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==== Recap ====
Sid: Guys please, can we talk anything else.
Raj: Hey Sid, just got reminded of this. Tomorrow is your mom’s birthnay, right?
Sid: Yeah, why do you ask?
Raj: Nothing, was just going through your facebook profile, saw your mom’s birthday from there. So, you have any plans for celebrations? are you inviting us?
Sid: He knows that these two guys are already waiting for the chance to fuck his mom. But didn’t know that they already trapped Kajuma. Actually, my father is not home. So, we are thinking to not make huge deal of it this time. It will be simple within the house.
Suhas: What! This is not at all fair. You have to invite us. That too when your father is not there, we all can have so much fun. It’s gonna be amazing night!
Raj: Yes, I can’t wait too. Sid, say no more. You are inviting us and we are celebrating. That’s it.
Sid: Guys, please listen to me. I can’t do this. He knows if they come to his home, Kajal will be fucked front and back mercilessly. 
Suhas: Raj, it’s ok. Leave it. Okay Sid. Catch you later, bye.
Suhas immediately text directly to Raj: Yo, leave that son of the bitch alone. I don’t care about him. We are going to Kajal’s home tonight.
==== Recap ====
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Raj: Haha.. you serious bro? At least Kajal should invite us, na?
Suhas: Doesn’t matter buddy. She is our slut now. I already fucked her. You had a handjob with her. She is ours bro. You don’t need formal permission or invitation from her anymore to fuck her.
Raj: Ahh!! those moments! It’s really been long for me to visit her Suhas. You recently saw her and fucked her, but I’m lagging a lot.
Suhas: Exactly what I’m trying to say. Don’t you wanna fuck her? I know you are more brutal person than me. Just say yes and we will have a memorable night of our life.
Raj: Hehe.. all those “Brutal” things are just our fantasies. Not sure how they will reflect in real life.
Suhas: Meh.. Let’s see. We will just plan for surprising her tonight. What happens later happens later.
Raj: Okay, I know a bakery shop owner who makes custom cakes. I’ll order a nice cake for her, written “Raj and Suhas loves Kajuma” over it. What do you say?
Suhas: lol. Anyone can write names. Make use of his custom cake talent. Let’s make a dick shaped cake. 😄
Raj: Crazy! But will he do it for us? I mean what he might think of me.. Err..?
Suhas: I don’t know what you are saying to him but I’m getting the Dick shaped cake from you by evening.
Raj: Amm. I’ll try Suhas. I might have to pay him extra bucks to keep this as secret.
Suhas: Say him that he can even get to fuck the birthday woman later if he want. Just get the cake done.
Raj: Hehe. Okay.
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“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh.. yesss… fuuucckk!!” moans Kajal as her pussy gets nailed for third time. “Say my name Kajuma, say my name!” said Raj with his hand gripped around Kajal’s throart, with his huge black cock in her pussy. The hand on her neck is taken up by lifting her thigh and wrapping from below it. Kajal’s pussy is streched wide to intake maximum length. “Raaaaaj.. Yess.. ahh.. Fuck me Raj!!” moaned Kajal even louder. Kajal’s eyes are becoming wet with tears. But she doesn’t want to stop. Only thing that is bothering her is at 12 sharp Sid would call her and search for her. She saw the wall clock infront of her, it is 11:45 PM. With completely tied up in Raj’s hands and legs, she can only move as much Raj allows him to. Raj is fucking her fiercely with his hungry cock. He bites thigh in between which he lifted up to her face. Kajal cries for it. He then caresses her boob and sucks it like a baby. All while pounding her vagina continuously. Kajal cries in pain for a moment and the next moment reahces the pinnacle of pleasure. Raj is not letting Kajal to live that moment of pleasure for so long. As soon as he sees the smile on her face, he increases the fucking pace and bites a peice of flesh on her body. Raj said, “Ahh you bitch, you always gave chance to Suhas first. He got everypiece of you prior to me. And you come to talk to me only when you need suggestions. You cunning nasty whore!”, slapping her butt. Kajal in crying voice replies, “Ah it’s not ahh like that Raj. ammm aahhhh.. I just.. just got uncontrolled in many moments. Fuuuucckkk!! Fuck me hard now. I’m yours. Fuck me”. “Bitch, I know you are mine now. You are my slut, you are my whore today. I’m so envious of Suhas, that’s the reason I ditched him today and came alone to get the full fuck out of you.”, replied Raj removed his cock out. He left Kajal. She was lying there all naked with just mangalsutra, bangles, anklets, earrings and nosepin. He stood on knees infront of her on bed looking at her, thinking of ways to punish her more. He saw the time, it is 11:55 PM now. “It’s time for me to gift you, my Kajuma. Want to see my present?”, said Raj opening his bag. He took out a metallic chain with two small clamps at both ends. The chain is of a foot length. And then he took out a 6 feet rope. Kajal is terrified to see those, “What are these Raj? How are these going to be my gifts?”, asked in terror. Raj held her neck with one hand and shusshed her,” You just shut up and watch”.
Raj’s phone rings. Suhas is calling him. But Raj is in no mood to attend it.

Evening 8:30 PM, same day:

Raj collected the dick shaped cake from his friend and came to the chai spot where Suhas and Raj regularly meet. Suhas was supposed to come at 8:30 and then both plan to reach Kajuma’s house at 9 to surprise her. But Raj gets a call from Suhas.

Suhas: Bro, did you get the cake?
Raj: Yes, successfully. It’s with me here and I’m waiting for you.
Suhas: Excellent, but there’s a problem Raj.
Raj: What problem now? We were all set and ready!
Suhas: Yeah, but won’t worry, it is just with me. My family got invited to my cousin’s place. They are arranging a treat for her newborn baby.
Raj: What?? Now??
Suhas: Yeah, it was a sudden invite. They are very close to us, so we too could not reject them. Soo..
Raj: So, Kajal bitch’s birthday is a fail plan now?
Suhas: No no. We will still make it. But a little late. I’ll finish my dinner little early and will meet you. May be it will take upto 11:30 PM. I will ring you at that time and we will go together at that time.
Raj: Ah man, that’s not good. What if she is sleeping at that late night?
Suhas: It’s her birthday!! She won’t sleep. Sid must have planned some or the other small thing for her. So definitely they must be awake until at least 12 AM.
Raj: Hmm okay. but I’ve to hide this dick shaped cake till then somewhere.
Suhas: Please, bear this one thing for me. I’ll be as quick as possible. I promise.
Raj: Okay, I’ll try something. You come quick and ring me okay?
Suhas: Definitely. Bye broo
Raj: Bye.
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This frustrated Raj. He cannot take the cake back to his home. It’s a special weird cake. It is packed but still cannot take it anywhere. He cannot wait without dinner till 11:30. There are no hotels too during this lockdown. At last he decided to ditch Suhas and just go to Kajal’s house as planned, but without his friend.
Sid is not aware of Raj & Suhas’s plan at all. He planned to have sex with his mother finally on her birthday. The plan is to lure Kajuma a lot with his dick. According to Sid, Kajuma only gave handjob and blowjob to him, she did not have any other cock. So, he thought the woman must be so horny for having sex and it will be easy for him to get her under his cock. He sent Anil to get a good cake and asked Pushpa to prepare good dinner. All three of them decorated house and made all the preparations.
As the house is getting it’s glow, Kajuma intervened, saying: Siddhu kannaa. why all these celebrations now? It’s just a birthday. Not a big event. You are taking too much efforts.
Sid: No maa.. It is not just anyone’s birthday. It is you. Kajal. My mom’s birthday. I actually thought of inviting so many friends and relatives but I know you won’t like that level of hungama. So I just kept it ourselves.
Kajal: Hmm. Still. This is too much for just two of us. I’m flattered by all the love you are showing!
Sid: I’m your son ma. You deserve this from me. You have been very helpful to me recently. I have to show my gratitude.
Kajal: Comes close and hugs Sid gently. Muuah! Kiss on forehead. I love you Sid. As long as you are there with me, I’ll be happy and satisfied. How are the works going on? Looks like the decor is almost done.
Sid: Yes ma, few final touches. Anil will take care of it. Can we go my bedroom ma? Asks with a cute face.
Kajal: Anything personal?
Sid: Let’s go maa.  Ignores to answer and drags her to bedroom by hand. Here. Sit maa. I have to tell you something.
Kajal: Sits beside Sid with her hands in his. What is it kanna? Is it your boner again?
Sid: Mommy so sharp!!
Kajal: Hahaha.. but not today Sid. Please, I’m in a very pleasant mood looking at your preparations.
Sid: But ma, why do you think I’m putting all these efforts. To please you only, right? Can’t you do this small favour in return.
Kajal: Ah! This has become a habit to you, Sid.
Sid: Wait, you promised me day before yesterday that you will give me blowjob that night. But where was that? You skipped it!!

Kajal: Did I?? ahh mmm. I must be busy with some other work. Really sorry for that.

Sid: Awesome. Listen. I don’t want your apology. You can easily compensate today. I have everything ready. With excited face
neneraju nenemantri kajal65
Kajal: What do you mean everything ready?
Sid: I brought you a special saree for your birthday. I am thinking of gifting it to you now itself and I want blowjob in that saree, right here!
Kajal: Sid, isn’t that too much to ask?
Sid: Nothing is too much anymore. You are accepting it. That’s it.
Kajal: She is excited too to see her new saree and suck his son’s cock. Amm if you insist..  Shrugs
Sid: Perfect. Here is your saree. Come on change now.
Kajal: Takes the saree and stands up to leave. I’ll change and come. Wait here.
Sid: Where are you going? Change here itself. Infront of me. This will bring my boner in position too.
Kajal: Sid!! I can’t change infront of my son.
Sid: But you can suck your son’s cock?
Kajal: Ahh don’t tempt me.
Sid: Then change here. Please.
Kajal: Alright. First and last time. She removes her saree and petticoat. Standing with blouse, bra and panty infront of Sid. Kannaa. I have to remove my blouse, at least turn around.
Sid: Rubbing his cock over the pant till now, opens belt and zip. Pulls out dick. You are doing just right. Go ahead and show your breasts maa. Your bra is still there na. It’s ok.
Kajal, not willing to agrue more, unhooks her blouse and gets naked. She stands there shamelessly with only innerwears. Bra is barely holding her boobs. It’s so fragile that a simple squeeze would tear it up and bounce the boobs out. Her glowing skin tone is illuminating the room. Sid is rubbing his cock looking at her sexy mom, pulling down his cock-skin as much as he can. Kajal saw his cock and covered her boobs like a prostitute when caught to police. Sid laughed at her and said, “Haha.. No problem mom. I am your Sid. No need to be shy. Now go on and put on the new saree.” Kajal then wore her new saree infront of him. Sid got to see her thick thighs, heavy ass cheeks, pulpy arms and most delicious boobs, while changing her clothes.
As soon as she finished getting ready in saree, he jumped on her. Hugged her tight and started kissing on her lips. “Muuuuuahh. ummm mmmmm mommmmaaa.. ummmmmmaaahh”, gave loads of kisses on her cheeks, sucked her lips. Kajal was shocked but can only kiss back, “Mmmuuaaah, Sid.. aaahh, what’s this sudden love?” said the woman with her lips sucked. “I’ve always been in love with you ma. Now is the time to express it. Umm mmmm mmmm”, smooched her entire face. Slowly kissing her jaws, neck and her shoulders. He is crushing her new saree – pulled down her pallu and started kissing on her boobs top half. Sid, “Maa.. I’ve to say something about you. Yesterday I had a small conversation with Pushpa. Guess what she said”. “What did she say? Anything about salary?”, not resisting any of Sid’s actions, questioned Kajal. “No maa. Something purely about you. She said your boobs are smaller than hers! Can you believe it. How dare she must be, to speak like that?”, said Sid caressing her back, holding her in his arms and smooching boobs flesh in the front.
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“Ummhh.. why do you care about my boobs, though. You shouldn’t be thinking of me like that, baby”, replied Kajal. Sid fondled her right melon with one hand over the blouse and said, “These are the best ones I ever saw, momma. The biggest, the sexiest. Now I want to say, they are the yummiest. mmmmmmh. I care for your boobs. These are my momma’s boobs”. Kajal knows that she is going out of bounds by giving access to her boobs to his son, yet her sex drive isn’t letting her stop. She just let him do whatever he wants, “But Sid.. aahh.. I’m your.. your…”. “Mother. I know. I know you are my mother.”, completed Sid, by pushing her back. She fell on the bed like a flower thrown into a pool.
Sid climbed onto her with each knee on the sides. Dick flashing straight at her, said, “Kajumaa.. do you want my dick to taste your boobs first or my tongue?”. Kajal heartbeat increased with his son’s cock pointing at her, she murmured, “This is not good son. I cannot let yo..”. Sid quickly interrupted and unhooked her blouse with a single blow. Then lifted her torso and unhooked the bra from underneath. The pressure of the bra on boobs pushed it off as soon as the hook came loose. The massive milk jugs popped up open infront of Sid’s eyes. They aren’t saggy like Pushpa’s. Perfectly balanced, pointy nipples with a 2 rupee coin sized, brown areola around. Sid caressed the boobs with love. He squeezed them, squashed them with both hands and brought his dick closer. The mangalsutra in her cleavage is only intensifying his lust on her.
“Can you at least think of your father, Sid?”, pleaded Kajal just for the sake of it. Sid placed his erect cock on mangalsutra in between the valley of boobs, then pressed it from both sides with those soft huge jelly boobs, “Ssssss aaaaahhh Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..”, moaned Sid in sheer bliss. Kajal’s heart is filled with lust, her mind is filled with shame. She simply let him take over her. Her hands clenched the velvet bedsheet beneath. Sid started moving his dick with the pressure of boobs on. As he moves forward, the skin peels off and Kajal gets to see an approaching cock like in a 3D movie. He fucked her tits until his skin comes off exposing the head totally. His balls getting crunched at every push. After few strokes, he removed his hands off the boobs and just played with mangalsutra with his dick. Trying to lift it with dick. Wrapping the chain around the cock and laughing at Kajal. He then tucked the cock back into the valley and fucked the boobs for few more minutes. “Maaa..You are my girlfriend. You are my Love of life from here on.”, said Sid stroking his gold-chain-wrapped cock against his mom’s boobs. Kajal has no words to say, she just got indulged in the moment. Sid rubbed her hands against her face, her neck, throat and held her hair just behind the ears and then lifted her head a little. Fucked her boobs, by looking straight into her eyes. Kajal gave a sluttiest face as he did that – Sid couldn’t control the look and ejaculated a shit load of cum right onto her face. Drops spilled in her eyes and wettend her lips and cheeks. The most sexiest woman known to Sid, licked all the cum that her tongue can reach, like a  shameless whore.
neneraju nenemantri kajal49
Sid then moved aside from her and slept on bed tiringly. Kajal turned aside and looked at her son with love. She held his cock and scooped all the cum and licked it with smile. She cleaned his dick and put on his pants. Clock ticked 10:00.
Door bell rang at 9:30 PM. Pushpa opens the door and sees Raj with a cake box in hand. “Who’s this?”, questions Pushpa. “I’m here for Sid and Kajal aunty. Who are you? I didn’t see you before here”, enquires Raj. “This is Pushpa, this house’s new cook and maid. And who are you again?”, said Pushpa. “I’m Raj, I’m actually a close friend of Sid. I got invitation for Kajal aunty’s birthday party”. “Ohh! You are here for the celebrations! Come in. Come in.”, makes way for Raj and both walks in. All the decor amazes Raj as he did not expect any such event happening. He looks for Sid and Kajal and asks Pushpa, “So, where are the people? the woman of the hour?”. “Sid just got Kajal ma’m to his bedroom. I think the kid is getting his mom ready for the night”, replies Pushpa.
Raj: Getting ready for the night! Uh umm. Sounds like something big is on the way. What do you know about the plans?
Pushpa: Nothing so big. I think there will be a cake cutting ceremony at midnight and Sid said he brought a new saree as gift to her.
Raj: Okay. Ah, talking about the cake, I brought a cake too. Thought it would be a surprise to her. Can you do me a favour by putting this in fridge? And don’t open the box please. I want Kajal aunty to see the cake first.
Pushpa: Oh yeah, sure I can. Takes over the cake and puts in the fridge.
Raj waits in the hall for almost an hour for Kajal or Sid to come out but none of them appears. It’s already 20 mins since Sid cummed on Kajal’s face. Sid slipped into sleep peacefully. Kajal went to bathroom and got herself cleaned up and comes out of the bedroom adjusting her saree. Sees Raj in the couch and jolts in surprise.
10:30 PM now.
Kajal: 😲 Raj, you????
Raj: Oh my Kajumaa.. stands up and quickly walks to her and hugs her and kisses her face. Muuah muuahh.
Kajal: Shh ah wait. waaaiitt! Tries to stop him by pushing away
Raj: How long has it been seeing you, Kajuma! Ah I missed you so much! Kisses on both cheeks.
Kajal: Raaj. Stop it. Waiiit. When did you come?
Raj: Been waiting for you since 1 hour in here and almost a week away from you. I miss you Kajumaa. Ummmmmmaaahh Squeezes her boobs with a naughty smile
Kajal: Sssss abbah! Please hold on Raj. Lets go there. Pulls him away from the bedroom door to not wake up Sid. Reaches hall and both sits on couch. Ahh will you please control. My maid may see us.
Raj: But Kaju.. I’ve been holding a lot already. I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday. I want the whole of you today at any cost.
Kajal: Talk slowly and behave yourself for sometime please. Hmmm.. First of all, when did you come? and why did you not tell me before. I thought you got busy and forgot my birthday.
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Raj: What’s the point of surprise if I tell everything in advance. And how can I forget my sexiest woman’s birthday. Looks around to confirm no one’s watching and pinches her waist.
Kajal: Sss ouch! Okk. haha. Where is Suhas? I was expecting you both together.
Raj: Mmmm… Actually, we were supposed to come together and surprise you but he got some emergency work and had to postpone his visit. He asked me to wait until then but I couldn’t control.
Kajal: Achaa.. Couldn’t control for what? 😉
Raj: You know Kajuma.. Pinches her boob under her pallu.
Kajal: Hehe.. Ok. But Raj, I’m not sure how it’s gonna happen. Sid planned for lot of things tonight.
Raj: I too planned lot of things for you. You choose me or Sid?
Kajal: What is that question? Don’t put me in trouble. He cannot know that I am sleeping with you. We can’t do this openly.
Raj: Then decide. Is it me who you are missing from so long or your sinful son.
Kajal: You are being harsh Raj. This is not you.
Raj: All because you kept me away and slept with Suhas and your son all this while.
Kajal: Which is clearly not my intention.
Raj: But you could’ve changed it though.
Kajal: Ahh please. Ok listen. Let me tell you something. Sid is sleeping in his room now. We’ll finish our celebrations first and then leave midnight to Sid.
Raj: Why is he sleeping now? Isn’t he excited for the night. He should be jumping around the house with his cock out for you.
Kajal: Err.. mmm he already did that.
Raj: Whaaa.! and?
Kajal: Yeah, poor guy couldn’t hold his hormones till midnight. He flashed his dick and fucked my tits in his bedroom few minutes ago.
Raj: And you just gave it up? Ah you slutty Kajuma!!
Kajal: Hehe. I may be really slutty inside. I don’t understand why I am submitting myself everytime.
Raj: Everytime? What else happened?
Kajal: Yesterday, my driver got me too.
Raj: Holy fuck! This is unbelievable. I cannot withstand this level of treachery. Raj came closer and started groping her. Along her back, sides, boobs.
Kajal: This is not to cheat you Raj. This just happened.
Raj: Yeah, go on. Continue your confession. And I will treat you as I should. He stood up and lifted her in his arms. He looked around for her bedroom – found it and walked to it.
Kajal: Raj, please understand me. Why would I say all this to you if I wanted to cheat on you?
Raj: What did you do with your driver? Did you spread your legs to him as well like with Suhas? He took her to the bedroom and locked the door from inside. 
Kajal: Umm not the legs.. but.. my..
Raj: Your what? Threw her on the bed like trash.
Kajal: Ahhhhhh.. Promise me you won’t get mad.
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Raj: removed his shirt and lowered his pants. He approached her with just underwear. Yeah, I’m absolutely cool with you. Said with angry voice.
Kajal: I.. I.. opened up my ass to him and… he.. he fucked my asshole. saying this she closed her eyes in fear
Raj jumped onto her and slapped on her cheeks. He held her hair and dragged her head to look at him face to face and said, “You are a pure slut by nature, Kajuma. A complete slut”. He then removed her pallu and squeezed her boobs. Crushed them violently – the blouse hooks were intact but the fabric tore at multiple locations exposing her boobs flesh. Kajal tried to plead and resist but Raj isn’t stopping. He want her so bad. Now all these revelations made him even wilder. He rolled her around and pulled her saree down to reveal her ass – spanked them hard right away. Phaat phaaattt! Having sensed those soft big bums, he lied over her and lowered his underwear. His dick is touching the bums. “Aaaaaaahhhh”, exclaimed Raj while rubbing his cock against her ass. Kissing her back, playing with her silky black hair. Her saree is half loose by now. Kajal is getting crushed under him. One hand squeezing her waist like dough. “Kajumaaa…aaaahh!”, Raj is having his best time ever. “Kajuma, you didn’t tell me one thing. What about your pregnancy? Did you get your periods?” asked Raj. Kajal’s mouth is half pressed againt the bed. “Amm.. I.. don’t aahh know yet. Tomorrow is my date.. uhhh Raaaj slooowly, please.”, replied Kajal with difficulty.
Raj then turned her around and lifted her saree up. Pulled her panty strip aside and her clean shaved pussy welcomed him. He inserted his two fingers and rubbed in it’s insides, looking at Kajal’s face. “umm mmm aummmmhhh. Feel it Kajumaa.. I am gonna drill this honey pot now”. Kajal screamed, moaned in delight. He then plucked off her blouse and sucked her boobs over bra. With the desire to taste her nipples, he pulled of her bra as well. Sucked her yummy nipples passionately. With the nipples still in mouth, he adjust himself straight over her pussy, spreads her legs wide pinching the meaty thighs whenever he can. Then inserts his cock in her with an intense blow. Goes deep into her pussy straight away. “Fuuuuuuuucccck!” shouts Kajal. Then he moves away from her and lifts both legs up. Presses the thighs up against her boobs and thrusts his cock for the second time with even more intensity. “Fuuuckk Yeeeeaaaaaaaahh!”, the room echoes with Kajal’s cries.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh.. yesss… fuuucckk!!” moans Kajal as her pussy gets nailed for third time. “Say my name Kajuma, say my name!”
Want to see my present?”, . . . took out a metallic chain .  .  .  .  . clamps at both ends.  .  .chain  .  .  . foot length. .  .  .  a 6 feet rope. Kajal is terrified to see those, “What are these Raj? How are these going to be my gifts?”, asked in terror. Raj held her neck with one hand and shusshed her,” You just shut up and watch”.
Raj’s phone rings. Suhas is calling him. But Raj is in no mood to attend it.
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He then tied rope’s one end to the center of metallic chain. Other end to the fan on ceiling. The fan is turned off. Now he made her kneel on the bed right under the fan. He took the chain and clamped two ends on her two nipples. While clamping, he looked straight into her face and screwed them to the nipples. After clamping he pulled them slightly to see if the pressure is ok. It is perfectly done, not too tight to penetrate, not too loose to fall off. Then slept under Kajal, with her knees widened up a little. That pulled her boobs upwards making them horizontal. Now, while looking at the clock and as the minutes hand approaches XII, he held her waist from both sides and pointed his dick towards the pussy. He pulled her by waist down – her boobs are being pulled up more. Kajal is already feeling the pressure of the screw on her nipple. He then forced her vagina onto his dick. Boobs got pulled up even more. Her eyes showed the anxiety. Right when the clock stuck 12 AM, Raj pulled her body rapidly and started fucking her. Up and down, up and down. Dick penetrating right into the pussy and coming out. Boobs dancing in the air in rythm with chain attached. She felt the pain and pleasure at the same time. As her body moves down, dick gets deeper into her pussy and boobs get pulled up painfully. This motion continued for 5 minutes non stop. Both of them could hear the bangles clanking. Kajal is panting. She held the rope above her head for support with two hands but Raj isn’t stopping. He kept drilling her pussy like a beast from bottom. Kajal’s body started to ache. Her eyes are really watery now. Tears start to flow out. Raj pauses for a sec and asked, “Do you want me to stop, Kajuma?”. Kajal looks into his eyes and says, “No. Fuck me until I faint, Raj. I’m yours.” with exhauted face. Raj resumes the fuck, continues thudding her. He even pulled her mangalsutra down with one hand as the chain pulled the nipples up. Kajal cried, cried but not for help. Only in pain and she totally loved it.
As she started to become numb, her body movements slowed down. But Raj kept increasing his pace. Fucking her like there’s no tomorrow. Soon, he released all his cum in her pussy. Thick white sperm splashed into the pussy and dripping back along the cock. He rested there for few seconds and got down from the bed. He stood just by the door and called Pushpa. She responded from outside. Kajal is still lying unconsciously with nipples clamped. Raj asked Pushpa to get that cake she kept in fridge. She brought the cake. Raj carefully took the cake inside without letting her see him. He then opened the box and brought the cake infront of Kajal. She is half asleep with eyes slightly opened. Not fully understandling what’s happening infront of her. Raj took out phone and started taking pictures of her. “Naked boobs, nipples clamped, Mangalsutra hanging and with a Dick shaped cake facing her.” He sends those pics to Suhas from his mobile. At least that’s what he thought he did. But on the other side, Both Suhas and Sid’s phones rang with notification.
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