped out.” Tamanna replied, taking another drink of the margarita.

“Okay. Well I bet she doesn’t swear, but her middle finger gets blurred out.”

“You’re on.”

“What are the terms?” I asked, curious to see if she was going to raise the stakes even more.

“How about if I win, you go outside and moon the house across the street?” she suggested, laughing as the sentence finished.

“What about if I win?”

“I’ll go topless for the rest of the night.” she claimed. “Even if I go outside. Deal?”

“You sure you want to do that?” I asked, not believing the penalty she just placed out for herself.

“What? It’s not like you haven’t seen my tits already tonight.” Tamanna snickered, causing my face to blush at the memory of her in the shower earlier.

“Look,” she added. “I wouldn’t have said it if I wasn’t ready to back it up. Do we have a deal or what?”

To prove her point Tamanna extended her hand for a pinky swear.

“Deal.” I said, wrapping my pinky around hers.

We turned our attention back to the TV set, and in short order that middle finger did in fact get raised and was blurred… just as I had said.

“Shit!” Tamanna cussed, before standing up and grasping the cut hem of her shirt.

“You don’t have to.” I said, kind of regretting it as soon as I said it.

“Hey, I made the bet. Let me pay it.”

In a flash, her shirt was off and her breasts were exposed. I tried not to stare, but I stole a few glances. As soon as she was up and the shirt was off then she was back on the couch, drink in hand and head on my shoulder.

“Time for the next one.”

“Okay.” I thought carefully. “I bet that the dude drinks so much at the bar he passes out.”

“I bet he tries to get out of the bar, but starts a fight. If I win, you drop your pants, undies and all, to your ankles.” She dared. “If I lose I’ll drop the shorts, deal?”

I paused for second not sure how to respond.

“Oh, come on Abi.” Tamanna whined. “You saw my goods. It’s only fair you put yours on the line.”

I couldn’t argue with her. She had a point. Still I was kind of hesitant to let my dick spring free. Especially since the only thing keeping my erection down were my pants. I didn’t want it to be awkward for her, seeing me at full mast while she was topless. What would she think?

Before I could contemplate this latest challenge, Tamanna again extended her pinky finger and I instinct wrapped mine around hers.

“Fine. Deal it is.”

No sooner had I said those exact words when the guy in question punched someone on screen and started a huge brawl.

“Ha! Pay up, Abi.” Tamanna exclaimed, her voice very playful.

Resigned to my fate, I stood up and undid my belt then took my pants and underwear back down. On cue, as I feared, my hardness sprang out.

“Whoa. Nice one, Abi.” Tamanna said. “Real nice.”

“So glad you approve.” I blushed before sitting down.

I thought the whole situation would make Tamanna change her position on the couch, but if anything she pulled closer to me, her arm around me while her head rested on my shoulder.

“Okay. Final bet.” Tamanna said while resting her hand on my now bare thigh. “I bet that the girl with the hair punches out the girl with the eye shadow.”

We both snickered at the notion.

“I say the guy with the abs knocks out the chick with the eye shadow.” I claimed. “Stakes?”

“How about… if I win, you walk home with your pants around your ankles.”

“Suitably embarrassing.” I replied, downing the rest of my drink and hoping for the liquid courage to kick in soon. “And what if I win?”

“Well, if you win,” Tamanna began, lifting her head off my shoulder and making a show of mulling it over. “If you win, I suck your cock.”

“What?” I replied, more than a little shocked at the suggestion. “Wait. How many drinks have you had?”

Tamanna giggled before looking me in the eye, face to face, our mouths just inches away from each other.

“Abi. Like I said before, I wouldn’t make the bet if I didn’t plan on following through with it. Besides…” she said as she reached down and gently wrapped her hand around my hard member. “It doesn’t seem like you’re that embarrassed right now.”

As you can imagine I was absolutely beside myself.

“Anyways. It’s not like it’s written in stone as to who’s going to win. Let’s just relax and have a little fun with it.”

I could only nod in response, as I swear I felt her hand move softly and Tamanna gently jacked me.

“Agreed? Good.” She remarked as she looked back at the TV. “Now let’s see who wins.”

She retook her position by my side, and we both watched the show intently. Every minute seemed to be an hour until we got to the final ten minutes of the show. If neither scenario happened, it would be a draw and we wouldn’t have to do anything. Soon enough however, a fist drew back and someone was knocked out… the guy with the abs knocked out the girl with the eye shadow.

“Well,” Tamanna said, slinking from sitting on the couch to getting on her knees in front of me. “It looks likes you won, Abi.”

Before I could utter any kind of assurance that Tamanna didn’t have to go through with the bet, she grasped my cock firmly in her hand and began to jack it at a steady pace.

“Enjoy the prize.” Tamanna said as she moved her head up and licked my cock from base to tip and back again, taking time to kiss the head and stalk of my dick.

She encircled my head with her lips, sucking softly and swirling her tongue for a few short sweet seconds before removing them.

“Fuck.” I moaned, still somewhat in disbelief at what was happening.

How much had we actually drank? I wasn’t feeling anything. I couldn’t read Tamanna’s state either, other than her clearly enjoying her actions. I saw her move one of her hands under her shorts, fingering herself as her mouth worked on my cock.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and she seemed to get a kick out of it, her eyes locking on mine when they weren’t shut tight from her own pleasure being brought on by her own hand. She moved her mouth down to my balls, giving them a nice tongue bath before sucking them into her mouth. First one of the orbs, then the other, then both in her mouth before the process would cycle.

Not content to let my hands lie at my sides like dead weight, I moved to feel the flesh of her breasts. After thinking about it for years, I figured now was as good a time as any. Needless to say, the wait was worth it. Tamanna never had the largest bust, but what she had always had my attention, and they felt better than any I had ever felt before. I felt Tamanna moan through my balls as I rolled her nipples between my fingers.

I wanted to continue feeling her, but Tamanna removed her mouth from my balls.

“Not that I don’t appreciate the attention,” she remarked. “But how about you lay back and enjoy yourself.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice, and leaned back and did as she said.

Tamanna’s mouth moved to my cock, hovering over it as the hand that had been jacking me moved to my balls. I felt the hot heat of her breath on my cock head. She looked up at me, an eyebrow raised.

“You want it?” she asked, her tone cocky.

“Yes.” I nodded. “Suck it, Tamanna.”

“See. Now you’re getting into the swing of it.”

With that said, her mouth was back on my cock. Her pace was very deliberate, not slow, not fast, but just enough to keep me on edge. Her tongue made all the right moves, delicately licking at times, with slow deliberate movements the other.

She used her teeth to tease the crown, causing a shiver to go up my spine. I felt her other hand, fresh from her own pussy joining her mouth, jacking whatever wasn’t in her mouth. I felt her hand twist with every stroke. It seemed to be in perfect harmony with her mouth, slow and tender on moment, hot and fast the next.

“Like this mouth on your cock?” Tamanna asked, letting her hand do the solo work while she spoke. “I bet you want to feed me all that cum. Gonna feed me, Abi? Every last drop or nothing. I want it all.”

“You’re gonna get it all Tamanna.” I said, moving my hand down to her head and holding back her brown locks. “Every last drop you want.”

“Just what I wanted to hear.” She replied before she went back to my cock, surprising me with a bit of deep throat.

“FUCK!” I hissed, my back arching at the sensation. “That’s it Tamanna, fucking perfect. Right there!”

My hands were still at her head, holding her hair back as I began to thrust between her lips. Tamanna moaned in response, letting me do as I pleased with her wet mouth. In a matter of a minutes I was close.

“Tamanna, I’m gonna cum!” I warned her, stopping my thrusting to let her decide where my spunk would go.

To my pleasure, she did not remove her mouth but instead went back to her pleasurable movements of working my cock and balls with her hands and lips. She stared me out, almost daring me to shoot in her mouth.

Accepting the visual invite, I unleashed in her mouth, growling as I released stream after stream of cum into her. Tamanna refused to end her sucking until she was sure I had expended every last drop. Not one single bit of semen managed to escape her lips.

When I was done I slumped back to the couch, all my energy drained along with my load. I looked down at Tamanna, her eyes still on me. She gazed right into my own eyes, her green eyes burning with a lustful gaze. She made a show of swallowing my cum, savoring it like it was a drink of water after a week straight in the Sahara.

She opened her mouth again, showing off the emptiness with pride before she climbed up to straddle me. He lips were again painfully close to mine. She moved in to kiss me, then at the last second moved to my cheek, licking it at first, then turning it into a light kiss.

“See you tomorrow, Abi.” she whispered, before got up and headed to her bedroom and giving me a look over her shoulder and a wave good bye.

She hadn’t even bothered to pick up her shirt as I stood up and put on my pants. I paused for a moment, and looked to her bedroom. Had she invited me in? She didn’t exactly say to follow her but she didn’t exactly throw me out either. What was going on?

It’s hard to believe that just a month ago, I was living my dream. That dream, or part of it, was Tamanna Bhatia, a woman I had been in love with for as long as I could remember, sucking me off until she swallowed my cum. I thought that would be the start of something. Sadly, it wasn’t.

The next day, we were back to normal, like she hadn’t just given me the blowjob of a lifetime. Not a mention or a sign that it ever happened. I could only assume that meant that to her, the night was a drunken blur. I didn’t know how that could be the case. I had just as much as Tamanna, and I didn’t feel a thing. Historically, she’s always held her liquor better than me. First time for everything I suppose.

Whatever the reason, nothing happened after that night and soon enough, Tamanna had herself a new boyfriend. A real bore of a guy too. I hate to be such a harsh judge. Hell, I’m hardly Mr. Excitement myself, but this guy was like an Oxford History professor with twenty year tenure in the body of a twenty-three year-old. The guy actually wore a tweed jacket socially. I wouldn’t be surprised is he smoked a pipe.

Still Tamanna seemed to like him, I should have been happy for her. At least that’s what I tried to tell myself whenever I had to be around those two. But something didn’t seem right. Sure, I was jealous, but there was something else. I just couldn’t buy that Tamanna really liked this ass.

Despite my reservations though I was in a bar, a bar that Tamanna and I loved to hang out in, waiting for the two of them. I had to hang out in our spot with Captain Asshat hanging all over her. What can I say, Tamanna is the one woman I can’t say no to.

I was admiring my glass of beer when I heard a familiar voice that perked my spirits right up.

“Well hello there, Abi.” Tamanna said.

I looked up to see her walking toward the booth I was sitting at, and she was dressed to kill. She was in a short, black/red dress that showed off her delicious legs and was wearing a pair of red heels. She grabbed a chair from a nearby table and brought it to the booth, sitting in front of me.

“Where’s your guy?” I asked, sipping my beer and hoping she didn’t notice me completely checking her out.

“Still at work. Thought I’d come by early to get some one-on-one time with my favorite guy in the world.” She reached her hand over to mine, grasping it playfully. “It’s been a while since it was just you and me. Thought we could have some fun.”

“Like last time?” I asked, carefully entering into the arena.

“Whatever do you mean?” Tamanna said, in a playful tone. Did she remember?

Before I could go any further, Tamanna replied. “What are you drinking?”

“Becks.” I answered. “I was just about to get another, actually.”

“Next round’s on me.”

We both got up and headed to the bar. I could see several eyes on Tamanna, eying her just as I had. Couldn’t say I blamed them. Some of the guys however, I didn’t like the look of. I tried to brush it off as best I could, but some of them looked to be trouble.

We got to the bar and in a flash, Tamanna got the bartender’s attention and ordered our drinks. Once the beers were received and paid for, we turned around and leaned on the bar, sipping from our beers.

“Can I ask you a question?” Tamanna said, her green eyes twinkling under the dusky light of the bar. Only Tamanna, I swear.

“Go ahead.”

“Why didn’t you come over that day?”

As she spoke, she turned completely toward me and looked me in the eyes.

“I said see you tomorrow and you never even showed up.”

I was shocked. I guess she wasn’t as gone as I thought.

“You remember?”

“Do I remember sucking your cock? Yes, I do.”

I looked around the bar, seeing if anyone was reacting. Tamanna gently grabbed my face and turned it towards her again.

“Look at me. I remember what happened that night. Everything. I invited you over the next day and you never came by. Why?”

“I thought you might have been drunk,” I sighed. “I thought I might have been taking advantage of you, I don’t know. I didn’t even think you remembered.”

“Of course I remembered. I wasn’t drunk. And neither were you.”

“What?” I asked, shocked, yet somehow not by the revelation.

“There wasn’t a drop of alcohol in those margaritas. Everything that happened that night happened because I wanted it to happen. Including you seeing me in the shower.”

Tamanna smiled wide, taking another sip of her beer. All I could do was take a big gulp of mine in response.

“Why did you do that?” I asked, still trying to comprehend it all. “If you wanted to do all that, why not just say it?”

“I waited too long for you to make any kind of move. I figured I might as well take the initiative. I also didn’t want either of us to be drunk. I wanted it to be real. I thought the placebo effect would loosen you up a little without getting you wasted.”

“You were waiting on me?”

“Come on Abi,” Tamanna laughed. “You really think the feeling was never mutual between us?”

“You can’t be serious,” I said, running my palm over my face.

I couldn’t believe it. Could I really be this fucking dense?

“Abi, I’m serious. Timing was what got in our way. Either you had a girlfriend, or I had a boyfriend. Or you were on a semester at sea or I was off in another state for a movie.”

She put her hand on mine again, this time more tenderly, her thumb softly stroking my hand as she moved closer to me.

“Things are different now though. We don’t have to bullshit around the issue anymore. Or we didn’t.”

“Why not just call me the next day and ask me over? Don’t you think you were being a bit subtle?”

“I swallowed your cum, Abi.” Tamanna said, matter-of-factly. “I’m not sure you can count that as subtle.”

“Fair enough.”

“So, what do you say. Want to give us a try?” Tamanna said while biting on her bottom lip, waiting for a reply. “You know it’s gonna be fun.”

“What about, you know…” said I, struggling to remember her boyfriend’s name.

“Ramesh?” she asked. “He’s all right. It just kind of happened. I like him, but… he doesn’t make me laugh until I can’t breathe. He doesn’t play Bets with me. He’s not you.”

Tamanna’s face moved closer to mine, moving in for a kiss I was all too ready to return. And that’s when Ramesh walked through the door.

“He’s here,” I said, pulling back.

Tamanna’s head jerked to the door, then back to me.

“Did he see us?” she asked, her eyes going from him to me.

“I don’t think so.”

We both looked to him as he waved at us, a big and oblivious grin on his face. We waved back and gestured towards the booth we had been sitting at earlier. She looked at me, a sullen smile on her face, and we both walked back.

Before we were even six inches away from the bar, we were cut off by one of the many guys who were ogling Tamanna. He was a big, hillbilly looking guy in a flannel shirt and trucker cap. He smelled as cliche as he looked, a mixture of tobacco and stale beer.

“Where are you goin’ pretty lady?” he said, his yellow teeth matching perfectly with his rancid breath.

“Back to my table,” said Tamanna, bluntly. She tried to walk around the man, but again, he got in front of her path.

“Aw, come on now sugar, I just wanna talk to you.” The hick’s grin was straight out of Deliverance, except not quite as cordial. Tamanna was obviously uncomfortable, but he wouldn’t let her pass.

“Maybe she doesn’t want to talk to you, pal.” I said, getting between the large man and Tamanna. “It might be best if you take a hike.”

“What, you here boyfriend or somethin’, little man?” the guy asked, shoving me a little.

“Maybe I am. What are you gonna do about it?” I couldn’t believe what I was doing. This guy had at least eighty pounds and ten inches on me.

The hillbilly grabbed me by my shirt. “You wanna see what I’m gonna do about it?”

He drew back his hand for a punch, as I did the same.

“Jed!” the bartender yelled. Jed, the hillbilly revealed, and I turned our faces to the bartender. “What did I tell you would happen if you caused any more trouble in here?”

“I ain’t causin’ no trouble. I’m just showing this lovely couple back to their seat.” He set me down and pressed down my shirt, giving me a fake smile with his rotten teeth. “Ain’t that right?”

“I don’t give a good God damn what you say you’re doin’ when my eyes tell me different. You go back to your drink and leave those two alone, or I’ll have your ass bounced, got it?”

Jed nodded and left, but not before giving Tamanna and myself a dirty look. The two of us looked to the bartender and nodded in thanks, then headed to the booth.

“Were you seriously about to get in a fight for me?” Tamanna asked. “That’s so fucking bad ass.”

“Actually, I was about to get my ass kicked for you. Big difference.”

“Still, it’s pretty bad ass.” Tamanna pinched my ass, winking at me when I looked at her in response. “Bad ass and sweet.”

We arrived at the booth and there was good old Ramesh, prim and proper.

“I do hope you two didn’t have too much trouble,” he said, trying to show some level of concern.

“We’re fine Ramesh,” said Tamanna, a frustrated tone to her voice. She took her seat, her body language showing more than a little bit of anger. “Thanks for the help.”

“My dear, it would appear you and Abishek had it under control. I doubt I could have added anything of value to the situation.”

“Can’t disagree with that,” I muttered, eliciting a laugh from Tamanna.

“What was that?” Ramesh asked, genuinely wondering without a hint of offense in his voice.

“Oh, I agree.” I replied. “There’s absolutely nothing useful you bring to the situation.”

“Thank you.” replied Ramesh, completely missing the joke. “At least someone else at this table is sensible.”

Tamanna rolled her eyes at this then began to chug her beer. When the last drop was gone, she got up.

“You want another?” she asked me. I nodded as she left for the bar, leaving Ramesh and I alone.

To say the silence was awkward does a disservice to the word awkward. I couldn’t stand the guy and he was delightfully oblivious to it. He wasn’t a bad guy, but sometimes you just don’t mix with people. Fact of life I suppose.

The silence seemed to last an eternity until it was broken by the sound of Tamanna struggling. I got up and looked to the bar, and Jed was on her again, this time a lot more grabby.
“I said let me go, you inbred fuck!” Tamanna yelled.

“Aw, come on sugar. Don’t fight too much. I don’t like ’em that feisty.”

I had definitely had enough of this guy and looked to Ramesh.

“You gonna stop this?” I asked in disbelief, as he wasn’t already on his feet.

“Abishek, do you see the size of him? What good would I do?”

I could believe him. I got up and walked toward the situation. To Tamanna’s eternal credit, if this guy was intimidating her, she wasn’t showing it, calling him every expletive-related name she could think of, and a few new ones I’d never heard her use before. That’s my girl.

I grabbed Jed by the shoulder and spun him around to face me.

“Leave her alone, shit head.” I growled. I didn’t give a shit how big this asshole was, he wasn’t getting away with this. “Leave her alone or this gets ugly.”

“By the time I’m done with you, your own mother won’t recognize ya,” Jed said, a sick grin on his face.

He cracked his knuckles, then drew his hand back for a punch. Before he could throw it, Tamanna tapped on his shoulder. When he turned to her, he was met with Tamanna’s fist to his face, knocking him back a little out of more surprise than anything.

“You little cunt!” Jed wailed, as he actually looked as though he was getting ready to throw a punch at her. That when I intervened with a punch of my own, sending him into a table full of people.

Jed got off, covered in beer and peanuts. My punch may have sent him back, but it didn’t seem to phase him. He got up and charged me, lifting me off my feet and slamming me down on the bar, shoving me across it, breaking glasses and bottles in my way.

When I got to the end, he threw me on the ground, then got on top of me. He was ready to ground and pound when a pool cue broke across his forehead. I looked up and saw Tamanna holding the cue in her hand. The blow surprised Jed yet again, but it didn’t seem to hinder him. He went right back into position, ready to take me down when the bartender grabbed Jed from behind, putting him in a choke hold.

“I fucking warned you Jed!” the bartender yelled, as I caught my breath and Tamanna helped me up.

“You okay?” she asked me when I got to my feet.

“Dandy.” I replied, brushing off peanut shells from my jacket. “Did he hurt you?”

“Fucker’s all bark.” Tamanna said. “Where Ramesh?”

We both looked around to see him actually hiding under the table.

“I don’t fucking believe it.”

“Somehow I completely do,” I laughed.

Tamanna smiled, shaking her head. The moment of levity was not to last however. We both took immediate notice when Jed’s friends entered the fray, the Hick Squad all attacking the bartender. Once he was free, Jed again tried to come for myself and Tamanna. Before he could gain any momentum, he was tackled by another patron, someone I could only guess was more of a fan of the bartender than King Hillbilly.

“You wanna get out of here?” I asked Tamanna.

“You read my mind Abi.” she replied. “Should we wait for Ramesh?”

“He didn’t wait for us,” I said, pointing at him as he jetted out the door. “I think he’s got the right idea.”

I grabbed Tamanna’s hand as a full blown bar room brawl broke out and we ran. I lead us towards the back exit, hoping to avoid Ramesh. I grabbed for the door and opened it, Tamanna rushing out first. Right before I followed her, I turned around to see the brawl hit full swing, and Jed on the wrong end of it. I couldn’t help but laugh as I rushed outside.

The exit led to a dark alley, fluorescent light buzzing, moonlight streaming down. Tamanna was resting against the wall, catching her breath, a big smile on her face. I had honestly never seen her look more beautiful than I had at that moment.

“Well, that was pretty fucking intense, huh Abi-mmm!” Tamanna said before I cut her off with a deep kiss.

I pulled her body close to mine, my hand moving to her ass and squeezing.

Tamanna returned the gesture, kissing me deeply, our tongues wrestling with each other as her hands darted to my shirt, blindly trying to unbutton before deciding to just rip it open, the button flying all over the alley.

I moved my hand from her ass to under her dress, going for her pussy. I was surprised to find she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I looked into her face, Tamanna giving me a sexy little half smile and a shrug. No words were needed.

I inserted my fingers in her, Tamanna moaning at the entry. My mouth went to her neck, kissing my way to her ear and back to her mouth as my hand worked on her wet cunt. My other hand worked around to the top of her dress, unzipping it just enough for me to be able to pull it down and expose her breasts.

Once they were out, I did something I had waited for so long to do; my mouth went to them, licking and sucking on them. Tamanna moaned, enjoying the new sensation I was providing. I was only too happy that things I dreamed of doing for years were also making her feel great.

Her moans began to get louder, and she was wanting more. She took her hands to my pants, undoing them in a flash. I let them fall to my ankles, looking her in the eye. I removed my fingers from her slit and brought them to her mouth. Tamanna eagerly sucked and licked at them, my mouth joining hers.

Tamanna wrapped her arms around my shoulders, her lips still pressed against mine. I again moved my hands to her ass, this time getting a firm grip. I lifted Tamanna up and she wrapped her legs around me. She was pinned against the brick wall. Our kiss broke and our eyes locked again, her green eyes demanding my next move.

There were no words, no hesitation, as I entered her. The only noises we let out were moans of satisfaction. I savored the sensation of being inside her, the feel, the heat, the tightness. I had waited for this moment for years, and to say it was worth it would be severely underselling how amazing it felt.

I felt Tamanna begin to grind against me. I looked as her eyebrow raised. With that cue, I began to pump into her.

“Yesssss,” Tamanna hissed, the first words said between us since we started. “That’s the way Abii….”

Tamanna leaned against the wall as my hands went to her hips, grasping them hard as I began to pound into her. I looked at her face, moonlight reflecting of the sheen of sweat that had formed on her body. She stared me out in a way only she could, urging me on with her emerald eyes. When she wasn’t pushing me on with her gaze, she did when her pleasure overtook her face, moaning with her eyes shut tight.

I pulled Tamanna close to me again an wrapped my arms around her, pulling her all the way on me. Our lips again locked, Tamanna pulling my face to her. We moved away from the wall, with her grinding against my cock as we moved to a chain link fence, my back to it.

Tamanna smirked at me, her motion still. Her hands grasping the fence as she moved her legs, pressing her shoes against it.

“Don’t move,” she said. “Let me do the work.”

Not being one to refuse such an enticing offer, I nodded, moving my hand to her face and wiping the sweat from her brow. She sucked my thumb into her mouth as she began, lifting herself up and down over my cock, increasing her pace on every path.

“Feels so good Abii..,” moaned Tamanna. “So fucking good. I can’t wait to feel your cum inside my pussy…”

With every stroke, I could feel what she wanted. Hell, what we both wanted, approaching. With the way Tamanna was breathing and how heavy she was blushing, I knew she was close too.

I moved my hand from her face to her pussy, working her clit as we fucked. Tamanna arched her back and pulled me close to her again, as she let out a high-pitched moan.

“Trying to make me cum, Abi?”

“Is that a problem?” I asked jokingly, frigging her clit as she still bounced on my cock.

“Hardly.” She replied, breathless.

We were both close, so it was only a matter of time. Though I tried to hold out, looking at her in the throes of passion was too much for me.

“DAMN!” I yelled, shooting my load into Tamanna, still thrusting hard into her and hoping hers would hit as well.

Soon enough, Tamanna got hers as well, her mouth pressing against mine one last time as her pussy began to spasm on my cock, milking a few more streams from me. We held onto each other as we both came down, sweaty, out of breath and with huge smiles on our faces.

“Was it worth the wait for you, too?” she asked, planting a soft kiss on my lips, licking as it broke.

“More than you know,” I said. “So much more.”

The two of us laughed and kissed again. In all this bliss though, we were forgetting one major thing; what about Ramesh?


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